International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematical Sciences (IJPAMS)



Volume 7, Number 2  (2014)





Emergence of Shock Waves from Plane Parallel Atmospheres
pp. 163-173
Authors: Trishla Goel and Dr. R.K. Budhaulia

Remarks of I-Function of Two Variables Relating Some Integrals and Some Orthogonal Polynomial
pp. 175-182
Authors: D. V. S. Kushwah, Rohini Waze and V. S. Dhakar

Edge Sum Number of Jahangir Graphs
pp. 183-190
Authors: D. S. T. Ramesh

Multi-Objective Convex Programming in Two Stage Sampling Via Separable Programming
pp. 191-195
Authors: S. Maqbool and Shakeel Javaid

PO Filters in PO Ternary Semigroups
pp. 197-209
Authors: V. Siva Rami Reddy, V. Sambasiva Rao, A. Anjaneyulu and A. Gangadhara Rao

Some New Numerical Methods for Solving Differential Equations
pp. 211-216
Authors: Neelam Singh

Translates of Vague Groups
pp. 217-226
Authors: B. Nageswara Rao, N. Ramakrishana and T. Eswarlal

On Partial Quasi-Bilateral Generating Functions Involving Konhauser Biorthogonal Polynomials
pp. 227-232
Authors: K.P. Samanta and B. Samanta

Adaptive Control and Synchronization of Sprott’s System C with Uncertain Parameter
pp. 233-243
Authors: Jhinjhit Podder

Lehmann-Type Laplace Distributions
pp. 245-263
Authors: R. Poornima and V. Saavithri


Felicitous Mean Labeling of Some Path and Cycle Related Graphs 
pp. 265-271
Authors: P. Selvaraju, P. Balaganesan, L.Vasu and L. Palanisamy

Quenching behavior of Solutions in Coupled Heat Equations with Singular Boundary
pp. 271-278
Authors: Qin Yu and ZeJian Cui

Mixed Trifunction Equilibrium Variational Inequalities 
pp. 279-284
Authors: P. Mansotra and B.S. Komal

Maximum Principles for Fourth Order Semilinear Elliptic Equations with Applications
pp. 285-290
Authors: R. M. Dhaigude and Gajanan C. Lomte

Strong Convergence Theorems for a system of Quasi-variational Inclusion Problems with Nonspreading Mappings in Hilbert Spaces
pp. 291-300
Authors: Zi-yan Li and Zhong-quan He

A Remark on Matrix Monotone Functions 
pp. 301-304
Author: BanyatSroysang

More on Pythagorean Triples 
pp. 305-308
Author: BanyatSroysang

A numerical survey on heat equation with memory effects 
pp. 309-315
Author: R. Lavanya

Disjoint Sum Dynamical Systems 
pp. 317-320
Authors: Khundrakpam Binod Mangang and Lalhmangaihzuala







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