Advances in Electronic and Electric Engineering (AEEE)


Volume 4,  Number 3(Spl.),   (2014)





Implementation of Thyristor Switched Capacitors for Power Factor Improvement
pp. 225-230
Authors: Aashish Goyal, NeharikaKapil and Sheila Mahapatra

Kalman Filter Based Unified Power Quality Conditioner for Output Regulation
pp. 247-252
Authors: D. Chinna Kullay Reddy and J. Praveen


Short Circuit Analysis of a Power Grid using MiPower Software
pp. 253-258
Authors: Debniloy De, Shivanjali A. Mishra, Aditya Kar and Sheila Mahapatra

Statcom Operation for Wind Power Generator with Improved Transient Stability
pp. 259-264
Author: Elezabeth Skaria, Beena.M. Varghese and Sheela Joseph

Modeling of Polarimetric Hyperspectral Imaging
pp. 265-272
Authors: Supriya P. Gaikwad, Ashumati Dhuppe and Prof. Vijay R. Dahake

FPGA Implementation of Cyclic Code Encoder and Decoder 
pp. 273-278
Authors: Gaurav Chawla and Vishal Chaudhary

A Study of Segmentation Methods for Detection of Tumor in Brain MRI
pp. 279-284
Authors: Jay Patel and Kaushal Doshi

Literature Review on Solar MPPT Systems
pp. 285-296
Authors: Kumaresh.V, Mridul Malhotra, Ramakrishna N and SaravanaPrabu.R

Maximum Power Transfer Capability of UPFC: An Adaptive Gravitational Search Algorithm
pp. 297-300
Authors: Anwar S. Siddiqui, Manisha Rani and Tanmoy Deb

Renewable Energy Technologies: A Review
pp. 301-306
Authors: Mohammad Ahmad and Mohd Imran

Designing and Analysis of Crown-square Shaped Fractal Antenna Emphasizing on its Size Reduction
pp. 307-312
Author: Monika Singh

Electricity Generation Due to Vibration of Moving Vehicles Using Piezoelectric Effect
pp. 313-318
Authors: Mukti Nath Gupta, Suman and S.K. Yadav

Experimental Study on Animal Powered Seed Cleaning System
pp. 319-326
Authors: Sharad Kumar Chandrakar, Manikant Dewangan, Khileshwar Prasad Diwakar, Amit Kumar Subudhi, 

Abhiskek Kumar and Ria Chattopadhyay






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