International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 09  (2019)



Special Issues





Effect on Maximum Dry Density and Optimum Moisture Content of Expansive Soil on Addition of Sawdust Ash
pp. 1-5
Himani Rai

Composites for Vibro-Acoustics-A Review
pp. 6-11
Sunita Danu, Harsh Sharma and Nitish Kumar Saini

A Study on Mechanical Properties of Polymer Modified Concrete Used with Plastic Crush Replacing Natural Sand
pp. 12-15
Ankita Yadav and S.D. Thanvi

Groundwаtеr Modеling - Rеviеw
pp. 16-19
Mаmtа Bohrа, Ashuvendra Singh

Investigation of Ceramic Waste as Supplementary Cementitious Material in Concrete
pp. 20-25
Rashmi Rawat, Ashuvendra Singh and Mamta Bohra

Review Pаper on Bаse Isоlаtiоn System: Current Techniques
pp. 26-28
Аnju Kumаri, Smitа Dоbhаl and Sаngeetа Dhyаni

A Study on Engineering Behaviour of Geogrid Reinforced Clay
pp. 29-32
Prachi Lingwal, Shristi Negi and Ankur Mudgal

Preliminary Design and Analysis of Water Boiling Domestic Chimney by Finite Element Analysis
pp. 33-37
Faraz Ahmad, Mudasir Farooz, Nitish Kumar Saini and Vijay Singh Chauhan

Vibration Analysis of Stepped Laminated Composite Beam in ANSYS
pp. 38-45
Ashutosh Kumar Pandey, Nitish Kumar Saini, Faraz Ahmad and Anadi Misra

Design and Impact Analysis of Go-kart Chassis
pp. 46-52
Nitish Kumar Saini, Rohit Rana, Mohd. Nawaz Hassan and Kartik Goswami

Design and Vibration Analysis of Go-kart Chassis
pp. 53-57
Nitish Kumar Saini, Manmeet Singh Panwar, Akhilesh Maurya and Praveen Ajay Singh

A Review Paper of Twisted Tape Inserts
pp. 58-65
Bhanu Pratap Singh

Design and Vibration Characteristics Analysis of Quadcopter Body Frame
pp. 66-70
Anamika Bhandari, Faraz Ahmad, Pushpendra Kumar and Pravin P. Patil

Material Optimization of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine using Finite Element Analysis
pp. 71-75
Faraz Ahmad, Ankit Negi, Shubham K. Singh and Gaurav Rawat

“Experimental Analysis of CI Engine Fuelled with Calophyllum Inophyllum Biodiesel and Diesel with Ethanol as an Additive”
pp. 76-81
Puneet Singh Gautam and V. K. Gupta

Freezing Time of Cylindrical Foodstuff Using the One-Dimensional Unsteady State Explicit Model
pp. 82-91
Charan Deep and Anil Kumar Pratihar

Process Parameter Optimization for Aluminum Alloy 24345 by Surface Roughness Prediction using ANN Approach
pp. 92-98
Faraz Ahmad, Pravin P. Patil, Nitish Kumar Saini and M.P. Singh

A Review on Roughness Geometries used in Solar Air Heaters for Performance Enhancement
pp. 99-107
Aamir Imtiyaz, Nitish Kumar Saini and Bhushan Kumar

A Review Paper on Pin Fin Efficiency Enhancement
pp. 108-112
Nasir Nisar Sheikh, Bhushan Kumar and Nitish Kumar Saini

Rotating Field Type Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator
pp. 113-120
Shubham Negi, Nitish Kumar Saini, KM Deepmala and Adita Saini

Experimental Investigations on a Double Pass Solar Air Heater having Combination of Broken Arc and Staggered Ribs
pp. 121-125
Sumit Joshi and L. Varshney

Heat Transfer Characteristics through Plate-Pin Heat Sink with Dimples
pp. 126-132
Ayush Gupta, Vishwjeet Choudhary, Varun Singh and Rahul Chamola

CFD modeling with comparison between swirl pipe and GVSTD
pp. 133-138
Yasar Khan, Tirath Singh, Vijay Singh Chauhan and Faraz Ahmad

Characterization of Mechanical Properties of Al-B4C Composite Fabricated by Stir Casting
pp. 139-143
Sunil Kumar Tiwari, Harsh Sharma, KM Deepmala and Rahul Chamola

Investigation of mechanical and tribological properties of the Al7075-B4C composite fabricated by friction stir processing
pp. 144-148
Harsh Sharma, Sunil Kumar Tiwari, Km Deepmala and Ayush Gupta

Vibration Analysis of Fiber Metal Laminate Beam in ANSYS Parametric Design Language
pp. 149-155
Nitish Kumar Saini, Sunita Danu, Faraz Ahmad and Anadi Misra

Solution to Problem of Electric Vehicle Charging
pp. 156-158
Dharmendra Kumar, Gagan Bansal and Nitish Kumar Saini

Review on Performance of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Configured with Different Baffle Types
pp. 159-165
Aadil Ahmad Rather and Vivek Sheel Yadav

Review on Flow Distribution in Plate Heat Exchangers
pp. 166-173
Qais ul Bashir and Viveksheel Yadav

Heat transfer from different types of fins with notches with varying materials to enhance rate of heat transfer a Review
pp. 174-179
Sayed Zaidshah and Viveksheel Yadav

Direct Transesterification for Biodiesel Extraction From Micro-Algal Biomass: A Review
pp. 180-184
Rahul Chamola, Ayush Gupta, Vijay Singh Chauhan and Tirath Singh

А Rеviеw on Аccоmplish Tаrgеt Rеspоnsе Spеctrum fоr Grеаt Еаrthquаkе Using NGA Mоdеls
pp. 185-188
Smitа Dоbhаl

Aging Behaviour of Laser Processed Inconel 718
pp. 189-193
Rahul Chamola, Vijay Singh Chauhan, Ajay Chauhan and Sunil Kumar Tiwari

Experimental Investigation of MRR and TWR on EDM for M2 High Speed Steel Using Taguchi Method
pp. 194-198
Vijay Singh Chauhan, Tirath Singh, Rahul Chamola and Faraz Ahmad

Experimental Investigation of EN 8 Steel through Taguchi’s Technique to optimize Cutting Rate
pp. 199-203
Tirath Singh, Vijay Singh Chauhan, Yasar Khan and Rahul Chamola

Influence of Combined Multiple Twisted Tape and Perforated Circular Disk on Heat Transfer in Circular Tube
pp. 204-208
Sachin Malura, Bhupendra Kumar and Shubham Pal

Design and FEA Based Vibration Characteristic Analysis of Rocker Bogie Mechanism
pp. 209-214
Vishvajeet, Faraz Ahmad, Pankaj Singh and Ravindra singh

Finite Element Analysis Based Vibration behavior on Warren Truss Bridge
pp. 215-219
Ashuvendra Singh, Faraz Ahmad and Nitish Kumar Saini






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