International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 20  (2014)  





PAPR Reduction in Wavelet based SCFDMA using Pulse Shaping Filters for LTE Uplink Transmission
pp. 6481-6492
Authors: Ishu and Naresh Kumar

Analysis of Combustion and Performance Characteristics of Low Heat Rejection Engine using DIESEL-DEE Blended Fuel
pp. 6493-6505
Authors: T. Mohanraj, S.Krishnamani and R.Suresh

Islanding Detection of Inverter Based DG Unit Using Vdc-Vpcc Characteristics
pp. 6507-6525
Authors: M. Divyasree and Dr. L. VenkataNarasimha Rao

Cost Effective Implementation of 3D Space Vector Modulation Using Matlab-Aurduino Interface
pp. 6525-6541
Authors: Ashok Kumar V, Narasimha Raju K and Dr. M Venu Gopala Rao

Common Fixed Point Theorem for Two Self Maps in a Cone Metric Space with ω-Distance
pp. 6543-6550
Authors: K.P.R. Sastry, A.Chandra Sekhar and K.Sujatha

Study on Selection and Satisfaction Level of Mobile Phone Service Users: A Study in Chennai City
pp. 6551-6559
Authors: Muthumani S and Krishna Priya V

User Authentication using Multimodel Face Recognition
pp. 6559-6570
Authors: Prashant Kumar Jain, Shailja Shukla and S. S. Thakur

On Identification and Modification of Verbose Queries for Effective Information Retrieval
pp. 6571-6580
Authors: K Hiba Sadia, Kallu Sahitya, A Antony Rebecca, Kirti V. Meshram, Praviya Bharati and Saravanakumar K

A Novel Architecture and PVT Analysis of 4-Bit Manchester Carry Chain Block
pp. 6581-6590
Authors: Ankit Mehta, Satyendra Kumar and Rohit Kumar

Mining Human Opinion Patterns Using Weighted Substructure DAG algorithm
pp. 6591-6605
Authors: K.Aparna and k .Venkataraju

Multivariate Statistical Quality Control Applications in Biomedical Industries
pp. 6607-6617
Authors: Mrs. G. Annalakshmi, Dr. S.P. Rajagopalan and Dr. A. Iyem Perumal

A New Concept of Simultaneous Voltage SAG or SWEEL and Load Reactive Power Compensation Utilizing UPQC with ANN Technique
pp. 6619-6633
Authors: Bollapalli Anusha and K. Sarada

A Relative Performance Comparison of Double Output Asynchronous Generators Using Power Transfer Matrix and Direct Power Control Techniques
pp. 6635-6648
Authors: Viswanadha S Murthy K and Dr. G. R. K. Murthy

Study on Cactus Extract as a Hydrophobic Admixture in Lime Mortar
pp. 6649-6659
Authors: Ravi. R and Dr. Sekar S. K.

Segmentation Performance of Mosaic Textures Using KMeans with CC
pp. 6661-6673
Author: Dr. Shoba Rani

Security and Reliability using Wireless Sensor Network for Industrial Automation Using Harmony Search Algorithm
pp. 6675-6684
Authors: Meenatchi.S and Navaneethan.C

IDS and IPS Using ZigBee with GSM
pp. 6685-6698
Authors: Meenatchi.S and Navaneethan.C

A Novel Approach for Knowledge Mining from Graphs using Semantic Search
2014) pp. 6699-6706
Authors: Hemamalini. S, MichaelRaj T.F, Prabu.M and Saravanan.N

Authenticated Data Transmission in Decentralized Wireless Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (;MANET)
pp. 6707-6714
Author: Mr. Vishal Rajput

WDM PON Long Haul System Design for 10 Gb/s using Switches for DBA
pp. 6715-6726
Authors: S. Rajalakshmi, Ananth Vijaya Venugopalen and Anirudh Kowtha

 Detection of an Incognitos Intruder in Industries and Semantic Mapping of Emotions
pp. 6727-6734
Authors: Dr. R. Subhashini, E. Nagarajan and Niveditha.P.R

Finding Fuzzy Critical Path by Metric Distance Ranking Method Using Fuzzy Numbers
pp. 6735-6745
Authors: S.Narayanamoorthy and S.Maheswari

Learning to Identify Bad Coding Practice
pp. 6747-6755
Authors: Gowtham Deivanayagam. K, Gayathiri. D, Manikandan. A, Raghul Karthik K R, Dr. G. Jeyakumar and Kriti. N

An Intelligent Technique to Detect ARP Spoofing in Local Area Network
pp. 6757-6764
Author: E. Vijayan and Ravi Chaurasia

A New Technique for the Reconfiguration of Radial Distribution Network for Loss Minimization
pp. 6765-6777
Authors: N. H. Shamsudin, M. S. Mamat, A.F.A.Kadir, M. F. Sulaima and H. I. Jaafar

An Efficient Operational Matrix based Approach for a Few Nonlinear and Fractional Differential Equations Arising in Engineering
pp. 6779-6797
Authors: M. Salai mathiselvi, G. Hariharan and B. Sripathi

Dynamic and Effective Stock Analyser using Data Mining Techniques
pp. 6799-6812
Authors: Muhammad Rukunuddin Ghalib, Senthil Kumar N C and Sasikumar Gurumurthy

A Key Management & Establishment Scheme in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks (HWSN)
pp. 6813-6821
Authors: Premamayudu B, Venkata Rao K and Suresh Varma P

Factorial Analysis of Ferulic Acid Extraction from Banana Stem Waste
pp. 6823-6833
Authors: S.N. Ismail and N. Zainol

Use of Non-thermal Microwave Plasma for Syngas Production from Dry Reforming of Compressed Biomethane
pp. 6835-6842
Authors: E. Chaiya, P. Khongkrapan and N. Tippayawong


Finding Fuzzy Critical Path by Metric Distance Ranking Method Using Fuzzy Numbers
pp. 6843-6854
Authors: S. Narayanamoorthy and S. Maheswari

Study of Reed Solomon Encoders and its Architectures
pp. 6855-6862
Authors: A. Deepa and C.N. Marimuthu

A New Approach to Improve the Efficiency of Photovoltaic Power through MPPT Techniques
pp. 6863-6872
Authors: Guddanti Gowthami and Dondapati. Ravi Kishore (Ph.D)


Development and Evaluation of Suitable Prototype Electrical Power System for Running an Air Conditioner using Solar Panel
pp. 6873-6882
Kondapi Sreedhar, Chandra Sekhar Garlapati and A. Seshu Kumar

Laser Cladding of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Using TiC Particles
pp. 6885-6894
Authors: Essam R.I. Mahmoud and Hashem F. El-Labban

Development of Automatic Load-Shedding Strategy for Stand-Alone Photovoltaic System
pp. 6895-6906
Authors: M.N.M. Nasir, M. M. Farith, Mohd Hafiz Jali, M. S Jamri and H.I. Jaafar

FPGA Implementation of Back Propagation Algorithm for ANN using Verilog HDL
pp. 6907-6913
Authors: V V S Vijaya Krishna, K Sai Krishna and P Siva Prasad

Using Multivariate Statistical Quality Control Tool in Medical Industry
pp. 6915-6928
Authors: Mrs. G. Annalakshmi, Dr. S.P Rajagopalan and Dr. A. Iyemperumal

Incorporation of Radix–���� Feed for Ward FFT and Adaptive Viterbi Decoder into OFDM for Wireless Applications
pp. 6929-6940
Authors: S. Prabu and E. Logashanmugam

Active and Reactive Power Control in Matrix Converter Based UPFC Fed Induction Motor Drive Using DPC Scheme
pp. 6941-6957
Authors: Katta Raja Sekhar and Mr. P.V. Pattabhiram


Circular Array Antenna Synthesis based on Element Spacing
pp. 6959-6965
Authors: B T P Madhav, J Sowjanya, V Swathi and P Tanmayee

Implementation of High Data Rate AMBA AHB for On Chip Communication
pp. 6967-6978
Authors: Shashank Ahire, Gaurav Gawali, Anuja Nanhe and K. Sivasankaran

Increasing Combusting Resistance for Hybrid Composites
pp. 6979-6985
Authors: D. Chandramohan and S. Rajesh

Earthquake Hazard Mapping of the Zayandeh Rood Basin in Iran
pp. 6987-6999
Authors: Maryam MARANI BARZANI and Khairulmaini Bin OSMAN SALLEH

Analysis of Microarray Gene Expression Data Clustering Algorithms with Different Standard Cluster Validity Techniques
pp. 7001-7016
Authors: Muhammad Rukunuddin Ghalib, Aadhya Saravgi, Cosmica Mahapatra

Implementation of Energy Aware Parallel Task Scheduling using Power Aware List Scheduling (PALS) Algorithm using MatLab and its Performance Analysis
pp. 7017-7028
Authors: Nagaveni V, G T Raju and Shruthi S

On the Lambda-Shock Formation on ONERA M6 Wing
pp. 7029-7038
Author: Alexander Kuzmin

To Dipping the Overheads of CCP-ABE, using Pattern based Policy with Homomorphism Encryption Mechanism
pp. 7039-7052 
Authors: Bobba Veeramallu and Dr. K. Rajasekhara Rao

True Vessel Identification from Segmented Retinal Images
pp. 7053-7063
Authors: Divya Ann Luke and Dr. Jayasudha. J. S

A Review on Matrix Converter with Different Modulation Control Strategies
pp. 7065-7082
Authors: K. V. Kandasamy and Sarat Kumar Sahoo


Entrance Region Flow of Bingham Fluid in an Annular Cylinder
pp. 7083-7101
Authors: Rekha.G.Pai and A.Kandasamy 

Analyzing the Services and Privacy, Conflict Resolutions of Shared Data in OSN's
pp. 7103-7112
Authors: Doma Venkata Manasa, Dr. M. R. Narasinga Rao and A. S. Lalitha

EHMBA: An Efficient Heuristic-Based Multihop Broadcast Protocol for Asynchronous Duty-Cycled Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 7113-7126
Authors: S. Pramatha, Dr. N. K. Sakthivel and Dr. S. Subasree

A Binary Schema and Computational Algorithms to Process Vowel-based Euphonic Conjunctions for Word Searches
pp. 7127-7142
Authors: Kasmir Raja S. V., Rajitha V. and Meenakshi Lakshmanan

Designing and Selection of Mixed Sampling Plans with Two Sided Complete Chain Sampling as Attribute Plan
pp. 7143-7148
Authors: K. Rebecca Jebaseeli Edna, V. Jemmy Joyce and S. Deva Arul

Secured Mining with Storage Efficiency and Privacy Guarantee on Outsourced Transaction Databases
pp. 7149-7158
Authors: A.Leo Paul and W.R. Helen

Estimation of Ku Band Satellite Signal Propagation Impairment Due to Rain in Tropical Environment Using ITU-R
pp. 7149-7168
Authors: Govardhani. Immadi, Sarat K Kotamraju, Habibulla Khan, M.Venkata Narayana, Hemavasavi.K, K. Pooja Naga Sai and N. Sirisha

Multi keyword Ranked search over Encrypted Cloud Data
pp. 7149-7176
Authors: Christal Joy.E and Indira.K

An Approach towards Defense of DDOS Attacks in Cloud Computing using Confidence based Filtering and Hop Count Filtering Techniques
pp. 7177-7190
Authors: P. Boominathan, K. Marimuthu, Apoorva Shenoy, Garima Hooda and Satish Reddy

Analysis of Ball and Roller Burnishing by Optimizing the Process Parameters for Surface Roughness Indices using Grey Based Taguchi Method
pp. 7191-7200
Authors: Doradla Raja Ramesh, A. M. K. Prasad and A. C. S. Kumar


Experimental Study of Adaptive Power and Modulation-A Cognitive Radio Application
pp. 7201-7212
Authors: Vijaya Kumar Ponnusamy and Malarvizhi .S

Modeling of Air Quality Index in the Eastern Urban Areas of Thailand using Neural Network Method
pp. 7213-7220
Authors: K. Saithanu and J. Mekparyup

Sans Douleur Continuous Glucose Scrutinizer System
pp. 7221-7225
Authors: B. Bharathi and Aathilakshmi

Power Quality Improvement Using Neuro-fuzzy based Custom Power Devices (UPQC) in Wind Farm Connected to Weak Grid
pp. 7227-7240
Authors: Kopella Saiteja and R. B. R. Prakash

Novel Intellegent Control Technique based on Space Vector Modulation Direct Torque Control for Induction Motors
pp. 7241-7256
Authors: Srinivasulu Budharapu and Bhavani Juppali

Multi-Channel E-Learning System based on Semantic Web Service Architecture
pp. 7257-7264
Authors: R.Sethuraman and Dr.T.Sasiprabha

A Study of Adaptive Modulation for Space-Time Trellis Coded Multiple Input Multiple Output Systems with Imperfect Channel State Information
pp. 7265-7273
Authors: Anusree. L and Prof. (Dr.) Sheeja. M. K

Complete Analysis of Joint Inference in Information Extraction Using Markov Logic
pp. 7275-7285
Authors: J. Refonaa and Dr. Lakshmi

Performance Behaviour of Cryptography Algorithms in Aspect based Web Services
pp. 7287-7293
Authors: S. Murugan and B. Muthukumar

Communication and Computational Cost Efficiency in Automatic Test Generations
pp. 7295-7304
Authors: Mr. Subba Rao, Dr. K. Venkata Rao and Dr. P. Suresh Varma


Designing Multidimensional Mixed Sampling Plans for Second Quality Lots
pp. 7305-7309
Authors: V. Jemmy Joyce, K. Rebecca Jebaseeli Edna and S. Deva Arul

Implementing Histogram Equalization and Retinex Algorithms for Image Contrast Enhancement
pp. 7311-7318
Authors: M. Prabhu, S. Rajarajan and M. P. Karthikeyan

Design of Renewable Energy Harvester using Smart IC and System
pp. 7319-7332
Authors: Venugopal. P, Sai Parimal Rohit, Dr. Suresh. Y and Modi Pandu Ranga Prasad

A Comprehensive Behavior Analysis of TOR versus I2P 
pp. 7333-7345
Authors: Karthigeyan A, Robinson Joel M, Manikandan S P, Raja Guru P and Sri Raman S

Indian Sign Language Recognition using Skin Colour Detection
pp. 7347-7360
Authors: Ashok Kumar Sahoo and kiran Kumar Ravulakollu

I Safe: Secure Global Money Transfer with Automated Currency Converter
pp. 7361-7370
Authors: Shivramvelseethapathi, Hariprashanth and Viswanathan. R

The Role of Environmental Engineers in Management of Natural Disaster
pp. 7371-7376
Authors: Akshaya Kumar Sabat and Saroj Kumar Dash

A Robust Watermarking Technique Based on DCT and Image Normalization
pp. 7377-7383
Authors: E. Vijayan, S. Hemalatha, Senthilkumar N C Kuldeep Singh Yadav, Pankaj Kumar Nayak and Parul Gupta

An SPR_SD Model Used to Predict Dengue Fever
pp. 7385-7394
Authors: V.Srinivasan, A.Iyem Perumal, S.P.Rajagopalan and S.Dheva Rajan

Naturalistic Traffic Data Collection Using Stereo Vision Systems
pp. 7395-7410
Authors: Salvatore Cafiso and Alessandro Di Graziano

Student Monitoring Using Opencv
pp. 7411-7418
Authors: R. Sethuraman and E. Vaitheeswaran

Numerical Study on Effect of Axial Gap in the Flow Dynamics of Gas Turbine
pp. 7419-7433
Authors: Aji M Abraham and Suresh.M.S

A Secured Cloud System and Log Records based on 2LE
pp. 7435-7451
Authors: K Marimuthu, D Ganesh Gopal, Ginni Malik and P Boominathan

Estimation of Body Segment Weights for Prosthetic Legs suitable to Indian Amputees
pp. 7453-7462
Authors: Y.Kalyan Chakravarthy, D.Tarun and Dr.A.Srinath


An Optimized Algorithm for Generating Subsets
pp. 7463-7468
Authors: K. Arulmani, P. Swaminathan and K. Chandrasekhara Rao

A Study on Big Data and its Importance
pp. 7469-7479
Authors: Duvvuri.B.S.Suresh Kumar, D.Bala Krishna Kamesh and Dr. Syed Umar

The Influence of Flow Steering Angle on the Performance a of Cup-Bladed Kinetic Turbine
pp. 7481-7489
Authors: Nita C.V. Monintja, Rudy Soenoko, Slamet Wahyudi, Yudy S. Irawan

Quantification of Environmental Services on Hydro Power Plant of Jelok and Timo
pp. 7491-7498
Authors: Purboseno, S., Bambang, A.N, Suripin and Hadi, S.P

Performance of a 3-Phase Asymmetrical Cascaded Subcell Multilevel Inverter
pp. 7499-7508
Authors: Dhanamjayulu C, Dr. Y Suresh, Ponnambalam Pathipooranam and Rashmi Ranjan Das

Data Clustering using Principal Component Analysis and Differential Evolution
pp. 7509-7520
Author: Rajashree Dash

Catalytic Performance of Al-HDTMA Bentonite Impregnated Fe on Phenol Hydroxylation
pp. 7521-7529
Authors: Restu Kartiko Widi, Arief Budhyantoro and Emma Savitri

An Authentication Method for Secure Web Services Access with Preventing Tautology Type SQL Injection
pp. 7531-7543
Authors: M.D.Anto Praveena, R. Joseph Manoj and Dr.V.Shanthi

Reduction of I/O Delay by Incorporation of Reconfigurable Processing Units into the High Level Synthesis of DSP Applications
pp. 7545-7560
Authors: Awni Itradat and M.O. Ahmad

Design, Simulation and Performance Analysis of Digital FIR Filter based on Low-Power Reversible Gates
pp. 7561-7574
Authors: W.Sujan and A.V.M.Manikandan

Energy Efficient Coverage Estimation for Wireless Sensor Networks from Real Time RSSI Measurements for Indoor Localization
pp. 7575-7588
Authors: K.Vadivukkarasi and R.Kumar

Proposing a Model for User Satisfaction in Electronic Human Resource Management
pp. 7579-7595
Authors: S.K.Manivannan and Dr.A.Chandra Mohan

Cross-Layer Optimization for Multichannel Multiradio Wireless Network with Network Coding
pp. 7597-7608
Authors: Geunseok Choi and Wonsik Yoon

Tamil Word Sense Disambiguation using Support Vector Machines with Rich Features
pp. 7609-7620
Authors: Anand Kumar M, Rajendran S and Soman K.P

Studying the Impact of HSS based Drills and Pre-drills on Delamination during Drilling Chopped Strand Mat Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer
pp. 7621-7632
Authors: Panneerselvam T and Raghuraman S


Secure and Competent Information for Mobile and Desktops
pp. 7633-7638
Authors: B. Bharathi and L.K. Joshila Grace

Lateral Load Resisting Capacity of RC Ductile Framed Structure Using Non Linear Static Analysis
pp. 7639-7652
Authors: R. Ponnudurai, K. Swaminathan and Dr. S. Nagan

Automated Anti-theft and Accident Detection System for the Elderly
pp. 7653-7666
Authors: Rohan Kulkarni, Sahil Karkhanis, Abhishek Tripathi and Yokesh Babu Sundaresan

Classification of Flooding Attacks using Severity Labeling based Machine Learning Techniques
pp. 7667-7678
Authors: Prathibha R.C and Smt. Rejimol Robinson R.R

Optimized Regression Testing using Genetic Algorithm and Dependency Structure Matrix
pp. 7679-7690
Authors: J. Albert Mayan and T. Ravi

Flow of a Micropolar Fluid in an Inclined Channel Bounded by Permeable Beds
pp. 7691-7704
Authors: K. Nandagopal, S. Sreenadh K. Chakradhar and P. Lakshminarayana

Rule Based Labeling and Maxentropy based Learning for Mining Wishes from User Reviews
pp. 7699-7704
Authors: Shruthi Raveendran Nair and Chitharanjan K.

Mining and Predicting Customer Transactions– A Novel Approach
pp. 7705-7716
Authors: Karthika Surendran and KuttyMalu V.K

Surfing Large Websites based on User Behaviour
pp. 7717-7726
Authors: D.B.K Kamesh, J.K.R. Sastry and M. Devi Kavya Priya

A Miniaturized Circular Microstrip Patch Tri Band Ring Antenna for SATCOM Applications
pp. 7735-7743
Authors: B. Priyadharshini and S. Sivasundarapandian

An Analysis on 1-Step Transition Probability Matrix and 2- Step Transition Probability Matrix of Markov Passwords
pp. 7745-7753
Authors: S.Vaithyasubramanian and A. Christy

Data and Information Storage Security from Advanced Persistent Attack in Cloud Computing
pp. 7755-7768
Authors: J.Vijaya Chandra, Dr. Narasimham Challa and Dr. Mohammed Ali Hussain

A Survey of Research Dimensions in Complex Event Processing
pp. 7769-7780
Authors: C.Imthyaz Sheriff and Dr.Angelina Geetha

Advancement in Vehicle Airbag Deployment System
pp. 7781-7789
Authors: Mr. Ishpreet Chawla, Mr. Mandeep Rana and Mr. Yash Parikh

Priority Based Traffic Light Controller with IR Sensor Interface using FPGA 
pp. 7791-7800
Authors: B Murali Krishna, K Gopi Vasanth Kumar, A Gnandeep Reddy, N Madan Gopal, K Varun Chowdary, B T P Madhav

Minimizing the Distribution of Ready-Mixed Concrete with “Out of Kilter” Algorithm
pp. 7801-7812
Authors: Mir Heydar Hashemi and Orhan Yuksel

The Strategy to Coordinate Contractors’ Statement of Work with Scheduling
pp. 7813-7820
Authors: Mir Heydar Hashemi, Elaheh Sharifi and Mobin Sameie Paghaleh

Size Effect on Deformation Characteristic of Aluminum under Impact Loading Condition
pp. 7821-7833
Authors: Hairul Arsyad, ING Wardana, Wahyono Suprapto and Anindito Purnowidodo

Minimizing the Distribution of Ready-Mixed Concrete with “Linear Programming”
pp. 7835-7846
Authors: Mir Heydar Hashemi and and Orhan Yuksel

Employees’ Commitment and Credibility towards Job and Organization in Indian Information Technology Companies
pp. 7847-7851
Authors: Dr. M. Maya and Dr. Krishnapriya

The Relationship between Degree of Homogeneity and Market Segmentation: A Quantitative Analysis of Survey Responses
pp. 7853-7870
Authors: MyeongHo Lee and JaeHo Bae


Proposed Model to Improve Level of Field Quality Control in Roll-type Film Manufacturing Using Notation of Fault Tree Analysis
pp. 7871-7888
Authors: Myeong Ho Lee and Jae Ho Bae

Design and Implementation of a Hybrid App-based Movie Reservation System in N-Screen Environment
pp. 7889-7898
Authors: Jung Sang Yoo and Myeong Ho Lee

A Comparative Study on Software Development Productivity by Version of Standard Enterprise EJB
pp. 7899-7908
Authors: Jung Sang Yoo and Myeong Ho Lee

An Authentication System for Safe Transmission of Medical Information in U-health Environment
pp. 7909-7918
Authors: Woo-Sik Bae and Kun-Hee Han

Mediating Effects of Social Network and Wisdom on the Relationship between Self-esteem and Successful Aging among Elderly Korean Men
pp. 7919-7936
Author: Hee Kyung Kim

Relationship between Gamma-GlutamylTransferase(GGT) Levels and Blood Pressure in Health Checkup Examinees
pp. 7937-7948
Authors: Taek-Soo Shin, Young-Chae Cho and Seok-Han Yoon

Model-Driven Design of Performance Monitoring System in Offshore Plants
pp. 7949-7958
Authors: Youhee Choi, Gwang-Ja Jin and Byungtae Jang

The Definition of Standard Metadata and Its Quality Management Model for Facilitation of Scientific and Technical Big Data Sharing
pp. 7959-7970
Authors: Sang-Gi Lee and Eui-Kyeong Hong

The Effects of Self-esteem, Depression and Stress on Students’ Adjustment to College
pp. 7971-7980
Authors: Young-Sook Kwon

A Study on Improving the Batch Registration Process for Collecting National Research and Development Information
pp. 7981-7992
Authors: Tae-Hyun Kim, Myung-Seok Yang, WonKyun Joo, MinWoo Park, NamGyu Kang and Kwang-Nam Choi

Development of User Interface for Game Developer using NGUI and Mecanim Technique
pp. 7993-8002
Authors: Sung–Su Kim, Shin–Jin Kang, Seok–Hun Kim and Soo–Kyun Kim

Two Prospects on Nowadays: Smart Convergence & Big Data
pp. 8003-8011
Author: Byung-Tae Chun

An Effective P-Peak Detection Algorithm for HRV Analysis
pp. 8013-8020
Authors: Wen Hai Jin, Bo Yeon Kim and Yun Seok Chang

Smart System for Food Safety to Advance Feed Service Culture
pp. 8021-8028
Authors: Ki-Bong Kim and Sung-Han Lee

Decision Factors for Supplier Selection
pp. 8029-8039
Authors: Hyun Gi Hong

Real Time Signal Analysis for Modeling the Performance of UHF/VHF Transceivers
pp. 8041-8066

Authors: A. Jhansi Rani, K. Ch. Sri Kavya, Sarat K Kotamraju, G. Sree Teja and K.Snigdha

Library Book Recommendation System Using CF-Apriori Algorithm
pp. 8067-8074
Authors: Shriladha B, Suganya Magudeswaran, Sini Raj P and P Subathra


Moving Objects Detection for Video Surveillance Applications
pp. 8075-8082
K. Eswar Chaitanya, G. Harish and B. Harish

Improved Page Rank Algorithm Using Efficient Damping Factor
pp. 8083-8091
Authors: Dr. V. Vaithiyanathan, M. Rajasekhar Reddy, Anishin Raj M M, B. Karthikeyan, G. VThanushree, Diana Baby and S. Nesha (a) Sindhu

Effects of Participation in Volunteering Activities on Nursing Professionalism and Self-Esteem among Nursing Students in Korea
pp. 8121-8128
Authors: Soyoun Yim

Design and Analysis of a Novel Multifractal Multiband Antenna using 3D-FDTD Method
pp. 8129–8139
Author: Vivek Dhoot

Comparison of Self-esteem and Successful Aging According to Social Networks among Elderly Men in Korea
pp. 8141-8154
Authors: Hee Kyung Kim

Academic Achievement of Blended Problem Based Instruction for University Students in Korea
pp. 8155-8164
Authors: Myeong-Hee Shin and Eunpyo Lee

Estimation of the Congestion Rate of Local Public Goods in Korea
pp. 8165-8174
Author: Sung Tai Kim

The Relations between the Status and Needs of Full Dentures and Fixed or Removable Partial Dentures, and Periodontal Disease for Korean Adults
pp. 8175-8188
Authors: In-Ho Jeong, Jong-Hwa Lee and Myung-Ja Park

A Study of Dental Caries Condition and a High Caries Risk Group for 12-years-old Korean Children
pp. 8189-8198
Authors: In-Ho Jeong, Jong-Hwa Lee, Myung-Ja Park and Hyun-Kyun Yun

The Effect of Eating Habit and Oral Health behavior on Subjective Perception of Oral Health for Korean Adolescent
pp. 8199-8210
Authors: In-Ho Jeong, Jong-Hwa Lee, Myung-JaPark and Jin-Yeong Yoo

Luteolin Suppresses Nitric Oxide (NO)-induced Dedifferentiation and Enhances Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) Expression in Rabbit Articular Chondrocytes
pp. 8211-8220
Authors: Seong-Hui Eo and Song-Ja Kim





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