International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)


Volume 9, Number 1, (2014)





Analyzing the Constant Ciphertext Policy Attribute Based Encryption
pp. 1-10
Authors: Bobba Veeramallu and Dr.K.Rajasekhara Rao

Verification of Some of the Inclusion Based Properties of Optimistic and Pessimistic Multigranular Rough Sets Using A Database
pp. 11-19
Author: R. Raghavan

Factors Affecting Accuracy of Pretender Cost Estimate: Studies of Saudi Arabia
pp. 21-36
Authors: Ibrahim Mahamid, A. Al-Ghonamy and M. Aichouni

A Context-Driven Multidimensional Matching Model for Information Retrieval
pp. 37-44
Authors: Shailesh Khapre, M.S Saleem Basha, Jameel Mohamed Hashmi and Ziyad Tariq

Design and Analysis of Open Loop Current Sensor for Wide Bandwidth Measurement Applications
pp. 45-52
Authors: Kathirvelan.J and C.D.Viswarani

Analysis of CPW Fed Step Serrated Ultra Wide Band Antenna on Rogers RT/Duroid Substrates
pp. 53-58
Authors: B T P Madhav, K V V Kumar, A V Manjusha, P Ram Bhupal Chowdary, L Sneha and P Renu Kantham

Analysis and Establishment of Clustering Using NIC for Wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 59-67
Authors: Anuradha M P and Gopinath Ganapathy

Effect of Fly Ash On Properties of Fresh Concrete 
pp. 69-82
Authors: Sumathi. A, Dr. Saravana Raja Mohan K, Shruthi Shankari G and Sivasankari R

Optimization of Turning Process Parameters for Surface Roughness and MRR based on the Taguchi Method during Machining of Inconel-718
pp. 83-92
Authors: B.S.Rathod, Nitin K. Khedkar and VijayKumar S.Jatti

Characterization of FR4 Substrate at Microwave Frequencies
pp. 93-99
Authors: Sakshi Kumari, Vibha Rani Gupta and Amit Kumar


Assessing the Malaysian Architects’ Understanding of Industrialized Building System Concept and Implementation
pp. 101-116
Authors: Arniza Abas, Mohd Hanizun Hanafi and Fazdliel Aswad Ibrahim


Serrated Spike Antenna Performance Evaluation Based on Arlon Substrate Materials
pp. 117-124
Authors: B T P Madhav, Madhuri Kandepi, Satish Kanapala, B Anjaneyulu, N Anada Rao and K Vijaya Vardhan

The Effect of Stop Holes Technique on Crack Growth Behaviors Emanating From a Notch after Overloading
pp. 125-136
Authors: Anindito Purnowidodo, Khairul Anam, Ari Wahyudi and Sofyan Arief

Generation of Homogenous Magnetic Field Using Equilateral Triangular Coils
pp. 137-143
Author: Sulaiman Al-Sowayan

An Enhanced Bishop Tour Scheme for Information Hiding
pp. 145-151
Authors: Bala Krishnan Raghupathy, Rajesh Kumar Namachivayam and N. R. Raajan







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