International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics


Volume 1, Number 1 October (2006)




Thermal behaviour of a composite cylinder in transient regime

pp. 1-12 (12)

Authors: Y. Tamene, C. Bougriou and R. Bessaih


Heat transfer in a power law with variable thermal conductivity

pp. 13-20 (8)

Authors: B.I. Olajuwon


Large deflection of the cantilever steel beams of uniform strength- experiment and nonlinear analysis

pp. 21-36 (16)

Authors: M. A. Rahman, M. A. Kowser and S. M. Moshiul Hossain 


Linear programming as a structural design problem

pp. 37-41 (5)

Authors: K. MacBain and W.R. Spillers


Development of alternative displacement potential Formulation of Isotropic Materials

pp. 42-50 (8)

Authors: S.K. Deb Nath


Parallel finite element analysis of a non-steady heat Conductive Problem

pp. 51-61 (11)

Authors: A.M.M. Mukaddes, R. Shioya and Masao Ogino





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