International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 6, Number 7 (2011)




First Order Markov Chain Modeling for Replacement of Computers 

pp. 861-870
Naveen Kilari, C. Nadhamuni Reddy and B. Balu Naik

Effect of the Rotational Speed, Weld Speed and Tool Profile towards the Tensile Testing and Vickers Hardness of Friction Stir Welded AA 6082 Aluminum Alloy

pp. 871-880
Indira Rani M., Mrudula, Marpu R.N. and A.C.S. Kumar

Comparison between Elliptic and Semi Elliptic Cross Sections in Pipe Bend with Shape Imperfections

pp. 881-889
T. Christo Michael, A.R. Veerappan and S. Shanmugam

Mutual Information Measure of Brain Image Registration using Fast Walsh Hadamard Transform

pp. 891-906
D. Sasikala and R. Neelaveni

Simulink Simulation of Synchronous Generator Load Angle Estimation via Linearized Rotor Dynamic Equation

pp. 907-920
Izuegbunam F.I., Nduka O.S., Nwaichi H.O. and Oguanya K.I.

New Empirical Models for Estimation of Global Solar Radiation around the Earth Surface

pp. 921-933
Iranna Korachagaon and V.N. Bapat

Determination of Furnace Temperature and Aspect Ratio of Dry Back Boilers using Computational Fluid Dynamics

pp. 935-945
S. Shanmugam, A.R. Veerappan and S. Sakthivel

Behaviour Analysis of Multilayer Multistage Interconnection Networks with Extra Stages

pp. 947-958
Khushboo Bansal and Rinkle Rani Aggarwal

Urban Indoor Propagation Modeling For Wireless Local Area Networks A Review

pp. 959-965
Udaykumar L. Naik and Vishram N. Bapat

Fuzzy Logic Vector Control of PMSM with Speed and Rotor Position Estimation using a Blind Technique based on EKF

pp. 967-977
Bindu V., A. Unnikrishnan and R. Gopikakumari

Effect of Heat Losses on the Thermodynamics Efficiency of Compression Process

pp. 979-987
Ahmed S. Sowayan




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