International Journal of Advanced Mechanical Engineering (IJAME)



Volume 8  Number 1 Spl., (2018)






Study of Mechanical Behavior of Hybrid Polymer Nano Composite Using Taguchi Experimental Design
pp. 1-8
Authors : Madhusmita Pathal and Kiran Kumar Ekka

A non-linear model for interfacial layer’s thermal conductivity of nanofluid
pp. 9-16
Authors :Gaurab Kumar Ghosh and Ritesh Kumar Patel

Microstructure and Mechanical Property Analysis of Transient Liquid Phase Bonded IN718 Joint
pp. 17-26
Authors :Jugalraj Panda, Sukhomay Pal and Manoj Kumar Rout

Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Al-Si-TiB2 In-Situ Composites
pp. 27-36
Authors :Sandeep K. Sahoo, Jogendra Majhi, Jayanta K. Sahoo, Anup K. Bairagi, Subhadra Sahoo and Bhabani P. Sahoo

Study of mechanical behaviour of surface mat tissue glass fiber polyester resin composites
pp. 37-46
Authors :Debanshu Shekhar Khamari and Satya Prakash Barpanda

Design And Development Of Industrial Drying System For De-Moisturising Minerals (Chrome Ore) For Nava Bharat Ventures Ltd.
pp. 47-54
Authors :Krutidipta Sahoo, Payodhar Padhi, Ramesh C.Nayak and Krutibash Khuntia

Review on Design Optimization of Sprocket Wheel Using Different Techniques
pp. 55-62
Authors :Abhishek Barua and Sasmita Kar

Review on Application of Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) in Metal Turning Operations Using Conventional and Nano-Lubricants Based Cutting Fluids
pp. 63-70
Authors :Siddharth Jeet and Sasmita Kar

Optimization of Spur Gears Using Profile Modification
pp. 71-80
Authors :A. Mandal, S. Panda, P.K. Pradhan and S.N. Panda

Low velocity impact performance of CNTs-reinforced composite plate
pp. 81-88
Authors :Mrutyunjay Rout, Chitaranjan Dash and Amit Karmakar

Tribological Behavior of Sponge Gourd Based Hybrid Reinforced Polymer Composite
pp. 89-96
Authors :Debasmita Pani and Punyapriya Mishra

Reinforcing bar deterioration and anchorage zone cracking on the load capacity of RC half-joints in girder of major bridge on the river of Sutlej in the State of Punjab
pp. 97-110
Authors :Narayan Tiadi, Surya Nrayan Panda and Anil Kumar

Experimental Analysis and Parametric Optimization of 6065-Aluminium Alloy in Rotary Friction Welding
pp. 111-118
Authors :Mihir Mohanta, Sasmita Kar, Dillip Mohanta and Ardhendu Mouli Mohanty

Predictive Modeling of Tool Wear, Surface Roughness and Machining Force in Hard Turning Using Taguchi Approach
pp. 119-126
Authors :Raju, K.Venkata Subbaiah, Suresh and Maheswara Rao

Effect of Process Parameters on Surface Roughness of HSS M35 in Wire-EDM during Taper Cutting
pp. 127-136
Authors :Suresh, K. Venkatasubbaiah and Raju

Optimization of Machining Parameters on Sugarcane Ash Aluminum Composite for Optimum Power Consumption and Surface Roughness
pp. 137-148
Authors :V.V.K. Lakshmi, K. Venkata Subbaiah, Suresh and Raju

Experimental study on process parameters in friction stir welding of AA4047 aluminium plates
pp. 149-152
Authors :Dambarudhar Das, Kailash Mohapatra, Ranjan Kishore Mallick and Subhashree Pothal

Drilling of glass fibre reinforced polymer /nanopolymer composite laminates: a review
pp. 153-172
Authors :B.P. Mishra, D. Mishra and P. Panda

Optimization of Process Parameters of Wire-Cut Electric Discharge Machining of A356.2 Aluminum Alloy
pp. 173-180
Authors :Abdul khurshid and D. VeeraBrahmam

Comparative study of measured Cutting Force and Surface roughness for machining of Pure Aluminium using Uncoated and Coated Carbide Inserts
pp. 181-190
Authors :Rakesh Kumar, Jyoti Komal Minz, Debi Prasad Sahu and Smita Sowmya Bishoyi

CFD Analysis on Effectiveness of a Plate Type Heat Exchanger Using Sea Water and Engine Oil
pp. 191-198
Authors :Chandan Kumar Sethi

Internal Finned Tube Heat Transfer Equipment for Higher Performance
pp. 199-204
Authors :Kailash Mohapatra, Ranjan K Mallick, Dambarudhar Das and Subhashree Pothal

Performance Simulation of Passive Direct Methanol Fuel Cell
pp. 205-212
Authors :Ranjan K. Mallick, Himanshu S. Moharana, Kailash Mohapatra, Dambarudhar Das and Subhashree Pothal

Study of one dimensional transient heat conduction equation using polynomial approximation method
pp. 213-220
Authors :Shuprasad Mohanty and Banamali Dalai

A Comprehensive Review on Soft Computing Framework
pp. 221-228
Authors :Sushree Bibhuprada B. Priyadarshini, Amiya Bhusan Bagjadab, Sambeet Kumar Sahu and Brojo Kishore Mishra

Cloud Computing- A Tool for Revival of Sick Industries
pp. 229-236
Authors :Himanshu S. Moharana, Krutibas Khuntia, Ranjan K. Mallick, and Ramesh C. Nayak

Oxidation Behavior of Mo-Si-W Ternary Alloys in the Temperature Range of 400°C-900°C
pp. 237-244
Authors :Jogendra Majhi, Sandeep K.Sahoo, Suresh C. Patnaik, Bidyapati Sarangi and Rashmita Mohanty

Review on Application Implementation of Advanced Mechatronics in the Arena of Mechanical Engineering
pp. 245-250
Authors :Ashok Kumar Das and Dilip Kumar Bagal

CFD Analysis of Semi-Circular Rib Roughened Solar Air Heater
pp. 251-262
Authors :Yadaba Mahanand, Abhijit Mahato and Debanshu Shekhar Khamari

Polanga Oil Methyl Ester as a Potential Fuel for Twin Cylinder Diesel Engine
pp. 263-274
Authors :L.N. Rout, C.K. Nayak and S.K. Sahoo

An Algorithm for Online Path Planning of Mobile-Robot based on Displacement Vector Method
pp. 275-284
Authors :Sourav Kumar Sahu, Sumanta Panda and Ajit Kumar Pattanaik

Re-examination for Effect of Ball Race Conformity on Life of Rolling Element Bearing using Metaheuristic
pp. 285-294
Authors :S.N.Panda, S.Panda, D.S.Khamari and P.Mishra






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