International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER)



Volume 8, Number 14, (2013)





Non Parametric Model Re-Sampling Techniques for Geometric Correction of Remote Sensing Satellite Images

pp. 1611-1621

Authors: Prabu Sevugan, Ramakrishnan.R, Manthira Moorthi.S and Swarnalatha.P


Proxy Protected Signature Approach for Efficient Code Dissemination Applying DiCode Protocol in Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks

pp. 1623-1636

Authors: S. Nithya, V. Komathi, K. Durga, M. Shanthini


Valve Train Characteristics and Performance Analysis of An IC Diesel Engine using Variable Counter-Current Distribution Control System

pp. 1637-1648

Authors: Md. Iqbal Mahmud and Haeng Muk Cho


Acceptance and Use of Cross Language Information Retrieval System: An Empirical Study Based on TAM
pp. 1649-1660
Authors: Dinesh Mavaluru and R Shriram


Rule Extraction by Rough Set Approach
pp. 1661-1667
Authors: R. Rathi, P.Visvanathan, R.Kanchana and A.Anitha


An Embedded System for LPG Leakage Detection and Counter Action: An Intelligent Approach

pp. 1669-1676

Authors: Boobalan T, Shriram.K.Vasudevan, Kamalakannan K and Prashanth S


Analog Maximum Power Point Tracker using Constant Reference Voltage Technique
pp. 1677-1684
Authors: P.Sathya, Dr.R.Natarajan and Saurabh Kothari

Modal and Fatigue Analysis of a Camshaft using FEA
pp. 1685-1694
Authors: Santosh Patila, S. F. Patilb and Saravanan Karuppanana

Piston Slap Noise in Engines
pp. 1695-1700
Author: Sunny Narayan

Semi Automatic Detection of Epilepsy from T2 Weighted MR Images by using Atlas based Segmentation of Brain Structure
pp. 1701-1707
Authors: Manas Kumar Nag, Dr. D. Devakumar and J.B. Jeeva

Design of Adaptive Cruise Controller
pp. 1709-1724
Authors: Nivedita Venkatapathy, Shriram.K.Vasudevan, K.R. Kawshik and K. Aravind Kumar

Three Phase Power Management Algorithms for Green Cloud Computing
pp. 1725-1736
Authors: Siva Kishore.B, Siva Theja Reddy.J, N.Jeyanthi and Thanooj K S

Design and Validation of Steering Kinematics for Generating Maximum Cornering Force using a Deterministic Sketch 
pp. 1737-1747
Authors: Rudrendu Shekhar, Akshay Kr. Singh, Vishwajeet Karmwar and Dr. K. Manivannan,