International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)


Volume 8, Number 6, (2013)





A Review on Processing of Particulate Metal Matrix Composites and its Properties

pp. 647-666

Authors: Bala G Narasimha, Vamsi M Krishna, and Dr. Anthony M Xavior


Managing Uncertainty in Production Cost Using Genetic Algorithm 

pp. 667-673

Authors: Niju P. Joseph and Dr. B Ramadoss


Performance of a Small 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Under Effect of the Friction Losses

pp. 675-687

Authors: Rafeq A. Khalefa


CFD Investigation of External Flow Over a Delta Wing 

pp. 689-700

Authors: R. Thundil Karuppa Raj, Ankita Rai and A. Harshan


Voltage Stability Analysis of Power System Network with Wind Power Using PSAT

pp. 701-714 

Authors: P. Vijaya Priya, M. Kowsalya, A. Thamilmaran and Dr. D.P. Kothari 


Design of Floating Point Multiplier for Signal Processing Applications 

pp. 715-722

Authors: A. Rakesh Babu, R. Saikiran and Sivanantham S.


Numerical Analysis of Multiphase Flow through a Pressure Swirl Atomizer using CFD Technique

pp. 723-732

Authors: Suhas Ankalkhope and Thundil Karrupa Raj R


Numerical and Experimental Study of Fluid Flow over an Automobile Body to Optimize Aerodynamic Characteristics Using CFD Codes

pp. 733-744

Authors: R. Thundil Karupp Raja, Anish Gupta


Hardware Based Algorithms for Bioinformatics Applications A Survey

pp. 745-754

Authors: A. Surendar, Dr. M. Arun and Dr.P.S. Periasamy


Numerical Analysis of Effect of Swirl on Shock Structure through a 3-Dimensional Convergent Divergent Nozzle

pp. 755-765

Authors: P. Padmanathan, R .Thundil Karuppa Raj, K. Nantha Gopal and S. Vaidyanathan