Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 13  Number 6  (2017)






Finite Difference Analysis of Boundary Layer Flow of Walters-B Viscoelastic Fluid In Porous Media with Variable Surface Heat and Mass Flux
pp. 1493-1498
K Subbanna, S Gouse Mohiddin, R Bhuvana Vijaya and S Jeelani Begum

Inventory Model with Different Deterioration Rates with Shortages, Time and Price Dependent Demand under Inflation and Permissible Delay in Payments
pp. 1499-1514
Raman Patel and D.M. Patel

Two Warehouse Inventory Model with Different Deterioration Rates under Linear Demand and Time Varying Holding Cost
pp. 1515-1525
S.R. Sheikh and R.D. Patel

Application of Dual Contraction
pp. 1527-1535
Piyush Kumar Tripathi and Suyash Narayan Mishra

Inventory Model with Different Deterioration Rates for Imperfect Quality Items and Linear Demand
pp. 1537-1552
B.T. Naik and R.D. Patel

Solving CVRP by Using Two-stage (DPSOTS) Algorithm
pp. 1553-1567
Abdul-Gabbar Khaddar Bakhayt, Hassan A. AlSattar and Iraq T. Abbas

On Simplicity of the Eulerian Lattices C SS(Bn)
pp. 1569-1574
A. Vethamanickam and G. Sheeba Merlin

Effect of Thermal Radiation on the Casson Thin Liquid Film Flow over a Stretching Sheet
pp. 1575-1592
K. Kalyani, K. Sreelakshmi and G. Sarojamma

MHD Stagnation Point Flow and Heat Transfer Due to Nano Fluid over Exponential Radiating Stretching Sheet
pp. 1593-1610
Punnam. Rajendar, L. Anand Babu and T.Vijaya Laxmi

An Efficient Approach to Secure Personal Health Record
pp. 1611-1617
Jayachandar S, Franjoe Morais B and A. Viji Amutha Mary

A Study on Fuzzy AHP method and its applications in a “tie-breaking procedure”
pp. 1619-1630
Iftikhar, Musheer Ahmad and Anwar Shahzad Siddiqui

Computation of Topological Indices of Triglyceride
pp. 1631–1638
M. R. Rajesh Kanna, D. Mamta and R. S. Indumathi

Some results on SIP Ed-frames in Banach spaces
pp. 1639–1650
Ghansyam Singh Rathore, Chander Shekhar and Tara

Contraction Mapping in Cone b-Hexagonal Metric Spaces
pp. 1651–1662
Abba Auwalu and Ali Denker

Some Realizable Problems in the Movability of Connected and Double Domination in Graphs
pp. 1663–1668
Jocecar Lomarda-Hinampas

A Two Variable Lucas Polynomials Corresponding to Hybrid Fibonacci Polynomials
pp. 1669–1682
R. Rangarajan, Honnegowda C.K and Shashikala P.

Some results on recurrent manifold
pp. 1683–1690
Kanak Kanti Baishya and Partha Roy Chowdhury

On the weighted degenerate Carlitz q-Bernoulli polynomials and numbers
pp. 1691–1699
Lee-Chae Jang

Artificial Intelligence for Estimation of Future Claim Frequency in Non-Life Insurance
pp. 1701-1710
K.M. Sakthivel and C.S. Rajitha

Feedback Examination Assurance for Performance in MapReduce Systems with R
pp. 1711-1726
Kartheek.B and Nagarajan.E

A Note on Domination Number of Quasi Complete Strong Fuzzy Graph
pp. 1727-1734
Narayana Boppana, Sudhakaraiah A and Mohiddin Shaw Shaik

Generation of a Common Fixed Point Theorem Using A-Compatible and B-Compatible Mappings of Type (E)
pp. 1735-1744
Ravi Sriramula and V.Srinivas

The Determinant and Rank of a Lattice Matrix
pp. 1745-1761
Geena Joy and K. V. Thomas

Effect of Heat Source on Flow through Porous Media Induced By Motion of Plate Moving With Exponentially Increasing Velocity
pp. 1763-1776
Ashok Kumar and M.Lal

Mathematical Analysis for Optically Thin Radiating/ Chemically Reacting Fluid in a Darcian Porous Regime
pp. 1777-1798
Nava Jyoti Hazarika and Sahin Ahmed

On Matrices associated with L-Fuzzy Graphs
pp. 1799-1810
Pramada Ramachandran and K. V. Thomas

Stability of SEIR Model of Infectious Diseases with Human Immunity
pp. 1811–1819
Palwinder Singh, Sanjay K. Srivastava and Upma Arora

Structure of Indefinite Quasi-Hyperbolic Kac-Moody Algebras QH(3)/2
pp. 1821–1833
A. Uma Maheswari and M. Priyanka

Pebbling in Flower Snark Graph
pp. 1835–1843
Chris Monica M and Sagaya Suganya A

Problem of dynamical reconstruction of an unknown coefficient for a system of second order differential equations
pp. 1845–1852
Marina Blizorukova and Vyacheslav Maksimov

On the analysis of Hilbert module-valued functions on LCA groups
pp. 1853–1866
Mawoussi Todjro, Yaogan Mensah and Kokou Tcharie

A note on identities of symmetry for Carlitz’s type twisted (h, q)-Bernoulli numbers and polynomials associated with p-adic integral on Zp
pp. 1867–1873
C. S. Ryoo

Noisy Character Recognition
pp. 1875-1892
Chanda Thapiyal Nautiyal, Sunita Singh and U. S. Rana

Target Setting for Inefficient DMUs for an Acceptable Level of Efficient Performance
pp. 1893-1902
Shinto K.G and Sushama C.M

Two Machines Flow Shop Scheduling with Single Transport Facility and Job-Block Criteria under Fuzzy Environment
pp. 1903-1916
Sameer Sharma

Heuristic Approach to Minimize Utilization Time for Specially Structured n × 2 Flow Shop Scheduling problem with Setup Time, Weightage of jobs, Transportation time and Jobs in a String of Disjoint Job Blocks
pp. 1917-1933
Deepak Gupta, Shashi Bala and Pradeep Bishnoi

Two-Machine Fuzzy Flow Shop Scheduling Using Black Hole Algorithm
pp. 1935-1946
Kawal Jeet, Sameer Sharma and Kewal Krishan Nailwal

A Chameleon hash-and-sign paradigm based dynamic group key agreement protocol
pp. 1947–1957
Shaheena Khatoon and Tejeshwari Thakur

A note on the solution of a simple hypersingular integral equation
pp. 1959–1964
Subhabrata Mondal and B.N. Mandal

On L1-Convergence of Modified Trigonometric Sums under Some Classes of Coefficients
pp. 1965-1974
Karanvir Singha and Kanak Modi

Fuzzy Bi-Magic labeling on Cycle Graph and Star Graph
pp. 1975-1985
K.Ameenal Bibi and M.Devi

Constant quality of the Riemann zeta’s non-trivial zeros
pp. 1987-1992
Petr E. Pushkarev

Square Difference Prime Labeling of Some Planar Graphs
pp. 1993-1998
Sunoj  and Mathew Varkey

Inventory Model for Non-Instantaneous Decaying Items with Learning Effect under Partial Backlogging and Inflation
pp. 1999-2008
M. K. Sharma and Kapil Kumar Bansal

Predicting optimal path for goods delivery to fair price shops in India using Hierarchical Intelligent Water Drops Algorithm
pp. 2009-2031
R.Sathish Kumar, C.Rani and P. GaneshKumar

MHD Stagnation Point Flow and Heat Transfer of Williamson Fluid over Exponential Stretching Sheet Embedded in a Thermally Stratified Medium
pp. 2033-2056
Ch.Vittal, M. Chenna Krishna Reddy and T.Vijayalaxmi

Modeling Co-Dynamics of Cervical and HIV Disease
pp. 2057-2078
Geomira G. Sanga

Trace of Positive Integer Power of Adjacencymatrix
Jagdish Kumar Pahade and Manoj Jha

Some Fixed Point Theorems in Dislocated Metric Space
pp. 2089-2110
Balaji R Wadkar, Ramakant Bhardwaj and Basant Singh

On a Type of Symmetric N(K)-Contact Metric Manifolds
pp. 2111-2121
Arasaiah and Venkatesha

Numerical Integration by using Straight Line Interpolation Formula
pp. 2123-2132
Mahesh Chalpuri and J Sucharitha

On Neighbourhood Prime Labeling of Certain Classes of Graphs
pp. 2133-2142
Rajesh Kumar T.J and Mathew Varkey T.K

Propagation of Plane Waves in Micro-stretch Elastic Solid in Special Case
pp. 2143-2151
K. Somaiah

Approximate solutions for the time-space fractional nonlinear of partial differential equations using reduced differential transform method
pp. 2153-2162
Mohamed S. Mohamed and Turkia T. Al- Qarshi

Gene Selection Using Mixed Integer Programming Problem
pp. 2163-2167
S.Shenbaga Ezhil

MHD Heat and Mass Transfer of the Unsteady Flow of a Maxwell Fluid over a Stretching Surface with Navier Slip and Convective Boundary Conditions
pp. 2169-2179
A.Haritha, Y.Devasena and B.Vishali

An Enhanced Automation of Garden Watering Based On IOT
pp. 2181-2191
Jasmine Sweety.A, Dharshika.S, Jabez.J and Maria Anu.V

The three-dimensional flow of a non-Newtonian fluid over a stretching flat surface through a porous medium with surface convective conditions
pp. 2193-2211
K. Kalyani, K. Sreelakshmi and G. Sarojamma

On Generalization of Banach Contraction Principle in Partially Ordered Metric Spaces
pp. 2213-2234
R.K.Sharma and V. Raich

An Introduction to Fuzzy strong graphs, Fuzzy soft graphs, complement of fuzzy strong and soft graphs
pp. 2235-2254

K. Kalaiarasi and L.Mahalakshmi

A Study on Child marriage using New Neutrosophic Associative Fuzzy Cognitive Dynamical System
pp. 2255-2265
A.Victor Devadoss and M.Rekha

A Comparative Study on Human Values Induced by the Five Elements of Nature Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Relational Maps
pp. 2267-2276
A. Victor Devadoss and A. Lincy Amala Celine

Solution of First Order Initial Value Problem by Sixth Order Predictor Corrector Method
pp. 2277-2290
R. M. Dhaigude and R. K. Devkate

α(β,β)-Topological Abelian Groups
pp. 2291-2306
Alias B. Khalaf and Hariwan Z. Ibrahim

Using Simulation Procedure to Compare between Estimation Methods of Beta Distribution Parameters
pp. 2307-2324
Fadhil Abdul Abbas Al-Abidy

Common Fixed Point for Generalized Weakly Contractive Maps
pp. 2325-2346
Manoj Kumar, Vishnu Narayan Mishra and Dipti Tapiawala

Effects of Floating Facilitator and Peer Tutor Instructional Approach on Students’ Psychomotor Achievement in Electrical Installation and Maintenance in Technical Colleges in Ondo State, Nigeria
pp. 2347-2371
Theresa C. Ogbuanya and Ifeoluwa Reuben Akinduro

Nano Topological Modeling of the Selection of Compatible Methods for Effluent treatment in Tannery Industries for environmental conservation
pp. 2373-2378
Nivetha Martin, C.Mabel Joshaline and S.Jegan Karuppiah

The Deficient Quartic Spline Interpolation over Uniform Mesh
pp. 2379-2386
Ypdubey and Krishna Kumar Paroha

Methodology, Techniques and Algorithms used in Human Brain Tumour Segmentation: A Survey
pp. 2387-2396
Shalini Das, Nidhi Singh and A.Veeramuthu

Big Data-Purchase: Designing an Effective User Purchase Model Based on User Profile, Likes, Tweets and Purchase History
pp. 2397-2410
Sahaya Anton Herbert X, Yuva Kumar V R and Jabez J

Effects of Temperature Modulation and Internal Heat Generation on the onset of Rayleigh-Bénard convection in a Micropolar Fluid
pp. 2411-2437
Vasudha Yekasi, S Pranesh and Shahnaz Bathul

On Intuitionistic Fuzzy β Generalized α Closed Sets
pp. 2439-2455
Gomathi M and Jayanthi D

Realization Problems in 1-movable Independent and 1-movable Doubly Connected Domination in Graphs
pp. 2457-2462
Renario G. Hinampas, Jr.


E-Commerce - Bookstore with Recommendation System using Prediction
pp. 2463-2470
Ashwathy.R1, Aswitha.A and Nagarajan.E

A Study of General Second-Order Partial Differential Equations Using Homotopy Perturbation Method
pp. 2471-2492
Mohammed S. Mechee1, Adil M. Al-Rammahi, and Ghassan A. Al-Juaifri

Kenmotsu manifolds equipped with generalized quasi-conformal curvature tensor
pp. 2493-2502
Kanak Kanti Baishya and Partha Roy Chowdhury

A First Study of f-(Fuzzy) Soft τ -Algebras and their f-(Fuzzy) Soft ω-Subalgebras
pp. 2503-2526
Nistala V.E.S. Murthy and Chundru Maheswari

On the Coefficient of Entire Functions of Generalised Order
pp. 2527-2532
Manisha Sharma

Privacy Preserving Collaborative Association Rule Mining
pp. 2533-2540
T. Bhagayasri and R. Sathyabama Krishnan

A Note on an M5-Edge Coloring of a Complete Graph
pp. 2541-2554
Mana Donganont and Nalinporn Chintawechsart

Visual Cryptography for Color Images to Provide Confidentiality Using Embedded System
pp. 2555-2561
SindhuParkavi.S, Sharon.I and Prof. S. Gowri


Outlier Detection in Multivariate Linear Models Using Lagrange Multipliers
pp. 2563-2578
Makkulau, Edi Cahyono, Mukhsar, Asrul Sani, La Ode Saidi and Andi Tenri Ampa

Disease predictive, best drug: big data implementation of drug query with disease prediction, side effects & feedback analysis
pp. 2579-2587
Sathish.S and Usha Nandhini

Cluster Sets of C2-nets
pp. 2589-2599
Sukhdev Singh and Rajesh Kumar Gupta

Some Computational Aspects for the Line Graph of Banana Tree Graph
pp. 2601-2627
Muhammad Saeed Ahmad, Waqas Nazeer, Shin Min Kang and Chahn Yong Jung

More Explicit Solitary Solutions of the Space-Time Fractional Fifth Order Nonlinear Sawada-Kotera Equation via the Improved Generalized Riccati Equation Mapping Method
pp. 2629-2658
Sanoe Koonprasert, Sekson Sirisubtawee, and Sivaporn Ampun

Zagreb Polynomials and Multiple Zagreb Indices for the Line Graphs of Banana Tree Graph, Firecracker Graph and Subdivision Graphs
pp. 2659-2672
Muhammad Ajmal, Waqas Nazeer, Waseem Khalid and Shin Min Kang

Forgotten Polynomial and Forgotten Index for the Line Graphs of Banana Tree Graph, Firecracker Graph and Subdivision Graphs
pp. 2673-2682
Muhammad Ajmal, Waqas Nazeer, Waseem Khalid and Shin Min Kang

Web Page Recommendation by Functional and Non Functional Evaluation
pp. 2683-2692
Pankaj Singh, D.P Manoj and Senduru Srinivasulu

Fuzzy Logic Based Lateral Unruffled Treatment Time Prediction Algorithm by Using Big Data
pp. 2693-2702
Prabhakaran V and Nagarajan E

Towards Forming the Field of Fuzzy Boundary on the Basis of Reference Function
pp. 2703-2716
Bhimraj Basumatary, Sahalad Borgoyary, Kangujam Priyokumar Singh and Hemanta K. Baruah

MHD Boundary Layer Flow of a VISCO-Elastic Fluid Past a Porous Plate with Varying Suction and Heat Source/Sink in the Presence of Thermal Radiation and Diffusion
pp. 2717-2733
K. Vijayakumar and E. Keshava Reddy

Construction Students’ Thinking in Solving Mathematics Problem Using Cognitive Map
pp. 2735-2747
Anton Prayitno and Ni Wayan Suarniati

M-polynomials and Degree based Topological Indices for the Line Graph of Firecracker Graph
pp. 2749-2776
Muhammad Saeed Ahmad, Waqas Nazeer, Shin Min Kang and Chahn Yong Jung





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