Global Journal of Management and Business Studies (GJMBS)



Volume 3 Number 10 spl.  (2013)





LLP in India: As Advantageous Business Model
pp. 1051-1056
Authors: Ravi Meena and Renu Nainawat

Role of National Service Scheme in the Prevention of HIV/AIDS among Adolescents
pp. 1157-1060
Authors: Anil Kumar. M. K. and R. Shivappa

Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory: Applications and Criticisms 
pp. 1061-1064
Author: Avneet Kaur

Analytical Study of Consumer Perception towards Brand: A Case of Sports Marketing
pp. 1065-1070
Author: Namita Kapoor

Inferences for Human Capital Development: A Case of Human Resource Management
pp. 1071-1074
Author: Nitish Bagdi

Is Sustainable Growth Possible Through Financial Assistance 
pp. 1075-1080
Author: P. Marshal

Role of Reverse Innovation in Business: A Case of Few Companies
pp. 1081-1084
Authors: Sonia Lohia and Rashmi Taneja

Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
pp. 1085-1090
Authors: Renu Nainawat and Ravi Meena

The Challenges Faced by SMEs in the Textile Industry: Special Reference to Hand Printing Enterprises in Jaipur
pp. 1091-1100
Authors: Sahaj Tambi and Aashima Praveen

A Move towards “Gender-balanced Boards”: Exploring Women Participation on the Boards
pp. 1101-1108
Author: Sakshi Verma

Labour Welfare Benefits-more needs to be done for Women Construction Workers
pp. 1109-1118
Authors: S. Tikoo, J. Gupta, and Meenu

Work Place Environmental Parameters and Occupational Health Problems in Women Construction Workers in India
pp. 1119-1128
Authors: S.Tikoo and Meenu

Would Brand Recall Impact the Customer Buying Behavior of Mobiles
pp. 1129-1134
Author: Shalini Trivedi

Sanskrit as a Programming Language and Natural Language Processing
pp. 1135-1142
Authors: Shashank Saxena and Raghav Agrawal

Women Entrepreneurship in India
pp. 1143-1148
Author: Shikha Mahajan

Management of Non Performing Assets in Banks—An Overview
pp. 1149-1154
Author: Shipra Saxena

Investment Analysis of Fixed Maturity Plans in India
pp. 1155-1162
Authors: Dhruv Priyadarshni Nijhawan and Stuti Priyadarshni Nijhawan

Mapping the Road from Institutions to Corporate—The Requisite Plethora of Skills in Higher Education
pp. 1163-1168
Authors: Suman Shokeen and Kapil Khattar

An empirical Study on Technology Adoption by Indian Banks
pp. 1169-1172
Authors: Tavishi and Santosh Kumar

CSR Ethical Practices for Indian Business: The Strategy to Achieve Global Leadership
pp. 1173-1180
Authors: Nishant Gehlot, Yamini Sharma and Neelam Kalla

Green Banking: As Initiative for Sustainable Development
pp. 1181-1186
Author: Ravi Meena

Can Women Manage it All - Work, Family and Life: ERA of being a Superwoman? A Review of Literature
pp. 1187-1196
Authors: Khushboo Mitta, Sethi and Dr. Upasna Joshi

Performance Appraisal of Co-operative and Private Sugar Factory in Belgaum District- An Economic Analysis 
pp. 1197-1204
Authors: N.N. Nadoni, G.S. Ananth, P.S. Dhananjaya Swamy and Manjunath S. Kerur

Standard & Poor’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) India Index- during and Post Global Financial Crisis
pp. 1205-1212
Author: Ruhee Singh

Foreign Investment in Global Food Industry 
pp. 1213-1218
Authors: Vivek Vyas, Chandramauli Singh and Shivani Vyas

Antecedents of Turnover Intentions: A Literature Review 
pp. 1219-1230
Authors: Bandhanpreet Kaur, Mohindru and Dr. Pankaj






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