International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 16  (2017)  




Autonomous Sprinkler System with Internet of Things
pp. 5430-5432
Bishal Saha Chowdhury and Nadimpalli Raghukiran

Software Quality Improvement and Cost Estimation using Fuzzy Logic Technique
pp. 5433-5440
Arun Kumar Marandi and Danish Ali Khan

Design and Implementation of Trust-based Secure Routing Protocol for MANETs
pp. 5441-5446
Mukesh Kumar Garg, Neeta Singh and Meena Rao

Intelligent IoT Based Water Quality Monitoring System
pp. 5447-5454
Soundarya Pappu, Prathyusha Vudatha, Niharika.A.V, Karthick.T and Suresh Sankaranarayanan

IoT Based Smart Energy Management System
pp. 5455-5462
Vignesh Mani, Abhilasha, Gunasekhar, Lavanya and Suresh Sankaranarayanan

Risk-oriented approach to design of the industrial safety system: problems, solutions
pp. 5463-5471
Kireeva Elena Vadimovna and Kireev Maxim Sergeevich

A Development of Automatic Topic Analysis System using Hybrid Feature Extraction based on Spark SQL
pp. 5472-5480
Kiejin Park and Minkoo Kang

Mathematical Modeling of Regional Isolated Electrotechnical Complex
pp. 5481-5484
Vladimir Z. Kovalev and Olga V. Arkhipova

Control System Designed for Electromagnetic Suspension of High-Speed Vacuum Transportation
pp. 5485-5487
Nikolay Grebennikov, Alexander Kireev and Alexander Lebedev

Analysis of College Students’ Satisfaction in Convergence Departments
pp. 5488-5490
Shin Nam Lee

High Dimensional Quality Control Chart: A Case Study of “BajuKurung” Manufacturing Industry
pp. 5491-5494
Shamshuritawati Sharif , Suzilah Ismail and Zurni Omar

Multi-Attribute Network Selection and Evaluation Models for Vertical Handoff in Heterogeneous Networks
pp. 5495-5511
K. Aruna Kumari and Mesala Sravani

Drivetrain Flexibility Effect on Control Performance of a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
pp. 5512-5519
M. Tahiri, A. Djebli and A.Mimet

Efficient Frequent Pattern Mining using Particle Swarm Optimization
pp. 5520-5524
Satish Muppidi, M. Ramakrishna Murty and Suresh.Ch

Performance Analysis of Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Based DSTATCOM
pp. 5525-5531
Adepu Sateesh Kumar, K. Prakash and Hareesh Kumar Yada

Safe Navigation of Mobile Robot Using A* Algorithm
pp. 5532-5539
Hasan Mujtaba and Gajendra Singh

Discussing the Role of Data Mining in Development of Evidence Based Decision Support System for e-Healthcare
pp. 5540-5549
Mohammad Taha Khan, Shamimul Qamar and Ripu Ranjan Sinha

Seamless Position Revision Scheme for Minimizing Cost and Enhancing Performance during Routing in MANET’s
pp. 5550-5558
A.Christopher Paul and S. Karthik

Smart Pipeline Water Leakage Detection System
pp. 5559-5564
Gopalakrishnan P., Abhishek S., Ranjith R., Venkatesh R. and Jai Suriya V.

Data Hiding Using Fibonacci EDGE Based Steganography for Cloud Data
pp. 5565-5569
Davuluri Suneetha and R. Kiran Kumar

Characterization of Machining Parameters on Thrust Force and Surface Roughness in Drilling of 40-60 Wt. % BD CFRP Composite
pp. 5570-5577
Divakara Shetty S, Nagaraja Shetty, Apurv Rajat, Geet Shetty and Prathamesh Patil

ACO based test case prioritization for fault detection in maintenance phase
pp. 5578-5586
Sushant Kumar and Prabhat Ranjan

Design and Simulation of Linear and Non-linear Controllers for dc Motor Drives Application
pp. 5587-5593
Sunita Kumari and Sudhir Y Kumar

VLSI Implementation of Integrating the Discrete Cosine and Wavelet Transform with PTS for PAPR Reduction
pp. 5594-5603
Gayathri K M, S. Bhargavi and Thangadurai. N

Numerical Study of 3-Dimensional Wall Jet on Curved Surfaces
pp. 5604-5609
S. V. H. Nagendra, Prasant Nanda and DVS Bhagavanulu

Lempel-Ziv-Welch Compression of DNA Sequence Data with Indexed Multiple Dictionaries
pp. 5610-5615
Keerthy A. S. and S. Manju Priya

Reliability Analysis of Rodding Anode Plant in Aluminium Industry
pp. 5616-5623
Yaqoob Al Rahbi, Rizwan S M, Alkali B M, Andrew Cowell and Taneja G

A Secured Model to Reduce the E-Health Record with Lossless BCWT on the Hybrid Cloud
pp. 5624-5630
Sudarshan. E, Ch. Satyanarayana and C. Shoba Bindu

Strengthen the Security of Confidential Information Using Cryptographic Techniques
pp. 5631-5636
Prasanna Kumar H.R and Niranjan N Chiplunkar

Fuzzy-Rough set Approach to Attribute Reduction
pp. 5637-5642
Pallab kumar Dey and Sripati Mukhopadhyay

A Comprehensive privacy policy for User Uploaded images on content sharing Networks
pp. 5643-5647
I Surya Prabha, Mohammed Ali Hussain, P.Gayathri and K.Poorna Surya Teja

An Empirical Analysis of Algorithms to Predict Next Web Page Using Web Log Data
pp. 5648-5654
Jothish Chembath and E.J. Thomson Fredrik

Facial Emotion Recognition using Eye
pp. 5655-5659
Vishnu Priya R and Muralidhar A

A Machine Learning approach to Classify web documents of freelancing and remote work in IT field
pp. 5660-5664
Sharmila Shinde, Prasanna Joeg and Sandeep Vanjale

Human Tracking System using Beagle Board -xM
pp. 5665-5669
Anil Gantala, K. Nehru, Nagarjuna Telagam, P. Anjaneyulu and Dasari Swathi

A comparison between ML estimators for poisson, logarithmic and Nonhomogeneous Logarithmic Distribution
pp. 5670-5675
Ali Sakhaei and Parviz Nasiri

Proximity fed Gap Coupled Array Antenna with DGS Backed with Periodic Metallic Strips
pp. 5676-5680
Jacob Abraham and Thomaskutty Mathew

Schedulability Analysis for Rate-Monotonic Algorithm in Parallel Real-Time Systems
pp. 5681-5689
Leena Das, Durga Prasad Mohapatra and Sourav Mohapatra

Path Cost Based Load and Energy Balanced Clustering & Routing Algorithm
pp. 5690-5696
Mohit Kumar and Dinesh Kumar

ERP Software System Strategic Planning in alignment with Business Planning in KCP Sugar Industry for its improvements
pp. 5697-5708
Pothireddy Venkata Lakshmi Narayana Rao and Tapas Kumar

Correlation between surface integrity of EDMed high carbon high chromium die steel with Barkhausen Noise parameters
pp. 5709-5714
Binayaka Nahak, Mohd. Zaheer Khan Yusufzai and Meghanshu Vashista

Analysis of Various Connection Configuration of Photovoltaic Module under Different Shading Conditions
pp. 5715-5720
Vaishnavi P. Deshpande and Sanjay B. Bodkhe

Power Enhancement by Adopting Active Power Filter Scheme with Control Strategies under Grid Distortions
pp. 5721-5728
K. Kusal Kumar and Darapureddi Vijaya Kumar

A Hybrid Approach to Increase the Scalability in VANETs
pp. 5729-5738
Kavita, Neera Batra and Rishi Pal Singh

An ontology-based support for knowledge modeling and Decision-Making in Collaborative Product Design
pp. 5739-5759
ABADI Asmae, BEN-AZZA Hussain and SEKKAT Souhail

Extraction of Emotions from Speech-A Survey
pp. 5760-5767
A Pramod Reddy and V. Vijayarajan

Usage of Fly Ash and Silpozz on Strength and Sorptivity of Marine Concrete
pp. 5768-5780
Trilochan Jena, Kishor Chandra Panda and Jeetesh Ranjan Behera

Implementation of an enhanced neural learning algorithm for rotor resistance estimation for solar fed IM drive
pp. 5781-5790
Chitra A., Razia Sultana W., S. Sreejith and J.Vanishree


Experimental Investigation on Flexural Strength of Geopolymer Concrete Paver Block
pp. 5791-5794
K. Ashok Kumar and P. Partheeban

Application of System Codes to Void Fraction Prediction in Heated Vertical Subchannels
pp. 5795-5801
Taewan Kim

An Approach to Implement Secured CAPTCHA Code Based on Personal Information and Likings of User
pp. 5802-5809
Ramkrishna Das, Bipasha Biswas Mallick, Aditi Chakraborty, Santosh Nandi and Saurabh Dutta

Computational Results of Hybrid Learning in Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System for Optimal Prediction
pp. 5810-5818
D. Kalpanadevi and M. Mayilvaganan

Data Fusion with Model Error Estimators and Stability Analysis
pp. 5819-5828
Swetha Amit and Jitendra R Raol

Satisfaction of Accounting Information Education Using Educational Software
pp. 5829-5834
Shin Nam Lee

A Random Forest Estimator Combined With N-Artificial Neural Network Classifiers to Optimize Network Intrusion Detection
pp. 5835-5843
I. Lafram, N. Berbiche and J. El Alami

ASIC Implementation of High Throughput Low Power DNA Protein Sequence Computation using FSM
pp. 5844-5848
Sancarapu Nagaraju and Penubolu Sudhakara Reddy

Computational and Experimental Study of Articular Cartilage Thickness on Biomechanical Behavior
pp. 5849-5856
Nur Hikmah Hashim, Mohd Juzaila Abd Latif, Yusra Liyana Jaafar, Roszaidi Ramlan and Jamaluddin Mahmud

Simplified Strategy to Control Variable DC Power Supply Using Pre-regulator
pp. 5857-5864
Razia Sultana W., Neha, Chitra A., S. Sreejith and J.Vanishree

Dual Stator Induction Generator For Rural Electrification
pp. 5865-5871
Ramesh Singh and Vishal Verma

Capacity Enhancement using MU-MIMO in Vehicular Ad hoc Network
pp. 5872-5883
Meenu Khurana, C. Ramakrishna and S.N. Panda

Power Optimized Secure AODV Routing Protocol Based on Mobile Agents
pp. 5884-5893
Bindiya Bhatia, M.K. Soni and Parul Tomar

A New Class of Sets in Nano topological Spaces with an Application in Medical Diagnosis
pp. 5894-5899
A. Jayalakshmi and C. Janaki

Port Scanning Attack Analysis with Dempster-Shafer Evidence Theory
pp. 5900-5904
Rajni Ranjan Singh and Deepak Singh Tomar

An Overview of Service Ontology in Semantic Service Search
pp. 5905-5909
V.P. Hara Gopal and K.F. Bharati,

A Study on Diesel Engine Characterization Using Alternative Fuel and Its Blends
pp. 5910-5915
Palash Chakma and HaengMuk Cho

Comparative Study of Free Vibration of Cross-Ply Laminated Plates under First Order Shear Theory
pp. 5916-5926
K. Karthik, K. K. Viswanathan, Z.A. Aziz, Y. V. S. S. Sanyasiraju and J.H. Lee

Communications system for Colombia-1 picosatellite
pp. 5927-5939
Hugo A. González Reyes, Camilo A. Cubillos Torres and Lilia E. Aparicio Pico

Autonomous and Intelligent Park Detection and Reservation System Using Image Processing and Mobile Application System
pp. 5940-5945
Nayel Al-Zubi, Moh’d Rassoul al-Hadidi, Ayat Khraisat, Hamzah Alzubi and Saed Khawaldeh

Evaluation of 3D-Distance Measurement Accuracy of Stereo-Vision Systems
pp. 5946-5951
Ali Sophian, Wahju Sediono, Muhammad Ridzwan Salahudin, Mohd Saatarie Mohd Shamsuli, Dayang Qurratu’aini Awang Za’aba

The Effect of Platform Instability on the User Terminal and Backhaul Link Performance of HAPS-UMTS
pp. 5952-5960
Lway Faisal Abdulrazak

Super-Resolution Algorithms for Spectral Estimation in Cognitive Radio Systems
pp. 5961-5965
Vu Van Yem and Nguyen Canh Minh

State-Space Model Design and Validation of Control Loading System for Helicopters using ADS-33E Handling Qualities Specifications
pp. 5966-5975
Ashok Kuppusamy and Sug Joon Yoon

Features of the Architecture of Information Resources in the Field of Public Procurement (Russian Contract System)
pp. 5976-5983
Mamedova N.A., A.I. Urintsov and A.N. Savrukov

Intelligent Learning Agents Construction by Context-Redefined Language Technology (Resource Consumption Behavior Prediction Tasks)
pp. 5984-5989
V.N. Podsvirov

Buckling Analysis of the Structures by Single Imposed Constraint Method
pp. 5990-5994
V. Agapov

Solar Home System Application in Batik Industry
pp. 5995-6001
Ramadoni Syahputra and Indah Soesanti

Effect of Electrodes' Geometry on Hydrogen and Oxygen Production Using PV Powered Water Electrolyzing System
pp. 6002-6011
Hanan Saleet, Salah Abdallah, and Essam Yousef

Determination of Pesticide Residues on Date Palm in the UAE
pp. 6012-6021
Manar Fawzi Bani Mfarrej, Khaled Al-Darmaki, Abdulla Al-Dhanhani and Ehab Afach

Utilizing “Augmented Reality” Technology to Illustrate Residential Open Space Greenery
pp. 6022-6028
Saleh Kaji, Hoshang Kolivand, Ramin Madani and Majid Salehinia

Analysis of Cast in Place Piles Using Finite Elements Method
pp. 6029-6036
Riyadh Razzaq Salim and Oday Adnan Abdulrazzaq

The Effect of Strategic Environment Change toward Indonesia Maritime Security : Threat and Opportunity
pp. 6037-6044
I Nengah Putra A., Abdul Hakim, Sholeh H. Pramono and Amin S. Leksono

Designing of Laminated Structure of Antifriction Powder Composite
pp. 6045-6049
Yu.V. Kontsevoi, A.G. Mejlakh A.B. Shubin and E.A. Pastukhov. I.S. Sipatov

Learning k-edge Deterministic Finite Automata in the Framework of Active Learning
pp. 6050-6054
Anuchit Jitpattanakul

Fuzzy Logic and Trust Based Clustering Approach to Improve the WSN Performance
pp. 6055-6064
Manoj Challa, P. Venkata Subba Reddy and M. Damodar Reddy

Analysis of Node Failure on Coverage in Presence of Shadowing and Fading in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 6065-6070
Anvesha Katti and D. K. Lobiyal

The Findings of Laboratory and Computational Investigations of Water Saturated Peat with Taking into Account Excessive Pore Pressures
pp. 6071-6075
Aleksandr Vladimirovich Kulikov, Aleksey Nikolaevich Kraev and Vyacheslav Viktorovich Vorontsov

HDFS Write Operation Using Fully Connected Digraph DataNode Network Topology
pp. 6076-6090
B. Purnachandra Rao and N. Nagamalleswara Rao

Shoulder-Surfing Resistant Graphical Password System for Cloud
pp. 6091-6096
Vijaya kumari Rodda, Gangadhar Rao Kancherla and Basaveswara Rao Bobba

Ground Water Quality Modelling for Irrigation Using Data Mining Technique and Spatio-Temporal Dates
pp. 6097-6101
R. Priya and R.Mallika

Evolution of Diabetic Control Identification in Lieu of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Technology- A Review
pp. 6102-6107
A. Alavudeen Basha and S. Vivekanandan

Energy Enhancement Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Car Algorithm
pp. 6108-6114
M. Jagadheeswari and M. Anand Kumar

E-Commerce System Size using User Based Function Points
pp. 6115-6122
John T Mesia Dhas and C.R. Bharathi

An Enhanced CIA tree Using String Matching Algorithm
pp. 6123-6126
Renu S. and S. H. Krishna Veni

Directional Structuring of Ternary Electrochemical Ni-Co-Cr and Cr-Ni-Co Alloys
pp. 6127-6133
V.V. Schmidt, V.P. Shchipanov, N.V. Smirnova, I.G. Zhikhareva and A. A. Shilov

Impact of Virtual Reality to the Public in Brno
pp. 6134-6138
Ivan Kovar, David Pala and Lukas Urbancok

Traffic Pattern Modeling for Cognitive Wi-Fi Networks
pp. 6139-6144
Cesar Hernandez, Camila Salgado and Edwin Rivas

Growth rate and Pattern of Sulphate Reducing Bacteria in Produced Water from Niger Delta Oilfield, Nigeria
pp. 6145-6154
Ogunkunle T. Fred, Oni A. Babalola & Onuh, C.Y

Health effects of nanomaterials with sportswear applications
pp. 6155-6158
Yongho Choi, Sang-Duk Lee and Shin Hwan Yoo

Design and Implementation of Modified Sequential Parallel RNS Forward Converters
pp. 6159-6163
K Anitha, T S Arulananth, R Karthik and P Bhaskara Reddy

Automated Validation Framework using On-Chip Event-Driven Debugger for Safe Code Execution Control Flow

pp. 6164-6169
Hyeonjae Shin, Jeonghun Cho and Daejin Park

Call Departure Reassignment and Performance Enhancement of OVSF codes in Downlink of CDMA Based Networks
pp. 6170-6175
Vipin Balyan

Study the Effect of Bi-Layers on the Friction and Impact Resistance of PMMA/Nano-composite Hard Coatings

pp. 6176-6181
Ammar Al-kawaz, Nizar Jawad Hadi and Ahmed Fadhil Hamzah

The Dynamic Adaptive Sustainability Balanced Scorecard: A new framework for a sustainability-driven strategy
pp. 6182-6191
Fadwa Chaker, Abdellah El Manouar and Mohammed Abdou Janati Idrissi

Optimization of Distribution Network Configuration Using Evolutionary Algorithm Approach
pp. 6192-6200
Ramadoni Syahputra, Rama Okta Wiyagi, Slamet Suripto and Indah Soesanti

A Review on Ransomware Trend of Attacks and Prevention
pp. 6201-6210
Lam Zhanhui and Nor Azlina Abd Rahman

Safe Microcontroller with Silent Hooking-Unit of Runtime Bus Transition for Code Memory Integrity Verification
pp. 6211-6217
Hyeonjae Shin, Jeonghun Cho and Daejin Park

Analysis of Power Restoration Process Using Battery Energy Storage System
pp. 6218-6223
ChaNyeon Kim, WonKun Yu, SungSu Jang, and HeungJae Lee

Multi-neural interface of borderline mental disorders express-evaluation
pp. 6224-6229
Tychkov A.Yu., Alimuradov A.K., Ageykin A.V. and Tychkova A.N.

Neighborhood model for the ventilation system in the industrial premises
pp. 6230-6234
Anatoliy Shmyrin, Valeriya Semina and Valery Kavygin

A Proposed Method for Generating a Private Key Using Digital Color Image Features
pp. 6235-6240
Wisam Abed Shukur

New Statistical Test for Quality Control in High Dimension Data Set
pp. 6241-6248
Shamshuritawati Sharif , Suzilah Ismail and Zurni Omar

A comparative study of the flow rate characteristics of flange-embedded averaging Pitot tube (APT) flow meters for various cross-section shapes
pp. 6249-6255
Choong Hoon Lee

Security Boosted Online Auctions Using Group Cryptography
pp. 6257-6266
Jogi Priya P M and Joe Prathap P

Effect of Different Types of Thermal Insulation Used in Ground Building Tiles Material
pp. 6267-6279
Samheri A. Almuradi

Assistive Technology for Seniors and Health-stratified - Definition and Division
pp. 6280-6282
Pala David, Ing.

A Comparative Voice Analysis between Original Singer and Mimic Singer in the Speech Signal Processing
pp. 6294-6299
Seong-Geon Bae, Sangbum Park and Myung-Jin Bae

Performance Analysis of Lot Release and Dispatching Decisions in Wafer Fabrication
pp. 6300-6305
Pyung-Hoi Koo, Shie-Gheun Koh and Min-Jung Park

Assessing the Sustainable Development of Coastal Reclamation Area Using AHP and GIS Application: A Case of Jakarta
pp. 6306-6314
Andi Yurnita, Slamet Trisutomo and Mukti Ali


The Experimental Research of Foundation Behavior on Weak Clay with Reinforced Sand Blanket with Curved Floor
pp. 6315-6317
Andrey Nikolaevich Kraev, Bay Vladimir Fedorovich & Aleksey Nikolaevich Kraev

Processing M-based IoT Visualization for Fast Development of Safe, Collision-Free Autonomous Driving
pp. 6318-6322
Dongkyu Lee, Jeonghun Cho and Daejin Park







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