International Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering Research  (IJBBR)



Volume 4  Number 5 (2013)  Special Issues




Biotechnological and Genomic Analysis for Salinity Tolerance in Sugarcane
pp. 407-414
Authors: Kalpana Sengar, R.S. Sengar and Ashu Singh

Isolation of Brauveria Bassiaana from white Grubs and Comparing their Growth on Natural and Artificial Medium
pp. 415-420
Authors: Nida Khan, Pankaj K. Tyagi and Mansi Mishra


Potential Allelopathic Influence of Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus L.) on Germination and Growth behavior of Two Weeds in- vitro Condition

pp. 421-426
Authors: Monika Sharma and G.P. Satsangi

Assessment of Genetic Variability in Biocontrol Agents Isolated from Chickpea Root Complex using Molecular Markers
pp. 427-428
Authors: G. Nagarjuna Reddy, S. Thahir Basha, N.P. Eswara Reddy, B.V. Bhaskar Reddy, P. Nagamani and T. Sandeep Kumar


Isolation, Identification and Characterization of Oil Degrading Bacteria Isolated from the Contaminated Sites of Barmer, Rajasthan

pp. 429-436
Authors: Nalinee Kumari, Abhishek Vashishtha, Pooja Saini and Ekta Menghani


New Nematicidal Active Compounds: Design and Ecofriendly Synthesis and Characterization of Oxovanadium (V) Complexes with Schiff Base Ligands

pp. 437-444
Authors: Ramhari Meena and Nighat Fahmi

Analyses of Synbiosis between Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and (Oat & Onion) Prebiotic
pp. 445-450
Authors: JyotirmoyGoyary, Khunthi Rani Owary, Daisy Basumatary, Nijw.M Mushahary, TanujaMuramalla, Ganga Sahay Meena and Nitin Kumar


DNA Fingerprinting of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Isolates from ‘Idgah’ Agra Region by using IS6110 Probe
pp. 451-456
Authors: Pooja Pandey, Hardik Pathak and Saurabh Dave

Studies on the Organogenesis of Atropa Belladonna in In-vitro Conditions
pp. 457-464
Authors: Asha Rani N.S and Prasad M.P

Interaction between GA and Ethrel in Inducing Female Flowers in Jatropha Curcas
pp. 465-472
Authors: Vijay Makwana and Pushpa Robin


Toxic Effects of Indian Tobacco Rolls (BIDI) and Beneficial Role of Vasicine on Mitochondrial Localization and Antioxidant Enzymes Activity in A549 Cell Line

pp. 473-480
Authors: M. Pant, S. Basu and Rachana

Isolation and Characterization of the Lipase from Aspergillus Brasiliensis
pp. 481-486
Authors: Reshma.C.H. and Dr. P. Shanmugam

In Vitro Antioxidant Activity of some Edibles Bearing Nutritional Value
pp. 487-494
Authors: Roopa Rani, Kiran Singh and M.M. Srivastava

In Vitro Production and Efficient Quantification of Major Phytopharmaceuticals in an Endangered Medicinal Herb, Swertiachirata
pp. 495-506
Authors: V. Kumar, RS Chauhan and H. Sood

Heterosis and Combining Ability for Yield and Yield Components in Urdbean (Vigna Mungo L. Hepper)
pp. 507-508
Authors: S. Isha Parveen and M. Reddi Sekhar

Heterosis and Combining Ability Estimates for Yield and Yield Components in Maize (Zea Mays l.)
pp. 509-510
Authors: T. Sandeep Kumar and D. Mohan Reddy

Bioengineering of Biochemical Pathways for Enhanced Photobiological Hydrogen Production in Algae and Cyanobacteria
pp. 511-518
Authors: Shailendra Kumar Singh, Kritika Dixit and Shanthy Sundaram






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