International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 12, Number 11  (2017)  





Broadband Access utilizing the Unlicensed Wireless 60 GHz Band and Free Space Optics
pp. 2635-2646
Osama W. Ata

Comparison of Data-Driven Modelling Techniques for Predicting River Flow in an Arid Region
pp. 2647-2655
Ali H. Al-Aboodi, Ahmed A. Dakheel and Husham T. Ibrahim

Development of Algorithm for RCS Estimation of a Perfectly Conducting Sphere using Spherical Polar Scattering Geometry
pp. 2656-2661
Swathi Nambari, Gottapu Sasibhushana Rao and Kolluri Sri Ranga Rao

Noise Modeling and Simulation of DCDMG AlGaN/GaN MODFET.
pp. 2662-2669
Rahis Kumar Yadav, Pankaj Pathak and R M Mehra

Sampling Selection Strategy for Large Scale Deduplication for Web Data Search
R. Lavanya, P. Saranya and D.Viji

Design of a Secure Digital Signature for Image Authentication over Wireless Networks
pp. 2675-2679
Chinthagunta Mukundha, I. Surya Prabha and M. Nagalakshmi

Motorcycle Theft Prevention and Recovery Security System
pp. 2680-2687
Archie O. Pachica, Dhave S. Barsalote, Jessy Mae P. Geraga, Jhestine M. Ong and Michael D. Sajulan

Air Flow Analysis of Snorkel in Vehicle Intake System
pp. 2688-2691
Hyunho Lee, Byungmo Yang and Haengmuk Cho

An Enhanced Arbitrary Radix FFT Algorithm
pp. 2692-2701
Fairouz Belilita, Nourredine Amardjia and Djamel Chikouche

A Novel NHPSRGM Tool for Enhancing the Quality of the Testing Phase
pp. 2703-2706
Chandra Mouli Venkata Srinivas Akana, C. Divakar and Ch. Satyanarayana

An Efficient Authentication Scheme using Extended Dynamic Chaotic map and Image Steganography
pp. 2707-2710
B. Madhuravani and P. Bhaskara Reddy

Noise Pollution Produced by Vehicles that Circulating the Urban Center of the City of Machala
pp. 2711-2719
Juan Carlos Berrú Cabrera, Erwin Javier Oyola Estrada, David Alejandro Balcazar Males and Cesar Augusto Solano De La Sala

Noise Reduction and Restoration of Image Using SD-VMRCT
pp. 2720-2727
Ravi Ajmera, P.V. Naganjaneyulu and M.N. Giriprasad

The Findings of Laboratory Tests of Macro Sample of Water Saturated Peat with Simulation Remote from Day Surface
pp. 2728-2730
Aleksandr Vladimirovich Kulikov and Aleksey Nikolaevich Kraev

Towards the Design and Implementation a Smart Home Automation System Based on Internet of Things Approach
pp. 2731-2737
Mohamed S. Soliman, Majed O. Dwairi, Iman I. M. Abu Sulayman and Sami H. A. Almalki

Basic Physical and Thermal Properties of PCM-Light-Weight Concrete
pp. 2738-2744
Myung Kwan Lim and Dong Uk Choi

A New Statistical competitive Data Clustering Approaches: SRPCL and SRPCCL
pp. 2745-2753
Eddarouich Souad and Zouad Rabab and Hammouch Ahmed

Improving the QoS of Mobile Cloud Computing Applications in Smart Environments
pp. 2754-2760
C.T.Meenatchi Sundaram and A.R. Mohammed Shanavas

Using Group Technology to Form Engineering Student’s Teams in Project Based Teaching Style
pp. 2761-2765
Abdelhakim Abdelhadi

Fuzzy Model for Estimation of Energy Performance of Residential Buildings
pp. 2766-2771
Shirley Urdaneta, Emilio Zapata and Juan Contreras

Multicriteria Selection Model of Moroccan Industrial Zones
pp. 2772-2780

Surfactant Assisted Fabrication of Different Nanostructures of Boehmite by Hydrothermal Process
pp. 2781-2787
Kaveti Rajaram and Jihoon Kim

Smart Farming System Using Data Mining
pp. 2788-2791
Priyanka P.Chandak and A. J. Agrawal

Effect of Die and Punch Geometry on Spring Back in Air Bending of Electrogalvanized CR4 Steel
pp. 2792-2797
Tilak Raj Gupta and H. S. Payal

Machine Learning Strategies for Temporal Analysis of Software Clone Evolution using Software Metrics
pp. 2798-2806
Jayadeep Pati, Babloo Kumar, Devesh Manjhi, and K. K. Shukla

Assessment and Management of Flash Floods for Sustainable Development in Al-Sail Al Kabir Area, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
pp. 2807-2814
Ibrahim El Shinnawy, Ashraf Bastawy and Tarek EL Tahawy

Experimental Study of Thermal Comfort in Arid Zones (South West of Algeria)
pp. 2815-2820
Bensafi Mohammed and Draoui Belkacem

Analysis on the Degree of Risk According to the Causes of Accidents in Construction Projects in Korea
pp. 2821-2831
Jongsik Lee and Myungkwan Lim

Metallurgical and Mechanical Properties of Heat Treatable Aluminum Alloy AA6082 Welds
pp. 2832-2839
M. El-Shennawy, Kh. Abdel-Aziz and A. A. Omar

Reduction of Duplicate Bugs and Classification of Bugs using a Text Mining and Contingency Approach
pp. 2840-2847
Rajeshwari M R and Kavitha K S

Security Enhancement for the Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 2848-2854
M. Anand Kumar and M. Jagadheeswari

Tribological Studies of Nanomodified Mineral based Multi-grade Engine Oil
pp. 2855-2861
Meena Laad, Deepalekshmi Ponnamma and Kishor Kumar Sadasivuni

Microwave Band Pass Filter Synthesis using Coupled Inductor for ISM Band Applications
pp. 2862-2867
Brijesh Mishra, Vivek Singh, Chandrabhan Jha, Akhilesh Kumar Pandey and Rajeev Singh

Power Quality Study of Electrical Installation in Academic Institute – Case Study
pp. 2868-2875
Mukteshwar N. Patil, Prof. Rajesh M. Holmukhe and Sadashiv Munde

Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Diversity Technique Using Minimum Shift Keying Over Rayleigh Fading Channel
pp. 2876-2878
B. Suresh Ram and P. Siddaiah

Defect Classification using Relational Association Rule Mining Based on Fuzzy Classifier along with Modified Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
pp. 2879-2886
B. Dhanalaxmi, G. Apparao Naidu and K. Anuradha

Occular Artifacts Suppression from Multichannel EEG Signal Using Adaptive Threshold and Multilevel Decomposed Wavelets with Automatic Independent Components
pp. 2887-2892
K.P. Paradeshi and U.D. Kolekar

A Survey on Clustering High Dimensional Data Techniques
pp. 2893-2899
M. Pavithra and R.M.S.Parvathi

Optimum Allocation of Distributed Generation using PSO: IEEE Test Case Studies Evaluation
pp. 2900-2906
Taha Jabbar Sahib, Mohd Ruddin Ab. Ghani, Zanariah Jano and Imad Hazim Mohamed

Design and implementation of Four-Phase Sequences on FPGA using Modified Particle Swarm Optimization for Radar Applications
pp. 2907-2915
S. Srinivasa Rao and P. Siddaiah

Novel Energy Efficient & Optimized Downlink Traffic Scheduling Schemes in LTE-A with Dual Connectivity Enhancement
pp. 2916-2921
Bilgasem Omar Mohammed Esmaeel, Neelesh Agrawal, Rajeev Paulus and Arvind Kumar Jaiswal

Palm Print Recognition Using Textural Harlick Feature.
pp. 2922-2925
Juberahmad A Shaikh and Uttam .D.Kolekar

A Structural Study of Mixed Ion PVA based Composite Polymer Electrolyte using X-ray Diffraction Studies
pp. 2926-2928
Sandeep Srivastava and Pradeep K. Varshney

MAX Tree Extraction Enabled Area and Energy Efficient Median Filter Design: A VLSI Design Approach
pp. 2929-2941
tulasiram.k, Y.Rajasree and K.Anitha Sheelam

ANN Model to Predict Critical Flashover Voltages of Polluted Porcelain Disc Insulators
pp. 2942-2951
Suresh A.G and Pradipkumar Dixit

Artificial Neural Network and Inverse Solution Method for Assisted History Matching of a Reservoir Model
pp. 2952-2962
Berihun Mamo Negash, Ashwin Vel and Khaled Abdalla Elraies

Effect of Machining Parameters on MRR and Surface Roughness in Internal Grinding using EN8, EN31 Steel
pp. 2963-2968
S. Jeevanantham, D.S. Robinson Smart, N.M. Sivaram, S. Nallusamy and N. Manikanda Prabu

The Beneficial Effect of Hydrophobic Coating on the Hydrodynamically Lubricated Bearing Performance
pp. 2969-2972
S. Susilowati, M. Tauviqirrahman, J. Jamari and A.P. Bayuseno


Classification of Structural Protein Domain Based on Hidden Markov Model

pp. 2973-2980

Tarek AbuShanab and Rami Al-Hmouz


Modeling for Development of Simulation Tool: A Case Study of Grid-Connected Doubly Fed Induction Generator Based on Wind Energy
Conversion System

pp. 2981-2996

Le Van Dai and Doan Duc Tung


Fractal Index Method for Solving Generalized Fractional Riccati Differentional Equations

pp. 2997-3001

S. K. Elagan, M. Sayed and M. Higazy


A Secure Authentication Scheme for WiMax Network and Verification using Scyther Tool

pp. 3002-3008

Anil Sangwan and V R Singh






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