International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)


Volume 8, Number 20 (2013)  Special Issues





An Efficient NOC Architecure for Buffered Router  

pp. 2605-2608

Authors: Dr. V. Vaithiyanathan, K. Hariharan, Parameshwaran.R, Saipriyadharshini.T and Sathish.S



Analysis on Spatial Filters Used for Denoising in Image Processing  

pp. 2609-2612

Authors: Dr. V. Vaithiyanathan, Dr. B. Venkatraman, B. Thamotharan and R.Purnima



Deadline-aware Group Based Scheduling Algorithm in CLOUD Computing Environment

pp. 2613-2616

Authors: M. Lavanya and Dr. V. Vaithiyanathan



Unsurpassed Composite Algorithm to Improve System Efficiency of Cloud Computing


Authors: M. Lavanya and Dr. V. Vaithiyanathan



Improved Partitioned Queue Scheduling in Multiprocessor Soft Real Time Systems 

pp. 2621-2624

Authors: M. Lavanya, Dr. V.Vaithiyanathan, S. Saravanan and D. Muthu



Extraction of the Ocean Wave Height Data Using Neural Networks

pp. 2625-2628

Authors: R.D. Sathiya, Dr. V. Vaithiyanathan and G.B. Venkataraman



Panchromatic and Multispectral Image Fusion Using IHS and GIHS Techniques 

pp. 2629-2634

Authors: M. Ifjaz Ahmed, Dr. V. Vaithiyanathan and M. Rajasekhar Reddy



Pipelined Approach for Second Order Recursive Filter

pp. 2635-2638

Authors: Parameshwaran R, HariHaran K, Dr. Vaithiyanathan R and Aiswariya R Prakash B



Prism Based Quality Evaluation and Prediction of Web Applications

pp. 2639-2648

Authors: J. Sethuraman, V. Vaithiyanathan and K.R. Sekar



Scanning Path Based Audio Steganography

pp. 2649-2652

Authors: B. Karthikeyan, Dr. V. Vaithiyanathan, K. Ganesh, M.M. Anishin Raj and M. Rajasekhar Reddy



Region Based Information Hiding Using Image SegmentationTehnique

pp. 2653-2656

Authors: S. Ramakrishnan, V. Vaithiyanathan, B. Karthikeyan and P. Kannammai



Text Independent Speaker Recognition 

pp. 2657-2660

Authors: D. Sabitha, R. Parameshwaran, K. Hariharan, Dr.V.Vaithiyanathan and S. Backialakshmi


The Implementation Experience of a DPWS-based, Error- Monitoring and Failsafe Smart Home 

pp. 2661-2666

Authors: Veeramuthu Venkatesh, V. Vaithiyanathan, Pethuru Raj Gajjala Bhavana Reddy and Veerabomma Sushma



Study of the Influence of Genetic Algorithm Parameters on Travelling Salesman Problem 

pp. 2667-2674

Authors: Suresh K.S, Rajarajan S, Prabhu M and Dr. Vaithiyanathan V



Effect of Total Variation Method and Binarizaton on Degraded Documented Image

pp. 2675-2678

Authors: K. Joseph Abraham Sundar and Dr. V. Vaithiyanathan



Vegetation Segmentation on Satellite Images Using Watershed Transform 

pp. 2679-2684

Authors: M. Ifjaz Ahmed and Dr. V. Vaithiyanathan



A Review on Clustering Techniques in Image Segmentation

pp. 2685-2688

Authors: Dr. V. Vaithiyanathan  and U. Rajappa



A Review on Different Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud environment 

pp. 2689-2692

Authors: Dr. V. Vaithiyanathan, S. RamKumar and M. Lavanya



A Study of Satellite Image Fusion Techniques 

pp. 2693-2696

Authors: V. Vaithiyanathan, Sathya.R, Ifjaz Ahmed M and  R.D. Sathiya



Video Tracking and Pose Estimation Using Particle Filtering Framework and Occlusion Handling for 2-D and 3-D Image Sequences 

pp. 2697-2700

Authors: J. Cynthia Esther Rani, R. D. Sathiya and Dr. Vaithiyanathan.V



Embedded System Based Industrial Process Automation and Remote Data Logging Using GSM with Web Technology 

pp. 2701-2706

  Authors: S.V. Tresa Sangeetha, Dr. S. Ravi and Dr. S. Radha Rammohan



An Assessment on Image Segmentation Algorithms Employed in Plant Leaf Identification Systems 

pp. 2707-2710

Authors: Srividhya.K.V, Vaithiyanathan .V and Bharathi.R


Comparative Study of QoS and Non-QoS MAC Protocols of Wireless Sensor Networks  

pp. 2711-2716

Authors: R. Alageswaran, S. Prasakthi and Dr. V. Vaithiyanathan



Emergence of Meta Heuristic Algorithm Principles in the Field of Robot Motion Planning–A Survey of Paradigm Shift 

pp. 2717-2722

Authors: Suresh K S, Dr. Vaithiyanathan V and Dr. Venugopal S



A Knowledge Discovery Mechanism towards Smarter Environments 

pp. 2723-2728

Authors: VeeramuthuVenkatesh, Pethuru Raj, V. Vaithiyanathan, GajjalaBhavana Reddy Veerabomma Sushma and Rengarajan Amirtharajan



The Conceptual Study of Spatially Blind Approaches in Image Segmentaiton 

pp. 2729-2732

Authors: Vaithiyanathan .V and Vignesh .R



Unsurpassed Resource Superintendence Technique in Cloud Computing Environment 

pp. 2733-2736

Authors: P. Sindhuja, V. Synthiya, M. Lavanya, Dr. V. Vaithiyanathan








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