International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 01  (2018) Special Issues






A Review on Renewable Energy Sources: Investigation on the Treatment and Up-gradation of Biogas
pp. 1-4
Karthik.T, Arun Kumar B.P, S.Shashanka and Aravinda D

A Review on Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)-A Promising Technology to mitigate NOx of Modern Automobiles
pp. 5-9
Sadashiva Prabhu S

A Study on Consumer Buying Behavior towards Organic Food Products
pp. 10-12
Dr. V. Padmaja, Mr. Nikhil Parashar

A Study on Space-Based Solar Power
pp. 13-15
Sohan Chandrakanth, Sreenivas H T , Dr. N Sivasankara Reddy

An Engineering Approach to Energy Auditing
pp. 16-17
BS Praveenkumar, N Nagesh ,Ganesh J

Analysis of Climate Change and Vulnerability
pp. 18-21
Gunasekaran K, Gangaraju, Ramya R

Analysis of Wind Energy as a Widely Preferred Green Energy for both Attributes of Eco-friendliness and Economical Feasibility
pp. 22-26
Dr. A M Surendra Kumar, Hemanth Kumar V, Arjun Raj G, Hemanth Kumar M S, Balkrishna R Chowdhary

Climate Changes and its Impact on Employee Productivity
pp. 27-29
Dr. K Balanagarajan , Dr. V Gajapathy

Climate Variability and Vulnerabilities Among Transitional Farming Communities Along Southern Coast of India
pp. 30-35
Dr.Rosewine Joy

Climate-Risk-Adjusted Investment Model A Financial Decision Tool
pp. 36-37
Dr. V. Gajapathy

Effect of Compression Ratio on the Performance of the Diesel Engine Fuelled with Alternative Fuel
pp. 53-58
N.Kapilan , L.J.Naik

Energy Conservation during Heat treatment of A356 Aluminum Alloy
pp. 59-61
Vijay Kumar S L , Prakrathi S

Experimental Analysis of Performance and Emission Characteristics of Simarouba Biodiesel and its Blends at varying Injection Pressures on CI Engine
pp. 62-67
Shripad Diwakar, Rana Pratap Reddy , N.Kapilan

Experimental Investigation of CRDI Engine fuelled with Jatropha curcas biodiesel for various EGR rates
pp. 68-71
Parashuram Bedar, Santhosh K, Kumar G N

Experimental Investigation of Waste Cooking Oil and Honge Oil as Biodiesel in Single Cylinder Electronic Direct Injection Diesel Engine
pp. 72-78
S. Kumarappa, Deviprasad N Mirashi, Niranjan M K

Forecast Analysis and Availability of Solar Energy in India - A Review
pp. 79-81
Shruti , Divyakrishna.C

Insulating Materials for Building Energy Conservation: Review
pp. 82-84
S.M.Biradar, Sharad Shanbhag , Chetan Gaonkar, Ambesh Shetye

Interpretive Structural Modelling for Implementing Lean Manufacturing System
pp. 85-90
Ajay Kumar Pandey , Vijay Kumar

Investigation on Conversion of Municipal Plastic Wastes into Liquid Fuel Compounds, Evaluation of Engine Performance and Emission Characteristics
pp. 91-95
Dr.D Ramesh Rao , Balasubramanya H S, Bijayalakshmi Das, D Venkatesh, Vinayak Talugeri

Kitchen and Garden Composting- An In-situ Biodegradable Waste Management Technique towards Sustainability- A Case Study of Bengaluru City
pp. 96-99
Sumangala Patil, Anusha Inamdar, Dr. Jyothilakshmi. R

Mathematical Solution of Transport of Pollutant in Unsaturated Porous Media with Retardation Factor
pp. 100-104
Praveen Kumar M., Dr. S. R. Sudheendra

Modeling and FE Analysis of Vibration Energy Harvesting
pp. 105-108
Dr. Ramesh Rao,Sandeep G M , Muralidhara D M

Modelling of Effect of Water Content on Transport of Pollutant in Unsaturated Porous Media
pp. 109-114
Raji J., Dr. S. R. Sudheendra

Nano Green Composites- An Overview
pp. 115-116
Raghavendra.S , Aravinda.T, Sadhananda S

Noise Reduction of Engine Structural Components By FEM-BEM Approach
pp. 117-119
V. K. Dhummansure, Dr. D. Ramesh Rao

NVH Characterisation of BS-III and BS-IV Exhaust System
pp. 120-124
Chetan Gaonkar , Dr. D. Ramesh Rao

Performance Analysis of Four Stroke Multi Cylinder Internal Combustion Engine Running on Diesel Fuel Blended with Transesterified Sesame Oil
pp. 125-130
Prapul Chandra A C, Sharath Chandra M S, Gangadhar T G, Narahari G A

Performance Studies and Injection Timing Optimisation for LHR Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Fuelled with Biodiesel Blends
pp. 131-135
Anjaneya G, Prabhakar Reddy C, Udaya Ravi M

Studies on Zero Energy Building
pp. 136-140
Saravan Devraj ,N Kapilan, T Nagaraja , Albert M

Study of Energy Saving in CNC Lathe Using SESAM by FEM Approach
pp. 141-148
Basava Raju Pondhe

Synthesis and Analysis of Polyaniline Coated Natural/Synthetic Fiber Composites for Gas Sensor Application
pp. 149-156
R. Karthikeyan, R. Sridhar, R. Suresh







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