International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 03 (2018)  






Effects of Sodium Hydroxide Concentration on Zeolite Y Synthesized from Elefun Kaolinite Clay in Nigeria
pp. 1536-1542
Ayoola A. Ayodeji, Hymore F. Kofi, Ojewumi E. Modupe and Uwoghiren J. Osayomwanbo

Analysis of Healthcare Services Quality in Hospital “X” using Servqual - Fuzzy Method
pp. 1543-1552
Kazan Gunawan, I Nengah Putra, Riono, Adi Bandono and Sutrisno

Energy-Saving Technologies: Analysis and Prospects for Development in Kazakhtan and Foreign Language
pp. 1553-1559
Tovma Nataliya

Measurement of Indonesian Naval Base Development in a Border Area: A Case Study
pp. 1560-1566
I Made Jiwa Astika, Kazan Gunawan, Avando Bastari, I Nengah Putra and I Putu Yogi

Fire Hazard Map by Combining Landsat Data Classification and Topography Map of Pekan Study Area
pp. 1567-1577
Mohamad Eliyass Bin Jamaruppin, Luhur Bayuaji, Ngahzaifa Ab Ghani, Farid Wajdi Akashah, Azlan Shah Ali, Dwi Pebrianti and Indra Riyanto

A Study on the Possibility of Retaliatory Driving against Car Klaxon's Sounds
pp. 1578-1585
Ik-Soo Ahn, Myung-Jin Bae and Seong-Geon Bae

Soil Environmental Characteristics in Forest Areas Affected by Forest Fires and Restored with Different Forest Restoration Methods in Gyeonju, Korea
pp. 1586-1592
Woo Sung Lee

The Organization of the Process of Productive Operation of the Equipment as One of the Necessary Conditions of Rational Production Organization
pp. 1593-1596
Ekaterina Petrovna Garina, Alexander Petrovich Garin, Natalia Sergeevna Andryashina, Irina Sergeevna Vinnikova, Ekaterina Andreevna Kuznetsova, Lyudmila Fedorovna Suchodoeva and Nikita Dmitrievich Suchodoev

Location Determination of Logistics Warehouse facility using Fuzzy Multi Criteria Decision Making (FMCDM) Approach in Western Sea Sector of Indonesia
pp. 1597-1604
Kazan Gunawan, I Nengah Putra, Benny Sukandari, Okol S. Suharyo, A. K. Susilo

Design and Evaluation of MANET attack model with DSR routing protocol
pp. 1605-1612
Arage Chetan S and Satyanarayana K V V.

Attack Resilient & Efficient QoS based GPCR-ARE Protocol for VANET
pp. 1613-1622
Naziya Hussain, Priti Maheshwary, Piyush Kumar Shukla and Anoop Singh

The Optimal Design of Prototype to Replace the Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) Using Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis
pp. 1623-1627
Nattadon Pannucharoenwong, Totsaphon Chabuanoi and Chatchai Benjapiyaporn

Group-Author Model for Latent Social Astroturfers Group Detection
pp. 1628-1640
Noora Alallaq, Muhmmad Al-khiza’ay, Ahmed Al-Sudani, N. Maheswari and Ahmed Almansoori

Preparation of a Highly Crystalline Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Ink for the Synthesis of a Planar Field Electron Emitter
pp. 1641-1646
Shoichi Kumon, Daisuke Abe and Norihiro Shimoi

Evaluation Methodologies of Earthquake Damages to Cultural Heritage
pp. 1647-1653
Vincenzo Del Giudice, Pierfrancesco De Paola and Fabiana Forte

Improvement of Structural Stiffness of a Cell Separation Equipment using Finite Element Analysis
pp. 1654-1660
Je-Heon Han and Kihyun Kim

A New Strategy for Statistical Modeling using Bootstrap and Weighted Data in Bayesian Logistic Regression
pp. 1661-1663
Wan Muhamad Amir W Ahmad, Nurfadhlina Abdul Halim, Nor Azlida Aleng, Zalila Ali and Ruhaya Hasan

Analysis and Study the Performance of Coaxial Cable Passed On Different Dielectrics
pp. 1664-1669
Baydaa Hadi Saoudi

Hybrid Method for Detection of Brain Tumor Using Fuzzy C-Mean Clustering and Discrete Curve let Transform
pp. 1670-1674
Hind Rustum Mohammed & Lamia Fahim Katran

A Comparative Analysis of the Relationships between Happiness and Business Determinants in Developing and Developed Countries
pp. 1675-1689
Seung-Jong Lee, Young- Hwa Kee, Youngkyun Oh and Young-Chool Choi

Obtaining Electric Energy through Photovoltaic Cells of Copper
pp. 1690-1693
Faiver Tovar Galindo and Gerardo Rivera Barrera

Counter measures Energy on Debris Flow Event by Open-Type Sabo Dam Model
pp. 1694-1702
Haeruddin C. Maddi, Muhammad Saleh Pallu, M. Arsyad Thaha and Rita Lopa

The Study of the Process of Combustion of the Alcohol-Fuel Emulsions and Natural Gas in a Diesel Engine
pp. 1703-1709
Vitaly Anatolievich Likhanov and Oleg Petrovich Lopatin

Mapping Land Use Changing and Urban Growth Using Landsat Data (Study Area: Pekan, Pahang State, Malaysia)
pp. 1710-1715
Mohamad Eliyass Bin Jamaruppin, Luhur Bayuaji, Ngahzaifa Ab Ghani, Farid Wajdi Akashah,Azlan Shah Ali, Dwi Pebrianti and Muhammad Syafrullah

Improved Bacterial Foraging Optimization based Twin Support Vector Machine (IBFO-TSVM) Classifier for Risk Level Classification of Coronary Artery Heart Disease in Diabetic Patients
pp. 1716-1721
Rajkumar R, Anandakumar K and Bharathi A

Effect of Particle Size Distribution on Spectral Characteristics of Different Quantum Dots
pp. 1722-1727
P. Hari Krishna and Meera Ramrakhiani

Trends in Fractal Dimension in Laxman and Kandariya Mahadev Temples, Khajuraho
pp. 1728-1741
Tanisha Dutta and Vinayak S. Adane


Learning Commutative Finite Automata from Membership Queries and Equivalence Queries
pp. 1742-1747
Anuchit Jitpattanakul

Prediction Model of Compressive Strength of Concrete Composed of Portland Composite Cement, Marine Sand, and Sea Water Using Maturity Method
pp. 1748-1754
Hamkah, M.W. Tjaronge, R. Djamaluddin and Nasruddin

Properties of Foams Stabilized by Hydrophobized Silica Particles
pp. 1763-1767
Natalya Georgievna Vilkova and Svetlana Ivanovna Mishina

Evaluation of Laser-Sintered CR-CO and TI Alloys for Dental Applications
pp. 1768-1775
Lucia Denti

Electrogenic Biodegradation Study of the Carbofuran Insecticide in Soil
pp. 1776-1783
Luis Carlos Losada Benavides, Luis Alexander Carvajal Pinilla, July Steffany González López and Ruthber Rodriguez Serrezuela

Linear Models for Non-Congruent Circle Packing in a Rectangular Container
pp. 1784-1791
Rafael Torres-Escobar, José Antonio Marmolejo-Saucedo and Igor Litvinchev

Development and Application of Checklist to Prevent Unplanned Removal of Drainage Tubes
pp. 1753-1460
Sun-Hee Yun and Yang-Sook Yoo

Estimation for Unknown Parameters of the Extended Burr Type-XII Distribution Based on Type-I Hybrid Progressive Censoring Scheme
pp. 1761-1768
M.M. Amein and Neveen Sayed-Ahmed


Assessing Acceptability Criteria of Building Technologies to Design Appropriate Housing Schemes by Government of India for Economically Weaker Section

pp. 1769-1783

Nilanjan Sengupta


A Development of Mechanical Arm for Weight Scale Calibration

pp. 1784-1788

Pattaraweerin Woraratsoontorn


Convective Heat Transfer inside a Fluid-Filled Rectangular Cavity

pp. 1789-1797

Raden Rinova Sisworo, Masato Hasegawa and Nobuyoshi Kawabata


Potential of Development of Wind Farms in Turaif Saudi Arabia – A Case Study to Mitigate the Challenges of Fossil Fuel Depletion

pp. 1798-1804

S. M. Shaahid, Luai M. Alhems and M. K. Rahman