International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 9, Number 19  (2014)  





Effect of Alloying Content on Surface Roughness of Die Materials at Optimal Parametric Condition using WEDM
pp. 5301-5311
Authors: U.K. Vates, N.K. Singh and R.V. Singh

Personalized and Customized WEB Searching within Application Specific WEB Sites
pp. 5313-5324
Authors: Dr. JKR. Sastry, S. Pavani Snigdha, M. Devi Kavya Priya and Ms. J. Sasi Bhanu

Microcontroller based Synchronization of Three Phase Alternator
pp. 5325-5334
Author: N.Mohan Raj

Implementation of Low Power MAC using Adaptive Power Control Technique
pp. 5335-5344
Authors: Jagannadha Naidu K, Avni Agarwal and Shravya K.V

Framework for Enhancing Level of Security to the ATM Customers with DCT based Palm Print Recognition
pp. 5345-5351
Authors: K.Lavanya, B.Naresh Kumar Reddy, C.Naga Raju and K.Sridhar

Effect of Hybrid Natural Fibres on the Mechanical Properties of Concrete
pp. 5353-5358
Authors: N.Lavanya and S.Shobana

Analysis of MHO Characteristics during Fault and Power Swing in a Series Compensated Line with Distance Protection
pp. 5359-5371
Author: Monica.G

LESIPT: Lightweight Enhanced Secure Incentive Protocol with Trusted Value for Multi-hop Wireless Networks
pp. 5373-5384
Authors: Mohamed Taher Nashnosh and Dr. B Vijaya Babu

Electrical Power Distribution System Reconfiguration to Minimize Power Loss Using Flexible Genetic Algorithm
pp. 5385-5402
Authors: V. Tejaswi and S. V. N. L. Lalitha

Dynamic Authentication for SOA Based Cross Site Application Using Secure Erasure Codes
pp. 5403-5410
Authors: Dr. K. Subrahmanyam and K. Lakshmi Keerthi

Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow through Venturi of a Carburetor
pp. 5411-5422
Author: Tushar B. Sawant and Ranjith Maniyeri

Efficient and Unsupervised Approach for Detection of Duplicate Query Results in Web Scenario
pp. 5423-5438
Authors: Dr. B. Vijaya Babu and K. Jyotsna Santoshi

Comparison of HAAR, DB, SYM and COIF Wavelet Transforms in the Detection of Earthquakes Using Seismic Signals
pp. 5439-5452
Authors: Kishor Kumar Reddy C, Anisha P R, Narasimha Prasad L V and Dr. B. Vijaya Babu


Strongly s*g-normal, Strongly s*g-regular Spaces and Weakly s*g-irresolute Functions
pp. 5453-5459
K. Kannan, S. Abirami, C. Aruna, M. Bhuvana and P. Indumathi

Improving the accuracy of Cardiac Disease prediction using Trio Combo Mining Technique with Component Composition
pp. 5461-5471
Authors: K. R. Sekar P. Rajendiran J. Sethuraman N. Sivaramakrishnan

Weight Based Toll Collection System with Number Plate Recognition
pp. 5473-5481
Authors: Vidhyapathi. C. M, Shirley. J, Shivi Jain and Supriya Aiyer

Effect of Spray Angle toward Microstructure Morphology and Hardness of Al-Mg Powder Produced from a Single Orifice Nozzle Water Atomizing
pp. 5483-5496
Authors: Muh. Halim Asiri, Rudy Soenoko, Agus Suprapto, Yudy Surya Irawan

Fabrication and Control of 3-DOF RRR Planar Parallel Manipulators with Non-Planar Links
pp. 5497-5505
Authors: Abhas Vyas, Sathay Vasudevan, M. Ganesh and Dr. Anjan Kumar Dash

Virus spread in an intuitionistic fuzzy network
pp. 5507-5515
Authors: G. Deepa, B. Praba, V.M. Chandrasekaran

Local Stress Analysis of Weld Joints Connecting Heater Sleeves with the Bottom Head of a Pressurizer Using ANSYS
pp. 5517-5527
Authors: Avdhesh A Katti and Amol B Ubale 

A Novel Size Invariant Visual Secret Sharing Scheme to Store Multiple Secrets
pp. 5529-5538
Authors: M.Nirupama Bhat and K.Usha Rani

Effective Detection of Denial of Service (Dos) Attacks by Using Snort Rules Architecture
pp. 5539-5550
Authors: Alla Chandra Sekhar Reddy and Riaz Shaik

Allee Effect in Discrete-time Prey-Predator Interactions
pp. 5551-5559
Authors: M.ReniSagayaRaj, A.George Maria Selvam and R.Dhineshbabu

Customized WEB Surfing of Large Application Specific WEB Sites
pp. 5561-5568
Authors: J.K.R. Sastry, M. Devi Kavya Priya, S. Pavani Snigdha, J. Sasi Bhanu

Providing Privacy through Search Logs
pp. 5569-5582
Authors: Dr G. Rama Krishna, Professor, A.V. Praveen Krishna and P.Mounika

Operation and Control of Grid Connected Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid using Various RES
pp. 5583-5594
Authors: Kodanda Ram R B P U S B and Dr. M. Venu Gopala Rao

Modal Analysis of Stepped Shaft in Operating Mechanism of Earth Switch
pp. 5595-5602
Authors: Vijay V Pawar, Sarfaraj Shaikh, Pramod B Kolse and Sagar B Adsul

Analytical Approach for Determining the Effectiveness of the Front Windshield Wiper of a Light Motor Vehicle
pp. 5603-5609
Authors: Sagar Adasul, Prof. Sarfaraj Shaikh and Vijay Pawar

Modified Russian Doll Model for Efficient Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation in EPON
pp. 5611-5622
Authors: N. Subhashini and Dr. A. Brintha Therese

Survey Paper on Concurrency control mechanisms in a Distributed Database Environment
pp. 5623-5630
Authors: Senthilkumar N C, Sri Harish M K S and Umar Thariq M

Improving the Accuracy of Cardiac Disease Prediction using Trio Combo Mining Technique with Component Composition
pp. 5631-5641
Authors: K.R. Sekar P. Rajendiran J. Sethuraman and N. Sivaramakrishnan

Surface EMG Signal Analysis and Pattern Classification to Drive Prosthetics
pp. 5643-5652
Authors: Prema P. Itchaipillai and Ashish Sundar

E-Learning Drivers – An empirical Study with special reference to Indian IT Organizations
pp. 5653-5662
Authors: S.Balasubramanian, V. Badrinath, C.Vijayabanu and V.Vijayanand

Improving Web Link Mining Using Semantic Similarity Measurement
pp. 5663-5677
Authors: Kishor Wagh and Dr. Satish Kolhe

A Crypto-Stego Based Approach for Secured Key Transfer 1K. Venkatesh, 1S. Sheik Mohideen Shah, 2D. Narasimhan
pp. 5679-5687
Authors: R. Bala Krishnan and N. R. Raajan

Interval Estimation of System Dynamics Model Parameters
pp. 5689-5695
Authors: Kantor Olga G. and Spivak Semen I.

Performance Analysis of Artificial Neural Network Based Shunt Active Power Filter
pp. 5697-5708
Authors: Jarupula Somlal, Dr. M.Venu Goplala Rao and Narsimha Rao Vutlapalli

Diagramming Federal Courtroom Floors: Identifying Functional Typologies
pp. 5709-5720
Authors: Dr Jawdat Goussous and Dr Saleem M Dahabreh

Effect of Imperfections on the Dynamic Behaviour of Axially Compressed Composite Cylindrical Shells
pp. 4721-5730
Authors: Priyadarsini R.S. and Chitra V.


FEC Based Authentication to Combat PUEA in Cognitive Radio
pp. 5731-5738
Authors: Avila. J and M. Harini

Synthesis and Characterization of Geopolymer Cement Using Low Purity Kaolinite from Jordan
pp. 5739-5747
Authors: Bassel Hanayneh

Design of WDM ROF PON based on OFDM and Optical Heterodyne Detection using MMSE in Receiver
pp. 5749-5758
Authors: A.Sangeetha and Y.Kavven Raja

Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow over a Two-Dimensional Backward Facing Step
pp. 5759-5768
Authors: Yogesh R. Kharde and Ranjith Maniyeri

RF Harvesting Circuitry for Ambient Backscatter Technology
pp. 5769-5778
Authors: Patale Vijaykumar Bharat and M.Kalyan Chakarvarti

Cascaded Algorithm for the Elimination of Impulse Noise Variants and Artifacts in Images
pp. 5779-5796
Authors: Vasanth K, Tena J, Elanangai V and Amuthan.A

Modeling of a Special Purpose Bolt Test Rig and its Simulation under Dynamic Conditions
pp. 5797-5808
Authors: Samarth Shrivastava, Kartikeya Tripathi, Sanjay Tiwari

Detection of Brain Tumor from MRI Scan using Segmentation Methods
pp. 5809-5817
Authors: Amala vetha sophia. J, Natarajan. P and Karthika. A

Implementation of Standard Logic Cells using CMOS based Dual Mode Logic Gates
pp. 5819-5826
Authors: P. Eswara Sindhu, Fazal Noorbasha, Tripura Sundari. A and D. Divya

Allocation of Resources and Scheduling in Cloud Computing with Cloud Migration
pp. 5827-5837
K.Radha, B.Thirumala Rao, Shaik Masthan Babu, K.Thirupathi Rao, V.Krishna Reddy and P.Saikiran

Optimization of Parameters for Diesel Engine Performance with Polanga Oil-Diesel-Nano Particle Blend
pp. 5839-5846
Authors: M.Santhanamuthu, T.Tamizharasan and T.P.Mani


A Novel Edge Detection Based Technique for Fingerprint Recognition
pp. 5847-5856
Saurabh Chaturvedi, Atul K. Srivastava, Nishil Bisht and Pranati Khanna

Development and Automation of Loft Surface for Sheet Metal Components
pp. 5857-5870
Author: Amol Bhanage

A Novel Approach for Reducing Power in Programmable Truncated Multiplier
pp. 5871-5884
Authors: K. V. Karthikeyan and Jisha Mariam Jose

EBCM: Single Encryption, Multiple Decryptions
pp. 5885-5893
Authors: T.Gunasekhar, K. Thirupathi Rao, V. Krishna Reddy, P. Saikiran and B. Thirumala Rao

DMK-Medoid Heuristic Product Ranking in Online Market
pp. 5895-5912
Authors: K.R. Sekar, K.S. Ravichandran, J.Sethuraman and Saikishor Jangiti

Real Time Context Aware Guidance System using UWB and PS-Mixed Indoor and Outdoor Environment
pp. 5913-5933
Authors: R.Jayabharathy, V.Prithiviraj and R.Varadarajan

Stabiliging and Controlling Output of Real Time Operating Generator Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer
pp. 5935-5947
Authors: Billakurthi Vijaya Sumanth and D. Seshi Reddy

An Identification of Safety Distance in Seismic Exploration by Building Type: A Case Study of Seismic Exploration at Mahasarakham Province, Thailand
pp. 5949-5956
Authors: Pithan Pairojn and Supot Teachavorasinskun

Punching Process Characteristics of ECV Materials 
pp. 5957-5963
Authors: Md. Iqbal Mahmud, Yong Jun Yoon and HaengMuk Cho

A Study on Web Accessibility Features for People with Multiple Disabilities
pp. 5965-5984
Authors: N. Rajkumar and Dr. Viji Vinod


Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor Using Three Level Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter
pp. 5985-5998
Authors: R. Dharmaprakash and Joseph Henry

Generalized Exponential Fuzzy Entropy
pp. 5965-6004
Authors: P. Jha and M. Verma

An Attempt to Improve Classification Accuracy through Implementation of Boosting with Sequential Minimal Optimization during Automated Evaluation of Descriptive Answers
pp. 6005-6016
Authors: Sunil Kumar C and R.J. Rama Sree

Towards Making A STEGO Object Completely Undetectable–A Pixel Value Based Binary Approach Using Vector Manipulations in Quick Response Codes
pp. 6017-6030
Authors: V. Ramya and Dr. G. Gopinath

Growth and Yield of an Interspecific (Oryza Sativa × Oryza Glaberrima) Rice Cultivar as Affected by Phosphorus and Calcium effects on Acid Ferralsol
pp. 6031-6044
Authors: Yao Guy Fernand, Brahima Koné, Yoboué Kouadio Emile, Kassin Koffi Emmanuel, Akassimadou Edja Fulgence and Kouadio Konan Kan

Testing of Error Containment Capability in can Network
pp. 6045-6054
Authors: M. Anto Bennet, S. Sankaranarayanan, S. Ashokram and T.R. Dinesh Kumar

A Mining Approach for Parallel Systems using Hadoop Techniques
pp. 6055-6061
Authors: Sachin Katarkisrinivasa and Perumal R

Prediction of Pollution using Smart Phones
pp. 6063-6072
Authors: M. Sakthi ganesh, L. Chockalingam and P. Venkata krishna

A Study on Customers’ Adoption of Modern Technology in Banking Industry in India
pp. 6073-6090

Risk Assessment in Distributed Banking System
pp. 6087-6100
Authors: Dr.N.Srinivasu, K.V.D. Kiran, Dr.Ch.V.Phani Krishna, Dr L.S.S.Reddy


Efficient Framework for Testing Cross-Cloud Application
pp. 6101-6108
Authors: Sk.Jameela, K. Thirupathi Rao, V. Krishna Reddy, P. Saikiran and B. Thirumala Rao

Energy Efficiency Analysis and Financial Assessment of Building Integrated Alternative Energy Source
pp. 6109-6131
Authors: Ravi Lakshmanan and Rajendran Sinnadurai

Survey on Trust in Buyer Coalition Schemes
pp. 6133-6138
Authors: Laor Boongasame

Dynamically Managing the Software Components in Deployment Based Architecture
pp. 6139-6148
Authors: M.Srilakshmi, S.VenkataKrishna and G.SivaNageswara Rao

Effect of Microbiologically Induced CaCO3 Precipitation by Addition of Kadukai and Jaggery in Lime Mortar
pp. 6149-6157
Authors: Thirumalini. P and Dr. Sekar S.K.

A Regression Model to Study the Effectiveness of Specific Online Channels to Reach Student Aspirants 
pp. 6159-6167
Authors: Ramakrishnan Raman and Dhanya Pramod

Revised Framework of CRACS-Cloud Replica with Availability, Consistency and Scalability to Maintain Acid Properties at NOSQL Cloud Databases
pp. 6169-6182
Authors: Anandhi Ramani and Dr. Chitra

Privacy Perserving Data Mining using Extending Maximum Senstive Itemset Conflict First Algorithm by Means of Cuckoo Search Algorithm
pp. 6183-6195
Authors: D. Jaya Kumari and Prof. Nistala. V. E. S. Murthy

ARM 9 Based Block Detection Using Contour Mapping Algorithm
pp. 6197-6206
Authors: R. Kamalakkannan, V. Jayapradha, S. Selva Kumar and Dr. S. Ravi

Effects of Motivation, Work Environment and Work– Life Balance towards Employee Commitment in GCC Countries–An Exploratory Study
pp. 6207-6218
Authors: S. Ganesan, V. Badrinath, C. Vijayabanu and V. Vijay Anand


Design of Fixed Microstrip Patch Antenna for WLAN Applications
pp. 6231-6238
Authors: A. A. Yassin, R. A. Saeed, R. A. Alsaqour and R. A. Mokhtar

Seasonal and Diurnal Variations of Convective Available Potential Energy (CAPE) Measured with COSMIC Radio Occultation (RO) Retrieved Data Products during 2007-2012-First Results
pp. 6239-6256
Authors: G. Anil Kumar, Narendra Babu, P. S. Brahmanandam, G. Uma and K. Vijay Kumar


Design of Reconfigurable Multi-Band Microstrip Patch Antenna with Ground Slit for WLAN & WiMax Applications
pp. 6257-6266
Authors: A. A. Yassin, Rashid A. Saeed, R. A. Alsaqour and Rania A. Mokhtar

Landuse/ Landcover Change Detection Study for Effective Marine Environmental Management Using High Resolution Satellite Data
pp. 6267-6276
Authors: S.S. Asadi, P.J. Ratnakar, B.V.T. Vasantha Rao and A.K. Vuppaladadiyam

The Selection of Split Air Conditioning of Apartment Unitaround Jabodetabek area Toenhancecopc
pp. 6277-6290
Author: Bambang Iskandriawan

Numerical Study on Effect of Axial Gap in the Flow Dynamics of Gas Turbine
pp. 6291-6300
Authors: Aji M Abraham and Suresh. M.S

A Study about the Working of Database Transactions, its Consequences and Remedies for Failure
pp. 6301-6312
Authors: G. Sekar and Dr. N.M. Elango

Design of a Bus Monitor for Performance Analysis of AXI Protocol based SoC Systems
pp. 6313-6324
Authors: Ravi S, Ezra K and Kittur Harish Mallikarjun

A Study on Technical Analysis of New Private Sector Banking Stocks in India
pp. 6329-6341


Thermal Imaging: A Survey
pp. 6343-6350
Authors: J.Rajamohan and Dr.K.Vijayarekha

Performance of p-q and p-q-r Control Strategies in Shunt Active Filter for Power Quality Improvement under Varying Source and Load Conditions
pp. 6351-6368
Authors: J.Jayachandran, R.Murali Sachithanandam and S.Malathi

Dynamic Sub-String Searchable Symmetric Encryption
pp. 6369-6379
Authors: N. Gyanadeep, N.Srivatsav and MadhuViswanatham V.

LabVIEW based Comparison of various Edge Detection Techniques for Bug Classification
pp. 6381-6390
Authors: M.Kalyan Chakravarthi and Pannem Vinay

High Dimensional Data Computation using ZINC Experiments
pp. 6391-6399
Authors: K Venkata Raju, A Vijaya Kumar, K Sandeep and Kishan Sai Gondi

A Framework for Talk Value Transfer among Diverse Mobile Service Providers
pp. 6401-6411
Authors: K Jayanth Kumar, M Vinvith Kumar, Selva Rani B and Vairamuthu S

A Tuned Resistive Feedback CMOS Low Noise Amplifier for Multiband Applications
pp. 6413-6421
Authors: Pelluri Sambaiah, Vemireddy Venkatareddy, Saladi Krishna and G Polaiah

Implementation of Arbitrary Circuits using Enhanced Constant Delay Technique
pp. 6423-6444
Authors: T. Leela Krishna and Dr.J. Selva Kumar

The Role of Managers in Organizations: A Review of Different Perspective
pp. 6445-6453
Authors: Seyyed Abolfazl Miri, Nur Naha Binti Abu Mansor, Aliyu Isah Chikaji and Ali Kadhim Saddam

Design of Renewable Energy Harvester using smart IC and System
pp. 6455-6469
Authors: Venugopal.P, Sai Parimal Rohit, Dr.Suresh.Y and Modi Pandu Ranga Prasad

Employee Motivation: A Strategic Drive in Government Organisation
pp. 6471-6480
Authors: S.Suresh Kumar, V.Badrinath and V. Vijay Anand


Ability Of OFDMA In Handling Interference Of Femto Cells Under Random Access Process

 pp. 30983-30992

Dr Seetaiah Kilaru and Himaja Kotturu