International Journal of Mathematical Education (IJoME) 




Volume 9 Number 1 (2019)





Cumulative Distribution and Cluster Analysis of Continents and Islands

pp. 1-9

Arjun Tan


Cluster Analysis of Planets, Satellites and Dwarf Planets in the Solar System

pp. 11-17

Arjun Tan


Analysis of Pole Break in Pole Vault Events

pp. 19-24

Arjun Tan


Identical Twins in Basketball – A Case Study

pp. 25-33

Arjun Tan


Statistics of Points Scored in NBA Basketball

pp. 35-44

Arjun Tan and Lawrence Jackson


Low Achievement in Mathematics, a case study of Schools of East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya : A Survey
pp. 45-56
Dr. Sanjeev Kr. Singh and Samarendra Choudhury

A Semi-Empirical Formula for Opening Wicket Partnership in Test Cricket
pp. 57-65
Arjun Tan


Obtaining Elliptical Sections from a Right-Angled Right-Circular Cone
pp. 67-72
Arjun Tan

Bertrand’s postulate fore high-school students
pp. 73–77
M. El Bachraoui and Mohamed El Bachraoui





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