Global Journal of Finance and Management (GJFM)


Volume 6, Number 8 (2014)





Complex Systems Technologies and Open Innovation Strategy: “Why Open Source will only Grow”
pp. 709-712
Author: Anju Singh

Agro-based Clusters: A Tool for Competitiveness of Indian Agriculture in the ERA of Globalisation
pp. 713-718
Authors: Sunil Sharma and Anupam

Reviewing the Literature of Agricultural Marketing in Assam with Reference to Jute Marketing
pp. 719-724
Authors: Manashree Das and Dr. Ayekpam Ibemcha Chanu

Accounting for Decision Making
pp. 725-728
Author: C. Vijendra

Leaders: Conflict Producers or Absorbers in the Organization
pp. 729-734
Authors: Dr. Ambalika Sinha, Geetu Yadav and Lovely Srivastava

The Significance of Recruitment in an Organization
pp. 735-738
Author: Prin. Kamala Balasubramanian

Basic Necessity for the Survival of Humans: Drinking Water Quality in Rural India
pp. 739-744
Authors: Er. Kuldip Singh and Mohd. Yaseen Khan

Blue Ocean Strategy: The Magic and Science of New Value Innovation Blockbusters
pp. 745-748
Author: Anju Singh

Evaluation of Contribution of Debt Market in Indian Financial Market: An Empirical Study
pp. 749-756
Authors: Dr. Ravindra Tripathi, Ms. Lovely Srivastava and Ms. Geetu Yadav

Employees’ Satisfaction Towards Monetary Compensation Practices
pp. 757-764
Author: Manisha Gupta

Impact of FII on Stock Market in India
pp. 765-770
Authors: Aswini A. and Mayank Kumar

Capital Adequacy: A Financial Soundness Indicator for Banks
pp. 771-776
Author: Nikhat Fatima

Green Purchase Behavior–A Conceptual Framework of Socially Conscious Consumer Behavior
pp. 777-782
Author: S. Sarumathi

A Study on Errors in Railway Employee Appraisal
pp. 783-788
Author: Sandhya Ghosh (Pal)

Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Performance: An Indian Perspective
pp. 789-796
Authors: Sangeeta Trehan and Karan Setia

Comparative Analysis of Health Insurance ‘ A Market Survey
pp. 797-800
Authors: Saudamini Tiwari and Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Analysis of Trade Before and After the WTO: A Case Study of India
pp. 801-808
Author: Dr. Shamsher Singh


























































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