International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 8, Number 15, (2013)





A Novel Adatable Framework to Handle Heterogeneity Issues in WSN Hardware and System Software: A Comparative Analysis and Proposal

pp. 1749-1765
Authors: Yokesh Babu Sundaresan and Saleem Durai M A


Prevention of Jamming Attacks Using Packet Hiding Techniques

pp. 1667-1774

Authors: Anusha K, Sathiyamoorthy E and Ezhilmaran D


Providing an Optimal Price Demand Model by Cloud Cache

pp. 1775-1780

Authors: R. Rathi, P.Visvanathan and R.Kanchana


Simulated Study on the Effect of Camber and Toe on the Handling Characteristics of a Car during Cornering

pp. 1781-1788

Authors: T. Vijayakumar and V. Ganesh


Heterogeneity Aware Energy Minimization Workload Scheduling Approach in Cloud Computing

pp. 1789-1806

Authors: V.K. Mohan Raj and R. Shriram


Optimization of Permutation Flow Shop with Multi-Objective Criteria

pp. 1807-1813
Authors: Pugazhenthi R and Dr. Anthony Xavior M


An Analysis and Study on Software Health Management of Aircraft and Other Automobiles

pp. 1815-1822

Authors: Kawshik K.R, Shriram.K.Vasudevan, Prakash P and Keerthana Gunasekaran


Influence of Granite Fines as Sand Replacement in Concrete Mix
pp. 1823-1829
Authors: P.Rama Mohan Rao, Sriram Abburi, Varun Kottam and Madhav Reddy

Gabor Wavelet based Approach for Face Recognition
pp. 1831-1840
Authors: M. Pourna malarkodi, N. Arunkumar and V. Venkatraman

A Moving Window Approximate Entropy based Neural Networkfor Detecting the Onset of Epileptic Seizures
pp. 1841-1847
Authors: N. Arunkumar, V. Venkataraman, Thivyashree and Lavanya

Web Based Network Analyzer for Simplified Network Management
pp. 1849-1854
Authors: Prof.M.Sudha and M.Monica

Dynamic Data Migration for Distributed Databases across the Network
pp. 1855-1861
Authors: Prof.M.Sudha and M.Monica

Design, Fabrication and Implementation of a Transistor Level Autonomous Navigational Robot using Mobile-DTMF Interface
pp. 1863-1874
Authors: Hardik Nagrecha and Abhishek Roy

Coaxial Fed Rotated Stacked Patch Antenna
pp. 1873-1879
Authors: Sarat K Kotamaraju, B T P Madhav, B Anjaneyulu, N Ananda Rao and K Vijaya Vardan

3-D Axial Flow CFD Study on the Diffuser of a Bluff Body
pp. 1881-1889
Authors: Soumya Kanta Das and Dr.K.Manivannan

Cryoprobe with Coldest Cryogen with Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Cancer
pp. 1891-1896
Authors: M. Chandran and Dr. P. Senthil Kumar






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