Communications in Mathematical Analysis




Volume 1  Number 1 (2006)


On Walls’ Inequality

pp. 1-5(5)

Author(s): C.-P. Chen


Sequence Inequalities for the Logarithmic Convex (Concave) Function

pp. 6-11(6)

Author(s): J.-S. Sun


On Some Nonlinear Integral Inequalities with an Advanced Argument

pp. 12-20(9)

Author(s): W. N. Li and W. Sheng


Almost Automorphic Groups and Semigroups in Frechet Spaces

pp. 21-32(12)

Author(s): C. S. Gal, S. G. Gal and G. M. N'Guerekata

Existence of Limit Cycles in a Predator-Prey System: A Functional Response of the Form Arctan (ax)

pp. 33-40(8)

Author(s): B. S. Attili and S. F. Mallak


On An Wall Open Problem for An Algebraic Inequality
pp. 41-45(5)

Author(s): J.-S. Sun


On a Summability Factor Theorem
pp. 46-51(6)

Author(s): H. Bor


Two Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Systems with Feedback Control

pp. 52-63(12)

Author(s): J. Wu, Z. Wang and Z. Zhang


Smooth Dependency by LAG of the Solution of a Delay Integro-Differential Equation from Biomathematics

pp. 64-74(11)

Author(s): A. Mihai Bica and S. Muresan





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