Global Journal of Management and Business Studies (GJMBS)



Volume 3 Number 9 spl.  (2013)





Managing Research and Development in a Global Environment through the Collaboration of Developed and Developing Economies
pp. 935-942
Authors: Akansha Srivastava, Meenakshi Srivastava and Shashi Kant Rai

An Approach to Automate Power Meter Reading & Billing System
pp. 943-948
Authors: Alok Malviya

An Empirical Study on Environmental Issues in India
pp. 949-954
Author: Alok Yadav

Customer Patronage towards Food and Grocery Retail- A Case Study
pp. 955-960
Author: Aniali Panda

Role of National Service Scheme in the Prevention of HIV/AIDS among Adolescents
pp. 961-964
Author: Anil Kumar. M. K.

Strategic Change in Model of Fruit and Vegetables Supply Chain
pp. 965-970
Authors: Vipul Chandra Tolani and Huzefa Hussain

Importance of HRIS: A Critical Study on Service Sector
pp. 971-976
Author: Khushbu Arora

Revisiting Arthashastra – Unveiling the antediluvian Indian Management Canon
pp. 977-984
Authors: P. Vaijayanthi and Kiran. M 

Strengthening Relationships through Reputational Capital
pp. 985-990
Author: Manish Advani


Workers’ Attitudes toward the Sustainable Human Resource Development in the Readymade Garments Industry of Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis

pp. 991-998
Author: Md. Rabiul Islam

Review of Various Supply Chain Performance Measurement Frameworks: A Proposed Framework for ITES Industry
pp. 999-1006
Authors: Meenakshi Srivastava, Akansha Srivastava and Shashi Kant Rai

An Assesment of Contribution of Education in Equitable Growth in India
pp. 1007-1012
Author: Moupia Raut


Impact of Tourism on Community Development and Sustainability in Maredumilli, East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh- A Case STUDY

pp. 1013-1020
Author: Potukuchi Thryambakam

Customer Relationship Management Challenges in Hospitality and Tourism Faced by Various Stakeholders in Andhra Pradesh
pp. 1021-1028
Author: Potukuchi Thryambakam

Management of Intellectual Property Rights: A Focus on Biotechnology
pp. 1029-1034
Authors: Rajdeep Deb and Vikas Kaushik

Rural Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries: Challenges, Problems and Performance Appraisal
pp. 1035-1040
Authors: Monika Sharma, Vandana Chaudhary, Rajni Bala and Ranchan Chauhan

Interplay of Ethics and Entrepreneurship at Various Stages of an Organizational Life Cycle
pp. 1041-1050
Author: Ruchi Tanwar






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