Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics


Volume 3  Number 1 (2010)




Helicobacter Pylori: Revisiting the Role of Host Genetics in Susceptibility to Infectious Diseases
pp. 1-9
Authors: Anindya Basu, Aniruddha Chatterjee and Divya Mathew Kottalil

A Holistic Approach to Quality Success in Tata Steel
pp. 11-20 
Authors: B. K. Singh, A. K. Jha and V. Kumar

Homology Modeling of Leishmania CRK3
pp. 21-30 
Authors: Sen ParthoSarathi and Dubey Rounak

Scrutinizing the interactions of Cholinesterase Inhibitors with Amyloid Precursor Protein to target AD
pp. 31-39
Authors: Ashish Runthala and Mythili Rajamani

Efficacy of Information Technology in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics 
pp. 41-48
Authors: Suman Deep Singh, Kulpreet Kaur and Kamal Kishore


GENETAL: A New Technique for Feature Extraction from Large Set of Biological Sequences and Its Use in Classification
pp. 49–61
Authors:  Ulavappa. B. Angadi and M. Venkatesulu


In-silico Approch Towards Identification of the Protein Responsible for Sjogren’s Syndrome and Designing a Natural Anti-Inflammatory Remedy for the Same
pp. 63–70
Authors:  Preenon Bagchi and G. Mithu Simson

The Distribution of Protein Sequences Based On Length 
pp. 71–77
Authors:  Chinnaiah Swaminathan Vinobha, Ekambaram Rajasekaran and Maruthamuthu Rajadurai

Computational Complexity of a Dorsal Hand Vein Pattern Recognition System Based on a Statistical Approach: Quadratic Inference Function
pp. 79–89
Authors:  Maleika Heenaye- Mamode Khan and Naushad Mamode Khan

Influenza Virus: Mutational Variants in H5N1 and H1N1
pp. 91–99
Authors:  Yashoda Mittal, Dharmendra Kumar and Sushil Kumar Middha


Iris Recognition Using Gaussian Pyramid Compression and Modified Distance Measures
pp. 101–110
Authors:  G. Savithiri and A. Murugan

Markov Properties of Graph Models and Probabilistic Inference on Bayesian Networks in Genetics
pp. 111-126
Authors: K.A. Germina, M. Kumaran and Geetha Antony Pullen

Computational Model of Synthetic Construct of Monellin-A Chain
pp. 127-131
Authors: PK. Ragunath, Anand Krishnamuthy, Sindhuja, D. Anusha and D. Sudarshanam




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