International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 21  (2014)  





Naringenin Regulates Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) Expression VIA Phospatidylinositide-3 kinase (PI3K)/Protein Kinase B (Akt) and Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) Activity VIA Extracellular Signal-related Kinase (ERK) Pathway, Respectively, in the Human Fibrosarcoma CELL line, HT1080
pp. 8221-8232
Authors: Seong-Hui Eo, Da-Young Kim and Song-Ja Kim

Relationship between Elderly People’s Chronic Disease, Depression, Activity Limit, and Self-rated Health in Korea
pp. 8233-8246
Authors: Jin-Kyoung, Park, Soon-Lae, Kim, Do-Young, Lee and A-ri, Lee

Comparison of Contact-lens Clearing Solutions for Acanthamoebial Infection in Vitro
pp. 8247-8254
Authors: Su-Youn Park and Suk-Yul Jung

Kinematic Comparison According to the Trajectory of iron Swing In Golf
pp. 8255-8262
Authors: Jong-Chul Park and Tae-Gyu Kim

CFD and Experimental Study of the Ventilation Seat Duct Design and Assessment Method
pp. 8263-8270
Authors: Hosun Cho, Keysun Kim, Dooseuk Choi and Jaeung Cho

Development and Application of Teaching-learning Method for Learning Object-Oriented Concepts using Arduino and Physical Etoys
pp. 8271-8282
Authors: Yongcheon Kim, Wongyu Lee and Jamee Kim

Devising Framework for Cloud Based Patch to Optimize the Network Devices
pp. 8283-8290
Authors: Faizal Hajamohideen and Dr. Kumaravel

Common Mistakes on the Application of Plaxis 2D in Analyzing Excavation Problems
pp. 8291-8311
Authors: GOUW Tjie-Liong

Mechanical and Tribological Testing of Al-Si Cylindrical Pin Produced through Powder Metallurgy Process
pp. 8313-8327
Anupam Kar, Sourav Bhattacherjee and Professor Dr. Samiran Mandal

A Survey of Uniprocessor Transient Fault
pp. 8329-8336
Authors: M Shanmugasundaram, R Kumar and Kittur Harish Mallikarjun.


Effects of the Small Group Exercise Program on Pain, Self-esteem and Physical Function of Women in a Senior Citizens’ School
pp. 8337-8346
Authors: Jong Im Kim, Sun Ae Kim, Jihyun Lee, Young Suk Jun, Eun Hui Seo and Hyun Joo Kim

Mechanical Properties of Automobile Steel Sheets with Residual Stress using Instrumented Indentation Test and Finite Element Analysis
pp. 8347-8358
Authors: Ji-Weon Jin and Ki-Weon Kang

English Presentation Classes Applying Problem-based Learning (Case Studies of Korean University Students
pp. 8359-8368
Authors: Myeong-Hee Shin and Kwang-Hwan Kim

IFRS Adoption and Audit Firm Replacement in Korea
pp. 8369-8377
Author: Hyun-Taek Oh

The Influencing and Influenced Factor of the Performance of Hospital Customer Relationship Management (HCRM) System
pp. 8389-8398
Authors: Je Ran Chun and Hyun Gi Hong

The Effects of Laughter Therapy on Perceived Health Status and Helplessness in the Elderly
pp. 8399-8406
Authors: Sunghee Baik and Do-Young Lee

The Analysis of Factors Affecting Radon Concentration in the Building
pp. 8407-8414
Authors: Sang-Tae Kim and Jung-Keun Cho

Comparative Evaluation of Absorbed Dose between Cone Beam Computed Tomography and Panoramic Radiography in Radiological Protection Point of View
pp. 8415-8424
Authors: Sang-Tae Kim and Jung-Keun Cho

The Study of Factors that Affect Successful Aging of Elderly
pp. 8423-8432
Authors: Ye-Jong Lee and Chang-Gyu Kim

Change of Muscle Activities in Trunk, Hip and Leg Muscles According to Variable Standing Posture
pp. 8433-8440
Authors: JaeHo Yu, Ji Heon Hong, Jin Seop Kim, Yong Nam, Jung Wan Ryu and Dong Yeop Lee


The Effects of Abdominal Drawing in Maneuver Using Realtime Ultrasound Imaging on Gait in Normal Adult
pp. 8441-8450
Authors: Dong Yeop Lee, JiHeon Hong, JaeHo Yu, HyungCheon Nam, SungPil Kim, JiHyun Park and JinSeop Kim

Influence of Heel Heights on Trunk Muscles in Healthy Subjects by Ultrasonography Imaging
pp. 8451-8458
Authors: JinSeop Kim, DongYeop Lee, JiHeon Hong, JaeHo Yu, YongHae Park, HyoJeong Park and DongKwon Seo

The Effect of Social Service User’s Violence on Provider's Burnout: Focusing on the Mediating Effect of Job Stress
pp. 8459-8470
Author: So-Yun Choi

Foundational Data of Functional Status (WeeFIM) in Korean Children with Cerebral Palsy: The Preliminary Trial
pp. 8471-8480
Authors: Eun-Young and Park

The Analysis of Change in Abdominal Muscles Thickness during Various Direction-reaching Tasks
pp. 8481-8488
Authors: JiHeon Hong, DongYeop Lee, JinSeop Kim, DongKwon Seo, DaWoon Jeong, SeYung Heo and JaeHo Yu

The Relationship between Family Communication and Mental Health of Adults in Local Community– Focus on Depression and Anxiety
pp. 8489-8500
Authors: Jeong-Ah Yoon and Mi-Young Chon

The Effect Factors on the Intake of Health Functional Foods
pp. 8501-8512
Authors: Mi-Young Chon and Jeong-Ah Yoon

Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process to Measure the Success Factor of Mobile-Healthcare System
pp. 8513-8522
Authors: Je Ran Chun

Novel Characterization and Generation of Radar Volume Clutter using FPGA
pp. 8523-8532
Authors: ThottempudiPardhu, Dr. Usha Rani Nelakuditi and Suresh Pampana

Question Classification: An Approach using Support Vector Machine and Particle Swarm Optimization
pp. 8533-8542
Authors: Megha Mishra and H. R. Sharma. 


Analysis of an Exponential Slider Bearing Under Highly Loaded Conditions of Human Knee Joint: Pure Rolling Case
pp. 8543-8553
Authors: Kapil Shekhar, A. P. Tyagi, Arti Saxena+ and Deepak Kumar

Theoretical Framework of ANM and Hybridization of ANM with ThreV in Detecting and Preventing DoS attacks in Wireless Infrastructure Network
pp. 8555-8563
Authors: Durairaj M and Persia A

A New Approach for Finding an Optimal Solution for Transportation Problems
pp. 8565-8573
Authors: Sanjaya Kumar Behera and Bimalesh Nayak

Node State Information based Adaptive Power Allocation and Energy Efficient Routing using Fuzzy Logic for Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 8575-8592
Authors: S. Emalda Roslin, N. M. Nandhitha, Rekha Chakravarthi, Cynthia James and Monisha A.

Heart Disease Prediction using Naive Bayes Classifier- Sequential Pattern Mining
pp. 8593-8602
Authors: L. Mary Gladence, Dr. T. Ravi and M. Karthi

An Overview of RFID Data Processing Techniques
pp. 8603-8612
Authors: Maria Anu V., G. S. Anandha Mala and K. Mathi

Study on Set-up Error and Dose Distribution for Development of 6D Device Adjustment Couch for Head and Neck Cancer
pp. 8613-8626
Authors: Shim Jae Goo and Jung Hong Ryang

Compensation of Corneal Aberrations by the Internal Optics of the Eyes
pp. 8627-8634
Authors: Sang-Deok Lee, Sook-Jeong Lee and Hyun-Soo Bang

Study on the Predictors of High-Risk Suicide Group
pp. 8635-8644
Authors: Chang-Seek Lee and Yun-Jeong Kim

Relationship between Balance and Isokinetic Strength of the Dominant Lower Extremity in Elite Male Handball by Player Position
pp. 8645-8656
Authors: Kyung-Shin Yoon and Tae-Gyu Kim

A New Nystagmus Calculation with Time Constant of Approximated Exponential Curve
pp. 8657-8662
Authors: Kihwan Hong, Hyeon-min Shim, Minsoo Goh, Sang Min Lee and Kyu-Sung Kim

Application of Infrared Thermography for Conservation Treatment on the Defect Zone of Stone Monument
pp. 8663-8672
Authors: Young Hoon Jo and Chan Hee Lee and Ji Hyun Yoo

BioCrypt Using Iris Segmentaion Technology
pp. 8673-8680
Authors: Mrs. Anandhi, Dr. M.S. Josephine and Dr.V. Jeyabalaraja

Personalized Voucher Recommendation Model based on AHP and Fuzzy Integral
pp. 8681-8692
Authors: Il-Kyoung Kwon and Sang-Yong Lee

Braking Torque Control Method Using Electric Brake in the Traction Motor
pp. 8693-8702
Authors: Young-Choon Kim, Moon-Taek Cho, Ok-Hwan Kim and Jeong-Bong You

Development of Wall Plastic panel for Underground Hall by Mold Injection
pp. 8703-8712
Author: Doo Hee Han

Improvement of Information Service System for Smart Library Based on BigData
pp. 8713-8722
Authors: Byung Woo Min and Han Jin Cho

Threshold Voltage Shift of Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide Thin Film Transistors with Ambipolar Characteristics
pp. 8723-8730
Author: Teresa Oh


Detection of Technology Opportunities from Patents
pp. 8731-8736
Authors: Hong-Woo Chun, Jae-Min Lee, Woondong Yeo, Seonho Kim, Hye-Sung Yoon, Inseok Song, Sung-Wha Hong and Byoung-Youl Coh

Grid-based Single Pass Classification for Mixed Big Data
pp. 8737-8746
Authors: Keon Myung Lee

Locality Sensitive Hashing With Replicated Coverage
pp. 8747-8756
Author: Keon Myung Lee


RSOA based Colourless WDM-PON for 10G Transmission using FPLD
pp. 8757-8768
S. Rajalakshmi, M. Srikanth Reddy, M. Krishna Kumar Reddy, T. Krishna Teja

Motivation Dissembles Employee Retention: A Pragmatic study with Reference to Indian Banking Sector
pp. 8769-8786
Chitra.K and Badrinath.V

Lesson Learned from Indonesian Case Histories on Retaining Earth Structure Failures and its Remedial Structures using Geosynthetic Materials
pp. 8787-8798
A. Suhendra and G. Saputra

Development of Hybrid PV Wind Harvesting Energy for Electric Vehicles
pp. 8799-8810
M. N. M. Nasir, A. B. Yusoff, Z. H. Bohari, M. F. Sulaima, W. M. Bukhari, A. N. Ramani

ZSDA: Zone based Secure Data Aggregation Scheme for Clustered Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 8811-8829
Rohit Vaid, Vijay Kumar and Navjyoti Aggarwal

Community Detection in Social Network Data based on Geometric Clustering
pp. 8831-8839
Jini Jacob and Sri. Subu Surendran

The Vertical Shaft Kinetic Turbine Optimization Using Response Surface Methodology
pp. 8841-8856
Nita CV Monintja, Rudy Soenoko, SlametWahyudi, Judy SuryaIrawan

Multiplication Codes: A Multiple Error Correcting Binary Channel Coding Scheme
pp. 8857-8873
Dr. P. Sri Hari

Unsteady Hydromagnetic Flow of Dusty Viscous Fluid in Rotating Channel with Varying Pressure Gradient
pp. 8875-8888
Siva. E. P., Govindarajan. A and Venkataraman. V

Area and Power Optimized Wallace Tree Multiplier using Power Gating Technique: A Transistor Level Design
pp. 8889-8900
Anitha R., S Jakir Hussain, Sarat Kumar Sahoo


Best Web Site Structure for Users based on Particle Swarm Optimization Approach
pp. 8901-8908
Authors: B. Rajdeepa and Dr. P. Sumathi


Distributed Joint Rate Control and Resource Allocation for Throughput Optimization in Multirate Multiradio Multichannel Multihop Wireless Network Using Network Coding
pp. 8909-8921
Museong Park and Wonsik Yoon


Sequence Detection in Temporal Databases by Optimizing Join Relations
A. Christy

Cluster Validity Evaluation for Small Number of Clusters 
pp. 8933-8940
Author: Keon Myung Lee

Enhanced Detection System of Android Malware
pp. 8941-8948
Authors: Hyun Mi Jung, Kimoon Jeong and Hark-Soo Park

Physical Attack Defense and Countermeasure on WSNs
pp. 8949-8954
Author: Sunghyuck Hong

Does the Company Size Affect the Purpose of Patent Application? : Case of the Korean Electronics Industry
pp. 8955-8966
Authors: Seong Taek Park, Eun Mi Park and Young Ki Kim

A Systematic Management of R&D Information based ETL
pp. 8967-8974
Authors: Won-Goo Lee and Kang-Ryul Shon

High-speed Entity Recognition Using Map-Reduce Process
pp. 8975-8982
Authors: Woo-Goo Lee, Myung-Seok Choi and Jae-Soo Kim


Prediction of Compressive Strength of GGBS Concrete using Neural Network
PP. 8983-8993
Dr. Sekar S.K.


Two-Dimensional Undrained Tunnel Face Stability in Clay
PP. 8995-9005
Pithan Pairojn and Thipphamala Manivong


Review of Coagulation Efficacy of Moringa Oleifera Seed Extract
PP. 9007-9024
C. P. Pise and Dr. S. A. Halkude

Sustainability Enhancement of Legacy Software through Architecture Transformation
pp. 9025-9034
Authors: Doohwan Kim and Jang Eui Hong

The Effect of Taping Therapy and Lumbo-pelvic Stabilization Exercise on Menstrual Pain
pp. 9035-9044
Authors: Hyunyoung Kim, Yeji Jang, Dong yeop Lee, Dong Kwon Seo, JaeHo Yu and Jiheon Hong

Roles of Business Rules as Data Constraints in Improving Data Quality
pp. 9045-9056
Authors: Chulsu Lim, Wooseok Hong, Kangryul Shon and Jae-soo Kim


An Extended Framework for Enhanced Hybrid System using Database as a Service
pp. 9057-9068
Ashok Arora, Sahil Karkhanis and Geetha Mary A


Performance Analysis of MC-CDMA in Rayleigh Channel using BPSK Modulation
pp. 9069-9074
Kuzhaloli.S and K.S.Shaji

An Interval-valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Weighted Entropy (IVIFWE) Method for Selection of Vendor
pp. 9075-9083
D. Ezhilmaran and S. Sudharsan

Energy Level Comparison and Congestion Avoidance by Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
pp. 9085-9095
A.Ragavi, G.Rajkumar, C.Eswari and S.Karthik

CFD Simulation for Design Modification of Intake Manifold to Increase Performance Characteristics of 3-Cylinder Diesel Engine
pp. 9097-9104
Shantanu S. Deshpande and A. S. Warke

Adaptation of MAC for Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 9107-9116
S. Viswanatha Rao and Sakuntala S. Pillai

A Database Content Management System with Integrated Tasks and Change Logs
pp. 9117-9124
Authors: ChulSu Lim, Wongoo Lee, Yoon Young Joon and Kangryul Shon

Improved Parallel Region Partitioning Method of Loops with Irregular Dependences
pp. 9125-9134
Authors: Sam Jin Jeong

How Does “Brand in the Hand” Work? A Model of Technology-and Emotion-based Evaluations Contingent on User Experience
pp. 9135-9148
Authors: Byunghwa Yang

Determinants of Electronic Word-of-Mouth (eWOM) and Purchase Intention in Digital Signage Advertising (DSA)
pp. 9149-9156
Authors: HongKun Chin, Meeyoung Oh and Taejun (David) Lee

Diversity and Satisfaction: Analysis of Learners’ Satisfaction According to the Online Learning Interaction
pp. 9157-9166
Authors: Ja Mee Kim, Ki Name Park and Yong Kim

Which Type of Coursebook can best be used to Support a CS Courses?
pp. 9167-9176
Authors: Ja Mee Kim and Won Gyu Lee

Salt Reduction for Compositing of Food Waste
pp. 9177-9184
Authors: Doo Hee Han

A Study on Creative Problem Solving Founded on Computational Thinking
pp. 9185-9198
Authors: Jungin Kwon and Seongjin Ahn

UMLS Toolbox: The Hierarchical Navigation Tool with Supporting the Customization of Ontology
pp. 9199-9206
Authors: YoungHee Jung, Kinam Park, JeongMin Chae and Soon Young Jung

Model Analysis of Variables Affecting the Digital Literacy of Elementary School Students
pp. 9207-9216
Authors: SeungJin Lee, JaMee Kim and WonGyu Lee

Inquiry & Authority: Method for Organizing Textbooks to Support the Introductory Computer Science Course for Middle School Students
pp. 9217-9226
Authors: Ja Mee Kim and Won Gyu Lee

Study on Female Nursing Students' Activity Relationship among Employment Stress, Degree of Appearance Concern, and Appearance-Management Behavior
pp. 9227-9234
Authors: Shinhong Min and Sunyoung Yun

A Framework for Business Model Innovation using Market, Component and Innovation Tool
pp. 9235-9248
Authors: Dong-Heon Yang, Yen-Yoo You and Hyock-je Kwon

The Relationship between Employees’ Knowledge Management Activities in Sports Center and Organizational Citizenship behavior: Focus on the Mediating Effect of Organizational Trust
pp. 9549-9262
Authors: Sung-Duck Kim and Ill-Gwang Kim

The Evaluation System Plan of MOS(Mean Opinion Score) through the Cause Diagnosis of Faulty on Network Quality of Smart Healthcare
pp. 9263-9272
Authors: Sung Ryong Hong, SiChoon Noh and Young Hee Han. 


Modelling and Prediction of Ra of EN31 in Wire Electrical Discharge Machining using ANN and MSE Approach
pp. 9273-9296
Authors: U. K. Vates, N. K. Singh and R. V. Singh

Economic Dispatch with Valve Point Effects using Intelligent Water Drop Algorithm
pp. 9297-9312
Authors: D. Rama Prabha, T. Jayabarathi, R. Mageshvaran, K. Kranthi Kumar and M. Venkata Niveesh

Industrial based Wireless Sensor Network using Real Time Scheduling Technique
pp. 9313-9321
Authors: J.Bandhavya and G.Harish

Improving the Quality of Cloud Service by Ensemble Prediction
pp. 9323-9326
Author: Lydia Jeba and Rathna. M

Automatic Extractions of Notes and their Onsets from Indian Classical Music Signal
pp. 9327-9341
Authors: Kartik Mahto, Sandeep Singh Solanki and Soubhik Chakraborty

Non orthogonal Quasi-Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes based on Circulant Matrix for Eight Transmit Antennas
pp. 9341-9351
Authors: N. Satyanarayana Murthy, Dr. S. Sri Gowri and Dr. B. Prabhkara Rao


Conducted Emi Suppression in DC-DC Boost Converter Using Labview
pp. 9353-9364
Authors: Shanmuga Sundari A, Sudhakar N, Palanisamy K and Umashankar S

Effect of Discretization on the Azimuthal Pattern of Circular Ring Array
pp. 9365-9374
Authors: Christina Josephine Malathi A and Mohan K N

A Generic State Classification Algorithm for Non-Invasive Hemoglobin Assessment Methods
pp. 9375-9389
Authors: Kumar R and Dr Ranganathan H

Design of an Automated System for Proper Utilization of Travel Time Variability of Public Transport System
pp. 9391-9400
Authors: A. Ahmad, M. A. K. Rizvi, N. Mohanan, Y. Z. Sait, A. S. D’Silva and M. Sadhu

Quantitative Evaluation for Early Defect Detection of Contaminated Ball Bearing by Temperature Mapping in Infrared Thermography
pp. 9401-9409
Authors: Shrestha Ranjit and W. T. Kim

Variation of Environmental Awareness among the Student in Government High Schools in Solo City Indonesia
pp. 9411-9429
Authors: Abdulatti Abdullah Algonin, Ashabani Mohamed Shleag, Gusti Ayu Ketut Rachmi Handayani and Prabang Setyono

Optimal Generation Schedules for Hybrid Power System with High Renewable Penetration
pp. 9431-9446
Authors: Faisal Pazheri, Mohd Fauzi Othman, Nazar Malik and Safoora Ottukuloth

Euclidean Geometry LDPC Codes for Error Correction in Memory Devices
pp. 9447-9454
Authors: Rajasekar B and Logashanmugam E

Study on the Fluid Dynamic of Electromagnetic Control Valve (ECV)
pp. 9455-9464
Authors: WANGWENHAI and Haeng Muk, Cho

A Novel Method for Analysis of Microarray Cancer Data using Genetic Algorithms and Constructive Neural Networks
pp. 9465-9478
Authors: Muhammad Rukunuddin Ghalib, Ankita Bihani and D. K. Ghosh

Review of Research Issues in Cloud Computing
pp. 9479-9488
Authors: Dr. Mayank Aggrawal, Mr. Nishant Kumar and Mr Apoorv Kaushik

ETAG based Assertions in Performance Testing: An Overview
pp. 9489-9496
Authors: Muthukumar. B, Murugan. S, Mariappan. K and Jothi Vengatesh. K N

OpenMP based Fast Data Searching with Multithreading
pp. 9497-9508
Authors: V. Karthikeyan, Dr. S. Ravi and S. Flora Magdalene

A New Approach on Solving Intuitionistic Fuzzy Transshipment Problem
pp. 9509-9518
Authors: A. Nagoor Gani and S. Abbas

Secured Data Storage with Enhanced TPA Auditing Scheme using Merkle Hash Tree in Cloud Computing
pp. 9519-9528
Authors: G. Murugaboopathi, R. Jayanthan and S. Shanmuga Priya

Drug Interaction Guide
pp. 9529-9538
Authors: Adithya Kiran BS, Suraj Murali, Pooja Jayaprakash, Neeraj Rajesh and Dr. C. Santosh Kumar

Demand Side Management Scenario for District Long-term Electricity Planning
pp. 9539-9550
Authors: Yusak Tanoto and Ekadewi Anggraini Handoyo

Accident Avoidance in Railway Tracks Using Adhoc Wireless Networks
pp. 9551-9556
Nallakaruppan M.K, Senthil Kumar M, Chandrasegar T and Suraj K.A, Magesh.G

Malicious Node Detection Scheme
pp. 9557-9568
Dr G Saravana Kumar

Determination of Minimum Retro Reflectivity Levels for Longitudinal Pavement Marking for Night-Time Visibility Needs in Ghana
pp. 9569-9597
Salifu, M. and V. Owusu

Comparison of Different Algorithms used in the Detection of Genetic Disorders
pp. 9599-9604
Sreeja V S and Dr M S Josephine

High Level Authentication of ATM Networks
pp. 9605-9613

Spatial Distribution and Estimation of Soil Erosion in the Gonghe Basin of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
pp. 9615-9628
ZhanJiang Sha, Ben La, LingQin Li, Jinzhou Du, Kai Zhang, Shilei Zhao, Mei Ye, Guoyan Fu, Fancui Kon, Weigang Su, Chengguang Yu

Solar PV Project Implementation Feasibility Study based on Feed-in Tariff in Malaysia
pp. 9629-9638
M. H. Jali, H. Sarkawi, T. A. Izzuddin, M. F. Sulaima, M. N. M. Nasir, Yujun Ma and Yule Zhai

Influence of Compactive Efforts on Lateritic Soil Stabilized with Rice Husk Ash
pp. 9639-9653
Bello Afeez Adefemi, Awogboro Samuel Olufemi and Oriaje Aremu Tajudeen

Geotechnical Properties of Lateritic Soils Stabilized with Cement-Bamboo Leaf Ash Admixtures
pp. 9655-9665
Bello, Afeez Adefemi, Ige, J. A., Ibitoye and Grace Ibironke

MEMS Power Amplifier with Energy Harvester Applications
pp. 9667-9680
S. Krishnaveni and Dr. S. Ravi

Biometric Authentication using Cardio Sound
pp. 9681-9688

Identifying Image Forgery using Random Sample Consensus (RANSAC) Algorithm
pp. 9689-9693
Lydia jeba and Sharon. S. Olive

Evaluation of Tsunami Impact on Mangroves using Remote Sensing and GIS: A Model Study from Andaman Islands
pp. 9695-9706
S. S. Asadi, Hastavaram Uma, Neela Rani. P, P. J. Ratnakar


A Modern Location based Services in Android
pp. 9707-9714
Sathiyavathi. R, Vimali. J. S and Sasikumar. M

Modeling of Concrete Mattress for Shore Protection by Plax is 2D
G. T. Liong and A. Gunawan

The Influence of Fly Ash in Concrete Compressive Strength by using Expanded Polystyrene as a Partial Substitution of Sand
Irpan Hidayat and Gunaedi

Tobacco Leaves Pyrolysis for Repellent Active Compound Production
pp. 9739-9749
Misri GOZAN, Yasman, Praswasti P.D.K. WULAN and Ellen DAWITRI

Design and Implementation of Reed Solomon Error Correcting Codes in FPGA Environment using VERILOG
pp. 9751-9763
A Sai Naga Sweta, K Vijayachandra, Md Taj and N V Rao

Simple and Efficient Low Power Parallel Pipelined Vedic Multiplier
Y. Narasimha Rao, Dr G. Samuel VaraPrasada Raju and Dr Penmetsa V Krishna Raja

A Study on IPV4 to IPV6 Migration in a Campus Network
Mohammad Mirwais Yousafzai, Rosilah Hassan, Nor Effendy Othman and Samer Sami Hasan

The Role of Building Pathology to Realize Eco-Housing
pp. 9789-9797
James Rilatupa

Transient Performance and Stability Analysis of Grid Connected Power System
pp. 9799-9822
S. Narendiran, Sarat Kumar Sahoo, Sweekruti Mishra, Shashank Mundra

Performance Description of Different Algorithms on Weighted Item Set Mining
pp. 9823-9834
Sujatha Kamepalli, Raja Sekhara Rao Kurra and Sundara Krishna. Y. K.

A FlexRayTM Fuel Sensors for Automobiles using ARM Microcontroller
pp. 9835-9848
M. Venkateswara Rao, S. Nagaraju, E.T. Praveen, M.Suman


A Multidimensional Study on the Usage of Facebook among College Students
pp. 9849-9862
S. Vijayakumar Bharathi and Anuradha Goswami

Routing Using Fuzzy in Ad hoc Networks using DSR
pp. 9863-9877
Vimali. J S, Sathiyavathi. R, Karunya Rathan

Privacy Preserving Homomorphic in Collaborative Data Publishing
pp. 9879-9886
A.V.K. Shanthi

Prevention of DDOS Attacks using Port Number Revolutionize and Time Stamp-Clock Drifts
pp. 9887-9897
A.V.K. Shanthi

Study on Ceramic Coated Aluminum Piston with Thermal Slots
pp. 9899-9904
Chitthaarth. M R and Dr. K. Manivannan

Research in Large Assembly Management Methods
Akshay Shukla, Raj Singh and Yash Parikh

AIMS: Algorithm for Intrusion Multiple Ship Detecting System
Navaneethan.C and Meenatchi.S

Implementation of Intelligent Packet Dropping Technique in Wireless Sensor Network for Humidity Measurement
Rekha Chakravarthi, Nandhitha N.M., S. Emalda Roslin, Sangeetha M.S.

Influence of Nano Catalyst on Emission Characteristics of Di Diesel Engine with Blends of Lemon Grass Oil Using Taguchi Approach
pp. 9941-9949
Ganesan.S, Elango.A, Eluri Vamsi Krishna, Balaji.A

Geometric Accuracy of the Machines with Strut-Type Structures
A.V. Kirichek, A.G. Ivakhnenko, Е.О. Ivakhnenko and A.Y. Altukhov

Joint Encryption and Copy Right Protection of Images and Audio Data using Digital Holography
pp. 9959-9970
Authors: Prakash Ramachandran, Zachariah C Alex and Anith Nelleri

SPC and Order Statistics: Log-power Model
pp. 9971-9982
Dr. G. Krishna Mohan, B. Indira and Dr. R. Satya Prasad

Computational Modelling the Effect of New Injector Nozzle Multi Diameter Holes on Fuel-Air Mixing Homogeneous of CNG Engine
pp. 9983-9988
Semin and R.A Bakar

Effect of Dewatering Schemes on Uplift Pressure and Groundwater Variation under Buildings
pp. 9989-10003
Hassan Ibrahim Mohamed

Searching Large Application Specific WEB Sites through Concept based Categorization
pp. 10005-10022
DBKKamesh, Dr. JKRSastry, S. PavaniSnigdha

PSO I-PD Controller for Barrel Heating System with Servo and Regulation Control
pp. 10023-10034
S. J. Suji Prasad and R. Meenakumari

Physical Layer Analysis of Arrayed Waveguide Based Optical Switch
pp. 10035-10050
Vaibhav Shukla, Aruna Jain and Rajiv Srivastava

Offline Handwritten Sanskrit Character Recognition using Multilayer Feed Forward Neural Networks
pp. 10051-10058
R. Dineshkumar and Prof. Dr. J. Suganthi

DSTATCOM with Sine PWM based Cascaded H-Bridge Converter for Reactive Power Compensation
pp. 10059-10071
Krishna Kumar. S and Chandramohan.S

Selection of Optimal Secondary Index Set for a Single Relation: A Genetic Algorithmic Method
pp. 10073-10086
N Raja Kumar Reddy and M M Naidu

Diagnostic Study of Short-Switch Fault of Cascaded HBridge Multilevel Inverter using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Neural Networks
pp. 10087-10106
M.Sivakumar, Dr.R.M.S.Parvathi, Dr.S.Chandrasekar

Application of a Quantitative Algorithm for Green Computing
pp. 10107-10112
Shanmuganathan. V, Koteeswaran. S, Sushmitha. H, Vidhya. A

Exergy Analysis of an Alternate Refrigerant: LPG in a Domestic Refrigerator
pp. 10113-10121
SP. Arunkumar and P. Koshy Mathews

Design of Acoustic Modem for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
pp. 10123-10135
R.Sathishkumar and R.Rajavel

Variable Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity on MHD Flow over a Stretching Surface with Viscous Dissipation and Joule Heating
pp. 10137-10147
G.C. Hazarika and Bandita Phukan

Field like Test Rig Development for Power Take Off (PTO) Application
pp. 10149-10160
A.P. Arun, B. Giriraj, A. Faizur Rahaman and K. Krishnamoorthi

Techniques Used in Automatic Speech Recognition and Tools & Technologies used in Speech Therapy: An Overview
pp. 10161-10170
M. A. Josephine Sathya and Dr. E. Chandra

Android Based Task Scheduler and Indicator
pp. 10185-10196
G. Uma Maheswari, B. Persis Urbana IVY, P.J. Kumar and P. Suganya

A Hybrid DSTATCOM Topology with Reduced DC Link Voltage Rating for Load Compensation
pp. 10197-10216
Dr. A. Bisharathu Beevi and Shimmeer P.P

Optimization of Location and Size of Auxiliary Holes for Stress Reduction in Axially Loaded Plate with Circular Hole
pp. 10217-10224
Hardik Acharya

A Study on Selection of Membership Functions for Fuzzy Systems using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 10225-10233
Abid Hussain M and D.Chitraprasad

Enhancing of Medical Images by Segmentation and Classification using Grouping and Contrast based Image Classifier
pp. 10235-10248
Leena Nangai V

Design and Implementation of TCP Friendly, end-to-end, Layered Solution for Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET)
pp. 10249-10262
Dinesh C. Dobhal and Sushil C. Dimri

Simulation of OFDM-IDMA with Modified Circular Shift Interleaver amidst Coding and Uncoding Environment
pp. 10263-10270
A. Mary Juliet and Dr. S. Jayashri

Future Prospects of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics Software, A healthcare Perspective
pp. 10271-10280
Ayush Narula, Dr. N.K. Narula, Satyam Khanna Ruchi Narula, Jyoti Narula and Arpi Narula

A Qualitative Analysis of Rayleigh Faded Frequency Selective Channel Simulator
pp. 10281-10286
S. Venkateswarlu and Dr. Sastry JKR

Efficient Counting of Frequent Itemsets Using Bloom Filters
pp. 10287-10296
J. Shana and T. Venkatachalam

A Review on Acoustic Echo Cancellation Techniques
pp. 10297-10302
Anil Kumar Shukla

Performance Analysis of Voltage Profile, Power, Angle of Injection Using Combined Facts Device
pp. 10303-10316
Mr.A. Murugan, Mr.G. Nagarajan, Dr. S.D. Sundarsingh Jebaseelan and Dr. C.N. Ravi

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Throttling Process in a High Performance Two-Cylinder Spark-ignition Engine
pp. 10317-10328
Angelo Algieri

A Review of Texture Based Segmentation Approaches for Remotely Sensed Images
pp. 10329-10336
S. Hemalatha and S. Margret Anouncia

Fuzzy based Dynamic Sag Compensator
pp. 10337-10350
Dr. K. Malarvizhi and S. Deepika

CDAS Design for Trains Using RFID and RF Communication
pp. 10351-10362
K. Sreenivasa Ravi, G. Sowmya Bala, R. Gopi Krishna, T. Venkatrao and K. Prathyusha

Estimation of ANFIS Parameters for a Non Linear System using Extended Kalman Filter and Particle Swarm Optimization
pp. 10363-10374
Dr. Malarvizhi.K, Kiruba.R, Madhusudan Kumar and Brindha.M

Cell-blocking Method for Fuzzy Transportation Problems
pp. 10375-10389
P. Pandian

Comparative Evaluation Method and Factors of Risk Assessment Models for Information Security
pp. 10391-10402
K.V.D. Kiran, V. Bala Venu, P.G. Manikanta Varma and Dr. L.S.S. Reddy

Optimum Power Flow with FACTS Device through Bat Inspired Algorithm and Artificial Neural Network
pp. 10403-10420
M. Karthikeyan and Dr. P. Ajay-D-Vimalraj

Optimal Watermarking Technique using Fast Hadamard Transformation and Singular Value Decomposition
pp. 10421-10430
Vijayan E, Hemalatha S, N.C. Senthil Kumar, V. Franklin Rajkumar and Manekandan.GRS

Leakage Minimization of Full Adder Using 9T Self Reverse Bias Logic
pp. 10431-10438
O. Siva Sowmya and Y. Usha Devi

A Survey on Fine-Grained Access in Cloud Computing
pp. 10439-10444
A.V.K. Shanthi and G. Vivek 

Enhancement of Image Quality and Improving Naturalness Preservation Using FBN Methodology
pp. 10445-10452
E. Nancy Winola and A. Pravin

Modification of the Morphology of the Poly (Ether Sulfone) Membrane Prepared by Dry Phase Inversion Technique
pp. 10453-10462
Nasrul Arahman

Design and Implementation of Integrated Testing Tool based on Metrics and Quality Assurance
pp. 10463-10472
Marri. Rami Reddy, Dr. Prasanth Yalla, J. Vijaya Chandra

Energy Efficient Management System in Advanced Metering Infrastructure
pp. 10473-10482
M. Raga Divya and Y. Ratna Babu

SVC Modeling on Power System for Power Quality
pp. 10483-10494
D.V.V.V. CH. Mouli and Dr. K. Dhanvanthri

Survey on Security Threats in Cloud Computing
pp. 10495-10500
Varun Kumar K.A, N. Rajkumar, K. Kishorekumar and N.K. SenthilKumar

Enhanced Defect Identification System for Textile Industry using Artificial Neural Network and Image Processing Techniques
pp. 10501-10512
Dr. G.M. Nasira and Mrs. P. Banumathi

Influence of Information Systems in Engineering Institutions at Madurai District, Tamilnadu, India
pp. 10513-10528
Dr. P.S. Venkateswaran

Comparison of ECG Signal Compression using Particle Swarm and Genetic Algorithm Optimised Neural Networks
pp. 10529-10538
M.J.Jayashree and Prof (Dr.) A. Sukesh Kumar

Ant Colony Optimization based Control Strategy for Power Quality Enhancement in an Autonomous Microgrid
pp. 10539-10553
N.Chitra, A.Senthil Kumar, P.Sivakumar, K.Prabaakaran, K.SathishKumar and P.Priyadharshini

A Novel Optimized Hybrid Perturbation Technique to Improve Security Level
pp. 10555-10566
A. Viji Amutha Mary and Dr. T. Jebarajan

ZZRD and ZZSW: Novel Hybrid Scanning Paths for Squared Blocks
pp. 10567-10583
S Sankar and Dr. S Nagarajan

Elastic Properties of High Performance Concrete Containing Metakolin, Steel & Polypropylene Fibre
pp. 10585-10597
K. Anbuvelan and Dr. K. Subramanian

A Comparative Study of the Acquisition of Tamil Stone Inscription Images
pp. 10599-10608
Mrs. G. Bhuvaneswari and Dr. V. Subbiah Bharathi

Wind Speed and Wind Direction Prediction using Fast Learning Fully Complex Valued Predictor Neural Network
pp. 10609-10616
Sivachitra. M and Vijayachitra. S

Performance Evaluation of Scan Testing Pattern Generation using BS-LFSR
pp. 10617-10626
Logashanmugam. E

Fast Learning Neural Network for Function Approximation and Darwin Sea Level Pressure Prediction
pp. 10627-10635
Sivachitra. M and Vijayachitra. S

Experimental Investigation on Combustion Ignition Engine Using Diesel with Oxygenated Blends for its Energy Recital, Combustion and Pollutant Emissions
pp. 10637-10650
Kalil Rahiman M, Venkatachalam R, Nedunchezhian N, Subramanian R and Subramaniam D

Dynamic Performance Investigation of D-Q Model Based UPFC with Various Controlling Techniques
pp. 10651-10670
K. Pounraj and Dr. S. Selvaperumal

Digital Image Analysis in Dental Radiography for Dental Implant Assessment: Survey
pp. 10671-10680
L. Megalan Leo and Dr. T. Kalpalatha Reddy

An Efficient Satellite Image Enhancement Technique using Wavelet and Curvelet based Approach
pp. 10681-10688
R. Swaminathan and Dr. Manoj Wadhwa

An Effective Subscription Based Hybrid Cluster Architecture using Confidence Interval for Efficient and Scalable Communication
pp. 10689-10702
M. Sayee Kumar and Dr. T. Purusothaman

Elastic Properties of High Performance Concrete Containing Metakolin, Steel & Polypropylene Fibre
pp. 10703-10716
K. Anbuvelan and Dr. K. Subramanian

Students Performance Prediction based on Multiple Classifiers
pp. 10717-10725
L. Ramanathan, P. Swarnalatha, K. Vijayakumar, S. Kaushik, S. Prabu

White Coconut Oil Based Emulsion as a Metal Working Fluid during Turning
pp. 10727-10735
Perera G. I. P., Dissanayaka A. D. and Senanayaka M.A.A.N.

A Novel Image Denoising Using Kernel Principle Component Analysis with Dual phase BMLPG
pp. 10737-10751
T. Gopi Rambabu and K. V. Krishna Kishore

Automated Feature Extraction and Classification of Anatomical Structures in Retinal Images
pp. 10753-10766
S.Vasanthi and Dr. R.S.D. Wahida Banu


Compact Planar Antenna Using Meander Line Technique for UHF/VHF Applications
pp. 10767-10774
H.Sarkawi, N.M. Ridzuan, N.A.M. Aris, M. H. Jali, M. F. Sulaima

Effects of Yarn Doubling on the Properties of Open End Rotor Spun Cotton Yarns
pp. 10775-10782
A. Danladi, A.S. Lawal and O.J. Sunday

Numerical Studies of Cavity Flow and Mixing Enhancement in a Scramjet Combustor with Transverse Injection
pp. 10783-10805
A.S. Arnalt Stalin and Dr. Y. Robinson

Investigation of Electromagnetic Coupling between Microstrip Lines with Defective Ground Structures
pp. 10807-10819
M. Anandan, Dr. N. Suresh Kumar, P. Rajeswari, A. Gobinath

A Novel Rough-Fuzzy based Clustering Algorithm Integrating Reformulated Fuzziness Parameter for Microarray Gene Expression Analysis
pp. 10821-10839
Muhammad Rukunuddin Ghalib and D. K. Ghosh

Analysis of a Monopolar HVDC Transmission System Feeding a Very Weak AC Network with Hybrid Reactive Power Compensators and Firefly Algorithm Based Optimal PI Controller
pp. 10841-10855
S. Seenivasan and S. Singaravelu

A Depth Based Nonlinear Filtering for MR Images
pp. 10857-10863
G. L. N. Murthy, Dr. B. Anuradha, Ch. Pullarao and K.Kondaiah

A Smarter Way of Transforming the Energy Resources for Embedded Systems
pp. 10865-10876
E. T. Praveen, S. Nagaraju, J. Veerayya, M. Venkatesh

An Approach for Microarray Gene Ranking and Classification using Hybrid Extreme Learning Machine Algorithm
pp. 10877-10888
T. Revathi and Dr. P. Sumathi

Techniques for Detecting the Cloud Cover in High Resolution Multi-Temporal Satellite Imagery: A Comparison
pp. 10889-10897
Swarna Priya RM, Dr. S. Prabu and Dr. V.S. Dharun

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Segmentation for Brain Tumor Detection Using New Robust Global Kernel Fuzzy CMeans Clustering Algorithm (NRGKFCM-F)
pp. 10899-10908
R. Sugumar and Dr. E. Mohan

Duplicate Packet Detection and Attacker Identification Protocol for MANET
pp. 10909-10927
Gopalakrishnan. S and Ganeshkumar. P

Performance Analysis of Closed Loop Controlled ZVS CCM Boost Converter with Load and Source Disturbance
pp. 10929-10952
A. Ramesh Babu and Dr. T. A. Raghavendiran

Bi-directional Series Parallel Resonant Converter for Power Factor Correction
pp. 10953-10961
Sivachidambaranathan. V

Review on Recent Techniques and Research on Smart Antenna
pp. 10963-10974
Sudhakar Reddy N and Siddappa Naidu K

Creating Great Learning Opportunities in Classrooms Using QR Codes
pp. 10975-10983
A.S. Raja

Interactive Segmentation of Urinary Bladder from Ultrasound Image Using Grow Cut
pp. 10985-10989
Padmapriya. B and Kesavamurthy. T

Performance &Analysis of Non-Invastive Screening & Discrimination of Skin Images for Early Melanoma Detection
pp. 10991-11004
A. Raishabanu, Dr. M. Anto Bennet, S. Ashokram and R. Srinath

A New Approach to Solve Multiple Traveling Salesmen Problem by Clonal Selection Algorithm
pp. 11005-11017
Ayi Purbasari, Iping Supriana Suwardi, Oerip Santoso and Rila Mandala

An Implementation of Storage Provisioning in Private Cloud
pp. 11019-11027
Tarun Kumar.K.S, Vignesh Kumar.P and M.Lawanya Shri

Reduction in Chamfer Width Variation in Epicyclic Ring Gear Manufacturing using Pareto Analysis
pp. 11029-11037
Adhishree Agarwal, Ravi Sekhar, Sarfaraj Shaikh, Ismail Akbani and Nitin S. Solke

Evaluation of Similarity Measures in a Medical Image Retrieval System
pp. 11039-11052
Vijay Jeyakumar and Bommanna Raja Kanagaraj

Fusion Using Quasi-Linearization Technique for the Neyman-Pearson based T2TA in Multi Sensor Data Fusion
pp. 11053-11066
J. Valarmathi, D. S. Emmanuel and S. Christopher

Studies on Surface Roughness of Al-SiC Composites Machined by Powder-Mixed EDM
pp. 11067-11077
Dr. Khalid Hussain Syed and G P Anuraag

Investigation on TZ-Source Based AC-AC Converter System for Wind Energy Conversion
pp. 11079-11091
S. Balakumar and B. Baskaran

A Novel Method of Using Mobile Signals for Vehicular Traffic Management
pp. 11093-11110
Prof. P. M. Xavier and Prof. Dr. Raju Nedunchezhian

Automated Defect Detection in Metal Surface based on Difference of Gaussian Filtering Approach
pp. 11111-11120
N.Vimalraj and Dr B Giriraj

Effect of Car Emissions on Human Health and the Environment
pp. 11121-11128
Ogur, E. O. and Kariuki, S.M.

Control of the Game Skills for a Robot Soccer from Global Vision System
pp. 11129-11142
C.A. Cifuentes, M.J. Suarez, C.A. Rodriguez, L.E. Rodriguez and A. Frizera

Case Study of Engineering Ethics toward Natural Gas Pipeline Leaking: An Analysis through Solving Technique
pp. 11143-11150
M. F. Sulaima, M. K. M. Zambri, M. N. Othman, M. N. M. Nasir, M. H. Jali, Z. H. Bohari, W. M. Bukhari, T. A. Izuddin, M. K. Nor

EMG Signal Features Extraction of Different Arm Movement for Rehabilitation Device
pp. 11151-11162
M. H. Jali, I.M. Ibrahim, M. F. Sulaima, T. A. Izzuddin, W. M. Bukhari

Influence of Pipe Diameters on Shapes of Air Taylor Bubbles in Stagnant Water
pp. 11163-11174
Boonchai Lertnuwata, Niravit Angariya, Wit Chaokijka and Pratip Nuchjaroen

Photo-Electronic Measurement of Film Thickness for the Sulphonation of Methyl Esters in Falling Film Reactors
pp. 11175-11184
Hugo Zeaa,c, Luis Diazb and Francisco Sáncheza

Design and Analysis of 128 Bit Area Efficient Carry Select Adder
pp. 11185-11193
Y.Sudhakar, P.Ramya and  K.Rambabu

Data Integrity Proofs in Cloud Storage
pp. 11193-11200
Manikandan. N, Senthilkumaran. U and Prasnna. S

Analysis of Parametric Optimization of Gravity Die Casting for A-356 aluminium Alloy Using Taguchi Technique
pp. 11201-11214
Shyam Kumar Karna, Ran Vijay Singh, Rajeshwar Sahai

A Novel Kalman Filter based Channel Estimation Algorithm in OFDM Systems
pp. 11215-11224
Prof. S. Sathish and Dr. V. Palanisamy

Probabilistic Approach for Selecting Cooperative Nodes in Virtual MIMO Based Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 11225-11234
K Rajeswari and M A Bhagyaveni

Minimizing Computation and Communication Overhead using Pattern Based Homomorphism Encryption
pp. 11235-11243
Bobba Veeramallu and Dr. K. Rajasekhara Rao

Improving the Performance of Peer-to-Peer Network with RPE-SOSIP
pp. 11245-11255
R. Venkadeshan and Dr. M. Chandrasekar

Enhancing Security in Online Mobile Payments using Finger Print Technology and Digital Signature
pp. 11257-11264
Prabhakaran. R, Navaneethan. C, Meenatchi. S and K. Hasitha

Hardware Implementation with Phonocardiographic Signal for Heart Murmur Process
pp. 11265-11280
P.S. Rajakumar, S. Ravi and R.M. Suresh

Reactive Power Compensation using Statcom with PID Controller
pp. 11281-11290
Dr. S.D. Sundarsingh Jebaseelan and D. Godwin Immanuel

A Medical Electronic Device for the Reliable Diagnosis of Depression
pp. 11291-11306
Agostino Giorgio

Survey on Secure Deduplication and Various Attacks in Cloud
pp. 11307-11314
A.V.K. Shanthi and Y. Sai Pramoda

Feed-Forward Back Propagation Neural Network for Ranking Gene Expression Data
pp. 11315-11325
M. Vimaladevi and Dr. B. Kalaavathi

Mobility based Energy Efficient Tracking using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) in Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 11327-11340
S.Kavitha, Dr.J.Kanakaraj, Dr.G.Mary Jansi Rani

Multilingual Native Speaker Recognition Techniques in Multichannel: A Review
pp. 11341-11351
Manju Patel and Dr. Rajeswari Mukesh

Experimental Investigation on Shape Recovery Force of Shape Memory Alloy (NiTinol) at Various Temperatures under Constant Strain
pp. 11353-11364
B.Ganesh Babu and Y.Ras Mathew

Analysis of Power Quality Improvement in Matrix Converter for WEC System
pp. 11365-11372
A.Mutharasan, R.Niranjan Kumar, T.Rameshkumar and A.Ajitha

Emission Characteristics on Single Cylinder Constant Speed Diesel Engine using Diesel Blends with Jatropha and Rubber Seed Oil
pp. 11373-11380
N. Karthik and S. Mahalingam

A Pragmatic Methodology to Predict the Presence of Snow/No-Snow using Supervised Learning Methodologies
pp. 11381-11394
Kishor Kumar Reddy C, Rupa C H and Vijaya Babu B

Digital Image Analysis in Dental Radiography for Dental Implant Assessment: Survey
pp. 11395-11403
L. Megalan Leo and Dr. T. Kalpalatha Reddy

A Comparative Study of Industrial Relation between Regular and Contract Workers in Thermal Power Station-1 at Neyveli Lignite Corporation
pp. 11405-11411
I. Mary Sharmila

Confinement Factor Calculations for SQW, SCH_SQW, MQW, and MMQW PbSe/PbSrSe Quantum Well Structures
pp. 11413-11422
Majed Khodr

K-Means Clustering Based Segmentation of Lymphocytic Nuclei for Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia Detection
pp. 11423-11432
Sriram Selvaraj and Bommanna Raja Kanakaraj

Simulation and Implementation of Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter Fed Induction Motor
pp. 11433-11451
Manoj Kumar. N, dr. C. Chellamuthu and Prabhakaran K. K

Encrypted Grayscale Image and Color Images Compression
pp. 11453-11467
Alex David S and Grace Priyanka J

Agent based Test Automation in Mobile-Vehicle Communication
pp. 11469-11486
Rajkumar J. Bhojan and K. Vivekanandan

Design and VLSI Implementation of Low Power Filter Bank ADC Architecture for I-UWB Receiver using 130nm CMOS Technology
pp. 11487-11505
K. Lokesh Krishna and T. Ramashri

Security of Wireless Sensor Networks in Smart Grid
pp. 11507-11526
N. Radhika, V. Vanitha and Archana P. Ajit

Credit Risk Evaluation of Healthcare Industry using Soft Computing
pp. 11527-11546
D.K. Sreekantha and Prof. (Dr.) R.V. Kulkarni

Comparison of Single Boost Converter and High Step-up Converter for Distributed Generation Photovoltaic-inverter system
pp. 11549-11561
R. Malathi, A.S. Viswanathan and Dr. M. Rathina Kumar

Waste Heat Recovery from Automobile Muffler and Various other Applications using Thermal Vibrations and Piezoelectric Properties
pp. 11563-11574
Meikandan.M, Senthil Kumar.Pa, Immanuel Dinesh Paulb, Sathian.Cc

Effect of the Mould Rotational Speed on the Quality of Centrifugal Castings
pp. 11575-11582
M. A. El-Sayed

Hybrid Architecture of Digital Filter for Multi-standard Transceivers
pp. 11583-11600
R. Latha and Dr. P. T. Vanathi

Study of Building Air-Conditioner with Phase Change Storage
pp. 11601-11609
Nattaporn Chaiyat and Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat

Modeling and Control of a Solar/Wind Hybrid Energy System for BTS
pp. 11621-11630
Dr. D. Bhattacharya and Tejaswi Kumar

Optical and Surface Properties of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Dried by Conventional and Supercritical Ethanol Drying Techniques
pp. 11631-11646
Theresa Obiajulu Egbuchunam, Senem Yetgin, Filiz Ozmihci Omurlu and Devrim Balkose

Modeling of Knowledge for Work and Communication between Intelligent Agents: Case Study Online Procedures of the Government of Colombia
pp. 11647-11661
Maria Claudia Bonfante, Juan Pablo Paz and Andrés Castillo

Performance Analysis of Novel Snubber Capacitor used Smart Converter to Air Breeze Wind Generator
pp. 11663-11680
S. Bhagawath and S. Edward Rajan

Evolution of Key Management and Variations of Random Pre Key Distribution in Wireless Sensor Network: Survey
pp. 11681-11688
U. Senthil Kumaran and Dr. P. Ilango

The Importance of Infrastructures in the Development of Modern Methods of Construction
pp. 11689-11692
Alireza Baghchesaraei and Omid Reza Baghchesaraei

An Intelligent Intrusion Detection System for Cloud Databases Using Effective Feature Selection and Classification
pp. 11693-11700
L. Sai Ramesh, S. Muthurajkumar, S.Ganapathy, M. Vijayalakshmi and A. Kannan

Accelerating Vector Quantization Algorithm for Codebook Design in Speech Recognition System
pp. 11701-11713
S. Lokesh and Dr. G. Balakrishnan

Soft Computing Approaches for Diabetes Disease Diagnosis: A Survey
pp. 11715-11726
Dilip Kumar Choubey, Sanchita Paul and Joy Bhattachrjee

A Novel Security Model to Secure Client Data in Cloud Computing
pp. 11727-11738
Devi T and Ganesan R

Performance Analysis of PID Tuning Parameters by using PSO and GA Applied to AVR System
pp. 11739-11750
G. Madasamy and C.S. Ravichandran

Experimental Investigation on Tube Side Heat Transfer Coefficient for Wavy Tube Heat Exchanger Using Wilson Plot Analysis
pp. 11751-11762
K. Senthilkumar, P. Palanisamy and M. Eswaramoorthy

Applications of PMU based information in Power Quality Monitoring
pp. 11763-11778
Surender Kumar, M.K. Soni and D.K.Jain






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