Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena


Volume 1  Number 1 (2006) : Population dynamics




On the weak solutions of the mckendrick equation: existence of demography cycles
pp. 1-32 (32)

Authors: R. Dilao and A. Lakmeche


Population dynamics of grayling: modelling temperature and discharge effects

pp. 33-48 (16)

Authors: S. Charles, J.-P. Mallet and H. Persat


Singular perturbation analysis of travelling waves for a model in phytopathology
pp. 49-63 (15)

Authors: J.B. Burie, A. Calonnec and A. Ducrot


Pattern and waves for a model in population dynamics with nonlocal consumption of resources
pp. 65-82 (18)

Authors: S. Genieys, V. Volpert and P. Auger 


Phytoplankton dynamics: from the behaviour of cells to a transport equation

pp. 83-100 (18)

Authors: Ryszard Rudnicki and Rados Law Wieczorek


Dynamics of propagation phenomena in biological pattern formation

pp. 101-121 (21)

Authors: Gabriela Liţcanu and Juan J. L. Velázquez


Necessary optimality conditions for a Lotka-Volterra three species system

pp. 123-135 (13)

Authors: N. C. Apreutesei


Modelling the spiders ballooning effect on the vineyard ecology

pp. 137-159 (23)

Authors: E. Venturino, M. Isaia, F. Bona, E. Issoglio, V. Triolo and G. Badino






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