International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 14, Number 03  (2019)  






On Upper and Lower Contra-I-Continuous Multifunctions
pp. 600-603
R. Balaji, R. Saranya and N. Rajesh

A New Permutation Based Randomized Neighborhood-Xor Modulo Algorithm
pp. 604-608
Dr. S. Arul jothi and Dr. S. Pushparaj

Analysis of Slope Stability of road cut Slopes of Srinagar, Uttrakhand, India
pp. 609-615
Mukta Sharma, Shivani Sharma, Mohit Kumar and S.K. Singh

Utilization of PET Waste in Plastic Bricks, Flexible Pavement & as Alternative Constructional Material - A review
pp. 616-620
Abhishek Chhazed, Manisha V Makwana, Neeraj Chavda and Aman Navlakhe

Prediction of Compaction and Compressibility Characteristics of Compacted Soils
pp. 621-632
U.Venkata Ratnam and K.Nagendra Prasad

Fuzzy Soft Generalized Closed Sets in Fuzzy Soft Topological Spaces
pp. 633-636
Zeba Tarrannum and Anil P Narappanavar

Study on Particulate Matter Pollution in Jaipur City
pp. 637-645
Shalini Jain and Dr. V. L. Mandowara

Air Passengers Occupancy Prediction Using Arima Model
pp. 646-650
Konda Himakireeti and Tammishetti Vishnu

Arabic Voice Recognition Using Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network
pp. 651-662
Lubna Eljawad, Rami Aljamaeen, Mutasem K. Alsmadi, Ibrahim Al-Marashdeh, Hayam Abouelmagd, 3Sanaa Alsmadi, 4Firas Haddad, Raed A. Alkhasawneh, Mohmmed Alzughoul and Malik B. Alazzam

Wind Energy Conversion System Using DFIG Controlled by Back-stepping and Sliding mode Controller
pp. 663-670
A.Elmansouri, J.El mhamdi and A.Essadki

Technical Approach for Improving Fuel Oil Distribution in Small Islands
pp. 671-677
Edwin Matatula, IGN Sumanta Buana, Achmad Zubaydi and Tri Achmadi

Uncertainty Management of Supply Chain Manufacturing Cost using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 678-683
Dr. Niju P. Joseph

Mechanoluminescence Produced During Impulsive Deformation Studies of Gamma Irradiated NaBr Single Crystals
pp. 684-686
U. S. Patle

Effect of Cooling Cleaning System on the Performance and Emission Characteristics of Producer Gas Operated Dual-Fuel CI Engine
pp. 687-693
K. M. Akkoli, P. B. Gangavati and N. R. Banapurmath

A Survey of Control Algorithms Used In Physiological Closed Loop Control for Oxygen Therapy
pp. 694-702
S.Shree Vidhya, K.Keerthana, M.Janaki and J.Kanimozhi

Finite Difference Solutions of MHD Natural Convective Rivlin-Ericksen Fluid Flow Past a Vertically Inclined Porous Plate in Presence of Thermal Diffusion, Diffusion Thermo, Heat and Mass Transfer Effects
pp. 703-716
V. Omeshwar Reddy, A.Neelima and S. Thiagarajan

Validating Relative Strength Index for Developing Productive Trading Strategies in Indian Stock Market
pp. 717-731
Viswanatha Reddy Pedirappagari and Cheerla Hareesh Babu

Danger of Digital Assaults in a University Computer System
pp. 732-742
Lowell A. Quisumbing

On Gourava Indices of Some Chemical Graphs
pp. 743 - 749
Keerthi G. Mirajkar and Pooja B

A Single Server Queue with Reneging and Working Vacation
pp. 750-761
K. Santhi and S. Pazhani Bala Murugan

A Study on the Effects of Macro Block Size used in Error Resilient Transmission Techniques
pp. 762-767
R. Gracy Star, F. Ramesh Danaseelan and J. Shajeena

Impacts of Information Availability to Transport Service Quality in Archipelagic Areas
pp. 768-775
Lodewyk Matheos Kelwulan, I Ketut Aria Pria Utama and Setyo Nugroho

Partial and Total Productivity Measurement Model for Cement Manufacturing Firm
pp. 776-779
Rabendra singh and Prof. Purushottam kumar sahu

Convolutional Neural Networks: A Comprehensive Survey
pp. 780-789
Rahul Haridas and Jyothi R L

Electromagnetic Force and Deformation in Transformer Winding
pp. 790-796
Arul Sathya M and Usa Savadamuthu

A New Experiment with the Convergence and Stability of Logistic Map via SP Orbit
pp. 797-801
Sudesh Kumari and Renu Chugh

Effect of Heat Treatment and Sheet Thickness on Deep Drawing Formability: A Comparative Study
pp. 802-805
M. Venkat Reddy, P. Venkateshwar Reddy and R. Ramanjaneyulu

Geoelectric Assessment of Ground Water Prospects and Vulnerability of Overburdened Aquifer in Oleh Delta State, Nigeria
pp. 806-820
Dr. Julius Otutu Oseji and Dr. James Chucks Egbai

Design and Implementation of Power Allocation and Interference Minimization of Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks
pp. 821-825
K.Sinduja and S.Janani

Performance and Emission Analysis on DI Diesel Engine with Methyl Ester of Rubber Seed Oil
pp. 826-828
G. Vengadajalapathi

A Collective Assessment on Data Manipulation in Research Science
pp. 829-834

Fitting of Probability Distribution for Analyzing the Rainfall Data in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India.
pp. 835-839
B.R. Sreedhar

Effective Analysis on Matched Filter Technique in Cognitive Radio
pp. 840-844
M. Ajay Kumar and Dr. Rajesha N







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