Global Journal of Management and Business Studies (GJMBS)



Volume 3 Number 8 spl.  (2013)





Gold and Investorís Perspective in Different Market Conditions

pp. 825-834

Authors: Purav Parikh and Anurika Vaish


Social Networking Sites: A Path to Online Stores

pp. 835-842

Author: Asad Ahmad


Global Brandsí Impact of Relationship Marketing on Customer Loyalty: An Analytical Study

pp. 843-848

Authors: V.K. Aggarwal and Simple Arora


Building an Intrapreneurial Culture: A Sine-Quanon for Organizations Today

pp. 849-854

Authors: Sneha Bhatia and P.N.U. Khan


Whistle Blowing Mechanism- A Move towards Better Corporate Governance

pp. 855-860

Author: Sonal Nagpal


Changing Lifestyles Influencing Indian Consumers: Conceptualizing and Indentifying Future Directions

pp. 861-866

Authors: Sonu Joseph and Vibhuti Singh


An Empirical Study on Effects of Packaging Characteristics on Rural Consumerís Purchase with Respect to Ready to Eat Foods in Dist Bhiwani (Haryana)

pp. 867-872

Authors: V.K. Bishnoi and Supriya Dhillon


FDI and Innovations in BRICS Countries 

pp. 873-878

Author: Svetlana Gusarova


Volatility Patterns in Various Sectoral Indices in Indian Stock Market

pp. 879-886

Author: Swarna Lakshmi P


Reforms and Economic Transformation in India

pp. 887-890

Author: Swati Dhingra


Work Life Balance of Teaching Faculty with Reference to Andhra Pradesh Engineering Colleges

pp. 891-896

Authors: V. Madhusudhan Goud and K. Nagaraju


An Empirical Study on Currency volatility in Foreign Exchange Market

pp. 897-904

Author: Vandana Kotai


The Changing Nature of Organizations - A View of Leadership

pp. 905-910

Author: Varun Kumar


Undersatnding Development and Current Issues Related to Internet Marketing Communication with Respect to Local Business in India

pp. 911-916

Authors: Vineeta Singh and Atish Ranjan Srivastava


Measuring Service Quality in Private Hospitals in Indore City 

pp. 917-922

Author: Vivek Sharma


Impact of Globalization and sustainability in Africa 

pp. 923-928

Authors: Khushbu Prasad and Vivek Vatsal


FDI & Developing Countries, Role of World Bank 

pp. 929-934

Authors: Y. Satguru Roshan and Priya Satsangi






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