International Journal of Civil Engineering Research


Volume 5, Number 3 (2014)  Special Issues





Experimental and Numerical Study of Flow in Prismatic and Non-prismatic Section of a Converging Compound Channel
pp. 203-210
Authors: Abinash Mohanta, Bandita Naik, K.C. Patra and K.K. Khatua

Coconut Shell as Partial Replacement for Coarse Aggregate: Review
pp. 211-214
Authors: Akshay S. Shelke, Kalyani R. Ninghot, Pooja P. Kunjekar and Shraddha P. Gaikwad

Landslide Hazard Zonation Methods: A Critical Review
pp. 215-220
Authors: Balendra Mouli Marrapu and Ravi Sankar Jakka

Review on Water Treatment Techniques Used for Riverbank Filtration
pp. 221-226
Authors: Chitaranjan Dalai and Ramakar Jha

Stage Discharge Prediction in a Prismatic Compound Channel
pp. 227-232
Authors: Ellora Padhi and K.C. Patra

Comparison of Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixtures Prepared in Marshall Compaction and Gyratory Compactor
pp. 233-240
Authors: Goutham Sarang, Mehnaz E and A.U. Ravi Shankar

Mechanical Properties of High Volume Fly Ash (HVFA) and Concrete Subjected to Evaluated 1200C Temperature
pp. 241-248
Authors: D.K. Soni and Jasbir Saini

Bamboo as a Building Material 
pp. 249-254
Authors: P. Sharma, K. Dhanwantri and S. Mehta

Evacuation Patterns in High-Rise Buildings
pp. 255-260
Authors: P. Sharma, K. Dhanwantri and S. Mehta

Influence of Orientation of Piles on Seismic Response of Pile Groups 
pp. 261-268
Authors: K. Salinitha and Asha Joseph

Sustainable Innovative Technique for Reduction of Local Scour around Bridge Pier
pp. 269-280
Authors: Salman Beg and Mubeen Beg

Review on the Performance of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
pp. 281-284
Author: Shrikant M. Harle

The Performance of Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites: Review
pp. 285-288
Author: Shrikant M. Harle

Investigation on Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beam Column Joints Retrofitted with FRP Wrapping
pp. 289-294
Authors: Ugale Ashish B. and Raut Harshalata R.

Effect of Steel Plate Shear Wall on Behavior of Structure
pp. 295-300
Authors: Ugale Ashish B. and Raut Harshalata R.




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