International Journal of Advanced Mechanical Engineering (IJAME)



Volume 4  Number 3  Spl., (2014)





Performance of Diesel Engine Fueled with Different Types of Biodiesel–A Review
pp. 245-250
Authors: Alwar Singh Yadav, Kamal Raj Sharma and Gaurav Kumar

Grouping of Parts in a Parts Logistics Centre 
pp. 251-256
Authors: C. Ajay Guru Dev, K. Balaji and V.S. Senthil Kumar

Multi-objective Optimization of Laser Beam Machining Process Parameters
pp. 257-262
Authors: P.J. Pawar and G.B. Rayate

Synthesis and Analysis of Adjustable Planar Four-bar Mechanism 
pp. 263-268
Authors: Girish Kamat, Gaurav Hoshing, Anand Pawar, Ajinkya Lokhande, P.P. Patunkar and S.S. Hatawalane2

Physical and Thermal Properties of Quarry Dust Reinforced A356 Metal Matrix Composites
pp. 277-284
Authors: M. Ramesh, T. Karthikeyan, A. Jeevanandam V. Mathiarasan, N. Muthukumar and D. Perumalsamy

Effects of Applied Pressure on the Wear Behavior of Brake Lining Sliding Against Ferrous and Nonferrous Disc
pp. 285-290
Authors: M. Ramesh, T. Karthikeyan, R. Arun, C. Kumaari, P. Krishnakumar and M. Mohankumar

Optimization of Cutting Parameters on Tool Wear, Workpiece Surface Temperature and Material Removal Rate in Turning of AISI D2 Steel
pp. 291-298
Authors: Meenu Sahu and Komesh Sahu

Review on Analysis of Functionally Graded Material Beam Type Structure
pp. 299-306
Authors: Pankaj K. Chauhan and I.A. Khan

Effect of Porosity on Cavitation Erosion Resistance of HVOF Processed Tungsten Carbide Coatings
pp. 307-314
Authors: T. Pramod, R.K. Kumar, S. Seetharamu and M. Kamaraj

Microwave Sintering of Pure Metal Powders – A Review 
pp. 315-322
Authors: Radha Raman Mishra, Rajesha S and A.K. Sharma

Seismic Behaviour of Multistorey Shear Wall Frame Versus Braced Concrete Frames
pp. 323-330
Authors: S.R. Thorat and P.J. Salunke

Design of Mass-sensor Based on Resonant Frequency Analysis of a Single Walled Nanotube
pp. 331-342
Authors: Sudhanshu Govind and Siddhant Bansal

An Experimental Modeling and Investigation of Change in Working Parameters on the Performance of Vortex Tube
pp. 343-348
Authors: Suraj S Raut, Dnyaneshwar N Gharge, Chetan D Bhimate, Mahesh A. Raut, S.A. Upalkar and P.P. Patunkar

Free Vibration Analysis of a Motor Operated Gate Valve for Nuclear Application Using Finite Element Analysis
pp. 349-356
Authors: Ravi Pankhania, Dhaval Patel and V.M. Bhojawala

To Reduce the Rejection of Clamp for Muffler Component at Punching Stage During Manufacturing
pp. 357-364
Authors: Yadram Singh, Dhananjay Chauhan and Yuvraj Kumar






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