International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 03  (2018) Special Issues






Classic and Non-classic Interval Valued Fuzzy Graphs
pp. 1-4
Deepthi Mary Tresa S, Divya Mary Daise S and Shery Fernandez

Algebra of Morphological Filter on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Hypergraphs With application in Summarization of Documents
pp. 5-12
Dhanya P.M, Sreekumar A, Jathavedan M, Ramkumar P.B

Attribute Based Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm for Traffic Density Analysis
pp. 13-21
Mrs. Suja C Nair, Dr. M Sudheep Elayidom, Dr.Sasi Goplan

A POS Tagger for Malayalam using Conditional Random Fields
pp. 22-26
Ajees A P, Sumam Mary Idicula

Bringing Molecular Imaging from Bench to Bedside
pp. 27-32
Lakshmi Kesari Ambika Engi, Sreedhar Sreekumar Kesari, Drishya Viswam

Algebraic structure of Fuzzy soft sets
pp. 33-35
Anju S Mattam, Sasi Gopalan

Numerical study on the flow characteristics of jets emanating from four lobed corrugated nozzles with varying lobe lengths
pp. 36-39
Kriparaj K G, Roy V Paul and Tide P S

Properties of Hexagonal Tile local and XYZ-local Series
pp. 40-45
Jaya Abraham, Anitha P., Dersanambika K. S.

Feature selection using Ant Colony Optimization- A review on Heuristic Information Measurement
pp. 46-50
Leena C Sekhar, R Vijayakumar, M K Sabu

Numerical Study on the Effect of Leading Edge Shapes on the Flow Characteristics Over Delta Wings
pp. 51-55
Hredesh. T and Tide. P. S.

Estimation of Vegetation Indices and Biomass by the Fusion of LiDAR Data and Landsat Images in Mudumalai Forests of the Western Ghats, India
pp. 56-62
Indu Indirabai, M.V. Harindranathan Nair, Jaishankar. R. Nair, Rama Rao Nidamanuri

Solar Power Plant Reliability Incorporating Insolation Availability
pp. 63-67
Elezabeth Paul, Shouri P V

Analysis of cryptographic Algorithms Based on Vedic Mathematics
pp. 68-72
Lisha A, Thomas Monoth

Layer of Protection Analysis to Determine Reliable Operation of Microgrids with SPV Generation
pp. 73-76
Vinod V Nair, Dr.Usha Nair

Design and Development of Pure Mechanical Solar Tracking System Using Double Acting Hydraulic Actuator
pp. 77-81
Nithin M Joy and Dr. Gireesh kumaran Thampi B S,

Numerical Investigations of Air-Core Vortex Formation in a Rotating Dual Port Cylindrical Tank
pp. 82-92
Sooraj PV, Joshy PJ

Numerical Analysis of Aerodynamic Characteristics of Hang Glider
pp. 93-98
Don P Jose and Tide P S

Study of Flow Developments around an Airfoil with a Range of Backward Steps
pp. 99-103
Radhika R, Joshy P J and Dr Tide P S

Three-Dimensional Finite Element Optimization of Bead Shape Developed During TIG Welding of Mild Steel
pp. 104-109
Sumanlal M.S., Sarin P, Joy Varghese V.M.

Selective Region Processing using Run Length Features
pp. 110-113
Noufi Noushad, Sudheep Elayidom, Lekshmi S

Structural and optical properties of Polymer/ceria nanocomposites
pp. 114-116
T. Dhannia

Cheating Prevention in Active Digital Image Forensics based on Visual Cryptography Scheme
pp. 117-120
Jisha T E, Thomas Monoth

An Asymmetric Coplanar Strip fed spiral antenna with non-uniform arm width for catheter application
pp. 121-123
Chippy K. Babu, Mridula S., Reshma Lakshmanan, P.Mohanan

An Analysis of Hybrid Cryptographic Approaches for Information Security
pp. 124-127
Neetha Francis, Thomas Monoth

Recommendation of Optimum Process Parameters for the Milling of Carbon Steel Using Taguchi Analysis
pp. 128-134
Abhijith P.S, Dr. Baiju Sasidharan

An Efficient Machine Learning Algorithm for Unit Commitment Problem
pp. 135-141
Dr. P. G. Latha

Application of Central Composite Design for the optimization of diesel oil degradation by bacteria in a biofilm bioreactor
pp. 142-148
Sugumar Ramasamy, Preethy Chandran

Structural, optical and magnetic properties of ceria thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis technique
pp. 149-154
T. Dhannia

On Discrete Distributions Generated through Mittag-Leffler Function and their Properties
pp. 155-159
Mariamma Antony

A Study of Digital Watermarking on Relational Databases for Ownership Proofing and Tamper Detection
pp. 160-165
Murugan R, Dr. John T Abraham, Aravind M J

Going deeper into image captioning
pp. 166-170
Preetha S


Dynamics of Two Strain Dengue Transmission with Hypothetical Vaccination Strategies
pp. 171-179
T.S.V. Ariyawansa, B.H.I. Madhusankha, S.S.N. Perera

A mathematical analysis of topology optimization in 3D printing
pp. 180-183
Femy.N.S, Dr.Sasi Gopalan

General Standard Sigmoid Networks and Predictive Modeling Elucidation through VC Dimension
pp. 184-188
Linu Pinto, Dr. Sasi Gopalan

Object identification and process planning using adaptive neuro-fuzzy systems
pp. 189-194
Vinod Kumar P.P, Paulose Jacob, Femy.N.S

Meddle Detection Based on Morphological Opening
pp. 195-197
Nisha A B and Dr. Sasigopalan

A Study On Decoherence in a Single Qubit Quantum State based on Entropy
pp. 198-200
Navya S L, N Shaji

Normal Category Of Completely Regular Semigroups
pp. 201-202
P. G. Romeo, Siji Michael







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