International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 5, (2014)  





Fractal Aperture EBG Ground Structured Dual Band Planar Slot Antenna
pp. 515-524
Authors: B T P Madhav, G S Krishnam Naidu Yedla, K V V Kumar, R Rahul and Vasieddy Srikanth

Effective Web Page Segmentation Techniques for Informativecontent Extraction: Review 
pp. 525-532
Authors: Sekhar Babu Boddu, Kurra Rajasekhara Rao and Lakshmi Prasanna Pasupuleti

Securing Banking Systems using Biometrics Integrated with Random Number Generator
pp. 533-539
Authors: Dr. Sriram.A. L., Rajashekar Reddy and M.P. Karthikeyan

The Improvement of Mechanical Properties of Nodular Cast Iron (NCI) under Two-Step Austempering Heat Treatment
pp. 541-551
Authors: Andoko, Rudy Soenoko, Anindito Purnowidodo and Yudy Surya Irawan

One-well Recovery and Waterflooding Technology and Sand Removing Device
pp. 553-558
Authors: Si Chen and Jingang He


Comparison of MAC Protocols of Wireless Sensor Networks

pp. 559-568

Authors: Ms. Sukesha Sharma and Ms. Sandeep Kaur


Gesture based Augmented Reality for Hybrid TV

pp. 569-574

Authors: S. Karthik, N. R. Raajan and M. Anitha


A Review on Lifetime Maximization for Wireless Sensor Networks

pp. 575-588

Authors: S. Sathya, P.Sowmiya, C.Eswari and G. Rajkumar


An Innovative Approach for Classifying Binary Data
pp. 589-597
Authors: G.Manikandan, N.Sairam, C.Akshaya and S.Venkatakrishnan

Neural Network Based Feature Extraction in Tamil-Brahmi Inscriptions
pp. 599-608
Authors: R.Manoorubini, R.Vijayaraghavan and N.R.Raajan

Performance of Images in Transmission Using Various Modulation Techniques
pp. 609-617
Authors: G.Manochitra, R.Vijayaraghavan, P.Sowmiya and N.R.Raajan

Filters Based Image Encryption
pp. 619-627
Authors: R.Vijayaraghavan, P.Sowmiya, G.Manochitra and N.R.Raajan






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