International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 13 (2019)



Special Issues





Parametric Optimization of FDM Processed Part for Improving Surface Finish Using MOORA Technique and Desirability Function Analysis
pp. 1-7
Abhishek Barua, Siddharth Jeet, Hemanta Cherkia, Dilip Kumar Bagal and Bibhuti Bhusan Sahoo

Comparative Investigation Based on MOORA, GRA and TOPSIS Method of Turning of Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum Steel under the influence of Low Cost Oil Mist Lubrication System
pp. 8-20
Siddharth Jeet, Abhishek Barua, Hemanta Cherkia and Dilip Kumar Bagal

Multi-Parametric Optimization in CNC Dry Turning of Chromoly Steel using Taguchi coupled Desirability Function Analysis and Utility concept
pp. 21-26
Dilip Kumar Bagal, Biswajit Parida, Abhishek Barua, Siddharth Jee and Bibhuti Bhusan Sahoo

Experimental Investigation of Cutting Parameters in Plasma Arc Cutting Using Advanced Optimization Approach: A Comprehensive Review
pp. 27-30
Pulkit Kumar Agrawal, Dilip Kumar Bagal, Ajit Kumar Pattanaik, Abhishek Barua, Siddharth Jeet, Biswajit Parida and Surya Narayan Panda

Improved Lumped Model for Transient Heat Conduction in a Hollow Sphere for different Heat Conduction Problems
pp. 31-34
Saroj Kumar Pradhan, Soumya Narayan Behuria, Shuprasad Mohanty and Subhashree Suchismita

Mechanical Characterization Based on Partial Replacement Analysis of Portland Pozzolana Cement with Industrial Waste in M30 Grade Concrete
pp. 35-53
Bibekananda Naik, Shashwati Soumya Pradhan and Dilip Kumar Bagal

Optimization of the Process Parameters of Dissimilar Welded Joints in FSSW Welding Process of Aluminum Alloy with Copper Alloy Using Taguchi Optimization Technique
pp. 54-60
Kiran Kumar Acharya, Keshav Kumar Murmu, Dilip Kumar Bagal and Ajit Kumar Pattanaik

Experimental Investigations of Local Scour around Mahanadi Bridge Piers Using HEC-RAS 5.0.0
pp. 61-77
Sriparna Paul

Influence of internal material damping on the stability and bifurcations of a travelling beam under parametric and internal resonances
pp. 78-85
Bamadev Sahoo, Sanjay Ku. Raj, Sirrel Sritam, L.N Panda and P.K Satpathy

Static and Modal Analysis of Functionally Graded Bone Plate at Femur Bone Fracture Site
pp. 86-92
Pravat Kumar Satapathy, Bamdev Sahoo and L. N. Panda

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Hybrid Laminated Composite Beam
pp. 93-99
G. Rout, P. K. Satapathy, Bamadev Sahoo, Isham Panigrahi and L. N Panda

Synthesis and characterization of CuO nanoparticles and their use in water based nanofluid for heat transfer applications
pp. 100-104
A. Gupta, V.V.S. Murty, P. Soni and K. Purohit

Delamination effect on vibration for laminated composite structure
pp. 105-112
Sandeep Bhoi and Hema Kalyana Sahu

IOT based Irrigation system
pp. 113-117
Shivani S. Sawane and Prajwal N. Dixit

Experimental Analysis on Mechanical Properties of Jute and Bamboo Composites
pp. 118-124
Abhin Tribikram Tripathy

Enhanced natural convective heat transfer performance in a vertical cylindrical column through TiO2/DI water nanofluid development
pp. 125-130
A. Gupta and V.V.S. Murty

A passive thermal energy storage system for laptop cooling using phase change material
pp. 131-136
P. Soni, V.V.S. Murty, A. Gupta and K. Purohit

Google Assistant Controlled Appliances using Internet of Things (IOT)
pp. 137-141
Shivani S. Sawane and Kaveri Ekunde

Wireless Boiler Parameter Monitoring In Power Plant Using Android App
pp. 142-145
Tejashree Jadhav, Srushti Waghmare, Dnyaneshwar Tigulwad and Aniket Deshmukh

Torsional Strength of Ferocement U Wrapped RC Beams: a Comparative Study
pp. 146-155
Dr. G.C. Behera, Abhishek Adhikari and Dilip Kumar Bagal

Line Follower Using Arduino And Its Applications
pp. 156-161
Md Younus, Pooja Gadekar and Adhiraj Walse

Multi-Objective Optimization of Resistance Spot Welding using MOORA technique
pp. 162-164
Ashok Kumar Das, Apurba Rani Nayak, Ashutosh kumar Tiwari and Dilip Kumar Bagal






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