International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 7  (2014)  





A Study on Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Systems and its Live Streaming Design Issues
pp. 743-753
Authors: K. Rajkumar and D. Sowbakya

A New Genetic Approach for Data Masking
pp. 755-761
Authors: Manikandan. G, Sairam. N, Rajarajeshwari. S and Ramya. H


An 8-Queen Algorithm Based Steganographic Approach for Secure Key Exchange
pp. 763-769
Authors: G. Manikandan, R. Bala Krishnan, R. Varadharajan and G. Dharshini

Fusion Based Clinical Diagnosis for Cancer Cells Detection
pp. 771-780
Authors: L.Gopinath, D.Sindhuja, S.S.Ramkumar and N.R.Raajan

Simulation of Harmonics Eliminated AC-DC-AC Converter for Single Phase Induction Motor with Direct Phase Angle Control (DPA)
pp. 781-794
Authors: KR.Dheivarayan, N.Subashini and M.Balasubramani


Object Recognition By Interactive Image Segmentation Using MSRM

pp. 795-804

Authors: S.B.Sahana, N.R.Raajan, S.Nivethitha, R.Dhivya and M.Pradeepa


A Novel Approach for Automated Facial Recognition System using Ear Lobe Analysis (Au-Fa System)
pp. 805-812

Authors: Prabu M, Michael Raj T.F, Manikandan.H and Rajakumar.B


Time Reduction-Cluster Based Data Collection in Arbitrary Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 813-823

Authors: P. Sowmiya, S. Sathya, R. Vijayaraghavan and G. Rajkumar


Improve the Routing Performance in Wireless Networks to Avoid Congestion Using Queuing Model

pp. 825-833

Authors: Gundalaswathi and Dr. R. Saravanan


Fuzzy Based Simulation Study on Fault Diagnosis of Inverter Fed Drives


Authors: L.S.Ajay Mukesh, M.Balasubramani and J.Gowrishankar






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