International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 10, Number 8  (2015)  





Hybrid Energy Efficient and Distributed Clustering Method Using GSTEB
pp. 18889-18902
S. Jothi Muneeswari, Dhivya Prabha. D and A. Kannan

Data Secured Image Algorithm Using Matlab
pp. 18903-18909
T Jahnavi, Y. V. Vijaya Krishna, K.Jaya Krishna, K.Ravi Kumar

Analysis of Twitter Feeds Using Natural Language Processing And Machine Learning
pp. 18911-18916
Harish A. Raman, MuraliKrishnan.E, Abishek.M, SaiSandhesh.R, Karthik Vijaykanth and Harini.N

Block Processed Error Diffusion For High Speed Compression of Still Images
pp. 18917-18934
S.Chandravadhana and N.Nithiyanandam

Nature Inspired Algorithm for Dependent Task Scheduling in Grid System
pp. 18935-18944
Smitha Jha, D. K. Mallick and R. K. Ruri

Relational Semantic Indexing Based Retrieval of Image Using Annotation Techniques
pp. 18945-18959
S. Sutha and Dr. C. Kavitha


Study of the Strength of Single Lap Adhesive Joints Through Three Point Flexural Loading Method
pp. 18961-18968
Bageerathan. T, V. Sriram, Prabu .S


Impact of Pair Programming for Effective Software Development Process
pp. 18969-18986
P. Prabu and S. Duraisamy

A Minimum Residual Energy Model On Social Network Using Source Instigate Multi-Cast Assembly
pp. 18987-19002
R. Venkatesan and A. Sabari

Analysis of Digital Elevation Model in Vaniyar River Basin, South India Using SRTM Data and GIS Techniques
pp. 19003-19009
Ebenezer Sahayam Samuel. A and. Sorna Chandra Devadass

Estimation Of Carbon Foot Print In A Transport Network Of Supply Chain
pp. 19011-19031
T.V.S. Raghavendra , Hema .K and Omkar A. M. B

Throughput and Delay Analysis of Wireless LAN Security Protocols Implementing NS2
pp. 19031-19048
Vinay Bhatia and Dushyant Gupta

Prediction of Diabetes Mell-EH-Tiss Using Unsupervised Learning Method
pp. 19049-19061
Sonal Arora and Kundan Munjal

Spectrum Sensing Techniques In Cognitive Radio Based Sensor Networks: A Survey
pp. 19063-19076
Isha, Arun Malik, and Aditya Bakshi

An Efficient Predictive and Diagnosis Model Using Bayes Shared Information Criterion Based on Associative Classifier
pp. 19077-19095
K.Gayathri and . M.Chitra

Towards A Nanoscopic Model To Derive Macroscopic Behavior Of Swarm Robotic System And Its Reachability Analysis Without State-Explosion
pp. 19095-19112
Sungeetha. D and Vasumathi Narayanan

Performance Analysis of LDPC Coded OFDM System
pp. 19113-19124
Purnima Banerjee and Amanjot Singh

Spatial Analysis Of Ground Water Quality Using Geographical Information System And Water Quality Index
pp. 19125-19141
Revathee T, Jebamalar A and Ravikumar G

An Enhanced Effort Estimation For Software Projects Using Modified COCOMO II With Neural Network
pp. 19143-19158
D.Sivakumar and M.Madheswaran

Experimental Investigation And Analysis Of The Mechanical Properties Of Wood Reinforced Polymer Composites
pp. 19159-19165
Prem Kumar.N and Lilly Mercy. J

An Enhanced Framework of Hybrid Secure ATM Banking System for Developing Countries
pp. 19167-19179
M. Syed Shahul Hameed and N. Kannan

Studies On Variant Types Of Aerobic Compost From The SW Generated In Coimbatore City, Tamilnadu, India
pp. 19181-19193
C.Sriakilam, .M.K.Saseetharan,and S.P.Jeyapriya

A Genetic Algorithmic Approach for Determining Optimal Secondary Index Set for Querying on Multiple Relations
pp. 19195-19211
Raja Kumar Reddy and M M Naidu

Consumer Attitudes Towards Domestic Solar Water Heaters
pp. 19213-19226
R.Ragu Prasadh

About A Method Of Taking Bulk Viscosity Into Ac-count In The Problems Of Computational Fluid Dy-namics
pp. 19227-19234
V. А Bruyaka

Analysis Of Compositions Of Ceramsite Ash-Slag-Concrete For Monolithic Building Construction
pp. 19235-19246
А. V. Uglyanitsa, N. V. Gilyazidinova, N. Y. Rudkovskaya, Т. N. Santalova

On Plasma Parameters Determination In Mix Of Argon And Hydrargyrum
pp. 19247-19252
Nizamitdin Muhtarov

Surface Electrodes For A New Type Of Lead-Acid Accumulators Starter Destination
pp. 19253-19262
Yemelyanov Sergey Gennadevich, Shlykov Victor Aleksandrovich and Kripachyov Alexander Vladimirovich

The Procedure Of Substantiation Of Selection Of The Energy-Efficient Design Solutions For Residential Buildings
pp. 19263-19275
L.V.Girya, Sheina S.G., Fedyaeva P.V

Lateral Crushing Energy Absorption of Cylindrical Kenaf Fiber Reinforced Composites
pp. 19277-19288
AE Ismail and MF Sahrom

EERRSCR -Energy Efficient Level Based Robust Reliable and Scalable Clustered Routing Protocol for WSN
pp. 19289-19303
J.Rethna Virgil Jeny and .E.Babu Raj

Review on Integration of IP Multimedia Subsystem withFemtocells Network
pp. 19305-19312
A.Bagubali, Kishore V Krishnan, M.Shanmugasundaram and K.Saravanan

A Survey of Nature Inspired Algorithms
pp. 19313-19323
B. Anantharaj, N. Balaji, M. S. Saleem Basha and T. Vengattaraman

The Geometrical Principles of Building of Human-Machine Interface for the Control of Multiparametric Objects
pp. 19325-19330

Rough Set Theory And Support Vector Machine Classifier Based Brain Tumor Detection Of MR Images
pp. 19331-19344
T.Rajesh and R.Suja Mani Malar

An Efficient Hybrid Kernel Extreme Learning Machine (HKELM) With Hybrid Fuzzy Glow Worm Swarm Optimization (HFGSO) For Micro Array Gene Expression And Multi Class Cancer Classification
pp. 19345-19366
R.Balakrishnan and Thirunavu Karthikeyan

Towards Security In Cognitive Radio Networks
pp. 19367-19387
Suhasini Sodagudi and Rajasekhara Rao Kurra

The Effect Cryogenic Cooling, Martemper And Temper Of Micro Structure And Hardness Ductile Cast Iron (FCD-45)
pp. 19389-19400
Suriansyah S, Pratikto, Agus Suprapto and Yudi Surya Irawan

Reactive Fault Tolerance In Cloud Computing
pp. 19401-19409
Shyamala Gowri S and Kiruthika B

Classification Methodology Of Research Topics Based In Decision Trees: J48 AndRandomtree
pp. 19413-19424
Katherine Andrea Cuartas C, John Petearson Anzola A and Giovanny Mauricio Tarazona B

Cost-Performance Prediction Model of Construction Project using Bayesian Belief Networks Approach
pp. 19425-19434
Fahirah F, Tri Joko Wahyu Adi and Nadjadji Anwar

The Effect of Subjective Norm on Public Transport Passengers’ Loyalty
pp. 19435-19440
Medi Yarmen and Sik Sumaedi

Maize Leaf Deficiency Identification Using Multivariate Partial Least Square Regression
pp. 19441-19456
S. Sridevy and Anna Saro Vijendran

Intensity Based Dual Axis Solar Tracking System
pp. 19457-19465
K. Maharaja, R. Joseph Xavier, L. Jenifer Amla, P. Pradeep Balaji

Low Cost Remote Data Acquisition and Logging System Using Lab view
pp. 19467-19476
G. Joselin Retna kumar

Sequential PR_FCP: A Big data Pattern Decomposing Algorithm To Identify Frequent Contiguous Patterns (FCP) From Large DNA Sequence Database Using Permutations With Repetition (PR)
pp. 19477-19488
S. Rajasekaran#1, L.Arockiam

Multi Objective Self Analysis Model Based Service Selection For User Interactive E-Learning In Cloud Environment
pp. 19489-19498
S. Vimaladevi, A. Nagappan, and M. Nithya,

Determination Of The Crack Length, Stiffness And Strength Of Notched Weft-Knitted Glass Fiber Variable Width Composite Plates
pp. 19499-19511
Sathish Kumar. M, Manikandan K, Yogaraj D and Shiva M P

Vehicle Traffic Congestion Control & Monitoring System in IoT
pp. 19513-19523
Sagar Sukode and Shilpa Gite

A Dual Frequency Wide Band Equilateral Triangular Shaped Microstrip Antenna (TMSA) For Radar And KU Band Applications
pp. 19525-19534
A.Manikandan and S. Uma Maheswari

Strength And Durability Study On Partial Replacement Of Cement And Coarse Aggregate With Multi Waste Materials
pp. 19535-19550
Baintamilselvan. T, Vijaya Sarathy. R, Jose Ravindra Raj. B

A Novel Enhancing Process Model Using Data Mining
pp. 19551-19558
Rekha Arun1, Dr. J. Jebamalar Tamilselvi

Dynamic Server Replication Using Sophisticated Precedence Based Optimization Algorithm
pp. 19559-19574
Chenthil Kumaran. N,  Y.Jacob Vetha Raj, and P.Arockia Jansi Rani

Segmentation and Recognition of Touching Characters In Machine Printed Telugu Documents Using Average Character Widths and Central Moments Features
pp. 19575-19583
N. Shobha Rani, Pradeep C. H, Sharan J

Land Sliding Zones Identification Using Remote Sensing And Gis: A Model Study From Pokhara To Kurintar, Prithvi Highway, Nepal
pp. 19585-19599
SS.Asadi, Rakesh Kumar Yadav, Yettapu Sai Sruthi, Sanjay Yadav and Gauri Shankar Sah

Augment LTRP For Medical Image Retrieval (ALMIR) By Means of Ontology Based Annotation
pp. 19601-19617
Priya C. Nair and G. Suganthi

A Comparison Study between Using SMES Unit and D-STATCOM in Improving Performance of FCWECS during Voltage Dip
pp. 19619-19632
A. M. Shiddiq Yunus, Sonong Wahyudi and, Sukma Abadi

Automatic Vehicle Classification System
pp. 19633-19646
Almehmadi Tarig Saeed S and Zaw Zaw Htike

Road Lane Tracking Based on Monocular Vision
pp. 19647-19658
Abdullah Al-Amoodi and Omar Balfaqih, Zaw Zaw Htike

Vehicular Cloud Service Model For Secure Transportation System
pp. 19659-19666
U. Sakthi1 and S. Senthil Kumar

Exploring the Relationship between Eco-tourism Activities, Destination Satisfaction and Loyalty Intention towards Nakhon Nayok
pp. 19667-19680
Mohamed Ali Sharafuddin

A Fast First Fit Hardware Task Placement Algorithm For Partially Reconfigurable FPGA’S Using Windowing-Or-Logic Method
pp. 19681-19702
B. Premalatha and S. Umamaheswari

ECG Compression using Modified Huffman Coding and Efficient QRS Detection
pp. 19703-19713
Rajesh Kumar V R S and Sivanantha Raja A

A New Simulator Modelling and Real Time Implementation in Android OS for WSN
pp. 19715-19728
S. Gayathri, R.Ramesh, G.Rajesh

A Comparitive Study On Reliability And Cost Estimation For Architecture-Based Software
pp. 19729-19736
Srinivasarao.Sabbineni and Kurra.Rajasekhara Rao

Reconfigurable With Multiprecision Multiplier For Fir Filter For Fetal Ecg Implementation
pp. 19737-19745
Nidhi Sharma and E.Chitra

A Security Framework To Prevent Xml Attacks And Provide DoS In Service Oriented Archietecture (SOA)
pp. 19747-19756
A.Murugan, K.Vivekanandan and R.Parthasarathy

Video Compression using Dual Tree Complex Wavelet and SPIHT Algorithm
pp. 19757-19770
K.Muthulakshmi and V.Seenivasagam

Automated Traffic Control System For Emergency Services
pp. 19771-19780
M Prasanth ,G Sai Abhinay and J V N Ramesh

Optimization of Qos Parameters In 4th –Generation Wireless Mobile Networks-A Survey
pp. 19781-19792
T. A. Chavan, and P. Sarasu

Experimental Investigation of Passive Flow Control on Bluff Bodies
pp. 19793-19798
R.Jaganraj, G.Boopathy, V.Varun and Vigneshwar

Wastewater Recovery Using Soil Aquifer Treatment
pp. 19799-19808

A Light Weight Single Parametric Approach Based Secure Computing For Dynamic Data Management In Multi Clouds With Public Auditing
pp. 19809-19818
V Joseph Michael Jerard, Nedunchezhian

Analysing Performance Metrics For Data Centric Protocols In Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 19819-19827
Manivannan D , Manikandan N.K and Saran raj S, Antony Kumar K

Investigation of Improve The Performance Analysed In Heat Transfer Enhancement Methods and Techniques With Optimization Utilized In Espresso Machine –Review
pp. 19829-19847
S. P. Venkatesan, E. Palaniswamy, G.Velmurugan and N.Srikanth

An Expermental Study For Identification of Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GBFS) As An Alternative To River Sand And Manufacturing Sand As Fine Aggregate In Concrete
pp. 19849-19854
Ch.Srinivasarao SS.Asadi and ,M.Kameswararao

Analytical Study of Specific Absorption Rate Distribution on Different Antennas Operating At 2.4 Ghz Using HFSS
pp. 19855-19866
Habibulla Khan, B T P Madhav, B.Sree Lakshmi, N.Lakshmi Sowmya, P.Veena and N.S.R.Prasanth

Implementation Of Various PWM Techniques To Control The Speed Of PMBLDC Drive
pp. 19867-19884
N.Pavan Kumar and N.Mohan Raj

Backstepping Controller for Electrically Driven Flexible Joint Manipulator Under Uncertainties
pp. 19885-19896
Lilia Zouari, Hafedh Abid and Mohamed Abid

A Content Analysis on Man vs. Machine in News Selection
pp. 19897-19909
S. Nagarathinam, A. Pal Pandi and A.Santha

A Mathematical Model for Assigning the Priority for Incoming Packets in Event driven Applications for Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 19911-19920
Ananda Kumar S and Ilango P

Augment LTrP For Medical Image Retrieval (ALMIR) By Means Of Ontology Based Annotation
pp. 19921-19938
Priya C. Nair and G.Suganthi

Preparation of Natural Fiber Kenaf Composite and Its Properties through Graft Polymerization Method
pp. 19939-19948
Tota Pirdo Kasih and Shin-ichi Kuroda

Enhancing Software Productivity Using Metrics and Improving Software Performance Using Proposed Model: An Empirical Study of Effect of Variance
pp. 19949-19966
Pooja Jha and K S Patnaik

Architectural Analysis for Improving Security using LBS with ATAM
pp. 19967-19975
Almas Begum and V.Cyrilraj

Comparing Naive Bayes and Decision Tree Techniques for Predicting the Risk of Diabetic Retinopathy
pp. 19977-19988
G. Parthiban and . S.K.Srivatsa

Shadow Removal From Remote Sensing Images By Efficient Inpainting Method
pp. 19989-19999
Sumathy Eswaran and Vijayalakshmi.S

Development Of Technological Schemes For Machining Of Parts Of Elements Of High-Precision Forming Tooling And Compression Blades For Five-Axis Machining Robotic Cells
pp. 20001-20008
Valentin I. Svirschev, Dmitrij V. Tukachev, Daria A. Osipovich, Sergey A. Melnikov and Ruslan R. Nurgalin

A Low Power Lighting Control System Considering Energy Efficiency and User Satisfaction
pp. 20009-20018
Yuvaraj Reddy KC Karthikch and Ravikumar CV

Artificial Intelligence Based Modeling and Analysis of BLDC Motor Drive
pp. 20019-20028
Sundaramoorthi .K, Srinivasan .K and Dr.Vijayan S

Hierarchical Gaussian Reinforcement Learning for Path Planning in Uncertain Environments
pp. 20029-20040
Nouar AlDahoul, Zaw Zaw Htike, Rini Akmeliawati, Amir Akramin Shafie and Sheroz Khan

Multiple Criteria Decision Making based Credit Risk Prediction using Optimal Cut-off Point Approach
pp. 20041-20054
Beulah Jeba Jaya .Y and . J. Jebamalar Tamilselvi

Reinforcement Learning Based Techniques in Uncertain Environments: Problems and Solutions
pp. 20055-20066
Nouar AlDahoul, Zaw Zaw Htike, Rini Akmeliawati, Amir Akramin Shafie and Sheroz Khan

Design Of Open-Graded Frictional Course (OGFC) In Pavements With Polymer Modified Bitumen
pp. 20067-20079
Dr.G.Malarvizhi, C.Kamaraj, Athira P K, P.K.Jain and.S.Gangopadhyay

Genetic-SVM Based Intrusion Detection System for DoS Attacks
pp. 20081-20092
K. Pradeep Mohan Kumar, M. Aramuthan, T. Uthra Devi

High Efficiency Design of Switched-capacitor based Charge Pumps in Cadence 180 nm Process
pp. 20093-20110
Amritpal Singh, Pawandeep Kaur, Raman Kumar, Irfan Ahmad Pindoo

Power Savings and Delay Analysis of Adiabatic Adders in Cadence 180nm CMOS Process
pp. 20111-20128
Irfan Ahmad Pindoo, P. Mohan Kumar and Amritpal Singh

Fire Fighting Robot using LEGO Mindstorm
pp. 20129-20137
T. Shobana Maheswari, Ambili S Unni and A.Baskar

Comparison and Optimization of Layer2 and Multilayer Switch Protocols to Implement Converged and Reliable Network
pp. 20139-20154
Kanaparthy Rama Brahamam and Ravi Kumar CV

Nutrition Calculation In Cattle Farms
pp. 20155-20162
Kanchana V, Neeraj, Arun A

Autonomous Wireless Mesh Network
pp. 20163-20174
Sonali Katailiha and Revathi Venkataraman

Laboratory Study on Nano Clay Modified Asphalt Pavement
pp. 20175-20190
Ganapathi Malarvizhi, Sabermathi R and Chidambaram Kamaraj

Relay Coordination Between Transformers In A Typical Power System

pp. 20205-20217
S. Suresh, K. Prabu, S. Sivakumar, P. Sivaraj

Authentication Using RDOPE In Tiered Sensor Network
pp. 20219-20225
C.Nandini, A. Agalya, S.Sri Devi

A Novel ODSR Algorithm In Wireless Sensor Network For The Unswerving Routing
pp. 20227-20237
Bagyalakshmi. P and. Anitha

Effect of Vulcanization Process on The Polymeric Membranes Prepared Using Rubber For Application In a Fuel Cell
pp. 20239-20247
Alvaro Realpea, María T. Acevedoa and Gesira De Avila

Design and Coupled Field Analysis of Solid and Vented Disc Brake Using Ansys and Matlab
pp. 20249-20262
Purnachandra Sekhar.T, Kumar Raju.V, Ravi Kumar.V and Pothamsetty Kasi Visweswar Rao

Effective Cost Analysis Model For Apparel Industry
pp. 20263-20276
M.K. Gandhi and K. Sarukesi

An Energy Aware Secure Data Transmission In Manet’s Using Direct and Indirect Observation
pp. 20277-20286
Subash Chandar, Thalir Mathi and Lavanyah

Experimental Analysis of Wear Characteristics of MMC – Industrial Waste As Reinforcement
pp. 20287-20304
M.S.Kumaravel, N.Alagumurthy, and V.Thirunavukkarasu,

A Review Paper on Recommender Systems To Optimize Search Space and Sparsity In E-Commerce Environment
pp. 20305-20312
T. Subha Mastan Rao, A.Prasanna, R.Vikram Singh, B.Rahul, and K.Rahul

Towards Better Classification Using Improved Genetic Algorithm and Decision Tree For Dengue Datasets
pp. 20313-20325
B. Renuka Devi, K. Nageswara Rao and S. Pallam Setty

Correlation-Based Analysis and Hybrid Neural Network Training Algorithm For Heart Disease Diagnosis
pp. 20327-20342
B. Srinivasa Rao, K.Nageswara Rao and.S.Pallam Setty

Improvement of Metrological Characteristics of Inductive Displacement Sensor of Movement Based on Digital Vector Diagram Reconstruction of Signals In Windings
pp. 20343-20349
Potekhin Dmitry Stanislavovich, Tarasov Ilya Evgenevich, Potekhin Sergey Dmitrievich

A Improved PCA Basedzero Crossing Feature Extraction For Real- Timebiometric Iris Authentication Inlow Power Resource Constrained Mobile Devices
pp. 20351-20369
Sujithra. M and Padmavathi. G

RC Beam Added With Hybrid Fibres – Flexure
pp. 20371-20380
J. Sahaya Ruben and. G. Baskar

Automated Irrigation System Based on Wireless Sensor Network ,Crop Field Monitoring and Rice Disease Detection System
pp. 20381-20391
G. Nisha and, J.Megala

Multi Feature Based Fingerprint Recognition With Score Fusion
pp. 20393-20402
Venkatramaphanikumar S, V Kamakshi Prasad

Resource Allocation In Project Scheduling Application of AHP
pp. 20403-20414
CH. Lakshmi Tulasi, A. Ramakrishna Rao

Mechanism and Test on The Performance of Sesame Peeling Machine Using Wet System
pp. 20415-20427
Muhammad AlfianMizar

A Tri Shaped Printed Patch Antenna For UWB Applications
pp. 20429-20439
Saidaiah Bandi, A.Sudhakar, K.Padma Raju

Classification of Follicular Lymphoma Grades Using Support Vector Machine
pp. 20441-20449
KirandeepKaur, Sanjay Kumar Singh, PrateekAgrawal and Anjali Goyal

Computer-Aided Classification of Neuroblastoma Using Support Vector Machine
pp. 20451-20459
Karamjeet Kaur, Sanjay Kumar Singh, Anjali Goyal

Applying Machine Learning Techniques For Spectrum Trading In Future LTE Based Cognitive Radio Systems
pp. 20461-20474
Hiran Kumar Singh, Dhananjay Kumar

Multiple Parametric Faults Detection In Linear Analog Circuits Based on Test Vectors and Statistical Threshold
pp. 20475-20488
G. Puvaneswari and S.UmaMaheswari


Real Time Implementation of NCFHS Algorithm In Wireless Sensor Network For High Data Security

pp. 20489-20498
Muruganandam. A and. Anitha. R

Access Point Selection In Quality of Services For Hybrid Wireless Network
pp. 20499-20507
A. Vinodh Kumar, S. Kaja Mohideen

Heart Sound Signal Separation From Lung Sound Signal At Real Time Using Radial Basis Function Network
pp. 20509-20516
K.Sathesh, and. N. J. R. Muniraj

Comparative Study of Impact Properties of Coir & Aloe Vera Based Composites With GFRP
pp. 20517-20528
Sudha J, Harish Kumar Padmakumar, Ranjani R, Sheela Ramani G and Naviyarasan M

Content Based Video Retrieval Using Edge Tracking and Clustering
pp. 20529-20538
Manjunath R.and Ramesh B. 3S.Balaji

Ra Modelling & Optimization of Honda Bike Cylinder Liner in Honing using RSM & RMSE Technique
pp. 20539-20544
B.N.Tripathi, B. N.K. Singh, C. and U.K.Vates

Development Of A MEMS Vibratory Gyroscope Using High-Order Continuous-Time Band-Pass Sigma-Delta Modulator
pp. 20545-20558
Reshma Jayaprakash and P.K. Senthil Kumar

Survey Of Data Fusion And Tumor Segmentation Techniques Using Brain Images
pp. 20559-20570
Anisha Radhakrishnan and Divya.M

Comparision Between Genetic algorithm and Genetic Programming Solving a Quadratic Equatition
pp. 20571-20580
Sumit choudhary and Shailee Choudhary

Chameleon based Clustering for Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 20581-20595
Soumitra Das and Sanjeev Wagh

Ornament Dressing Room: A Virtual Dressing Room For Jewelry
pp. 20597-20612
Shridhar S Kini and Suganya Raman

Review Of Suitable Encryption For Cloud To Achieve Data Privacy And Access Control
pp. 20613-20620
A.Revathi and Paul Rodrigues

Comparative Analysis of Data Processing Methods for Non-Stationary Thermal Wave Imaging
pp. 20621-20628
V. S. Ghali, V. Pardha Saradhi Reddy, B. Ravi Chandra Sekhar, P. Sathya Vinod and Sekuri Sukumar

Clubbing of Fuzzy Relational Data Sets into Heterogeneous Cluster Bags using Heuristic Multi Domain Fuzzy Clustering Technique
pp. 20629-20644
P.Sivasankari, K.S.Ravichandran and R.KrishanKumar

Security Mechanism for Mitigation of Flooding Attack under Group Mobility Model in MANET
pp. 20645-20654
Kashif Kawsar Qadri and Vishali Sharma

Experimental Investigations On Surge Pd In Low Voltage Ac Motors Due To Influence Of Rotor And Its Position
pp. 20655-20668
Karthik.K and Natarajan.S

Experimental Investigation On Pozzolanic Effect Of Fly Ash In Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement Using Manufactured Sand As Fine Aggregate
pp. 20669-20682
S. Krishna Rao, P. Sravana and T. Chandrasekhara Rao

Performance Analysis of Cubing Based Energy Detector with Adaptive Threshold in Cognitive Radio over Fading Channel
pp. 20683-20692
Sonika and Komal Arora

Gesture-Based Wheelchair Control For The Physically Challenged
pp. 20693-20702
Chunchu Rambabu, Fareeza F and Neelam Sanjeev Kumar

Design And Fabrication Of An Outdoor Quadcopter
pp. 20703-20713
S. M. Mohamed Javid and R. Ambigai

Linkage Between Customer Relationship Management and Its Consequences In Life Insurance Industry: A Customer Centric Analysis
pp. 20715-20724
P. Vikkraman and A. Duraikannan

Duality Theorems For Infinite Fourier Cosine And Sine Transforms
pp. 20725-20739
Madhukar.B.N.,. Sanjay Jain, and. P. S. Satyanarayana

Finite Element Analysis of Mono Composite Leaf Spring For Automobile Application
pp. 20741-20754
Devyani Agarwal, Ravi Sekhar, T. P. Singh

Tie-Line Oscillation Control of An Interconnected Two Area System With Fixed Speed Wind Farm
pp. 20755-20766
T. Magesh, M. Gomathi and C. Chellamuthu

User Authentication Scheme In Cloud Computing
pp. 20767-20778
Hemant Agrawal,Ajay Thakur,Rajan Slathia and N. Jeyanthi

Denoisingohmic Contact Image Using Spatial Filter
pp. 20779-20786
B. N. Shashikala B. S. Nagabhushana

Effective Cancer Detection Using Data Mining Andant Colony Optimization
pp. 20787-20797
G. Umarani Srikanth and A. BASHETHA

Performance Evaluation of Photo-Voltaic Fed Brushless Direct Current Motor For Agricultural Applications
pp. 20799-20816
A. Jawahar and S.Sasikanth

Analyzing Consumer Behavior Towards E-Commerce Website Using Web Usage Mining
pp. 20817-20822
T. Archana and Ajay Kumar Sharma

Game Theoretical Approach For Anonymous Secure Routing In Manets
pp. 20823-20836
K.Swapna, Sanjay Kumar Suman and L. Bhakyalakshmi

Formation Metrics of Object Oriented Reusability Using Commutative and Associative Properties
pp. 20837-20844
P. A. Selvaraj and P. Thangaraj

Design and Synthesis of Radix-4 Booth Multiplier Using Gdi & Mgdi Technique
pp. 20845-20854
K Siva Sankar, and K Suganthi

Analysis and Suppression of Ssr Using Induction Machine Damping Unit (Imdu)
pp. 20855-20865
E.Ezhilvendhan, M.Balasubramanian and A.M.Kaleeswaran

An Innovative Design of Intelligent Cradle For Infants
pp. 20867-20873
V Kanpur Rani and Sudalai Muthu T

An Investigation of Tire Tread Material Effect on Auto Wheel Impact Strength Using FEA and Experimentatio
pp. 20875-20885
Balaji Sasane, Shahid Tamboli and Ravi Sekhar

Secure – Scalable Data Sharing In Cloud Environment
pp. 20887-20894
Balasundaram.B and M. Thamizharasi

Energy Management System For Home Appliance And Theft Control System
pp. 20895-20902
Imayavaramban. M and Pon. Arivanantham

Optical Wireless System For Biomedical Sensing Data Transmission Through Visible Signal
pp. 20903-20911
Sonal Sharma, Banupriya.C.S and Bhavana.S

Qos Aware Vertical Handoff Solution For Heterogeneous Networks
pp. 20913-20924
Sivakami Thiyagarajan and Shanmugavel Sedhu

Data Compression Through Data Encoding In Network On Chip
pp. 20925-20935
V. AnandKumar, R. Saravanan

Authentication Protocol For Phishing Detection on Network Based Fault Tolerant Consequences
pp. 20937-20948
A. V. Hindumathy and S. Revathy

User Based Personalized Search With Big Data
pp. 20949-20958
S. EbenazerRoselin, K. Anandhi, K. Durairaj and R. Hariharan

Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Attack, Networks, Tools and DEFENSE
pp. 20959-20971
K. Vinoth Kumar and S.Bhavani

An Improved Low Power and Modified Area Efficient Carry Select Adder – (MA-CSLA)
pp. 20973-20985
B. Anand, Teresa. V. V

Redesign and Flow Analysis of An Automotive Injection Mouldedcomponent Using Computer Aided Engineering
pp. 20987-20998
C.Parthasarathy, Amos Gamaleal David and.P.Selvaraju

Design and Qos Analysis of Novel Collaborative Layered Approach For Cloud Resource Management
pp. 20999-21013
M. Abhinivesh and K. Manikandan

Performance Analysis of Square and Circular Type Solar Water Heater
pp. 21015-21020
S. Jai Sankar

Computer Aided Detection of Cervical Cancer Using Pap Smear Images Based on Hybrid Classifier
pp. 21021-21032
P. Sukumar and R. K. Gnanamurthy

A Wide Range Survey on Test Case Generation
pp. 21033-21044
M. S. Arun Kumar and R. Sasikala

A New Hybrid Approach For Profit-Based Unit Commitment Using Particle Swarm Optimization With Lagrangian Relaxation
pp. 21045-21058
Logavani K and S. Senthil Kumar

Effect of Process Parameters and Cr Addition on Microstructure, Hardness and Wear Rate of Surface Modified High Carbon Steel
pp. 21059-21070
Arun Sreenivasan and R. Sellamuthu.

Implementation of Discrete Wavelet Transform Using QPSK Modulation In OFDM Transmission
pp. 21071-21078
M.A.Karthika, Asha Jenifer, Susanna Thomas, N.R.Raajan

Low Power Bist on Memory Interface Logic
pp. 21079-21090
K. Bindu Bhargavi, K.Hari Kishore

Study on The Effect of Shallow Cryogenic Treatment on Hardness and Microstructure of Gtawwelded Aa6061 Specimens
pp. 21091-21099
R.Devanathan, Sanjivi Arul, S.Ilangovan and A.Shanmugasundaram

Design and Analysis of Statcom To Enhance Stability of Doubly Fed Induction Generator Based Wind Farm Fed To A Multi Machine System
pp. 21101-21112
G. Kiruba Vaishnavi and S. Mohamed Ghouse

Multi Objective Optimization of Robotic GMAW Process Parameters using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 21113-21124
P.Thamilarasi,.S.Ragunathan and E.Mohankumar

Intrusion Detection Using Modified Artificial Bee Colony With Reduced Features
pp. 21125-21138
P.Amudha, S.Karthik and S.Sivakumari

An Energy Spectral Density Computational Scheme For Brain Computer Interface
pp. 21139-21149
G Saravana Kumar, V Parthasarathy, S Sivasaravana Babu and S Sudhakar

Comparative Evaluation of Various Control Techniques For Three Phase Three Switch Three Level Boost Converter
pp. 21151-21163
K. Srinivasan, K. Sundaramoorthi, S.Vijayan and S.Paramasivam

Energy Efficient of Path Consist of Communication In Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 21165-21174
K. Thirumurugan and S. Muruganantham

An Innovative Approach of Retrieval of People Images
pp. 21175-21184
N Gnaneswara Rao, SV Ramakrishna Sajja and V Vijaya Kumar

Classification of Images Using Active Learning
pp. 21185-21197
E. Shehnaz and D. Venkataraman

Comparative Study Between Static Dynamic and Hybrid Channel Assignment Techniques In Multi Channel and Multi Radio In Wireless Mesh Network
pp. 21199-21214
B. Sathyasri and E. N. Ganesh, P. Senthil Kumar

Comparative Analysis of Fracture Healing Predicted Using Mathematical Model and Soft Computing Technique
pp. 21215-21226
M. Sridevi, P. Prakasam, S.Kumaravel, P Madhava Sarma

Group Leader Teaching Learning Based Intrusion Detection System For Dos Attacks
pp. 21227-21236
S. JayaPrakash, M.Aramudhan

Analysis of Low Frequency Oscillations In Synchronous Generator Rotor Using Power System Stabilizer
pp. 21237-21252
A M kaleeswarran, M.Balasubramanian, E Ezhilvendhan

“A Study on The Formalisation of Knowledge Acquisition Patterns Through Social Networking”
pp. 21253-21258
Shri. Rajesh Doss, K. David

Attribute Visualization and Cluster Mapping With The Help of New Proposed Algorithm and Modified Cluster Formation Algorithm To Recommend An Ice Cream To The Diabetic Patient Based on Sugar Contain In It
pp. 21259-21266
SuhasMachhindra Gaikwad, PreetiMulay and RahulRaghvendra Joshi

Non-Resonant And Resonant Planar Oscillation Of The Satellite
pp. 21267-21272
Ayub Khan and Neeti Goel

On An Contact Angle Problem of Rotating Fluid With Free Surface
pp. 21273-21288
Hirotada Honda

Particle Swarm Optimization Based Neutral Point Potential Minimization For Neutral Point Clamped Inverter
pp. 21289-21303
Satheeshkumar R, Balasubramani M and Gowri Shankar J

Modelling and Analysis of Brain Waves for Real World Interaction
pp. 21305-21314
Mohammed Riyaz Ahmed, Devalla Siva Bharath Reddy, Kotra Pavan Kumar, Manasa .H and Kaushalya P.B

Fuzzy Retrial Queueing System With Coxian – 2 Vacation
pp. 21315-21322
A. Viswanathan, K Udaya Chandrika and J Ebenesar Anna Bagyam

Development of Bilinear Quadratic Structure For Effective Active Queue Network Management
pp. 21323-21339
M. Danasekar and V.Venkatachalam

A Natural Optimization Algorithm to Fuse Scores for Multimodal Biometric Recognition
pp. 21341-21354
J.Aravinth and S. Valarmathy

Data Comparision With Error Correcting Codes
pp. 21355-21360
P.V.L Prathusha and R.Muthaiah.

Particle Swarm Optimization Based Neutral Point Potential Minimization For Neutral Point Clamped Inverter
pp. 21361-21376
Satheeshkumar R, Balasubramani M and Gowri Shankar J

Region Merging Implementation on MRI Images using LabVIEW and VHDL
pp. 21377-21382
T.Kusuma and R.Muthaiah

An Empirical Analysis Of The Relationship Between Marital Status & Job Satisfaction Of Library Professionals
pp. 21383-21394
I. Jayaraman, M. Tamizhchelvan and Tamizhchelvan20

A Novel Asymmetrical Interleaved Converter with Voltage Multiplier for a Photovoltaic System
pp. 21395-21408
B. Rohini and E. Annie Elisabeth Jebaseeli


A Safe Guard System For Mine Workers Using Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 21429-21441
D.Jayakumar, J.Omana, P.M.Beulah Devamalar and .B.Senthil

Securing Communication Over Co-Operative Remote Group In Manet
pp. 21443-21452
M.S. Antony Vigil, S.Bagyalakshmi and R.Padmaja

Super Resolution Of Mammograms For Breast Cancer Detection
pp. 21453-21465
Shwetha R and Rajathilagam B

Inspection Robot For Pipelines Through Video Signal Transmission
pp. 21467-21473
K.Divya and V.Nithya

Short Term Wind Speed Forecasting through ANN
pp. 21475-21486
M. Nandana Jyothi and V. Dinakar

Inter-Dependent Effect Of Vulnerabilities For Generation Of Effective Attack Path Score
pp. 21487-21499
Urvashi Garg, Sandeep Bansal, Deepak Prashar and Sanjeev Kumar

Enhanced Security System Using an Embedded Real-Time Finger-Vein Detection
pp. 21501-21507
Praveen.C, Magdalin joenita.G, Yamuna devi.S

Development of an Autonomous Underwater Robot
pp. 21509-21517
Arun Kumar K and V.P Haridasan

A Parallel Fast Eikonal Equation Solver Using Efficient Scanning
pp. 21519-21525
P.Sowmiya and N. Sairam

Exposing Active Node in Association Set Using Distance Method
pp. 21527-21537
P.Kanimozhi and B.Santhi

A Study On Heat Reduction Energy Efficiency Measures Through Sustainable Initiatives
pp. 21539-21548
N.S.Elangovan and K.Venkatalakshmi

A Study on Effect of Sub Zero Temperature Cooling on Surface Roughness of Turned EN8 Steel Rod
pp. 21549-21563
Shanmugam Murugappan and Sanjivi Arul






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