International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 24  (2014)  





Design Of Three Layer Security Architecture To Prevent Dos Attacks In Web Service
pp. 23449-23459
R.M.Dilip Charaan, R.Ramesh, E.Uma, C.Yaashuwanth

Survivability in Ring Architecture for Long Reach PON Systems for 10Gb/s
pp. 23461-23476
S. Rajalakshmi, AnanthVijayaVenugopalen , AnirudhKowtha

Survey of Recent Research and Issues in Video Surveillance
pp. 23477-23484
J. Hemamalini and Merlin Pauliesther

Literature Review On The Detection Of Bots In P2p Network
pp. 23485-23489
Dr S. Prayla Shyry and J.Maria Sheeba

Ride-through Capability of Low Power Adjustable Speed Drives for Various Categories of Voltage Sag and Swell
pp. 23491-23508
KR.Ramela and Dr.V.Sureshkumar

Automated Teller Machine for Theft Monitoring System
pp. 23509-23514
V.Vinodhini and N.V.Rajeesh Kumar

How Many Interchanges does the Replacement Sort Make for Discrete Uniform Input?
pp. 23515-23525
Niraj Kumar Singh, Shlok Kumar Mishra1, Aman Kumar, Soubhik Chakraborty,Dheeresh Kumar Mallick

Employee Engagement is a Reflection of Job satisfaction
pp. 23527-23536
Dr.S.Vasantha and Mrs.Sandhya Manjunathan

Automated ANN Based Classifiers For Normal/Fibroadenoma/Cancer Detection From Breast Thermographs
pp. 23537-23543
N.Selvarasu and N.M.Nandhitha

Efficient Content Based Image Retrieval based on Texture and Shape with Double Density DWT
pp. 23545-23554
T. Jasperlin and Dr. D. Gnanadurai

Quality Assurance In Software Lifecycle Management Of Agent Based System Using Dynamic Reconfiguration
pp. 23555-23564
E. Janani and Dr. R. A. Sankaran

Design of Mitigating Voltage and Current Harmonics in Sine Wave UPS Inverter for Line-Load Variations.
pp. 23565-23577
N.M.Spencer Prathap Singh,N.Kesavan Nair

A Survey of QOS Aware Mac Protocol For Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 23579-23589
Dr. K. Kondaiah and Dr. Syed Umar

Ameliorating the image matching algorithm of Sikuli using Artificial Neural Networks
pp. 23591-23600
Mrs. Ankita,Ms. Aakriti Mittal,Ms. HimanshiArora,Ms. Sonia Gupta

A Premeditated Technique for Processing Fingerprint Images to Understand Hereditary Relation among Intraand Inter- Class Family Members Using Ridge Patterns
pp. 23601-23618
Karthikeyini C and Rajamani V

Genome-Enabled Prediction Of Genetic Values Using Improved Radial Basis Function Neural Network
pp. 23619-23632

Sensor Network Delay Avoidance On Multi-User Packet Transmission Using Continuous Acknowledgement From Frequent Repeat Request
pp. 23633-23650

A Chronological Pattern Based Vehicular Object Tracing For Collision Minimization In Vanet
pp. 23651-23665
Mr.K.Chandramohan and Dr.P.Kamalakkannan

Development of an Energy-Efficient MANET based on Cost-Aware Trust Model for Multimedia Stream Optimization
pp. 23667-23679
S. Uma and Dr S. P. Shantharajah

Biometric Watermarking for Copyright Protection of Digital Images
pp. 23681-23688
Rati Saxena, Khushboo Shah, Rishika Chawla and V. Santhi

Design of FLC for OVR Reduction of Negative Output KY Converter
pp. 23689-23699
K. R. Sugavanam, R. Senthilkumar, S. Sri Krishna Kumar, S. Karthikumar,V. Tamilmullai

Digital Carrier Communication Over Power Line For Rural Applications
pp. 23701-23706
A.Yogaraj K.Saravanan S.Ramkumar N.K.Senthilkumar

Dual Configurations Reflectarray Element In Improving Dynamic Phase Range And Loss
pp. 23707-23716
M. Ramli, A. Selamat, N. Misran, M. F. Mansor and M. T. Islam

Performance Evaluation of Variable frequency PDPWM Technique for an Trinary Hybrid Multilevel Inverter
pp. 23717-23732
M.Sudhakaran and R.Seyezhai

Video Compression Over Manet Using Weac Protocol With Huffman Coding
pp. 23733-23740
A. Kamatchi and Dr. AnnaSaroVijendran

Static Available Transfer Capability Calculation Using Real Coded Genetic Algorithm
pp. 23741-23754
S.Saravanan , P.Sankar, B.Deepan, G.Praveen Santhosh Kumar

Modified FCM using Firefly Algorithm for MRI Brain Tissue Segmentation
pp. 23755-23764
S. Jansi,Dr. P. Subashini,

Assessing The Impact Of Training And Development Programmes On Worker Performance And Business Productivity; A Case Study Of Royal Bow Company Ltd,Kumasi, Ghana
pp. 23765-23770
Prof. S. Sujatha,Prof. M. Vinoth,Mr. Bright Nyamekye,Ms. Priscilla Bempah Botwe

Positional_nFCP: Positions based Big Data algorithm to Identify n_length Frequent Contiguous Patterns (FCP) in a Large Human Genome Sequence Database
pp. 23771-23780
S.Rajasekaran and L.Arockiam

TCAD Simulation of Single-Electron Transistor with the Recessed Channel
pp. 23781-23788
L . Sheela, N.B.Balamurugan, J.Thanga Ananth

Integrated Derivative Genetic And Active Memetic Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm For Content Based Mammogram Image Retrieval
pp. 23789-23804
T.Justin Jose, E. Baburaj

Semantic Similarity Measure And Possibilistic Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm For Document Clustering

pp. 23805-23821

Dabbu Murali and Dr. Avula Damodaram

Image Retrieval and Forgery Detection using Spectral Hashing based Polar Cosine Transform
pp. 23821-23842
Granty Regina Elwin J,G Kousalya,

P2P Botnet Preclusion Domain Capturing Algorithm

pp. 23843-23852

S.Poonkuntran and S.Aanjankumar

A Fuzzy Approach to handle text documents with uncertain Spatial References
pp. 23853-23866
V.R. Kanagavalli, Dr. K. Raja,

Customer Behaviour And Relationship Management With Reference To Retail Banking
pp. 23867-23882

Deadline Aware Work Flow Scheduling for Grid Services with QoS
pp. 23883-23898
Shinu Mathew John, M. A. Maluk Mohamed.

Performance Investigation of PID Controller In Turning Operation
pp. 23899-23908
B. Shanmugasundaram and P. Suresh Prabhu


Thermal Radiation Effects On Unsteady Mhd Flow Past A Parabolic Accelerated Vertical Plate With Variable Mass Diffusion And Uniform Temperature

pp. 23909-23923

R. Muthucumaraswamy, V. Lakshmi

Analysis Of Early Myocardial Infraction Detection Using Discrete Wavelet Transform
pp. 23925-23934
Dr.S.Sumathi and Dr.Lilly Beaula

A Study on Customer Perception towards Online Shopping Service Quality among the IT Professionals in South Chennai
pp. 23935-23953
Kumar G,Krishnan A R Balaji K,Shenbagaraman V M

Word and Syllable Based Concatenative Model of Text to Speech Synthesis of Tamil Language
pp. 23955-23966
T.Jayasankar, Arputha Vijayaselvi, A.Balaji Ganesh

Comparative Analysis of THD for Various Levels of Multilevel Inverter with Different Loads
pp. 23967-23983
P.Tamilvani1 and Dr.K.R.Valluvan

Worst Case Test Vector Exposed To Total Dose In Combinational ASICs
pp. 23985-24001

A Mixed Selected Selective Huffman Coding and Run length Coding Techniques for Test Data Compression
pp. 24003-24010
C.Kalamani ,Dr. K,Paramasivam, M.Dharani

An Intelligent Automatic Mains Failure Controller built-in Numerical Overcurrent and Earth fault Relay feature for Diesel Generator Set using Embedded System Design
pp. 24011-24032
M.Dhanasu and Dr.M.Y.Sanavullah

Loss Minimization In Distribution Network Using Prim’s Algorithm
pp. 24033-24046
T. D. Sudhakar, Sakthivel. B, Syed Naazim Hussain. N

Artificial Fireball Generation Via An Erosive Discharge With Tin Alloy Electrodes
pp. 24047-24055
A.L. Pirozerski, V.Yu. Mikhailovskii, E.L. Lebedeva, B.F. Borisov,A.S. Khomutova1, I.O. Mavlonazarov

An Efficient Multi-Path Routing Algorithm Based On Hybrid Bat Algorithm With Cache Management For Wireless Mesh Networks
pp. 24057-24070
K. Kumaravel and Dr.A.Marimuthu

Design and implementation of novel SPIHT algorithm for multispectral image compression
pp. 24071-24084
V. Bhagya Raju,Dr. K. Jaya Sankar, Dr. C. D. Naidu

Activity Tracking Through Cloud For Performance And Security Analysis
pp. 24085-24092
K.Lakshmanaswamy, K.Dhinakaran,

A Study On The Perception Of Organizational Climate With Special Reference To Sail, Salem Steel Plant
pp. 24093-24103
C.Varadaraju , S.Murugan And M.Selvaraj

Tuning Of PI Controller For Power Quality Enhancement In Distribution System Using GA And PSO
pp. 24105-24117
T. Guna Sekar and Dr. R. Anita

Implementation Of No Reference Distortion Patch Features Video Quality Assessment Algorithm For H.264 Based On Human Visual System
pp. 24119-24131
Subrahmanyam.Ch, Dr.D.Venkata Rao, Dr. N.Usha Rani

Design of Two-tier Scheduling Algorithm for Perfomance Improvement of VoIP in LTE Networks
pp. 24133-24150
Sung-ju Kim, Byung Chul Kim and Jae Yong Lee

TERP: Trust Cum Energy Aware Routing Protocol for Mitigating Black hole Attack in Mobile ad hoc network
pp. 24151-24166
R.Kokila and Mrs. D.Sylvia, S. Sumathi , S. Abinaya

Investigations on Solar Dryer with Plain Tube Collector Integrated with Biomass-Backup Heater for Drying Coleus Roots
pp. 24167-24174
Gunasekaran K, Shanmugam V and Suresh P

Effects of Process Conditions of Chemical Vapor Deposition on Silicon Carbide Thin Films for MEMS Applications: A Review
pp. 24175-24192
Venkatesan Shanmugasundram and Saravanakumar Nesappan

Total Edge Lucas Irregular Labeling For Some Special Graphs
pp. 24193-24202
A.Ponmoni S. Navaneetha Krishnan and A. Nagarajan

Position of The First Obama Administration on The Reconciliation of The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict
pp. 24203-24211
Starkin Sergei Valerevich, PetukhovAlexandrYurevich,Poskrebasheva Elena Sergeevna, Markova Aleksandra Veniaminovna

Quarry Dust Based High Strength Concrete Composites –An Eco-Friendly Construction Material
pp. 24213-24220
M. Kaarthik and K. Subramanian

Bluetooth Enabling Device For Physically Challenged Using Actuators And Sensor
pp. 24221-24229
Lokesh Kumar Gaurav,Mantu Kumar Mishra,Mr. K.Kumar

A Model To Trace A User In Window Azure Cloud
pp. 24231-24238
Kaushlesh Kumar Pathak, Surajkant Vishwakarma, Mr. K Kumar

An Efficient Topic Summarization Model Based on Refined Ontology Model By Using Labelled LDA
pp. 24239-24250
A. Mekala,Dr. C. Chandrasekar

Privacy Preserving Gaussian Firefly Algorithm Based Clustering And Graph Partitioning For Data Disambiguation on Horizontally Partitioned Data
pp. 24251-24273
Anitha.J, Dr. R.Rangarajan

Abnormal Video Event Detection And Tracking Using Neural Network
pp. 24775-24286
K.Thulasimani and Dr. K.G. Srinivasagan

Automatic Monitoring And Controlling of Greenhouse Environment Using Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 24287-24298
K.Balaji, K.Sakthievl

Spectral Graph Wavelet Theory Based Text Localization And Binarization In Scene Images
pp. 24299-24310
L.M. Merlin Livingston, Dr.M.Manikandan

A Non Synthetic Data Perturbation Technique For Privacy Preservation In Association Rule Mining
pp. 24311-14320
Dr.T.Ravi, R. Prasanna Kumar, Komal Kumar

A Critical Survey To The Challenges of Software Estimation
pp. 24321-24347
H P Patra, Kumar Rajnish

FPGA Implementation of ABC & Cuckoo Search Optimization Based PI Controller For Speed Control of DC Servo Motor Drives
pp. 24349-24360
S.Subiramoniyan, Dr.S.Joseph Jawhar

Security Issues In Small Medium Enterprises For Hybrid Cloud Storage Environment
pp. 24361-24367

Verification of Heart Rate Monitor using PPG Pulse Sensor
pp. 24369-24378
Wira Hidayat bin Mohd Saad, Nurul Akmal Binti Abd Salam, Tan Kien Leong,

A Fuzzy Data Mining Approach To Analyze The Policies In A Information Technology Company
pp. 24379-24386
K.Yamuna, Dr.S.SuriyaNarayanan

Influence Of Video Display Terminal User’s Qualification On The Level Of Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevalence
pp. 24387-24402
Dr. Sumathy Muniamuthu and Dr. R. Raju

Multi Attribute Deapthness Measure For Sub Space Identification In Text Clustering
pp. 24405-24413
S. Subbaiah and C. Chandrasekar

Desalination at Low Temperature and Low Pressure
pp. 24415-24424
Sriram.V a, Kanimozhib, Anderson.A

Spectrum Requirements for IMT-Advanced: Sudan Case Study
pp. 24425-24435
Omer A. Hamadnaallah, Rania A. Mokhtar, Raed A. Alsaqour, Sami H. O.Salih, Rashid A. Saeed

Facial Expression Classification By Thermal Image
pp. 24437-24442
Navya Menon G and Manju E.V

Identifying Forgery In Images Using Global, Local And Pixel Based Features
pp. 24443-24448
Nimy Rose Anto and D.Usha Nandhini

Detection And Reading Out Of Scene Text Images
pp. 24449-24454
Amrutha K Menon and B.Ankayarkanni

Rule Based Feedback Driven Random Testing Of DHCP Protocol
pp. 24455-24459
Jincy George, and Chandu PMSS

Power Optimization Based On Modified Booth Algorithm Of Reconfigurable Processor For Multimedia Applications
pp. 24461-24478
R.P.Meenaakshi Sundhari and Dr.R.Anita

Hand Gesture Recognition Interface for Visually Impaired
pp. 24479-24492
S. Sandhiya, R. Aroul Canessane And R. Dhanalakshmi

Meta Task Scheduling in Grid Computing by ELBMM Algorithm
pp. 24493-24503
M. Ramkumar and Dr. P. Latha

MATLAB Program to Stimulate the Graphs whose restrained triple connected domination number equals to two less than the number of vertices
pp. 24505-24526
G. Mahadevan and V. G. Bhagavathi Ammal

Performance of Different Wavelets on Compression of Fractal Images
pp. 24527-24544

QoS Provisioning using user profiles in wireless cellular networks
pp. 24545-24563
MahalakshmiGANAPATHY and Venugopal.Muarli BHASKARAN

Repeated Extraction Process of Raw Gambiers (Uncaria GambierRobx.) for the Catechin Production as an Antioxidant
pp. 24565-24578
Gustri Yeni, Khaswar Syamsu,Ono Suparno, Etik Mardliyati and Hendri Muchtar

Information System Quality: Industrial Engineering Perspectives on Servqual In Pharmaceutical Industry
pp. 24579-24589
Khristian Edi Nugroho Soebandrija, Enrico

Supply Chain of Distributor Selection: Industrial Engineering Perspectives on Analytical Network Process (ANP) In Steel Industry
pp. 24591-24599
Khristian Edi Nugroho Soebandrija, Astrid Hannya Hapsari,

A Low Power Modified Carry Save Adder For Reconfigurable Digital Filters
pp. 24601-24609
R.Mahalakshmi Dr.T.Sasilatha

Recent Trends In Data Mining For Crime Detection
pp. 24611-24616
Vineela.A ,T.Anuradha ,P.Gowtham

Design of Hybrid Energy System For Refrigeration
pp. 24617-24623
X.Goldwin Xavier, R.Rajasekar and T.Raja

Efficient Lossless Medical Image Compression Technique For Real World Applications Using JOSE-Encoding
pp. 24625-24640
S.Kumarganesh, Dr.M.Suganthi

Partition By Expression Using Mapreduce In Hadoop
pp. 24641-24649
E. Gothai ,Dr. P. Balasubramanie

Hybrid ACO-PSO Based Multi Objective Optimization For Quality of Service Routing In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
pp. 24651-24668
S.K.Nivetha and Dr.R.Asokan

Industrial Waste Utilization In Civil Engineering – A Sustainable Approach
pp. 24669-24678
Parth Pandit And Manpreet Kaur

Experimentation of Vibration Control In A Nonlinear Two Degree of Freedom Quarter Car Model Using Labview
pp. 24679-24686
R. Kalaivani P. Lakshmi K. K. Sneha

Efficient Systolic Array Architecture Design And Implementation For Discrete Wavelet Transform
pp. 24687-24703
Selva Kumar R., Dr Dharmishtan K.Varughese

Optimum Heating of Temperature Modulated MOS Gas Sensors
pp. 24705-14714
R Chutia, M Bhuyan

Simulation And Analysis of Thermal Performance of Mud Block Walled Building
pp. 24715-24720
Dr. V Kirubakaran

Defect Detection and Classification in Fabric Web Material Using GLCM and GLRLM
pp. 24721-24732
P.Vidhyalakshmi and Dr.A.Senthilkumar

A Power Efficient Transmission Method for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
pp. 24733-24744
IlKyu Ha, Mamurjon Djuraev, ByoungChul Ahn

A Study on The Appropriate Specifications of Light Shelf Based on The Curve Ceiling
pp. 24745-24753
Heangwoo Lee, Janghoo Seo andYongseong Kim

Full-duplex in Next Generation Wireless LAN1
pp. 24755-24763
KwangKiunYoo,Woojin Ahn and Ronny Yongho Kim

Performance Comparison of Genetic Algorithms Varying Population Size Based on CUDA
pp. 24765-24772
Jae-Hyun Seo, Eun-Sol Ko, Yong-Hyuk Kim

Situation Interlocked Governor Switching Scheme for Android System
pp. 24773-24781
Hoyoung Hwang, Hyo-Joong Suh

Sound Synthesis of the Piri Focusing on Yoseong Sound
pp. 24783-24791
Sangbong Nam, Sun-jin Lee, Gangseong Lee, andDonoung Lee

Emotion Classification using Facial Temporal Sparsity
pp. 24793-24801
Yoonkyoung Kim, Hansol Kim,and EuiChul Lee

A study on infection-prone areas of operating gowns
pp. 24803-24812
Hee Jeong Kim, Eui Chan Jang

Surface Characterization of Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes Subjected to Purification and Oxidation
pp. 24813-24825
Sung Ho Yoon, Muhammad Ali Turgunov, Jin Oh Oh

A Trend analysis on the Environmental Impact of Construction Industry in Korea
pp. 24827-24835
Myeong-Jin Ko, Hung-Chan Jeon, Kyun-Hyong Cho, Jun-Ho An and Doo-Sung Choi

Optimized Design of a Photovoltaic Module that Can be Integrated and Applied as Window System in Korea
pp. 24837-24845
Doo-Sung Choi,Jun-HoAn, Jin-SeokDo, Myung-EunLee and Hung-Chan Jeon

Energy Consumption Pattern Analysis by University Building Characteristics for the Composition of Green Campus in Korea
pp. 24847-24855
Do-Sung Choi, Myung-Eun Lee, Kyun-Hyong Cho and Hung-Chan Jeon, Jun-Ho An

A Study on the Selection of proper position for the illumination sensor for establishing the lighting control system in residential space
pp. 24857-24866
JuilPark, Haengwoo Lee and Yongseong Kim

A Study on Location Awareness and Dimming Lighting Control Applied Basic Smart Lighting Control System Model on Lighting Energy Saving at Night
pp. 24867-24875
Kihyun Choi, Heangwoo Lee andYongseong Kim

A Study on Indoor Temperature Change according to the Introduction of Phase Change Material applied Thermal Storage Wall on Apartment
Houses.- Based on Winter Season -
pp. 24877-24884
BeomdongSeo , Kyuyoung Lee andYongseong Kim

A study on Investigation of Eco-Friendly Constituent Technologies in accordance with the Green Remodeling plan
pp. 24885-24892
RiRyu, JanghooSeo, Yongseong Kim

A Research on Evaluation of the Lighting Performance of Internal Lighting Shelves Depending on the Curvature Form and Angle at the Summer Solstice
pp. 24893-24901
Sangwon Oh, Heangwoo Lee, Yongseong Kim

A Study on Performance Evaluation of sky-lights and Interior Light Shelf by Optimum Separation Distance
pp. 24903-24912
SunhyeonKwon, HeangwooLee andYongseongKim

A Study on Lighting Performance Evaluation of Perforated Light Shelf according to its Width Change within Residential Space
pp. 24913-24920
Yuchang Choi , Heangwoo Lee andYongseong Kim

Study on Establishment of On-Street Parking Demand Model using Data by Automatic Parking Survey System
pp. 24921-24931
Young Woo Lee

A Study on the tendency appearing Urban Agricultural Architecture for Green Life in the Future
pp. 24933-24944
Taekwon Joung¹, Seungman Baek

Socioeconomic status associated with reason of unmet dental need in Korea elderly
pp. 24945-24952
Min-Kyung Lee, Min-Kyoung Park, Hye-Jung Jin

Oral Health Knowledge and Perception of Chinese Students'Studying in Korea
pp. 24953-24960
Min-Kyoung Park, Hye-Jung Jin, Min-Kyung Lee

Cost Analysis for Supercomputer: The case of Tachyon2 in KISTI
pp. 24961-24967
Jong-hyun Hong, Buyoung Ahn, Jihoon Jang, Noori On1 and Sunil Ahn

Human Body Weight Prediction using Kalman Filter for Wellness Service
pp. 24969-24974
Safdar Ali, DoHyeun Kim

Improvement of Recovery Model by LISLD Method In Mobile Computing
pp. 24975-24983
Seong-SooHan and Sung-Je Cho

2-Phase Multiple Query Evaluation (2PME) Based on the 2PE Scheme
pp. 24985-24999
Hyun-Ho Lee, Hong-Kyu Park, Jin-Chul Park, Kil-Hong Joo

CHOA Diffuser Application in Reverberation Chamber
pp. 25001-25008
Eugene Rhee

Advanced Phase Angle Detection Algorithm based on Optimized Half Period Fast Fourier Transform under Harmonic Distortion in Grid Voltage
pp. 25009-25019
Hyun-Sou Kim and Kyeong-Hwa Kim

The Development of Dynamics-based Strength Analysis Technology for Lightweight Front Axle Beams for Medium-duty Commercial Vehicles
pp. 25021-25029
Jinyong Kim, Jungwon Park, Changhyun Jeong, Dohyun Jung, and Byeongwoo Kim

Analysis of Effects of Capacitance and Noise of Coaxial Cables According to Seabed Depth
pp. 25031-25037
Seung-Jae Ryu1 and Byung-Woo Kim

A Study on Korean Drivers’ Driving Characteristics during Deceleration to Improve Drivers’ Acceptance of Adaptive Cruise Control system
pp. 25039-25047
Youngseok Lee, Chulwoo Moon, Chang-Hyun Jeong, Byeongwoo Kim

Hiro Math: A Framework of Tablet Pcs-Based Arithmetic Learning Platform For Childre
pp. 25049-25056
Guangzong Zhang, Eeljin Chae, Hongsik Pak

Study of Camera Motion Frame Creation Tool and CMF File Creation for Interactive Ride Game Content
pp. 25057-25071
Hyungjin Jeon, Eeljin Chae, Hongsik Pak and Taesoo Yun

A Study on the Users’ Experience of the Interactive Game by Genre
pp. 25073-25080
Moon-seon Jeon, Ji-sun Kim and Surng-Gahb Jahng

Effects of Self-Identity on Resilience In Abstinence Group And Continued Alcohol Use Group
pp. 25081-25087
Chun-Ok, Hwang, Bong-Sil, Choi

Factors Influencing Perceived Health Status In The Presence Of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms In Korean Middle-Aged Men
pp. 25089-25096
Eun Ju Lim

Factors Affecting the Incontinence-Quality of Life Among Women with Urinary Incontinence
pp. 25097-25108
Eunok Park, Kyungja Kang

Effect of Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia (RSA) Training on Autonomic Nervous Activity and Stress Control
pp. 25109-25114
Mi-Yang Jeon, Eun-Jin, Park, HyeonCheol Jeong

A Comparative Study of Job Satisfaction Between Shiftand Non-Shift Workers in Hospitals
pp. 25115-25122
Jong-Hyun Yang1 , Jeong-Ah Yoon

A Study on Effects of Occupational Stress of Journalists on Physical Symptoms and Emotional Exhaustionwith a Focus on Journalists in Seoul
pp. 25123-25132
Sang-YoungPark,Sung-Je Cho

The Prevalence of Short Sleep Duration by Occupation in Korea
pp. 25133-25140
Eunok Park, Su Jung Choi

Effects of Group Communication Activity Program Using Communication Exercise by Situation and Video Feedback on Interpersonal Communication
Competence of Nursing Students
pp. 25141-25153
Kwang Ok Park, MiYu

Research on The Effects of Blood Depletion on The Level of Satisfaction With Psychological States of Illness, Self-Esteem And Physical Symptoms
pp. 25155-25164
Kyung-Bae Kim, Sung-Je Cho

The Validity and Reliability Test of the Korean Version of the Job/Work Environment Nursing Satisfaction Survey (JWENS) for New Graduate Nurses
pp. 25165-25175
Mi Yu1, Kyung-ja Kang

Development of Sanitation and Hygiene Improvement Education Program and test its’ Effects
pp. 25177-25182
Koh, Myung Suk, Cha, Mihyang

Factors Affecting the Health-related Quality of Life in Women with Overactive Bladder Syndrome
pp. 25183-25187
Kwon MiSun, Lee KyuEun, Kim NamSun,

Safety observance when spraying pesticide and pesticide-related symptoms among Korean farmers
pp. 25189-25198
Myoung-Hee Kim

An Adaptive Strategy for Lifelog Healthcare System
pp. 25199-25206
Myung-Kyu Yi, Taeg Keun Whangbo

The Changed of Foot Pressure during Standing with Revised High Heeled Shoes: pilot study
pp. 25207-25211
Young-hyeon Bae , Young-soul Park

An Influence of Current Density And Temperature About Anodic Oxidation Film Properties of Al Alloy
pp. 25213-25219
Sung Il Jeon · Won Sub Chung

Material Recycling and Flow of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment in Korea
pp. 25221-25229
Yong-Chul Jang, Seunghun Lee, Youngjae Ko, Kyunghoon Choi

Mobile Concurrency Control Improvement using CST-PCL
pp. 25231-25239
Hui-Jeong Ju and Sung-Je Cho

A Numerical Study on the 2-D Transverse Modeling of Steel Strip on a Run-Out Table
pp. 25241-25250
Do-kyun Chung,Chang-Keun Lee, Jin-Taek Kim,Hyeong-Jin Kim, ByungJoon Baek1

Study on Stress Concentration of Tensile Plate with Hole by Numerical and Experimental Photoelasticity
pp. 25251-25257
Tae Hyun Baek, Myung Soo Kim, Dong Pyo Hong, andChoon Tae Lee

Implementation of Entry Management System Using Multiple Cloud Messaging
pp. 25259-25267
Sungwook Yoon, Eunmi Jung, Hyenki Kim

Region Based Object Extraction Using Intensity and Disparity in3D Stereoscopic Images
pp. 25269-25277
Gil Ja So, Sang Hyun Kim

Improving Field of View of The Stereo Camera for TMS Navigation
pp. 25279-25288
Jae-Yong An, Se-Jin Yoon, Sung-Taek Chung

A Study on Satisfaction of Movie Viewersbased on Smartphones
pp. 25289-25299
Hyungjoon Kim and Seongwon Park

An Interactive Approach to the Point Cloud based Pipeline Construction
pp. 25301-25309
Hee-Seok Kim, Ashok Kumar Patil, Seong Sill Park, Pavitra Holi,and Young Ho Chai

Motion Control Interface for 3D Mobile Avatar in a Mobile Communication Environment
pp. 25311-25323
Shashidhar Patil, Ajay Kumar, Dubeom Kim,and Young Ho Chai

A Study on the Determinants of the Silver Generation’s ICT Use: Focusing on the Color Environment from a Visualperceptual Perspective
pp. 25325-25335
Mi-gyung Lee1, Jin-wan Park

A study on color and texture based image retrieval using SVM
pp. 25337-25346
DongYueWang, Taeg Keun Whangbo

Study on semiautomatic object segmentation technique for 2D/3D conversion
pp. 25347-25355
Jae Seoung Kim, Taeg Keun Whangbo


A Study on Tourism Service Model for Customers'Feedbacks on Social Media and Case Studies
pp. 25357-25364
Eun-Jee Song, Min-Shik Kang

A Distributed Cooperative Data Crawling System for Online Social Networks
pp. 25365-25371
Seunghun Lee and Hyun-chul Kim

An Efficient MAC Protocol to Reduce Packet Loss in the WBSN Environment
pp. 25373-25379
Rae Hyun Kim and Jeong Gon Kim

The Promotion Project on SocioculturalExchange andCommunication Between North and South Koreans
pp. 25381-25387
Kim In Sook, Kim Yoon Young, Lee Sook Hyun, and Yu Shi Eun

Exposing Hidden Security Vulnerabilities of J2EE Server Library
pp. 25389-25397
HyoSeong Park, YoungChan Lim, ChulWooPark, KiChangKim, JaeHyun Park

Detection of C&C Zeus packets via Pseudo Decryption of Packet Length Field
pp. 25399-25406
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An Environmental Hazard Surveillance Model Based on Centralized Information Dissemination for on-Road Safety: A Design Perspective
pp. 25407-25413
Muhammad Sohail Khan, DoHyeun Kim

Optimized Road Condition and Azimuth Routingbased on VANET for Optimized Vehicular Traffic Flow
pp. 25415-25432
ByungKwan Lee and EunHee Jeong

Endpoint Unit Identification Scheme Based on CoAP for Multiple Sensor and Actuator
pp. 25433-25439
Wen-Quan JIN, Yong-Geun Hong,Muhammad Sohail Khan, Dohyeun Kim

A Design and Implementation of Flexible Middleware for Hierarchical Sensor Web
pp. 25441-25452
Chen Nan ,Faiza Tila, Do Hyeun Kim

The Integration of Smart Refrigerator and Smart Phone Application for Wellness Service
pp. 25453-25459
Byungrak Son, Chang-Sub Han, Hyun Lee, Dong-Ha Lee

Evaluation and Development of Web Based Health Risk Appraisal
pp. 25461-25469

The Comparative Study of Generalized Goel-NHPP Model using Software Reliability Cost Model
pp. 25471-25477
Hee-Cheul Kim, Jeong-Beom Kim

An Effective MAC Protocol with Alteration of IEEE 802.15.4 Frame Structure
pp. 25479-25484
Jae Soon Kim and Jeong Gon Kim

Impact of Stress on the Facilities’ and Life Satisfaction Levels by the Elderly Admitted to Nursing Homes
pp. 25485-25495
Young-Hwa Sa and Sung-Je Cho

Effects of the Social Demographic Traits of Single Parents on their Life Satisfaction
pp. 25497-25504
SeunghaOh1, Seongjae Cho

Relationship between the Self-Esteem Recovery Treatment and Improvement of Delinquency of Abused Adolescent
pp. 25505-25514
Mi-Ja Lee, Sung-jae Jo

Downlink OFDMA in Next Generation Wireless LAN1
pp. 25515-25523
Baik Kim and Ronny Yongho Kim

Properties of Cement-Based Mortars Substituted By Carbonated Fly Ash And Carbonated Under Supercritical Conditions
pp. 25525-25534
Yootaek Kim and Kyongwoo Lee

A PSO Algorithm Based PI Controller Design For Soft Starting Of Induction Motor
pp. 25535-25542
Dr.K.Mohanasundaram, K.R.Sugavanam and R.Senthilkumar

An Implementation Of Patterns For High Level Music Control Of Digital Signal Processing
pp. 25543-25553
Sandeep Kota And Dr.T.V.Rama Krishna

An Effective Oral Cancer Diagnosis System Using Weighted Mahalanobis Distance based Multiclass SVM
pp. 25555-25572
R.Jaya Suji and Dr.S.P.Rajagopalan

Resource Allocation using Complexity Equalization Technique in Cloud Environment
pp. 25573-25585
R. Madhumathi and R. Radhakrishnan

Recognising and classify Emotion from the speech of Autism Spectrum Disorder children for Tamil language using Support Vector Machine
pp. 25587-25602
C.Sunitha Ram and R.Ponnusamy

Earlier Innovations In SRM Fault Detection Methods - A Survey
pp. 25603-25620
Chandrika, V.S. and K. Krishnamoorthi


A Study of Emerging Software Testing Approaches in Software Engineering

pp. 25621-25632

Shaik Mohammad Shahabuddin and Dr.Y Prasanth


Support Vector Machine for Software Defect Prediction
pp. 25633-25644
M. Thangavel and G.M.Nasira

Architecture Of Software Development Kit For Surgery Training Suites
pp. 25645-25652
Aleksandr Kolsanov, Aikush Nazaryan, Anton Ivaschenko, Andrey Kuzmin

Automated Quasi Newton’s Subspace Two Variable Weighted Clustering And Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm For Multiview Data
pp. 25653-25671
M.Kalaiarasu and Dr. R .Radhakrishnan

Miniaturized Circular Multislotted Microstrip Antenna
pp. 25681-25686
A.Beno, S.Darwin and D.S.Emmanuel

Privacy in cloud database querying

pp. 25689-25700

Shruti S. Kavathekar, Prof. Ambika Pawar, Dr. Ajay Dani

A Study on Static Analysis of MEMS Devices on Pullin Parameter Calculations for Analog and Digital Mode Actuation
pp. 25701-25708
M.Maheswaran, Har Narayan Upadhyay

Optimization of Electrode Location Parameters and Hinge Geometry of Torsional MEMS Switches with Pull-in Considerations
pp. 25709-25719
M. Maheswaran, V. Maheswaran, N. Harihara Srinivasan, Har Narayan Upadhyay

Effects Of Vanishing Moments Of Wavelets In Image Compression Algorithms
pp. 25721-25728
Pandian .R and Dr.T.Vigneswaran

Development Of Salt Tolerant Tomato Varieties For Breeding In Saline Soil Conditions Of Karakalpakstan
pp. 25729-25732
Ubbiniyazova Dilbar Ongarbaevna, Buriev Khasan Chutbaevich, Madreymova Dilfuza Erkebaevna

A novel technique to extract image from diverse hand gestures of Google glass by enhancing Gabor filter for variety of platforms
pp. 25733-25739
T.V.Ananthan Sumathyeswaran T.Muralidharan

Pigeon Hole Technique in Optimization of Wearable Electrodes used in Danger and Safety Zone Prediction for Toddlers
pp. 25741-25755
Sheryl Oliver.A and Maheswari.N

The Four Tier Validation System to Prevent the Web Application Session Hijack Attacks By Defending The Cross Site Scripting Attacks
pp. 25757-25767
S.S.Manivannan and E. Sathiyamoorthy

Comparative Study Of Performance Evaluation Of Uasb Reactor For Sugar Industry Effluent Treatment At Psicrophilicandmesophilic Temperature
pp. 25769-25779
R.Sivakumar and Dr.V.Sekaran

Identification Of Facial Expression Using Different Methodologies
pp. 25781-25788
Mr. K. Gnanamuthu Prakash and Dr. S. Balasubramanian

Design Of CNTFET Based Sequential Circuits Using Fault Tolerant Reversible Logic
pp. 25789-25804
S.Ranjith, T.Ravi, P.Umarani, R.Arunya

Pre-Joint Image Registration for Single Image Super Resolution
pp. 25805-25816
J. Amudha, R. Sudhakar, D.Pradeepa

Multi-Objective Optimization Of Bead Geometry And Dilution In FCAW Process Using PSO
pp. 25817-25832
B.Senthilkumar and T.Kannan

DCT-SVD And DWT-SVD Image Watermarking Techniques
pp. 25833-25839
Raji Pandurangan and Dr.E.Logashanmugam

Design And Implementation Of Polynomial Pi Control Strategy In Direct Methanol Fuel Cell

pp. 25841-25848

R. Govindarasua, R. Parthibana, P.K. Bhaba


Analysis of ECG for Biometric Encryption

pp. 25849-25858

J.Mohana and Dr.V.Thulasibai


Automatic Brain and Tumor Segmentation in MRI Using Fuzzy Classification with Integrated Bayesian Model

pp. 25859-25870

Dr.E.Mohan, R.Sugumaran, K.Venkatachalam


Removing Motion Artifact FromHeart Rate Signal Of PhotoplethysmographyUsing Active Noise Cancellation

pp. 27871-25881

Rizal Maulana, Jang-Zern Tsai, Wijono


Water Tank Level Control Using Fuzzy & PID Controller
pp. 25883-25890
M.Lavanya , B.Naga parvathi , P.Kartheek, K.Vineesh,

An Over view of pH Neutralization of water using PID &FUZZY controller
pp. 25891-25904
M.lavanya , Amarnath.K.T , T.Kavita , NiranjanPadhi

Implementation of Optimum Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items with Economic Purchasing Strategy
pp. 25905-15917
Umamaheswari.S Chandrasekeran.E and Vijayalakshmi.C

Improving The Software Reliability Through Adaptive Testing Strategy, A Statistical Approach
pp. 25919-25925
Dr.Prem Jacob and K.S.Priyadarshini

Retrofitting of Reinforced Concrete Beam with Externally Bonded CFRP
pp. 25927-25952
M.Balachandran and Dr.S.Christian Johnson

A Characterization of Cloud Computing with reference to Multitier Client-server computing
pp. 25971-25985
G. Lathaselvi, Hari T.S. Narayanan , Saswati Mukherjee

Effective Interference Cancellation Technique With Orderings In Rayleigh Fading Channel For Mimo Systems
pp. 25987-25996
Chandika Mohan Babu and Suresh Kumar Megajolla

Improved Security Architectures For Wireless Mesh Networks Using Merkle Tree Handshaking
pp. 25997-26005
E. Fenil

Removing Speckle Noise In Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Images
pp. 26007-26018
D.Suresh and Dr.P.Alli

Design of a high-efficiency linear compressor through a transient full- cycle CFD analysis
pp. 26019-26028
Il Sun Hwang and Young Lim Lee

Resource Optimization for Dynamic Cloud Computing Environment: A Survey
pp. 26029-26042
Perla Ravi Theja1 and Prof. SK. Khadar Babu

An Efficient 3d Mri Brain Segmentation Evaluation Based on Modified Fuzzy Clustering Method
pp. 26043-16054
R. Arun, D. Murugan and K.Rajalakshmi

Brain Computer Interface For Mobility- A Case Study With ALS Patient
pp. 26055-26070
D.Hari Krishna, Rakesh Sengupta, I.A.Pasha and T.Satya Savithri

Influences of The Cutting Parameter on Aisi316l Using B4tic Coated Tool
pp. 26071-26077
P.Senthilkumar, R.Saravanan

SLA Guaranteed Contention-Aware Adaptive Resource Management With Dynamic Scheduling Policies VMM of Virtualized Clusters For nterprise Cloud Computing
pp. 26079-26098
S.Suresh, S.Sakthivel

A Fastest Fault Tolerant Routing Algorithm For Fat Trees
pp. 26099-26116
Laxminath Tripathy C. R. Tripathy

A Review on Noice Removal In Digital Image Processing
pp. 26117-26126
Sasikala, Dr. Sukumar

Privacy-Preserving Block-Max Index Based Keyword Ranked Search In Cloud
pp. 26127-26137
R.Gokulakannan, A.S. Prabaharan and A.Aruna

A Study on Differential Pressure Pulsation Efficiency of GDI Fuel Pump Pulsation Damper
pp. 26139-26143
Seong Hun Hong and Haeng Muk Cho

A Study on Design Optimization of The Fuel Damper Durability Tester For Performance Improvement
pp. 26145-26149
Ho Kyun Lyu and Haeng Muk Cho


An Experimental Investigation To Study The Performance,Emissions And Combustion Characteristics of Ceiba Pentandra Oil Methyl Ester As A Renewable Bio-Fuel For Diesel Engine
pp. 26151-26163
S.Kathirvelu, Dr.N.Shenbaga Vinayaga Moorthi, Dr.S.Neela Krishnan, Dr.N.Kuppuswamy

The Optimal Tuning of PSO Parameters Application To Economic Load Dispatch Problem In Power System
pp. 26165-26175
S.Kalaivani, P.Arul, S.Nishanthinivalli

A Novel Rate Control Metric For Packet Congestion Control In Distributed Networks
pp. 26177-26192
Dr R Selvarani and Vinodha K

EECPC-Energy Efficient Clustering Protocol With Compression For Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 26193-26204
A.Chithra, Dr. R Shantha Selva Kumari

Sensory Perception Non-Controversial Artworks By Looking At The Symbol In Architecture
pp. 26205-26218
Dr.Afshin Amoozadeh Lichaei, Solmaz Khoshnava Fouman

Direct Measurements of The Refractive Index of The Material In A Series of Transparencies on A Multilayer Substrate
pp. 26219-26223
I.M. Aliev, A.P Kovtun, A.V. Pavlenko, G.N. Tolmachev

Analysis of Crack Filling Filters For Restoration of Old Digital Paintings
pp. 26225-26242
Shruti Garg, G. Sahoo

Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer Across PVC Pipe Implanted RCC Roof For Thermal Comfort
pp. 26243-26258
A. Ramesh Kumar, KCK. Vijayakumar, PSS. Srinivasan

Hall Effects on Mhd Flow Past An Infinite Vertical Plate In The Presence of Rotating Fluid of Variable Temperature And Uniform Mass Diffusion With First Order Chemical Reaction
pp. 26259-26271
R. Muthucumaraswamy, L. Jeyanthi

Music Recognition Using Hash Algorithm
pp. 26273-26284
G.C.Jagan, V.Sowmya, V.Remya

Study of Microwave Packaging For Space Communication Payload
pp. 26285-26293
Mr. Pranav Mahamuni, Mr. Sachin Salunke, Mr. Sachin Velapure, Mr. Yash Parikh


An Improved Method Of Textural Analysis For Pap Smears Image Classification

pp. 26317-26328

Tholkappiyan A, Allwin S


Markovian Bulk Servicequeueing Model With Servers Repeatedvacation

pp. 26329-26338

R.Sree parimala and S.Palaniammal


Robust Feature Selection Based Lossless Video Compression OF Tiny Video Scenes Using Multi
Feature Reduction Technique and Wavelet Transform

pp. 263339-26349

S.Ponlatha and Dr. R.S. Sabeenian


Enhancement Of K-Anonymity To Privacy Preserving Data Mining Using Association Rule Hiding Algorithm

pp. 26351-26364

Dr. R. Sugumar, Dr. A. Rengarajan and Dr. C. Jayakumar


Design and Implementation of Baby-care System based on Context-Awareness using Wearable Band

pp. 26365-26377

Mi-Ae Yu, Donggeon Lee, Yang-Soo Kim and Jae-Hyun Lim


Design and Implementation of Smart Farm System Based on Hybrid App

pp. 26379-26392

Won-IL Seo ,Seung-Mi Moon, Sook-Youn Kwon, Jin-Hee Park and Jae-Hyun Lim


A Comparative study of Techniques Involved in Thermal Image Diagnostic System

pp. 26393-26416

M.P.Gopinath and S.Prabu


Different Types Of PVD Coatings and their Demands – A Review

pp. 26417-26430

S.Arula, M.Easwaramoorthia , M. meikandan


Mitigating Power Quality Problems and Comparison of PV Supported Dynamic Voltage Restorer and Distribution STATCOM in Stand Alone Wind Energy Conversion System

pp. 26431-26445

Mohanasundaram Ravi, Arun Venkatesh Jayakumar, I.Felice Browni,Karthikrajan Senthilnathan,


Parallel Image Processing And Image Recognition Based On Pipeline
pp. 26447-26454
Ramesh P.S. and Letitia S.

An Enhanced Face Recognition System Using A Swarm Based Principal Component Analysis
pp. 26455-26466
E. Gomathi and Dr. K. Baskaran

Fluid Mechanical Disturbance Induced by Stent in Ideal Abdominal Aortic Geometries
pp. 26467-26480
Taewon Seo

Optimization of Distribution System with hybrid Fuzzy and Opposition based Differential Evolution (FODE) Algorithm
pp. 26481-26494

A Novel approach for Real-Time Obstacle avoidance in indoor environment with Hardware Architecture using Embedded Robot
pp. 26491-26507
Chinnaiah M C, P Rajesh Kumar and T.Satya Savithri

Comparative Study of DOA Estimation Algorithms
pp. 26509-26515
Bindu Sharma Indranil Sarkar Tanmoy Maity P. P. Bhattacharya

A Real-time remote ICU patient monitoring system using TCP protocol, power line protocol, GSM technology, web publishing and E-mail generation
pp. 26517-26533
D. Shalini, Rajarshee Dhar and Kaushik Bhattacharya

Exploring The UGC Infonet E-Resources Consortia On The Universities Library In India With Special Reference To Jharkhand: A Study
pp. 26535-26552
Bal Ram and Dr. Bhaskar Karn

Exploring The UGC Infonet E-Resources Consortia On The Universities Library In India With Special Reference To Jharkhand: A Study
pp. 26535-26552
Bal Ram and Dr. Bhaskar Karn

A Broadband Reflectarray Antenna Concentric Ring Square Element for Dual Frequency Operation
pp. 26553-26562
S. H. Yusop1, N. Misran, F. Mansor, M. T. Islam, M. Abu

Steady State Behavior of a Cold-Standby System with Server Failure and Arbitrary Repair,Replacement & Treatment
pp. 26563-26578
R.K. Bhardwaj and Ravinder Singh

An Efficient Protection Of Database In Cloud Environments
pp. 26579-26589
Mrs. A. Safiya Parvin and Mrs. M.Priyavarshini

Enhancing Security By Using Yao Gabriel Techniques
pp. 26591-26600
Gayathri A and Narayanasamy P

Reliable Link based Energy Efficient Cluster Routing Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 26601-26615
Tamil Selvi and Dr.K.Baskaran

A Survey on Challenges and Design Constraints in Multimodal Biometric System
pp. 26617-26633
Mr. S.Veluchamy Dr.L.R.Karlmarx Mr.V.Arun

RF Based Non-Invasive Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring System
pp. 26635-26644
V.D.M. Jabez Daniel, P. Arul Sindhia J. Joshua Bapu, S. Senthil Siva Manikandan

Transmissible Distance based Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 26645-26661
K.Pavai and . D.Sridharan

Improved performance of Full bridge multi-port wind/PV converter for DC Grid application
pp. 26663-26680
M. Hemachandran and Dr. R. Madhusudhanan

Real Time Traffic Inference Model for BE Traffic QoS improvement using GT slack in NoC Systems
pp. 26681-26689
S. Ramani and J. Sundararajan

Code Process Block Based Reduction Technique for Software Code Clone Detection
pp. 26691-26708
Ritesh V. Patil, Dr. S. D. Joshi, Sachin V. Shinde, Dr.V.Khanna

Optimization Technique to Estimate the Complex Permittivity of Dielectric Materials at X-Band Using Rectangular Waveguide
pp. 26709-26718
Hassan Elmajid , Jaouad Terhzaz, Hassan Ammor

Creating Environment Friendly Projects in Rural India – A Synergy Framework for Sustainable Renewable Energy
pp. 26719-26738
Saravan Krishnamurthy, Shaji Joseph, S .Vijayakumar Bharathi

Of Feature Selection and Classification Algorithms for Phonocardiography Signal
pp. 26739-26754
G.Venkata Hari Prasad and P. Rajesh Kumar

An Analytical Approach on QWL Education Wise With Special Reference to Public and Private Sector Employees’ of Manufacturing Enterprises’
pp. 26755-26785

Performance Analysis Of Relay Enabled Distributed Energy Aware Cooperative Mac Protocol For MANET
pp. 26787-26796
C.Ellammal and S.Smys

Time Reduction and Voltage Profile Improvement Using DG and UPFC by the Current Based Model
pp. 26797-26810
P.Bhaskara Prasad, P. Bala Chennaiah and B.Raja Rajeswari

Conducted EMI Measurement For Power Supplies
pp. 26811-26818
Thiagu G and Dhanasekaran R

Designing A Simple Smart House Control Using Labview
pp. 26819-26829
M.Lavanya,T.Kavita, G.R.V.SaiBrahma,Amarnath.K.T

Resource Management For Multimedia Modes In ELearning Cloud Based Services
pp. 26831-26848
R.Gopinath and B.G.Geetha

Contactless Based Palmprint Pattern Analysis and Identification
pp. 26849-26863
Bremanath. R and Yashodha.G

Boxing With Augmented Reality
pp. 26865-26886
Shriram.K.Vasudevan, Abarna. and Srivathsan.S

A Cross Layerrouting Protocol For Wireless Mesh Networks To Improve TCP Performance
pp. 26887-26899
N.Ananthi and Dr.S.Sudha


Effect of Spraying Discharge Towards the Microstructure Morphology of the AL Mg Powder Hardness as a Result of Water Atomization Process Using a Twenty-Hole Nozzle
pp. 26901-26912
Muh. Halim Asiri, Rudy Soenoko, Agus Suprapto, Yudy Surya Irawan

Multi Input High Performance Z-Source Inverter For Hybrid Wind-Solar Power Systems
pp. 26913-26924
S.Kamalakkannan and Dr.D.Kirubakaran

Design and Analysis of Shadow Detection for Terrain Elevation Images Using SHADE Algorithm
pp. 26925-26942
J.Jenita and J.Jebastine

Hybrid Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Geographic Routing
pp. 26943-26955
A. Tamizhselvi and R. S. D. Wahida Banu

RoBaJe – A Simulated Computational Model for Human Memory to Illustrate Encoding and Decoding of Information
pp. 26957-26970
K.Roshini B.Bavya G.Jeyakumar

Optimal MIMO-OFDM Transceiver Design for Fading Channels
pp. 26971-26986

Investigation of Neem Methyl Ester for Electric Power Generation
pp. 26987-26998
G. Vijaya gowri, N. Kanagaraj and C. Muniraj

Adaptive Gamma Correction Enhanced Retinal Image for Automated Detection of Glaucoma
pp. 26999-27012
Nirmala K and Venkateswaran N

Multivariate Model For Estimating The Future Behavior Of Flow In Wireless Networks
pp. 27013-27025
Yaqueline G. Rodríguez , Danilo A. López S, Jorge E. Salamanca C

Fuzzy logic Based Matrix Converter and Unified Power Quality Conditioner for frequency regulation and Power Quality Improvement
pp. 27027-27040
S.Sarada, O.Hemakesavulu and T. Lakshmi Bhavani

Determination of cutting operation number for multipass cutting in WEDM of composite materials
pp. 27041-27051
S.Ramesh, N.Natarajan, V.Krishnaraj, G.Gokulakannan

Self-Healing Network for DNS Amplification Attacks
pp. 27053-27066
Dr.P.Sudhakar and G.Mohana Prabha

Mixed Domain VLSI Approach for ECG QRS Complex Detection
pp. 27067-27081
L. Murali, T. Manigandan, D. Chitra, S. Vishnu Gopeka

Performance Improvement In Data Mining Applications Through The Novel Online Data Warehouse Architecture By Using Storage Area Networks With Fibre Channel Fabric
pp. 27083-27107
M. Saravanamuthu and Dr. G. M. Kadhar Nawaz

Regression Test Case Minimization Using Cyclomatic Complexity
pp. 27109-27123
R.Beena and S.Sarala

State-Dependent Boundary Layer Method for Attitude Control of Mini Satellite
pp. 27125-27131
Nurul Syazwani Hussain, Hassrizal Hassan Basri, Sazali Yaacob,Nor Hazadura Hamzah

Identification And Recognition Of Face In An Image Sequence By Eigenedginess
pp. 27133-17151
Aravind Raj C, Vignesh R, Chokkalingam SP, Thiagarajan R

pp. 27153-27164

Prediction of Diabetes Using Decision Trees

pp. 27165-27178
Sathya S, Rajesh A, Manivannan R

Re-Train And Retain: A Case Study
pp. 27179-27184
Swathi.B and Krishnan.A.R.

A New Amplitude Modulated Triangular Carrier Pulse Width Modulation Strategy for Multilevel Inverters
pp. 27185-27197
Maalmarugan Jayabalan, Baskaran Jeevarathinam,

Vowel Quality Scoring on Speech Rehabilitation Assistance
pp. 27199-27210
Dahnial Syauqy, Chao-Min Wu and Onny Setyawati

Multi-Variant Network Forensics Approach To Detect DDOS Attacks To Improve Network Performance
pp. 27211-27221
V.ShyamalaDevi and Dr. R. Umarani

The Design Of Evolvable Hardware Systems On Reconfigurable Platforms
pp. 27223-27234
M.V. Lyashov, A.N. Bereza and L.M.L. Blanco

Evolution And Perspectives Of International And Regional Security Institutes In Central Asia
pp. 27235-27241
Starkin S.V., Petukhov A.Y. Lebedeva E.V., Poskrebasheva E.V.,

Optimization of Process parameters in Sleeve Synchronizer Groove turning (Hard turning) for better surface finish and Productivity using TGRA –A Practical Investigation
pp. 27243-27254
K.Balasubramanian, S.Rajarasalnath, N.Rajeswari

Fast Module for Discrete Wavelet Transform using Vedic multipliers
pp. 27255-27275
N.Vijaya Bala and R.Shanmugalakshmi

Trust Based Coded Multicast Routing With Secure Authentication in MANET
pp. 27277-27290
C.Vijayakumaran and Dr.T. Adiline Macriga

Comparison of EEG Signal Analysis of a Healthy Person and an Epileptic Patient
pp. 27291-27298
A. Sharmila , P.Geethanjali , J.Kavish , J.Avish

The Performance of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine by using Schleicher Oleosa Methyl Ester
pp. 27299-27310
Gandhi Mallela, Prabhu Kumar.S, Hemanth S and Ramu Neredimeli

Design and Development of Photo Acoustic Spectrometer with Diode Laser
pp. 27311-27318
Dr .K.Gouthami, K.Nalini, D.V.N.Sukanya, D.Jagadeesh

Design of V-Band Low Noise Amplifier using Current Reuse Topologies
pp. 27319-27330
Karthigha Balamurugan, Nirmala Devi M. and Jayakumar M.

Effect of FCAW process parameters on bead geometry in super duplex stainless steel claddings
pp. 27331-27346
A.V.Balan, T.Kannan, N. Shivasankaran

Software Project Task Scheduling Based on Hybrid ABC-GA Algorithm
pp. 27347-27362
Vidya Sagar P. and Dr.N.Geethanjali

Evaluation of weld defects Using Radial basis Network
pp. 27363-27369

Modified Power Aware Routing Technique In Wireless Mobile Adhoc Network
pp. 27371-27378
D.Chitra. and Dr.M.Chandrasekaran

Transmission Line Protection based on Discrete Wavelet Transform
pp. 27379-27392
P. Balakrishnan K. Sathiyasekar S. Rakkimuthu

Important Flows Forwarding In Router Using Flows Categorization And Traffic Information
pp. 27393-27402
R.Deebalakshmi and Dr.V.L.Jyothi

Time Orient Sink Scheduling Based Data Estimation And Collection Approach For War Field Sensor Networks
pp. 27403-27412
A.Sangeetha and Dr.M.Chandrasekaran

A Novel Single Phase Five Level Inverter Topology for Renewable Energy Sources
pp. 27413-27424

Cuckoo Based Rule Induction Algoirthm
pp. 27425-27432
C.Nalini and D.Vijay Anand

Performance Comparison of Artificial Neural Network techniques for Foreign Exchange rate forecasting
pp. 27433-27455
Dr S. Kumar Chandar, Dr. M. Sumathi, Dr S. N. Sivanandam

IVRSC: An Interactive and Intelligent Video Retrival System for Cricket Videos Using Multi-Features
pp. 27457-27491
S.Padmakala, Dr.Muthuchelvi.P and Dr.G.S.AnandhaMala

Finger Vein Biometric Information Authentication System Using Modified Genetic Algorithm
pp. 27493-27506
Dr.R.Helen and A.Nargis Banu

Modelling and Simulation of Matrix converter with State-Space -qdo Model and S-transformation for improving performance of permanent magnet
synchronous generator
pp. 27507-27522
B.Vaikundaselvan and Dr.Ranithottungal

Low-Power High-Speed CNFET Based 3-Input XOR Function and Application
pp. 27523-27536
P.A. Gowri sankar and G. Sathiyabama

Implementation of High Frequency Resonant Inverter with soft switching Using Ferrite Core Transformer
pp. 27537-27547
K.Dilavar Basha and P.Ponsudha

Classification Based Obfuscation Transformations For Software Production
pp. 27549-27556
Dr.M.B. Mukesh Krishnan, P.Rajasekar and T.Balachander

Design And Analysis Of Adaptive Hysteresis Controller For Shunt Active Filter With Pq Control Strategy
pp. 27557-27568
A.Matheswaran, Dr.C.Ganeshbabu, R.Sumi

Solving short term unit commitment problem using lambda optimization and modified dynamic programming
pp. 27569-27579
Logavani K and S.Senthil Kumar

Semantic Similarity- A Review of Approaches and Metrics
pp. 27581-27600
Ms.D.Akila and Dr. C.Jayakumar

Failure Modes Of Castellated Beam With And With Out Stiffeners
pp. 27601-27611
B.Anupriya and Dr.K.Jagadeesan

Performance analysis of features and Algorithms applied in Web Page Classification – Survey
pp. 27613-27621
S.Markkandeyanand Dr. M.Indra Dev

New simple way for extraction of Taxifolin from Larch wood
pp. 27623-27631
Anna Vladimirovna Lekar, Sergey Nikolaevich Borisenko, Elena Vladimirovna Vetrova, Olga Vladimirovna Filonova, Elena Vladimirovna Maksimenko, Nikolai Ivanovich Borisenko

SPWD – Semantic Processing Of Web Documents
pp. 27633-27640
Thilagavathy R and Sabitha R


Implementation of High Performance and Area Efficient Manchester Encoders

pp. 27641-27653

Sarada Musala


The Optimisation Of Auxiliary Movement Of The Cutting Tool During The Milling Of Complex Surfaces On 3-Axis CNC Machine

pp. 27655-27666

Nguyen Van Nam and Ponomarev, B. B.


Power quality Improvement of Gridconnected Wind energy conversion system using unified power quality conditioner

pp. 27667-27681

P.RajivGandhi, Dr.J.Baskaran, Dr.S.A.Elankurisil,  A.Adhithan


A Novel Shoot Through control Method for Switched Inductor Quasi Z-Source Inverter

pp. 27683-27693

V. Malathi, D. Vijayakumar, S. Meikandasivam


An investigation approaches for lung nodule segmentation using CT images

pp. 27695-27701

Veerakumar Kuppusamy and Ravichandran C Gopalakrishnan


Does personal factors have an influential role for success of women entrepreneurs in beauty salon industry

pp. 27703-27715

Dr.M.Chitra, A.R.Shanmuga Priya, Mr.V.Suresh and Dr.B. Kalpana


Detection and Classification of Skin Lesion in Dermoscopy images

pp. 27719-27731

Pranita P. Patil, Prof. Sonali A. Patil, Dr. V. R. Udupi


Design And Development Of A Trap For Part Feeders To Obtain The Most Favorable Orientation Of Part

pp. 27733-27750

Suresh.M1, Rakesh.N  and Don Parthiban.D


Intelligent Accident Prevent and Automatic Lane Clearance System for Ambulance

pp. 27751-27761

S.Somnath Sundar, K.Sathiya & S.Sriram Sundar


Fuzzy Based ACO Algorithm For Piece Selection In P2P Network

pp. 27763-27778



Efficient Threephase Minimum Components Soft-Switched Delta Modulated Pwm Inverter For Induction Motor Drives

pp. 27779-27796

S.Senguttuvan and S.Senthilkumar


Control Scheme For Voltage Regulation In Micro Grids To Ensure Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
pp. 27797-27816
K. Harinath reddy, S.Muqthiar Ali and K.Chandra Sekhar

Harmony Search Algorithm Based Optimised Model For Communinity Based Hydro, Wind Diesel Generator Hybrid Energy System
pp. 27817-27822
M, Durairasan, Dr. A. Kalaiselvan, Dr. H. Habeebullah Sait

E-Epidemic Model For The Transmission And Control Of Malicious Codes In Computer Network
pp. 27823-27833
Prasant Kumar Nayak, Debdas Mishra ,subhashree Ram

Prediction of Behavior in Production Assembly Lines
pp. 27835-27849
S. Sathisha and A.R. Lakshmananb

Design and Implementation of Agility Assessment to Reduce QCDM Factors in Industry Sector
pp. 27851-27858
Dr.B.Ganesh Babu1, Mr.T.Varun Kumar1 and Dr.M.Saravanan

Relay Node Aware Link Scheduling for Cognitive Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
pp. 27859-27870
Sumalatha M.R, Diwan B

Characterizing The Dry Sliding Friction And Wear Behavior Of AL-SiCP CompositE
pp. 27871-27878
S.Muthu kumar, P.Mathiyalagan and G. Hemath kumar

Security and Privacy Issues in Cloud Computing
pp. 27879-27893
P.Uma eswari and B. Shanthini

Improvisation Of Tensile Properties Of Epoxy-GFRP Composite Materials
pp. 27895-27904
G. Dharmalingam and V.Thirunavukkarasu, R. Mariappan, S.Venkatasubba Reddy,Thambiran

Optimal DG Placement For Loss Reduction Using Fuzzy And Harmony Search Algorithm
pp. 27905-27913
P.Suresh Babu, R.Madhan Mohan, P.Venkata Ravi Kiran

Development Of Smart Metering Infrastructure For Residential Distributed Generation/Micro Grid In Indian Power System
pp. 27915-27940
S.R. Sivarasu, E. Chandira Sekaran.E, S. Vasantharathna

A Combine Approach Of Energy Histogram Component (DC) And Relevance Feedback For Effective Image Retrieval
pp. 27941-27956
R.C.Narayanan and DR.K.Krishnamoorthy

Sliding Mode Observer Based Sensorless Speed Control Of Induction Motor
pp. 27957-27974
S. Priya, M.R Rashmi, A.Suresh ,K Sathiyasekar

Study Of SIC Coatings On Graphite
pp. 27975-27999
Vidyaranya Sarma.A

Improving The Efficiency Of A Solar Flat Plate Collector With Different Coating Materals
pp. 28001-28010
P. Murali Krishna

Certain Investigation on Intrusion Detection Techniques in Network Data
pp. 28011-28029
A. Dhivya and Dr S.N. Sivanandham


Hardware Implementation Approach For Power Quality Improvement At Distribution Level By Renewable Energy Sources

pp. 28031-28043

G.Sundar, M.Jayanthi , I.Poovizhi

Survey on Content Based Video Retrieval
pp. 28055-28077
R.Raja, S.Md.Mansoor Roomi , K.Karthik

Performance Analysis of Energy Efficient and QoS based Routing protocols of Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 28079-28091
S.R. Menaka and Dr.G. Murugesan Madan A Sendhil, Balasubramanian S and Arunkumar G

Multifarious Response Optimization For EDM By CU/WC Electrode Using Grey Analysis
pp. 28093-28099
C.Mathalai Sundaram, R.Sivasubramanian M.Sivakumar

Artificial Intelligence Based Statcom Controller Enhancement Power System Dynamic Stability
pp. 28101-28113
Mr. Subir Datta

A Conceptual Study On Application Of Six Sigma [DMAIC] Approach For Managing Road Traffic Accidents (RTAS) With A Focus On Indian Scenario
pp. 28115-28129
T.Sivakumar and Dr. R.Krishnaraj

Query Search And Data Retrieval Techniques With Trust Based Content Distribution In Distributed Computing Networks
pp. 28131-28146
Dr. Anna Saro Vijendran and S. Thavamani

Self destructing Data system (SeDas) for Data Confidentiality in Cloud based on Time Parameter
pp. 28147-28159
Dr. D. Thilagavathy and S. Savitha

A Region-based Framework for Mining Sequential Patterns from Spatio-Temporal Event Databases
pp. 28161-28175
Gurram Sunitha and Dr. A. Rama Mohan Reddy

Investigation Of Mechanical Properties Of Borassus Flabellifer Sprout Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites
pp. 28177-28191
L.Boopathi1, T.Tirumalai, P.Chokkalingam

Multilevel Spread Spectrum HDWT Technique for Image Watermarking

pp. 28193-28200
SivaShankar.S and Dr.Rengarajan.A,  Rajesh khanna.M

Evaluating The Performance Of Weather Parameters And Comparative Study Using Soft Computing Technique
pp. 28201-28210
Amanullah.M and Dr.Khanaa.V


DiffServ Based QoS Architecture for Uplink/Downlink Fairness in IEEE 802.11e Wireless LAN
pp. 28211-28227
V.Ilayaraja and Dr.R.Venkatesan

MCMC: A Comparative Analysis of Various parts HTC computing using SUTCAST
pp. 28229-28243
G.Pitchayya Pillai and Dr. P. Seeni Kannan

An Efficient Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) based Classification of Rice Crop Varieties Using Hyper-spectral Image Processing
pp. 28245-28259
B. Mahendra Kumar and DR. Karthik.S

Congestion Detection And Avoidance Scheme Using Efficient Packet Scheduling With Congestion Control Protocolfor Cluster Tree Topology In WSN
pp. 28261-28281
M.Sengaliappan and Dr.A.Marimuthu

ERP Implementation Success Model
pp. 28283-28306
R.Dhinakaran Samuel and Dr. N. Santhosh Kumar

Enhancement of Strength of Concrete by Bacterial Calcite Precipitation
pp. 28307-28320
Krishnapriya.S, Venkatesh Babu .D.L, Prince Arulraj.G

Personalised Advisory System For Pest And Disease Management In Potato Crop In Nilgiris District Of India
pp. 28321-28335
A.Kannammal, A.KamalaKannan, P.Devi, L.Gnanasingjesu Maharaja

Techniques For Noise Addition To Preserve Privacy
pp. 28337-28341
Techniques For Noise Addition To Preserve Privacy

Experimental investigation of drilling of GFRP composites by twist drill bit made up of different tool materials
pp. 28343-28348
R.Raja, G.Chandramohan and V.Krishnaraj

Resource Allocation for Scientific Workflow Based Applications Using CPM and Virtual Machine in Cloud
pp. 28349-28363
Vinothina V and Dr.R.Sridaran


Multi Model Intrusion Detection System for Cluster Based Routing Protocol in Battle Field Mobile Adhoc Networks
pp. 28365-28375


A Strategy for Improving Construction Projects Sustainability through Value Management Approach
pp. 28377-28385
Nawi, M.N.M, Jalaluddin, S.M.F.W.S, Zulhumadi, F , Ibrahim, J.A. ,Baharum, F

Optimizing the coefficients of Multiple Regression Linear Model for classification of different attribute datasets using Genetic Algorithm(GA)
pp. 28387-28400
B.Thanga Parvathi and Dr.S.Mercy Shalinie

Flexural Behaviour Of Reinforced Concrete Beam With And Without GBFS (Granulated Blast Furnace Slag)
pp. 28401-28407
Dr.Ramadevi.K and Johnpaul.V

An Optimized Fuzzy Approach For Representative Node Selection For Cross Layer TCP (CLTCP) 
pp. 28409-28421
A.Chandrasekar and S.Arumugam

ETOD: An Efficacy Distributed Anomaly Detection Model for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 28423-28431
A.Thomas Paul Roy and Dr.K.Balasubadra

S-N behaviour of friction stir welded AZ61A Magnesium alloy joints
pp. 28441-28455
S.Venkatesan, G.P.Rajamani, V.Balasubramanian, G.Padmanaban

An Efficient Biometric Recognition Using Radial Interpolation Function Based Fuzzy Minutiae Palmprint Feature Selection
pp. 28457-28473
Mrs.S.Kanchana and Dr.G.Balakrishnan

An Artificial Immune System Based Evolutionary Strategy for Network Security Situational Awareness
pp. 28475-28484
R.Mohanraj and Dr.S.Anbu

Feature Selection Using Cuckoo Search for MRI Stroke Classification
pp. 28485-28496
Shanthi.A.S and M.Karthikeyan

Server Load Balancing Through Enhanced Server Health Report
pp. 28497-28520
M A Saifullah and Dr. M. A. Maluk Mohamed

Recommender Systems - A Deeper Insight
pp. 28521-28531
Krishya Yedugiri B, Chandni Suresh, Sini Raj P, Souparnika Sreedhar

An Image Retrieval by Content of the Image using Color, Texture and Shape
pp. 28533-28546
Purohit Shrinivasacharya and Dr. M. V. Sudhamani

Experimental Investigation on Electrical Discharge Machining of 6061 Al/TiB2 Composites
pp. 28547-28553
M Prabu G Ramadoss, C Senthilkumar R Boopathi, S Magibalan

Pressure, force and moment measurements on Aircraft Model at Subsonic Wind Tunnel
pp. 28555-28562
Muthusamy. N, Anantharaman. N and Dr. Senthil Kumar. C

Implementation of Technical Keyword Recognition Based QA System using RBF
pp. 28563-28570
Raviram P and Umarani S D

Design of NIOS II soft-core based partial reconfiguration controller in FPGA for MPSoC design
pp. 28571-28579
S.Beulah Hemalatha, Dr T.Vigneshwaran and M.Jasmin

An Empirical Approach On Sentence Similarity In Nptel Using Sea
pp. 28581-28592
Ms.N.Kalpana and S.Appavu Alias Balamurugan

Role Of Multiple Sclerosis Of Spinal Cord In Locomotion Disability
pp. 28593-28604
V.Malathy and Dr.S.Nirmala

Optimizing the Process Parameters for Laser melting of Stainless Steel Powders 
pp. 28605-28610
Kurian Antony

Universal Web Accessible Platform Model for Multiple Disabilities 
pp. 28611-28618
N. Rajkumar and Dr. Viji Vinod

PMBLDC drive performance based on closed loop and open loop speed control Tuning of PI Controller
pp. 28619-28630
M. Antony Freeda Rani and Dr. B. Sankaragomathi


Women Empowerment through Self-Help Groups: the role of Information& Communication Technology – A case study of Jharkhand State in India

pp. 28631-28643

Soumitro Chakravarty, Umesh Prasad, Anant Kumar , Amar Nath Jha

Analysis Of DSTATCOM For Voltage Sag And Under Voltage
pp. 28645-28653
A.Sherly, P.Arul and G.Susithra

Multicarrier Offset Estimation in LTE System
pp. 28655-28663
Dr. Geetha PriyaC and Susee,S.K, kannan

Quad Tree based Image Retrieval using Hierarchical Fuzzy C-Means
pp. 28665-28677
Geetha P and Vasumathi Narayanan

Enhanced Brain Computer Interface system using Virtual reality for Neurorehabilitation 
pp. 28679-28690
A.Senthil Komagan and R.S.D Wahidabanu

An Analysis in Trends and Growth Rate of Patents filed in India
pp. 28691-28703
A.R.Prathipa and Dr.S.Balasubramanian

General Manpower and Recruitment System With Exponential Production and General Sales
pp. 28705-28718
K.Hari Kumar, P.Sekar, R.Ramanarayanan

Automatics Toll Gate Operating System Using Cloud Database Access And QR Codes 
pp. 28719-28726
K.Ramaswamy and Mr.Dhinakaran

A Survey on Visual Cryptography
pp. 28727-28736
D.L.Pravallika Kaja, Narendra Babu T, Y.Harish

Fracture Behavior of Zeolite-filled High Density Polyethylene Based on Energy Partitioning Work of Fracture
pp. 28737-28747
Purnomo, Rudy Soenoko, Yudy Surya Irawan, Agus Suprapto

Experimental Investigation on Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Bridge Decks Subjected To Static and Fatigue Loading
pp. 28749-28767
Muthuraj, M. P.

New Approaches for Background Subtraction of Video Images
pp. 28769-28784

JADE implementation of Multi-agent based Inventory routing problem
pp. 28785-28792
Dr.J.Jayaprakash, N.Thinkaran

Comparative study of Congestion in software Defined Network
pp. 28793-28800
Kavitha.K and Jeyalakshmi.V

Comparative Study of Broken Rotor Bar Fault Detection Methods of Induction Motor
pp. 28801-28809

Speed control of multi-frequency three phase Induction Motor using Indirect Matrix Converter
pp. 28811-28818
M. Saravanan Mohan, T. S. Sivakumaran

Comparison of closed loop responses of Soft Switched Push-Pull DC to DC Converter with PI and PID controller
pp. 28819-28834
S. Devikalaa and P. Nirmalkumar

Dispersion Pattern of SO2 In The Vicinity of Multiple Industrial Stacks In North Chennai Air Basin Using MPC – SP Model
pp. 28847-18856
B. Vinodh Kumar G. Praveen Kumar R. Jayamurugan Dr.S.Palanivelraja

Efficient Implementation of Binarizer using FPGA
pp. 28857-28870
Karthikeyan.C, Dr.Rangachar

Optimal speech scrambling technique for OFDM based system
pp. 28871-28878
Dhanya G, Dr. J Jayakumari

Migrating Bank Data to Cloud: Threats and Mitigation
pp. 28879-28902
Auxilia Michael, K. Raja

Optimal Placement And Sizing Of Upfc By Modified Cuckoo Search Algorithm For Improvement Of Voltage Stability Of A Power System
pp. 28903-28916
A.Siva Sankar and Dr. K.S.R. Anjaneyulu

A Survey on Rule Based Filtering for Unwanted Message in OSN Walls
pp. 28917-28923
V.Vijeya Kaveri , Dr.V.Maheswari

An Effective Pattern Matching Model using Ant Optimized Feature Relational Sequence on Gene Expression Data
pp. 28925-28941

Half Bridge Converter With Capacitor Filter For Power Factor Correction
pp. 28943-28956
Dr.R.Samuel Rajesh Babu

Numerical investigation on the aerodynamics and fuel consumption of a truck-trailer
pp. 28957-28969
Mohan Jagadeesh Kumar M, Venkateshwarlu B

Quality of Work Life: Gender Differences Among Engineering College Teachers
pp. 28971-28979
P.Jyothi, Dr.Sita Neelakantan

Improving Efficiency of Topology Control Algorithm Using RSSI As Link Metric For Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 28981-29002
Manisha Bhende, Sanjeev Wagh

Securing Remote Co-Operative Groups Using Key Management Policy
pp. 29003-29012
Mistica Dhas Y

Noval Three Phase To Three Phase Matrix Converter For High Power Applications
pp. 29013-29022
R. Venkatasubramanian, Dr.T.A. Raghavendiran

Sensor Based Seat Occupancy &Monitoring Bus Routes In Public Transport
pp. 29023-29028
V. Amala Rani, J. Adeline Sneha, Subha Austalekshmi

Web Based Diagnostic Classification System For Liver Lesions Using Ultrasound Images
pp. 29029-29036

Modified Genetic Algorithm Technique For Harmonic Suppression And Cost Management For Energy And Power Management
pp. 29037-29049
P.Sangeetha, Dr.S.Suja

Validation of a Neural Network Model for a Nonlinear Process by Parameter Estimation 
pp. 29051-29062
S. Ramachandran, P. Aravind, V. Venkatraman, G.Subramanian

Congestion Management By Fuzzy Based Optimal Location of Upfc In Deregulated Power Sector
pp. 29063-29073
P.Suresh babu, Dr.M.Padma Lalitha and N.Naresh gupta

Risk Management in Information Systems Though Secure Image Authentication Using Quick Response Code
pp. 29075-29089
Nagamalleswari Dubba, Subrahmanyam Kodukula and T S Srinivasa Reddy, T.VIjaya Saradhi

Plant Leaf Recognition using SIFT and Probabilistic Neural Network Algorithm
pp. 29091-29100
Shubham Lavania, PalashSushil Matey

Dynamic Simulation of Single Phase-To-Three Phase Full Bridge Cyclo-Inverter With AC Power Frequency Conversion For Treatment of Waste Plastics
pp. 29101-29107
V.Reena Joshi Vince, P.PRAVINA, Ashly Mary Tom, Kavithakumari K.S

Remedy for the Clone Attack using Agents by Intelligent Routing in MANET
pp. 29109-29115
Ramani. K, K.L.Shunmuganathan

Performance Analysis of Direct Torque Control Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Controller
pp. 29117-29128
R .Senthil Rama, P.Latha

Modeling and Simulation of 8/6 Switched Reluctance Motor using Fuzzy Logic Controller
pp. 29129-29140
S.Saravanan, R.Subramaniam

A Novel Approach To Improved Unsymmetrical –Cross Multi –Hexagon Grid Search Algorithm
pp. 29141-29153
K.Priyadarshini , Dr.D.Jackuline Moni


Stable Full Range Delta Sigma Modulator for Audio Applications
pp. 29153-29163
K.Diwakar, G.Sasikala, V.Vinoth Kumar, and R.Prabhakar

Design of Systolic Architecture for FSMBA
pp. 29181-29191
Selva Kumar R., Dr Dharmishtan K.Varughese

Reliability Analysis of Critical Network Infrastructure Using Service Oriented Architecture
pp. 29201-29211
Vaishnavi. P ,Selvamani K ,Chakaravarthi.S ,Vijayakumar.A

Experimental Investigations on Strength and Durability of Bioremediated Concrete with Silica Fume and Metakaolin
pp. 29213-29226
Krishnapriya.S, Venkatesh Babu .D.L, Prince Arulraj.G

A Generic Mapping Method and Tool To Execute Semantic Queries On Relational Database
pp. 29227-29238
Sunitha Abburu, and Suresh Babu Golla

Assessment of Ph Change In Dihydroxyacetone Production From Glycerol
pp. 29239-29246
Acevedo-Morantesa, G. De Ávilaa, A. Realpe-Jiménez

Aerodynamic Study of Blended Wing Body
pp. 29247-29255
Pranav Mahamuni, Akhilesh Kulkarni, Yash Parikh

Investigation on Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate with unexpanded Perilite in Concrete
pp. 29257-29271
R.Yuvaraja, S.P.Palanisamy, M.G.L.Annaamala3, K.Sri Ram Gopal

Swotting Routing Protocols In Manets Used Towards Efficiency And Reliability-A Survey
pp. 29273-29282
Varun Manchikalapudi

Delay Reduction by Providing Location Based Services using Hybrid Cache in peer to peer Networks
pp. 29165-29180
Mr. C.Gopala Krishnan, Dr A.Renga Rajan , Mr. R.Mani kandan

CALSVM Tumour Classifier: Cellular Automata With Support Vector Machine For Lung Tumour Severity Analysis
pp. 29283-29298
A.Anbu Megelin Star, Dr.P.Subburaj

Parallel Combination Scheme to Measure Human Stress Level Using HRV Analysis
pp. 29299-29309
Ms. L. Vanitha, Dr. G.R. Suresh, Dr. P. Punita

Energy Analysis of A Solar Photovoltaic-Thermal Hybrid Heat Pump Under Hot Humid Climates
pp. 29311-29327
N. Gunasekar, M. Mohanraj, V. Velmurugan

Hybrid Elliptic Curve Cryptography For Secured Cloud
pp. 29329-29337
Hemanth Chakravarthy M, and Kannan E

Fourier Transform Based On Saliency Detection For Content Based Image Retrieval Systems
pp. 29339-29349
Chesti Altaff Hussain and Dr.D. Venkata Rao and Dr. S. Aruna Masthani

Topic Sensitive & Preference Learning Based Solution For Information Retrieval From Learning Object Repository
pp. 29351-29369
Narina Thakur, Deepti Mehrotra, Abhay Bansal

Application of Information Flow Tracking for Signature Generation and Detection of Malware Families
pp. 29371-29390
Raman Dugyala

Personalized Image Retrieving Support By TAD Based Re-Ranking Website
pp. 29391-29401
Dr. Anna Saro Vijendran and C.Deepa

Brain Computer Interface for Vehicle Automation
pp. 29403-29419
Dr.K.Sujatha, Dr. M. Kumaresan, and R.S. Ponmagal

Efficient FPGA Realization of BLMS Adaptive Filter using Distributed Arithmetic For High Throughput and Low Area
pp. 29421-29433
T Pitchaiah and P V Sree Devi

Applications of Composite Materials : Review
pp. 29435-29442
M.Prabhakaran, and M.Rajendran

A Hybrid Fault Liberal Control Model for Nonlinear System Processes
pp. 29443-29465
K.Sudha and V.Thulasi Bai

A Study on CO2Absorption Characteristics and Reaction Mechanism UsingChemical Phase Transitional(CPT) Absorbents
pp. 29467-29482
Soung Hee Yun, Young Eun Kim, Yo Han Seong, Sung Chan Nam,Il Soo Chun and Yeo Il Yoon

Performance Evaluation of Real-time Video Quality Enhancement in 3G-324M Video Communication 
pp. 29483-29490
Sung-Bong Jang

Optimal design of Shared Tuned Mass Damper for Vibration Control of Adjacent Tall Buildings
pp. 29491-29499
Hyun-Su Kim, Young-Jin, Kim

Stochastic Optimal Design using Gaussian Process Emulator and Chaos Particle Swarm Optimization
pp. 29501-29511
Young-Jin Kim, Hyun-Su, Kim

The original Part of Seongnam City -A City of the ‘Bang’ (Room)-
pp. 29513-29520
Moo-kyung Kim, Young Lee

Characteristics and Influence of Korea’s Domestic Private-Funded Railway Station Development Method
pp. 29521-29528
Yekyeong SHIN

Ultrasonic Vibration Induced Reduction in Treatment Energy for Excess Activated Sludge
pp. 29529-29534
Jun Soo Ha, Jun Ho Moon, Zhenhua Xin, Kyo Young Koo, Young Uk Kim

Effects and Action Mechanism of Yanggyeoksanhwa-tang in Korean Traditional Medicine Formula as Novel Therapeutic Approach for Itching
pp. 29535-29551
Seungyeob Ryu

Regular Exercise Exerts Good Influence on Physiological,Immunological and Hemopoietic Factors
pp. 29553-29570
Kyung-Mo Oh, Kyung-Yae Hyun, Gil-Hyun Lee, Hwa-Sik Choi


The Physiological Predictors of Peripheral Arteriosclerotic Risk
pp. 29571-29591
Seok-Cheol Choi, Kyung-Mo Oh, Hwa-Sik Choi, and Kyung-Yae Hyun

Cloud Service Broker SystemFramework for Managing Multiple Cloud Services
pp. 29593-29600
HangooJeon, Young-Gi Min, Jinmee Kim, Kwang-KyuSeo

Supercomputing Resource Allocation: Policy and Trend
pp. 29601-29608
Sunil Ahn, Buyoung Ahn, Noori On, Jong-hyun Hong, and Jihoon Jang

A Study of Immersion in the Social Network Puzzle Game by Platform
pp. 29617-29624
Ji-sun Kim, Moon-seon Jeon &Jin-wan Park

Design for the Mandala Art Therapy Game for Children with ADHD
pp. 29625-29636
ChoungHun Lee, ChangYong Jung, WonHyung Lee

Subjectivity toward transition experience of the patient who moves from intensive care unit to a general ward
pp. 29637-19642
Su-Kyoung Jung1 , Mi-Young Chon

Factors affecting the Dependence of Elderly onHemodialysis 
pp. 29643-29649
Su-Kyoung Jung, Hye-Won Kim

Associated Factors of Binge Eating in University Students
pp. 29659-29670
Mee-Kyung Shin1 Hyeryeon Yi

Medical Expense Factors and Trend of Income Classes in South Korea
pp. 29677-29684
Ryoung Choi, Byung Deog Hwang

The Experience of Sanhujoriwon, Postpartum Care Center, Users inKorea
pp. 29685-29692
Eun-kwangYoo, Eun-silJung, Eun-kyung Joo, Hye-jin Kim

Analysis on Oral ProthesisCondition Associated with the Diagnosis of Diabetes
pp. 29693-29700
Ji-Hye Kim,Mi-Hee Lee, Kong-Keun Lee

EPS Specific Function Module Definition and Parameters’ Sensitivity Evaluation
pp. 29701-29708
Bongchoon Jang,Joung-Hoon Kim,Sung Mo Yang

A Study on the WIPI-to-iOS Converter using Resource Converter and Platform Mapping Engine
pp. 29709-29724
YangSun Lee and YunSik Son

Posture Stabilization and Hovering Control of QuadCopter Using Sensor Fusion and Modified PID Control
pp. 29725-29737
YoungwanCho, Hyun-Soo Kim, Dong-YeonKim

Healthcare Framework on the IoT open Platform:Service Model, Architecture
pp. 29783-29792
Byung Mun Lee

A Study on the Programming Education Model using Arduino
pp. 29793-29809
Won-Sung Sohn

A Study on Efficient Association Rule Mining Algorithm for Personalized Web Service
pp. 29811-29820
Jongseok Um and Jihoon Choi, Byongsu Choi

Efficient and Secure Message Delivery Protocol in VDTNsfor Receiver Location Privacy
pp. 29821-29830
Youngho Park,Chul Sur, and Kyung Hyune Rhee

Secure OBU’s Virtual Machine Migration Protocol in Vehicular Cloud Environment
pp. 29831-29840
Nkenyereye Lewis and Kyung Hyune Rhee

A Study on Web Accessibility of domestic websites with high session visits
pp. 29849-29858
Eun-Ju Park, Han-KyuLim

Assessment of Grip Strength Control on Visual Reaction with Healthy Volunteers
pp. 29859-29868
Sung-Wook Shin, Sung-Hoon Jeong and Sung-Taek Chung

Development of a Smart-Learning Platform and Content Authoring Tools that Uses a Cloud and Web
pp. 29869-29882
Jin-tae Park, Jun-soo Yun, Oh-young Kwon, Il-young Moon, Byeong-jun Kim

Efficient Electric Vehicle Charging System for Enhanced Power Delivery
pp. 29883-29890
Juyong Lee,Jihoon Lee, Young-gon Choi, Bryan Kisoo Chang

Comparative Analysis of LXC Docker and KVM Performance
pp. 29891-29900
Kyoung-Taek Seo, Hyun-Seo Hwang,Il-Young Moon, Oh-Young Kwon, Byeong-Jun Kim

Choice-Making Intervention for Individuals with ASD: Meta-Analysis of Single-Subject Studies1
pp. 29901-29912
Joungmin Kim

Traffic Constraint Energy Saving In Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Using Dsr Protocol
pp. 29913-29928
C. Arun Kumar, R.S.D Wahidabanu, S.K. Deepa

Investigation on The Emission of Mullite Coated Ci Engine Using Rectified Spirit As A Fuel
pp. 29929-29937
P. Karthikeyan, N. Karthik

Application of Numerical Modeling and Simulation inSTS 304for Quantitative Characterization of Defects by using Thermography
pp. 29939-29948
ShresthaRanjit, W. T. Kim, J. H. Park, H. S. Park and K. S.Kang

Intelligent Multi agent based Hybrid recommender model In E-learning system
pp. 29949-29960
M.Ravichandran, G.Kulanthaivel

EDM Process Parameters Optimization To Improve Cylindricity on Drilled Hole Using Grey Relational Approach
pp. 29961-29975
V.Balasubramaniam.,N.Baskar., C.Sathiya Narayanan

A Statistical Analysis of the Song Hum Honge Kamyab (We Shall Overcome)
pp. 29977-29984
Swarima Tewari and Soubhik Chakraborty

Power System Oscillation Damping Using New Facts Device
pp. 29985-29992
D.Narasimha rao, V. Saritha

Bias Correction In Mri Image Using Levelset and Fcm
pp. 29993-30000
Elizabeth Sherine.M

High Speed Architecture For Error Detection and Data Recovery For Video Compression Application
pp. 30001-30013
R. Jhansirani, Y.Anitha, C. Anitha,

Infrastructure Development in India
pp. 30015-30022
Dr Malini Pande

Segmentation of multiple organ from Abdominal CT images using 3D region growing and Gradient Vector Flow
pp. 30023-30041
Gayathri Devi.K and Dr.Radhakrishnan.R

Stability Enhancement For A Practical Distribution System With Optimal Tuned PV Based STATCOM
pp. 30043-30051
Bestley Joe. S


Detection of Fault Occurrence In Transmission Line Using Wavelet Transform
pp. 30061-30073
C.Prasath, N.P. Subramaniam

Artificial Neural Network Based Speed Control of Brushless Direct Current Motor
pp. 30075-30090
Dr. M. Senthil Kumar

Review on Secured Cloud Environment Using Cryptographic Schemes
pp. 30091-30097
Sai Kiran Chebiyyam, and Chandramohan

Systematic Study of Avalanche Effect In Triple DES Using Various Binary Codes
pp. 30099-30108
Radhika Rani Chintala , Pujyasri Jetty

Oxide Tool Insert Characterization of FC-150Dry Cutting Process
pp. 30109-30120
Ahmad Yusran Aminy, Rudy Soenoko, Wahyono Suprapto, Yudy Surya Irawan

Optimization of Process Parameters of Stir Casting To Maximize The Hardness of Al-Sic Composites By Taguchi Method
pp. 30121-30134
Viktor Malau, Muhammad Waziz Wildan, Suyitno, Sadi

Highly Trused Data Transmission In Dtns Using Non-Interactive Key Exchange
pp. 30135-30142
Dr. D. Thilagavathy

Design of Effective Resource Allocation in Cloud Environment
pp. 30143-30155

An Approach To Detect Spam In E-Mail Using Bayesian Shadow
pp. 30157-30165

Advantage of using Evolutionary Computation Algorithm in Software Effort Estimation
pp. 30167-30178
Thamarai Ilango, Dr. S. Murugavalli

Development of Multi Resource Web Query Engine for Public Information Services
pp. 30179-30186
Mr. S. Charles Britto

Implementation of Wireless Data Logger to Monitor Energy in Industries
pp. 30187-30197

Implementation of Success Pattern Assessment (SPA) for Indian Teachers using data mining Technique
pp. 30199-30204
R.Karthiya Banu Dr.R.Ravanan

SMC and PI Disturbance Compensation Techniques By using Nonlinear Speed Control for PMSM System
pp. 30205-30218
G Naga Raju Dr.L.V.Narasimha Rao

Moga With Fuzzy Decision Making For Atc Improvementusinggenerator Rescheduling
pp. 30219-30237
R.Prathiba, Dr. Balasing Moses, Dr.D.Devaraj, Dr.R.Narmatha Banu, M.Karuppasamy Pandi

Association Rule Mining in Vertically Partitioned Database Using Encrypted Transaction Identification Number
pp. 30239-30251
M.S. Thanabal, L. Ganesan

Review of Steganographic methods
pp. 30253-30268
Dhandapani. S and Buvaneswari. PR

Improving Qosfortdm-PON Network Using Improved Dynamic Adjustment In Wavelength And Bandwidth Allocation
pp. 30269-30278
R.Bhavani, R.Sangeetha, G.Palaniammal

Connected Dominating Set-based Broadcasting in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks using Network Coding
pp. 30279-30301
K.Srinivas, A.Venugopal Reddy, A.Nagaraju

EAST-ADL modeling approach for Intelligent Driver Assistance (I-DAS)
pp. 30303-30308
RA.K. Saravanaguru, K. Ramesh Babu and ArunkumarThangavelu

Analysis of Image Transforms for Sparsity Evaluation in Compressive Sensing
pp. 30309-30322
S.Nirmalraj, T.Vigneswaran

Algorithms To Find Detour Numbers, Vertex And Edge Detour Numbers In Graphs
pp. 30323-30333
S.Albert Antony Raj and Dr.S.P.Victor

Energy Efficient Chronological Coherency In Network Aggregation In Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 30335-30346
Antony Alice Jeya Bharathi, A.Justin Diraviam Alagarsamy

Performance Evaluation of Multi-Level Cache Using Adaptive Weight Ranking Policy
pp. 30347-30354
Debabala Swain, Debabala Swain, Bijay Ku Paikaray, , Rashmi P Swain

Formulation and Calculations for PbSe/PbSrSe Multiple Quantum Well Structures Total Losses
pp. 30355-30364
Majed Khodr

Brain Tumor Detection Using Fuzzy Bisector- KMeans Clustering and Fractional PSO Based Neural Network
pp. 30365-30386
Sheela.V.K and Dr. S. Suresh Babu

Enhanced Cross Layer Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 30387-30398
Ravi. R and Madheswaran. M

Fundamental Issues and Challenges of Mathematical Models in Biometric Person Authentication
pp. 30399-30421
Dr. M.N.Eshwarappa

Walking Stick Helper For Visually Impaired Using Image Processing
pp. 30423-30437
G.Lakshminarasimhan, M.Gururajkumar, R. Girisrinivaas, Mr.V.Prabhakaran, Dr.R.Manoharan, and Dr.R.Ganesan

Shortest Path Identification and Routing In Network-On-Chips Using Fuzzy KLSA
pp. 30439-30452
M.Muthulakshmi and Dr. A. James Albert

Numerical Investigation On The Physics Of Flow Over A Stepwith The Effect Of Mach Number
pp. 30453-30458
Konica Sarker, Mohammad Ali, Md. Iqbal Mahmud and Haeng Muk Cho

Cross-layer Design and Performance Evaluation of Maritime Inter-Ship Wireless Mesh Networks for Enhancing Transmission Capacity
pp. 30477-30494
WhoiJin Jung, Chan Sun Lee ,Jae Yong Lee and ByungChul Kim

Sink Nodes and Region Segmented Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 30495-30506
Rejina Parvin J, and Vasanthanayaki C

A Review On Smart Home Technology To Succor Elderly People
pp. 30507-30528
T. Hemalatha, P. Venkat Bhargava, L. Akhil Reddy, K. Ravi Teja

Clustering Based Task Scheduling Approach For Load Balancing Using Pmeo In Cloud Computing Environments
pp. 30529-30549
A. Mercy Gnana Rani, Dr. A. Marimuthu, Dr. A. Kavitha

Rainfall Trend Analysis with the Mann-Kendall Method for the Distribution of Extreme Data in the Drainage System of Ambon
pp. 30551-30564
Obednego Dominggus Nara, Muhammad Bisri, Aniek Masrevaniah, Agus Suharyanto

Multi block-based medical image watermarking using framelet transform and principal component analysis (PCA)
pp. 30565-30580
Sulochana S, Vidhaya R, Mohanraj K

Gypsum Board And Cement Board As An Acoustic Material For Building
pp. 30581-30588
James Rilatupa

An Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol for UASN by AFISHS Optimization Algorithm
pp. 30589-30603
S.A.Kalaiselvan, Dr.V.Parthasarathy and G.VenkataSwaroop

Control of PWR Nuclear Reactor Power using Soft Computing Techniques based Proportional-Integral-Derivative Design
pp. 30605-30619
Vadivel M , Karthigaivel R, Selvakumaran S

Feature Extraction and Performance Assessment of Post Processing Techniques in Finger print Images
pp. 30621-30635
A.Prashant and Dr A.JayaLakshmi

Special Pythagorean Triangles And 6 Digit Dhuruva Number
pp. 30637-30642
M.A.Gopalan, S. Vidhyalakshmi, E.Premalatha, and R.Presenna

Impact of Cryogenic Treatment and Temper to carbide toollife on turning process for Al T-6061
pp. 30643-30650
Agus Suprapto, Agus Iswantoko, Ike Widyastuti

Static Analysis Of Fan Blade Using Reverse Engineering And Ansys
pp. 30651-30660
Vijayaganapathy.D and Dr.K.Balasubramanian

Big Data in the Game Industry
pp. 30661-30672
Senthil Jayavel and Aroon Philip Mathai

Design Of Charge Shared Power Optimized Pulse Triggered Flip Flop
pp. 30673-20680
K. Mathan T. Ravichandran P.C Sijithra

Wavelet And Texture Feature Fusion Of Dual Iris Based Security System Using T-Norm
pp. 30681-30692
M. Suganthy and Dr. P. Ramamoorthy and A. Kanagalakshmi

Ensemble Based Extreme Learning Machine For Microarray Gene Expression Data Classification
pp. 30693-30705
M. Yasodha and Dr P Ponmuthuramalingam

Reduction Of Speckle Noise Present In Thyroid Ultrasound Image Using Four Phase Noise Reduction Filtering Process
pp. 30707-30714
Mr.M.Balakarthikeyan and Dr.B.Chidambararajan

Fabrication And Biocompatible Properties Of Nanocomposites Made From Thermoplastic Polyurethane And Hydroxyapatite
pp. 30715-30726
M Bharathi, M S Kiran, S N Jaisankar

Image processing of Natural Disasters Images Using Healthy Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm
pp. 30727-30735
P.Lakshmi Devi and S.Varadarajan

Low Power High Speed IIR Filter Design For DSP Applications
pp. 30737-30747
Ranjith.S, Binu Siva Singh SK, Venu Gopala Krishnan

Opass Based Security For The Cloud Managed Business Records
pp. 30749-30758
K.Sriprasadh, Dr .S.Sivasubramanian and S.Mageshkumar

An Automated Surveillance and Procontrol System for Vacuum Pump Instrumentation in Power Plant Industries
pp. 30759-30770
Vinothkumar. C

An Effective Algorithm Of Lowpower Implementation Of Digital Filter With Improved Multiplier And Sigma-Delta ADC
pp. 30771-30780
P.Saravanan, B.Latha and K.Bhoopathy Bagan

Step-Up Converter For Load Variation Using Zero Voltage Switching
pp. 30781-30793
K. Fathima, T. Mary Saranya, S. Hema, C. Krishna Thangam and M.Karuppiah

Anomaly Detection Via Eliminating Data Redundancy and Rectifying Duplication in Uncertain Data Streams
pp. 30795-30812
Nalini and Dr S.Anbu

Thermal Radiation And Hall Effects On Moving Isothermal Vertical Plate With Mass Diffusion
pp. 30813-30829
R.Muthucumaraswamy and K.Muthuracku Alias Prema

Compiler Phase ordering and Optimizing MPI runtime parameters using Heuristic Algorithms on SMPs
pp. 30831-30851
T Satish Kumar, S Sakthivel, S Sushil Kumar, N Arun

DWT Based Reversible Data Hiding With Enhanced Embedding Capacity and Security
pp. 30853-30863
C. SheebaJoice and Shri Lakshmi Pravalika

Energy Aware Virtual Machine Consolidation of Cloud Data Center
pp. 30865-30884
R.Karthikeyan and DrP.Chitra

A Simple Endoscopic OCT Imaging System Based on Electrostatic MEMS Mirror with fine alignment
pp. 30885-30898
Dr.G.Suresh and K. Ismail Hussain

A Critical Analysis of P2P Communication, Security Concerns and Solutions

pp. 30899-30909

Pooja Kamat, Shilpa Gite, Meeta Kumar, Shruti Patil


Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm (BFOA) Optimized Adaptive Hybrid DWT- SVD Watermarking with Encryption

pp. 30911-30933

Mr. Venugopal Reddy .CH  and Dr. Siddaiah.P

Performance Analysis of Multi Resolution Transforms with Kernel Classifiers for Liver Tumor Detection Using CT Images
pp. 30935-30952
Dr. D.Selvathi, S.Priyadarsini, C.Malini1, P.Shanmugavalli

Analysis Of Wear On Pan Head Bolt Component And Die Service Life In Hot Forging Process

pp. 30953-30967

R. Rajiev and Dr.P.Sadagopan


Exploiting the Context Attribute Similarity by Constructing Fine Grained Hierarchy for Recommender System
pp. 30969-30782
Pallab Dutta  and Dr. A. Kumaravel


Ability Of OFDMA In Handling Interference Of Femto Cells Under Random Access Process

pp. 30983-30992

Dr Seetaiah Kilaru and Himaja Kotturu






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