International Journal of Statistics and Systems (IJSS)


Volume 12, Number 4 (2017)






Almost Unbiased Ratio Cum Product Estimators for Finite Population Mean with Known Ranges and It’s Functions

pp. 645-663

Jambulingam Subramani and Master Ajith S


Designing of Bayesian Skip-Lot Sampling Plan -V with MDS (0, 1) as Reference Plan indexed through Quality Decision Regions

pp. 665-667

K.K.Suresh and Nirmala.V


Estimation of Parameters of Three Parameter Esscher Transformed Laplace Distribution

pp. 669-675

Dais George and Rimsha H


An Engineering System with three Degradations and Post Repair: A Stochastic Study

pp. 677-704

Shinjita Agrawal


Comparative Analysis of Two-Unit Hot Standby Hardware-Software Systems with Impact of Imperfect Fault Coverages

pp. 705-719

Sudesh Kumari and Rajeev Kumar


Bayes Estimator for Coefficient of Variation and Inverse Coefficient of Variation for the Normal Distribution

pp. 721-732

Aruna Kalkur T. and Aruna Rao


A Study on Awareness of Cancer among College Students in Thanjavur

pp. 733-739

Sakthivel. E, Logaraj. M and Anitha .S


Variable selection in nonparametric additive models with measurement errors

pp. 741-761

Zanhua Yin and Fang Liu


Design and Development of Three Stages Mixed Sampling Plans for Variable – Attribute – Variable Quality Characteristics

pp. 763-772

S. Devaarul and D. Senthil Kumar


On skew q-gaussian distribution

pp. 773–789

Masahiro Tasaki and Ken-ichi Koike


Bayesian and E- Bayesian Method of Estimation of Parameter of Rayleigh Distribution- A Bayesian Approach under Linex Loss Function

pp. 791-796

Isha Gupta


A First Order Moving Average Model with Esscher Transformed Laplace Innovations

pp. 797–802

Bindu Krishnan and Dais George






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