Global Journal of Finance and Management (GJFM)


Volume 6, Number 9 (2014)





International Financial Reporting System: Issues and Challenges in India
pp. 809-812
Authors: Namita Rajput, Ritika Ahuja and Vipin Agarwal

Corporate Restructuring in India: A Case Study of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)
pp. 813-820
Authors: Deepika Dhingra and Nishi Aggarwal

A Study on Sustainability Disclosures and Reporting Trends in India: An Analytical Validation
pp. 821-826
Authors: Namita Rajput, Kamna Chopra and Vipin Aggarwal

Work LIFE Balance
pp. 827-832
Authors: M. Muthukumar, R. Savitha and Dr. P. Kannadas

The Impact on Consumer Buying Behaviour: Cognitive Dissonance
pp. 833-840
Author: Manoj Kumar Sharma

A Study on “Women Empowerment and Enterpreneurship” Among College Teachers in Madurai City
pp. 841-846
Authors: R. Savitha, Dr. P. Kannadas and M.Muthukumar

Attitude and Behavioural Problems among Students
pp. 847-852
Authors: R. Savitha and Dr. P. Kannadas

CSR Practices in Indian Banking Sector
pp. 853-862
Authors: Deepika Dhingra and Rama Mittal

Islamic Banking for the Development of the Indian Economy
pp. 863-868
Author: Shabina Khan

Cause Related Marketing: Emerging Issues and Suggestions
pp. 869-874
Authors: Shweta Sangwan and Sonia Lohia

Challenges in Cross Cultural Marketing Communication- Effective Approach Using Semiotic Lens
pp. 875-886
Author: Sumeet Anand

Sardar Sarovar Dam Controversy- A Case Study
pp. 887-892
Authors: Tanmayee Sahoo, Usha Prakash and Mrunmayee M Sahoo


Effects of Age and Hierarchy Levels on Awareness of Disaster Insurance
pp. 893-896
Author: Tuhin S. Banerjee

Feminization Among Elderly Population in India: Role of Micro Financial Institutions
pp. 897-906
Authors: S. Venkatesh and Vanishree M. R

Understanding Multidimensionality of Brand Personality
pp. 907-910
Authors: Vinod Kumar Bishnoi and Ajay Kumar

Potential of Rural Marketing in Rajasthan: Corporate Cases
pp. 911-918
Authors: Vivek Vyas and Shivani Vyas

Challenges of a Virtual Organisation: Empirical Evidence from Australian SMEs
pp. 919-924
Authors: Walied Askarzai, Yi-Chen Lan and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Knowledge Regarding Business Process Modeling
pp. 925-928
Authors: Sneha and Hitesh Yadav

Human Resource Management (Changing Role)
pp. 929-932
Author: Swati

Changing Status of Women-owned Enterprises in India- An Insight
pp. 933-944
Author: Priyanka Sharma Gurnani

Carbon Credit Market in India: Economic and Ecological Viability
pp. 945-950
Authors: Dr. Namita Rajput and Ms. Parul Chopra

Sino-Myanmar Oil & Gas Pipelines and their Implications for India
pp. 951-956
Author: Ashwini Srinivas

Foreign Currency Assets Management
pp. 957-960
Author: Krishna Kumar

Social Entrepreneurship and Social Sustainability: An Analytical Study
pp. 961-966
Authors: Dr Namita Rajput and Ms. Parul Chopra

Women Entrepreneurship in 21st Century India
pp. 967-976
Authors: Sarmistha Nandy and Shalini Kumar

The Role of Human Resources in the Age of Globalization
pp. 977-982
Authors: Dr. Abhijaat Sahu and Ambar Sharma























































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