International Journal of Applied Chemistry (IJAC)



Volume 13, Number 4, (2017) 





Chemical Reactor synthesis using Hybrid Self Adaptive Evolutionary Programming

pp. 733-752

Devika P. D, Dinesh P. A, Rama Krishna Prasad and Manoj Kumar Singh


Modelling of Diffusion during Neutralisation of Acid Mine Drainage by Limestone

pp. 753-771

Clayton A. Mubishi, Robert Huberts, Reneiloe Seodigeng, Haleden Chiririwa and Tumisang Seodigeng


Enhanced visible light assisted photo catalytic activity of Bi2MO6 (M=Mo, W) in presence of H2O2 for degradation of Rhodamine-B and Methylene blue

pp. 773-785

K. Deepthi, P. Suresh, A.M. Umabala and A.V. Prasada Rao


Formulation and Antimicrobial Activity of Triclosan-Based Conditioning Medicated Shampoo
pp. 787-798
Clementina D. Igwebike-Ossi, Ohoke O. Francis and Oke Boniface


Elemental Analysis of Rice Husk Using Proton-Induced X-Ray Emission (Pixe) Spectrometry

pp. 801-811

Clementina D. Igwebike-Ossi


Determination of Lead Concentrations in Wines of Different Origins in the Western Cape, South Africa, Produced between 1986 and 2013

pp. 813-823

Kharara MD, Ejidike PI, Pakade VE, Mtunzi FM and Klink MJ


Studying the effectiveness of treating waste water using the electro coagulation process at Sewage Treatment Plants

pp. 825-843

Stuart Sibanda, Bothwell Nyoni, Clever Mpofu, Bobby Naidoo and Haleden Chiririwa






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