International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 07 (2018) Special Issues





Parametric Study on Time Period of a Structure
pp. 1-5
Laril Lawline Cutinha, Pradeep Karanth and Janakaraj M

Strength Characteristics of C-Shaped Equal Legged RC Columns and Rectangular Columns using Pu–Mu Interaction Diagrams
pp. 6-11
Suraj Shet, Sabyath Shetty, Shanmukha Shetty and Subrahmanya R M

Vibration Control of the Structure using Friction Pendulum System
pp. 12-18
Ashwini and H M Rajashekhar Swamy

Examination of Compressive Strength and Water Absorption of Adobe Blocks Prepared using Black Cotton Soil and Granite Sludge
pp. 19-22
Roopa Balig. B, Prathibha C, Bhavana C Nayak and Sumanth V

Optimization Strength of Masonry using Different Masonry Units
pp. 23-26
Anusha P Gowda, Shylaja N and Nanjunda K N

Compressive Strength Studies on Masonry by Bond Strength Improvement
pp. 27-31
Prajapati Dhananjay, Avinash S Deshpande, Nanjunda K N and Shylaja N

Effect of Plastic and Fibers in No-Fine Concrete on Mechanical and Durability Properties
pp. 32-37
Agadi Kishan, Anjana M G, T G S Vishnu and Veda Susmitha Y

Experimental Study on Plastic Failure of Reinforced Concrete Beams
pp. 38-41
Mohammed Rahil Azeez, Bhojaraj M, M Ravikumar and Bhanulatha G N

Study on Retrofitting of RC Beams using Self Curing Self Compacting Concrete
pp. 42-45
Abilash C S and Sunil Kumar Tengali

Performance of RC Elevated Water Tank Under Seismic Effect
pp. 46-49
Shylaja N, Nanjunda K N, Avinash S Deshpande and Rudresh C H

Progressive Collapse Analysis of Steel Structure Subjected to Fire Loads
pp. 50-54
Anand Baldota R and Bhavana B

Study on Torsional Effects of Irregular Buildings under Seismic Loads
pp. 55-60
Shaik Muneer Hussain and Sunil Kumar Tengli

Parametric Study on Asymmetric Diagrid Structures
pp. 61-66
Irfan Saleem and Sunil Kumar Tengli

Non Linear Analysis of RC Building Under Seismic Loading Using SAP2000
pp. 67-71
Preethi H G and Nikhil Patel A R

Analysis of Flat Slab Structures with Outriggers
pp. 72-77
Kurdi Mohammed Suhaib, Sanjay Raj. A and Sunil Kumar Tengli

Analysis of Load Optimization in Cable Stayed Bridge using CSI Bridge Software
pp. 78-80
Thippeswamy A O and Sunil Kumar Tengli

Rice Husk Ash as a Potential Source Material for Geopolymer Concrete: A Review
pp. 81-84
Shaswat Kumar Das, Jyotirmoy Mishra and Syed Mohammed Mustakim

Effectiveness of Total Quality Management in the Process of Construction
pp. 85-88
Rajiv S R and S Harinath

Modeling and Analysis Of Retractable Roofs
pp. 89-93
Bhavana B, Sachin Joel M and Shilpa M

Strength Characteristics by Partial Replacement of Cement with Brick Powder
pp. 94-99
Sanjay Raj A, Preeti D B, Anil Kumar and Akshay Mangraj

Effect of Strength Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete
pp. 100-102
Shylaja N, Nanjunda K N, M Sreenivasulu Reddy and Anusha P Gowda

An Experimental Study on Strength and Durability Aspects of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Concrete in Marine Environment
pp. 103-109
Aneesh V Bhat and Sunil Kumar Tengli

Examination of Compressive Strength and Water Absorption of Adobe Blocks Prepared using Black Cotton Soil and Granite Sludge
pp. 110-113
Roopa Baliga B, Prathibha. C, Bhavana. C. Nayak and Sumanth. V

Numerical Investigation on Plastic Hinge Relocation of Reinforced Beam Column Joint Retrofitted with FRP
pp. 114-120
Balaji V, Daniel Yumnam and H M Rajashekhar Swamy

Performance of Alccofines, Quarry dust, Steel Slag and GGBFS on Strength properties in High Strength Concrete
pp. 121-125
Vinay Krishna and Sanjay Raj A

Study on Improvement of Sub Grade Soil using Soil-Reinforcement Technique
pp. 126-134
Niteen Keerthi and Sharanabasappa Kori

Waste Plastic and Crumb Rubber in Flexible Pavement
pp. 135-138
Anusha G Krishna

Replacement of Recycled Construction and Demolition Waste Coarse Aggregates in Pavement Quality Concrete
pp. 139-145
Puneeth H C, S P Mahendra and Sachin B V, Subbaiah

Properties of Pavement Quality Concrete for Partial Replacement of Natural Coarse Aggregates with Coconut Shell Aggregates
pp. 146-149
Naveenkumar K, Rohith M, Sagar S R and Hemalatha S Bandre

An Experimental Investigation on Modification of Properties of Bitumen by using Poly Ethylene Terephthalate Waste
pp. 150-153
K V R Prasad, S P Mahendra and N S Kumar

A Study on use of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavements with admixtures
pp. 154-158
C. Prathyusha and P. Shivananda

Mode Choice Model- A Case Study On Namma Metro
pp. 159-162
Dyuti M Kumar and Kanimozhee S

Experimental Study of WMA by Using Sasobit Additive
pp. 163-165
Raveesh J, Rahul Dhumagond and Sumith Bijjur

Pavement Shoulder Maintenance: Case Study
pp. 166-168
Thilak Gowda N and P Shivananda

Quality Control of Hot Mix Asphalt Review
pp. 169-173
Meghna and P Shivananda

Geometric Design of a Highway Using Mxroad
pp. 174-179
Mohit Akshay H S, Sreenatha.M and Ramakant

Flexible Pavement Evaluation by Falling Weight Deflectometer Test using IIT-PAVE and KGP Back Software
pp. 180-183
Chetan C Patil, P. Shivananda and Vinod B.R.

Sound sensors to control traffic system for emergency vehicles
pp. 184-186
Gowram Iswarya, Bharath H P and V. Viharika Reddy

Evaluation of Mechanical properties of cement concrete pavement using Granite dust and Baggage ash
pp. 187-192
M. Sreenivasulu Reddy, Y Ramalinga Reddy and Gyanen Takhelmayum

Influence of Wheel Load Stress on Rigid Pavement Corner Faulting on Low Volume Roads
pp. 193-197
Pradeep Kumar B K, Y Ramalinga Reddy, S Harinath and Sreenatha.M

Prevention of Mud Pumping in Rigid Pavement Base Course due to Change in Moisture Content along the Joints
pp. 198-202
Pradeep Kumar B K, Y Ramalinga Reddy, S Harinath and Sreenatha.M

Study On the Effect of Stone, Dust, Ceramic Dust and Brick Dust as Fillers on the Strength, Physical and Durability Properties of Bituminous Concrete (BC –II) Mix
pp. 203-208
Suvarna P, Yateen Lokesh and S.P.Mahendra

Planning, Scheduling and Tracking Of Ongoing Bridge Construction Project Using Primavera Software and EVM Technique
pp. 209-214
Suvarna P, Yateen Lokesh and S.P.Mahendra

Study on strength characteristics of hypo sludge stabilized lithomargic soil
pp. 215-218
Syed Ghouse, Srikanth Talikoti and Nandini D N

Experimental Study on Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil with Molasses and Arecanut Fibers
pp. 219-223
Harsha S, K V S B Raju and Naveen Kumar M

A review on performance evaluation of Plastic mulch & Drip Irrigation in Tomato plant cultivation in Mulakalacheruvu Mandal, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh- A case study.
pp. 224-228
M. Sreenivasulu Reddy, Rajashekhar S.L. and Y.Ramalinga Reddy

Estimation of Runoff using SCS-CN method for Yelahanka region
pp. 229-233
Aghil and Rajashekhar S.L.

Experimental Study of Moringaolifera for Treating Domestic Effluent and Quality of Water for Agriculture
pp. 234-237
Kamath G M, G.Narayana. and Y.Ramalinga Reddy

Design and working model of a small-scale wastewater treatment plant for households
pp. 238-240
Jeevan B Gowda, G Aishwarya and BA Kanchan Garg

Removal of Heavy Metals in Wastewater using Walnut Shells as Adsorbent
pp. 241-244
Shruthi K M and Jeevitha P

Decolourization of Landfill Leachate by Electrochemical Oxidation Techniques
pp. 245-248
Rashmi Maria Royston, Pavithra M.P and Pushpa lumina

Treatability studies of Dairy Wastewater by Electrocoagulation Process
pp. 249-252
Pushpa Lumina and Pavithra M P

Elimination of Methylene Blue using PVA and Bagasse as Potential Adsorbents
pp. 253-257
Jeevitha P and Shruthi K M

WQI Based Ground Water Quality Assesment Using RS and GIS
pp. 258-263
H Narendra Kumar, Manjunath H N and Bharath.S

Assessing Forest Fire Prone Area in Kurangani, Tamilnadu Using Remote Sensing & GIS
pp. 264-269
Balaguru M, Navammuniyammal M, Vidhya R and Sathyavathi G

Strength Study on Reinforced Hollow Concrete Block Masonry
pp. 270-273
Anusha G Krishna

Experimental Investigation of Simply Supported Skew Slabs Subjected to Uniformly Distributed Loading
pp. 274-278
Naresh Reddy G N, Muthu K U and Naveen Aradhya S

Behaviour and Experimental Study on Concrete as Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate with Copper Slag and Cement with GGBS
pp. 279-283
Gowram Iswarya and V.Viharika Reddy

Flexural Behaviour of Geopolymer Based Ferrocement Panels
pp. 284-291
Anusha, Ambily P.S, Bhagvan N. G and Spoorthi S Hiremath

Experimental investigation of Mechanical properties of Geo polymer concrete with GGBS and Hybrid Fibers
pp. 292-298
Sanjay Kumar A C, K U Muthu, Anil Sagar S and Deepa T Yadav

Use of Alccofine 1203 in Concrete Roads
pp. 299-301
Mohit Akshay.H.S, Agadi kishan and Sejal Kshirsagar

Strength Properties of Bioenzyme Treated Black Cotton Soil
pp. 302-306
Manu A S and S P Mahendra






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