International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 13, Number 02  (2018) Special Issues






Optimisation of machining parameters in drilling of HFRP composites by desirability function analysis embedded with Response surface method
pp. 1-13
B.Amara Babu and V. Pandurangadu

The Mechanisms and Mechanics of the Toughening of Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites
pp. 14-29
M.Ashok Kumar, Syed Altaf Hussain, B.Sidda Reddy, P.Hari Sankar

Solar Tracking By Mechanical Ways For Agriculture
pp. 30-36
B.Chinna Ankanna and B.Dinesh Babu

Generation of Electricity from Road Transport Pressure
pp. 37-41
Dr V V Prathibha Bharathi and K. Haradeep, K.Pavan Sai

Fabrication of Car Ventilation System Using Solar Energy
pp. 42-48
Dr V V Prathibha Bharathi , Panuganti Sai Preetham and P Nagarjuna Reddy

Optimization of Polymer Hybrid Clay/Carbon Fiber Nanocomposites on Mechanical Characterization using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
pp. 49-69
P. Hari Sankar, M.Ashok Kumar , B.Sidda Reddy, K.Viswanath

Anova and Optimization Of Flexural Strength Of Hybrid White Cement Filler GFRP Composite Material
pp. 70-74
D. Harsha Vardhan , N. Pavan Kumar , K. Sai Kiran and A.Sangappa

Optimization of Machining Parameters in Drilling of EN8 Steel
pp. 75-79
Dr. Syed Altaf Hussain, P.Naresh

The Scuffing Gear Failure of Spur Gear to Study Teeth Under Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Condition
pp. 80-85
T. John babu and M.Khaja Gulam Hussain

Casting and Analysis of Flywheel
pp. 86-96
M.Khaja Gulam Hussain and T. John babu

Thermodynamic Analysis of Combined Cycle Power Plant to Enhance its Performance
pp. 97-100
Mude Murali Mohan Naik, Dr. V. S. S. Murthy, Dr. B. Durga Prasad

A Review on Wear Analysis of Aluminium Based Metal Matrix Composites
pp. 101-106
P.Naresh, Dr. Syed Altaf Hussain, Dr. B.Durga Prasad

Machining of MMC’s by Using Turning Operation: Overview
pp. 107-112
P.Naresh, Dr.Syed Altaf Hussain and Dr. B.Durga Prasad

Development and Characterization of Abrasive Wear Behavior of AA- 6351-ZrB2 in-situ Composites
pp. 113-117
G. Naveen Kumar, Y. V. Mohana Reddy , K. Hemachandra Reddy and M. Ashok Kumar

Study of Influence of Chemical Treatment on Tensile Properties of Bamboo Fiber Composites
pp. 118-122
G.Krishna Prasad Reddy, D. Harsha Vardhan and K.Viswanath, K. Pavan Kumar Reddy

Design and Analysis of an In-Wheel Suspension System for Tractor
pp. 123-130
A.Prasad Yadav, J.Prasanth Kumar Yadav, Dr.G.Maruthi Prasad Yadav

Synthesis and Characterization of Template Unassisted Zno Nanowires and Nanorods
pp. 131-135
J.Prasanth Kuamr Yadav , Dr.G.Maruthi Prasad Yadav

Characterization of Al6061/Wc/B4c/Ti/Cr Metal Matrix Composite
pp. 136-140
S.Ramesh Kumar Babu, AV.Hari Babu and P.Naresh

Experimental Investigation of Performance & Emission Characteristics of CI Diesel Engine Using Jute Oil Blends
pp. 141-145
Mr.Ch.Ravi Kiran, Dr.K.Thirupathi Reddy, Dr. M.L.S Deva Kumar

Influence of cutting parameters on thrust force and Torque in drilling of 6061Aluminum and EN31
pp. 146-151
J. Sarath chandra, A. Harinath, J. Sreehari and N. Phani Raja Rao

Thermal Analysis of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Using CFD
pp. 152-155
B.Sidda Reddy and Sumithra H.

Static and Dynamic Analysis of Non-Circular Bearings Opening with Non-Newtonian Fluids: A Comprehensive Review
pp. 156-161
D.Siva Nanda Reddy, K.Thirupathi Reddy and G.Prasanthi

Lean Scheduling Technique Used in a Job Shop Environment
pp. 162-168
G. Siva Prasad and Dr. K. Mallikarjuna

An Experimental Investigation of EGR system with performance ad emission characteristics in CI engine fuelled with Animal Pig Fat Oil
pp. 169-172
V.Sudharshan, P.Moulali, M.Ravichandra

A Numerical Model to Predict The Performance of A Ci Engine Enriched By Hydrogen Fuel and Flow Visualisation in The Intake Manifold For Hydrogen Injection Using CFD
pp. 173-177
H. Sumithra, B.Sidda Reddy and CH. Ravi Kiran

Synthesis and Mechanical Characterization of duel particle reinforced hybrid composites
pp. 178-182
M. Venkateswarlu







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