Global Journal of Finance and Management (GJFM)


Volume 6, Number 6 (2014)





Human Resource Management in Organized Retail Industry in India
pp. 491-496
Author: Almas Sultana

Innovative Leadership: A Paradigm in Modern HR Practices
pp. 497-502
Authors: Poonam Anand and Arvind Kumar Saraswati

Whether Workplace Stress Leads to Employees Dissatisfaction and Turnover (A Study of PG College of Sidhi and Singrauli Region)
pp. 503-510
Authors: Deepak Kumar Tripathi and Ashish Kumar Mishra

Sharpe’s Single Index Model and its Application Portfolio Construction: An Empirical Study
pp. 511-516
Authors: Kapil Sen and CA Disha Fattawat

XBRL: In India
pp. 517-522
Author: Ms. Gauri

Hiring and Firing in India
pp. 523-528
Author: Jyoti Vishwakarma

Non Ferrous Metal & Investment Behaviour: A Hedging Approach
pp. 529-534
Authors: Kavita Singh and Anurika Vaish

A Study of Organizational Commitment and Moonlighting Practices of SME Employees in Delhi-NCR
pp. 535-544
Authors: Puja Khatri and Khushboo

Management of Electronic Waste by Employing Combined Technological Strategies
pp. 545-550
Authors: Yogesh Patil, Viraja Bhat and Prakash Rao

Emotional Intelligence as Corelate to Work Life Balance (A Case Study of Sidhi MP)
pp. 551-556
Author: Laxmi Narayan Sharma

E-HRM and Recent Strategies: New Spice for HR Practitioners
pp. 557-562
Authors: Manjari Agarwal, Priyanka Goel, and Dr. R.C. Gupta

Organisational Behaviour and its Role in Management of Business
pp. 563-568
Author: Prabha Renuka Horo Frederick

Outreach and Sustainability of Microfinance Institutions in India in Pre and Post Andhra Pradesh Microfinance Crisis in Context of South Asia
pp. 569-574
Author: Prabhjot Kaur

Developing Innovation Capability: The Role of Organizational Learning Culture and Task Motivation
pp. 575-582
Authors: Pratibha Verma, Bindu Singh and M.K. Rao

Biomass Based Sustainable Model for the Management of Industrial Waste with Simultaneous Abatement of Climate Change
pp. 583-588
Authors: Yogesh Patil and Prakash Rao

Consumer Behavior Towards Passengers Cars - A Study in Delhi NCR
pp. 589-598
Authors: Arpita Srivastava and Mitu Matta






















































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