International Journal of Materials Sciences


Volume 4  Number 4  (2009)




X-Ray Diffraction Spectroscopical Analysis of Identification Minerals Present in Rock Samples
pp. 381-385
Authors: Andrew M. Appaji, S. Kumararaman and P. Kumaradhas

Wear characteristics of chilled Hypoeutectic Cast Iron
pp. 387-396
Authors: Joel Hemanth1 and Vijayakumar

Dielectric properties of Sr1+XBi2-(2/3)X(VXNb1-X)2O9 [X = 0.1 and 0.2] ceramics
pp. 397-404
Authors: B.J. Kalaiselvi

Tensile Deformation Behavior of Bulk Ultrafine Grained Copper
pp. 405-418
Authors: D. Das and P. P. Chattopadhyay

Correlation of Microstructure with Mechanical Properties of High-Martensite Dual-Phase Steel
pp. 419-432
Authors: D. Das, S. Banerjee and P. P. Chattopadhyay

Characterization of Avian Feather Fibers
pp. 433-443
Authors: Ravipati B. Choudary, Ram S. Voleti, Poojitha A. Boorlagadda and Narsipalli R.M.R. Bhargava


Effects of Mechanical Alloying on Microstructure,Morphology and Magnetic Properties of 50%Ni-FeNanopowder
pp. 445458
Authors: T. Ashokkumara, A. Rajadurai b, Gouthamac and S. Sampatha


The Influence of Joint Geometry on the Interface Properties of Friction Welded Dissimilar Materials
pp. 459-468
Authors: P Ravinder Reddy, Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan, Yatin Tambe and ACS Kumar

Mesomorphic Ordering in Liquid Crystalline Materials (BCHs) A Computational Study Based on Intermolecular Interactions
pp. 469-476
Authors: P. Lakshmi Praveen and Durga P. Ojha

Analysis of Deformation in Thin Ring Plates with Circular Holes at Flanging Process
pp. 477-484
Authors: Najmeddin Arab and Ernest A. Nazaryan

Electrical Studies of Nano-sized Barium Ferrite
pp. 485-492
Authors: A.M. Bhavikatti Subhash Kulkarni and Arunkumar. Lagashetty


Morphological, Mechanical and Tribological Characterization of Al-Pb Alloys Produced By Different Processing Routes
pp. 493-505
Authors: Ch. V.S.H.S.R. Sastry, G. Ranga Janardhana and Kim S Kun

ZnO and Zn0.99Co0.01O Crystallites Grown using Chemical Method
pp. 507-510
Authors: Sunita Keshri (Shaw) and Leena Joshi





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