International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 11 (2019)



Special Issues





A Survey of Encryption Techniques In Cloud Computing
pp. 1-3

Optimal Economic Dispatch Considering Load Uncertainty
pp. 4-8
Arulraj J and RameshBabu M

On the L(2,1) Labeling Number of Some Trees
pp. 9-13
K.M. Baby Smitha

Segmentation of Brain Tumor in MRI Images Using Histogram Classification
pp. 14-19
Mrs. R. Bhavani & Dr.K.Vasanth

Optimal Placement and Co-Ordination of UPFC With DG Using Cuttle Fish Algorithm (CFA)
pp. 20-26
Dr.N.Chidambararaj, K.Aravindhan and S. Abinaya

Automatic Pneumatic Control Braking System
pp. 27-30
J.Dilipsingh, K.Arul , M.Ayyandurai & T.Arunkumar

Exergy investigation of VCR System with Compact Heat Exchanger
Dr. V. Natarajan

Performance and properties analysis of waste cooking oil emulsion as a fuel for C I Engine
pp. 39-42
Dr. L.Ranganathan

A Novel Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for S - Band Frequency Applications
pp. 43-48
Ms. G.T.Bharathy, Ms.S.Bhavanisankari, Ms. T.Tamilselvi & Ms. G.Bhargavi

Home Appliance Control With Voice Recognition Using Smart Gloves For Differently Challenged People
pp. 49-51
R.Gracelin Sheeba, K. Rizwana, A. Nivedha, M. Suruthi and V. Vijaya

A Dual Source DC-DC Converter-fed by BLDC Motor for Low Power Electric Vehicles
pp. 52-57
Hally A. Desai, Prof. Aditi R., Hajari Amit A. Kulkarni

Enabling Plastic Disposal by means of money crediting in Railways
pp. 58-61
Dr. K.Helen Prabha, Aishwarya G.R., Aishwaryah Ilankumaran & Durga M.G

Optimized FSS with Band-Stop Response for Satellite Application
pp. 62-64
Indumathi Uthrapathy & Ramprabhu Sivasamy

Loan pal a chatbot to proffer specifics on loan Schemes
pp. 65-68
Dr. Jaba Sheela L, Safrin P, Shanmugapriyaa P & Sindhu S

Experimental Analysis Of Surface Roughness In Turning Operation With MQL Using Nanocoolant
pp. 69-74
C.Rajesh, K.Velayutham, V.Sangeethkumar, P.Vijay sundar & K.Jagatheesan

Data Hiding and Retrieval using Integer Wavelet Transform
pp. 75-79
K. Jayasakthi velmurugan and S. Hemavathi

Experimental And Theoretical Analysis Of Cold Formed Z- Section And Built Up Channel Section
pp. 80-93
A.Jayaraman, K. Tamil Selvan, R.Mounika & S.B.Prasath

A Innovative Protection System for Distribution System Power Quality Events Forecast and Ordering
pp. 94-103

Analysis And Comparison Of High Performance Comparator Using Different Technologies For ADC Applications

pp. 104 - 107
S.Kiruthiga, A.Shobana, A.S.Sneha and R.Sukesh

Anti-Collision System For Four Wheelers
pp. 108-111
S. Praveen Balaji, T. Nivas Aravindhan, K. Prakash, Epili Gagan & D. Madhesh

Block (Chain) Money: Multi Transaction & Black Money Monitoring With Secured Cloud Data Storage With Big Data Analysis Using Block Chain
pp. 112-115
Nithisha J, Soundara Kumar Gandhi j,Vigash R and Samuel T

A Scrutiny on Augmented Reality Techniques Based On Their Competency in the Real World
pp. 116-121
Padmavathi.B, Ragini.R, Pavithra Devi.S & RowshanShahana.H

IoT Based Automated Hydroponic Cultivation System
pp. 122-125
Sudharsan S, Vargunan R, Vignesh Raj S, SelvanayaganS and Dr. Ponmurugan P

Alloy Steel Reinforced Column
pp. 126-130

Multimode Cooling System for Power Transformer using PLC
pp. 131- 136
Ramakrishnan T, Ragul R, Venkatesh S, Venugopal G and Ms.T.Dharanika

Comparative Study of Properties Of Aluminium 2014 Reinforced With 5% Sic And Tib2 Particulates
pp. 137 - 140

Mobile cluster based relay reconfiguration Optimization of Dynamic Channel Allocation Techniques in Mobile Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 141-147
J. Ranjith Kumar and Sakthivel E

A Simple Energy Management System for Electronics in Rover
pp. 148 - 153
P.Ravi kumar, C. Gowri Shankar, R.Uthirasamy, J.Karpagam and S. Kesava Suriyan

Finger Vein Authentication For ATM System
pp. 154-159
S.Madhurikkha, V.Gayathri & N.Dhyuthii

A Phase Shifted PWM Method For Indirect Matrix Converter
pp. 160-164
S.Sakthi, K.Bharathi & Dr. M.Sasikumar

Defending online standing attack against Collaborative network and knowledge discovery to prevent securities fraud
pp. 165-169
Ms. A. Santhiya & Ms. A. Keerthika

A Survey on Enhancement of Data Security by Clustering Methods for VANET Systems
pp. 170-175
A.Ganesh & Dr. N.M.Saravana Kumar

Encephalon Brain Waves Computing in Gaming Devices using AI Techniques
pp. 176-180
T.Satyendra Kumar, J.Shankar Babu & G,Sunil kumar

Indian Air Quality Prediction And Analysis Using Machine Learning
pp. 181-186
Mrs. A. Gnana Soundari, Mrs. J. Gnana Jeslin & Akshaya A.C

Interleavedhigh Stepup Non Isolated Dc-Dc Converter With Improved Dynamic Responses
pp. 187-192

Development Of Smart Humanoid Flexo Grab
pp. 193- 199
Mr.T. Karthik@Siva, Mr.V. Kannan, Dr.S. Rajakarunakaran & Mr.S.Valai Ganesh

Design And Optimization Of Two Wheeler Connecting Rod Using An Alloy
pp. 200-220
S.R.Thilagavathy, Manjula .C, M. Inbavalli and A.K.Sathyakala

Simulation Analysis Of Novel Multilevel Inverter Topology With Less Circuit Components
pp. 221-225
Dhivakar K, Dev Ganesh S, Bala Murugan B & Thiyagarajan V

Review On Limp Home Mode Implementations
pp. 226-229

Design and implementation of hand talk sign Language recognition using mobile personal area network (MPAN)
pp. 230-232
Mrs. T. Vishnupriya & Ms. A. Pitchaikani






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