International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 6  (2014)  





A Study on the Supply Chain Manegement Policies for a Chennai Based Company

pp. 629-632

Authors: A. John Presin Kumar and G. Rajmohan


A study on the supply chain management order delays for a chennai based company

pp. 633-636

Authors: A. John Presin Kumar and S. A. Harikrishnan


Design Embedded System for Simplex Communication to PC through Power Line Media

pp. 637-641

Authors: Dr. Adnan S. Obeed, Dr. Fadhel A. Jumaa and Mr. Daood m. Jasim


Bifurcation Analysis of SPR_SODE Model for the Spread of Dengue Fever

pp. 643-651

Authors: Mr. S. Dheva Rajan, Dr. A. Iyem Perumal and Dr. S.P. Rajagopalan


Polynomial Kernel Based Support Vector Machines in Iris Recognition

pp. 653-662

Authors: K. Saminathan, T.Chakravarthy and M. Chithra Devi


Application of Fuzzy Logic for Temperature Control in Microcontroller Based 2.45 GHz Microwave Hyperthermia Device

pp. 665-673

Authors: Imam Santoso, Thomas Sri Widodo, Adhi Susanto and Maesadjie Tjokronagoro


Analysis of Wind Driven Self-Excited Induction Generator is Connected to the Local Load through DC Link Converter
pp. 675-689
Authors: V. Sankardoss, P. Geethanjali, G. K. Rajini and A. Sharmila


Development of Gear Indication System for Driver Comfort using Hall-Effect Sensors
pp. 691-698
Authors: J. Kathirvelan, C.D.Viswarani, E. Siva Rama Krishna and A.Jagadeesh Kumar


A Survey: GKA for Protected Faction Communication in Active Peer System
pp. 699-706
Authors: K. Rajkumar and D. Narmadha


Effective Link Stability and Congestion Avoidance by using Ad hoc on Distance Vector in MANET
pp. 707-716
Authors: A.Ragavi, S.Sathya, S.Karthik and G.Rajkumar


Mixed PWM Technique for Eliminating Dead-Time in Voltage Source Inverter
pp. 717-728
Authors: R.Selva Kumar, D.Uma and K.Vijayarekha


Implementation of Fuzzy Controller for Shunt Active Filter Using Multilevel Inverter Topology
pp. 729-742
Authors: K.Mohan Kumar, D.Uma and K.Vijayarekha






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