International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


National Conference on CONVERGING TECHNOLOGY BEYOND 2020 (CTB-2020), April 6, 7, 2011

Organized by:
University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Volume 6, Number 5 (2011)




A Computational Model for Cell Survival/Death using Petri nets 

pp. 545-552
Shruti Jain, Pradeep K. Naik and Sunil V. Bhooshan

A Layered Security Architecture for Cloud Computing Based Web Banking 

pp. 553-555
Amit Bindal and Narender Singh

An Efficient Compnanding Transform for the Reduction of Paper in OFDM Signals 

pp. 556-559
Rajeev Goel and Ajay Kaushik

MANET: Security Challenges in Different Layers 

pp. 560-567
Shelja Sharma and Rajni Sobti

Exploiting Data Mining Techniques for Effective Supply Chain Management 

pp. 568-574
Neeraj Mangla and Jasbeer Narwal

Design and Control of Interline Unified Power Quality Conditioner Using Fuzzy Logic 

pp. 575-586
G.Devadas and M. Sushama

Modeling of Repetitive Corrugation and Straightening 

pp. 587-590
K. Hans Raj, Rahul Swarup Sharma and Atul Dayal

Parallel and Migrating Crawler- A Review 

pp. 591-594
Komal Sachdeva and Ajay Kumar

Real-Time Channel Estimation for SISO-OFDM System on Test Bed 

pp. 595-598
Ashu Taneja and Surbhi Sharma

Detection of Misalignment in Bearing Shaft using Acoustic & Vibration Signal 

pp. 599-602
Naveen Rathi, Jasvinder Kumar, Amit Gupta and Manpreet Singh

Indian Wheat Database-A Retrieval system for Wheat Morphological Characteristics 

pp. 603-604
Manbir Singh, Bharti Rana, Suman Lata, Ajay Verma, SK Singh, Rajinder Singh and Ravish Chatrath

A Comparative Study on the performance of Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Fuzzy Logic 605-609
Towards Routing
Partha Sarathi Banerjee and J. Paul Choudhury

Energy Saving in Daylight Harvesting 

pp. 610-612
Damanjeet Kaur

Performance Analysis of Ant Hoc Nets with Various Routing Algorithms in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 

pp. 613-618
Lavneet Singh, Savleen Singh, Vikas Mittal and Amandeep Singh

The Effects of Catalyst Loading on Carbon Deposition by the Combination of Acetylene and LPG 

pp. 619-622
Chemical Catalytic Vapor Deposition (CCVD)
Omid Akbarzadeha, M. Venkateswer Raob, Saber Vatani Sahlanc and V. Himabindub

Effect of Different Raw Substrate on SCP Yield by using Solid State Fermentation 623-625
Dhruv Joshi, Deepika Singh, Divya Bhatia and Deepak Kumar Malik

Comparative Analysis of Swarm Intelligence Inspired Routing Algorithm for MANETs 

pp. 626-629
Rashmi Gupta, Amita Malik and C.C. Ttripathi

Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern of Candida Albicans- An In Vitro Study 

pp. 630-633
Pranay Jain and R.K. Pundir

Bluetooth Based e-Tutor System for Effective Knowledge Transfer 

pp. 634-637
Debabrata Sikdar, G.S.S. Chalapathi and V.K. Chaubey

Performance Analysis of MIMO Detectors in Spatially Correlated Fading Channels pp. 638-642
Simranjit Singh, Rajesh Khanna and Manjeet Singh Patterh

Image Classification using Content Based Image Retrieval System pp. 643-647
K. Venu Gopala Rao, P. Prem Chand and M.V. Ramana Murthy

Design of Compact Multiband Microstrip Patch Antenna with Minkowski Fractal Defects pp. 648-652
for PCS, UMTS, GPS, WLAN, WiMax Applications 
Bharti, Monish Gupta, Nikhil Marriwala and C.C. Tripathi

Silion on Insulator (SoI) Structures for Submicron Mosfets pp. 653-654
Sonal, Sarah and B. Prasad

Evaluation of Congestion Control Variants of TCP by Strolling Propagation Delay in NS-2 pp. 655-658
Amanpreet Kaur, Gurpreet Singh and Baninder Singh

Chemical Synthesis and Biotransformation of Calcium Antagonists for the Preparation of pp. 659-661
Enantiopure Drugs
Anupreet Kaur, Ranju Bansal and Jaspreet Kaur

Fuzzy Logic Based Automation of Green House Environmental Parameters for Agro-industries- pp. 662-666
A Simulation Approach
Dinesh Singh Rana and Rajiv Sharma

The Power-Efficient and Reconfigurable Adaptive Viterbi Decoder pp. 667-670
Gaurav Gupta, Puneet Bansal and Ashish Kumar

A Broadband Multilayered Stack Antenna for WLAN Applications pp. 671-673
Rakesh Kumar Tripathi and Rajesh Khanna

Experimentation on Parabolic Dish Type Solar Collector for Domestic & Industrial pp. 674-676
Heating Application
Atul A. Sagade, N.N. Shinde and Satish Aher

Template Synthesis of CdS Nanowires using Anodic Alumina Membrane and their Characterization pp. 677-679
Hardev Singh Virk

Dual Band Microstrip Patch Antenna Design Using Diplexer for Wireless Applications Covering pp. 680-684
5-6GHz High Speed Network
Deepak Sood, C.C. Tripathi and Dinesh Aggarwal

Measurement of Indoor Radioactive Pollutants at Various Heights using Track Etch Technique pp. 685-686
R.S. Saini, Ravish Garg, Dinesh Kumar, R.P. Chauhan, S.K. Chakarvarti and Nawal Kishor

Characterization of Buffalo Rotaviruses using DNA Probes pp. 687-690
Minakshi P., Prasad G. and Gupta A.

Availability Analysis of Dish End Manufacturing Unit in Ammonia Cylider Making Plant pp. 691-697
Using Supplementary Variable Technique
Vikas Modgil, S.K. Sharma and Upender Dhull

Growth Behavior of ZnO Nanostructures pp. 698-703
Gaurav Kumar, Ashavani Kumar and M.L. Singla

Flashover Voltage Determination for Glass Insulators: Fuzzy based Approach pp. 704-708
Rishi Kumar Sharma and E. Fernandez.

Microstrip Filter Designing by using Split Ring Resonator Metamaterial pp. 709-712
Sushil Kumar Garg, Anuj Goel and Monish Gupta

Cloud Demistification- Services and Pain-Points That Cloud Address pp. 713-719
Sakshi Bhatia, Aastha and Ritu Yadav

Biomass of Sugar Factories: A potential sources of Bioenergy pp. 720-722
Ramchandra T. Jadhav and Satish J. Aher
Study of Web Mining Techniques and its Application in E-commerce pp. 723-725
Ravi Bhushan and Rajinder Nath

Operational Analysis of Rice Plant Using Supplementary Variable Technique pp. 726-730
Shakuntla, A.K. Lal, S.S. Bhatia and Sanjay Kajal

Automatic Automotive Air Refilling System for Four Wheeler (AAARS) pp. 731-734
Hitesh Dhanda

A Review of Digital Modulation Techniques for Software Defined Radio pp. 735-740
Ritu Khullar, Sippy Kapoor, Nikhil Marriwala and O.P. Sahu

Parallel and Migrating Crawler-A Review pp. 741-745
Komal Sachdeva and Ajay Kumar

High Speed FPGA Based Implementation of LMS Adaptive Filter pp. 746-749
Meenakshi Chawla and Vrinda Gupta

Real-Time Channel Estimation for SISO- OFDM System on Test Bed pp. 750-753
Ashu Taneja and Surbhi Sharma

Detection of Misalignment in Bearing Shaft using Acoustic & Vibration Signal pp. 754-758
Naveen Rathi, Jasvinder Kumar, Amit Gupta, Manpreet Singh and Rajesh Kumar

Electroless Copper Deposition on N-type Silicon & its Characterization pp. 759-762
Vijay Kumar Anand, S.C. Sood and C.C. Tripathi

Principles of QRS Detection in ECG: A Review pp. 763-769
Amit Kumar Manocha and Mandeep Singh

Analysis of Performance of Fixed Dome Biogas Digester for Different Proportions of Sago, pp. 770-773
Cowdung and Water Hyacinth
Govinthasamy N.R. and Sathish Kumar R.

Application of AHP to Support Information Security Decision Making in the Case of Indian pp. 774-778
E-government Systems 
Mayur Gaigole

Free Vibration response of Laminated Composite Plates with Random Material Properties in Thermal: pp. 779-783
SFEM Macro-mechanical Model Environments
Rajesh Kumar, Amit Sharma and D.D. Gambhir

Application of Facts Device in HVDC System. pp. 784-787
Chirag V. Patel and Krunal B. Patel

Sensitivity Improvement for Creatinine Masurement using pH-sensitive Electrode and Ammonium pp. 788-791
Ion-selective Electrodes
M. Sreedhar, P.L.H. Varaprasad and M. Saradadevi

Statistical Optimization of Culture Parameters for Enhanced Pectinase Production by a Novel Strain pp. 792-798
Pseudozyma sp. SPJ
Sampriya Sharma, Rishi Pal Mandhan and Jitender Sharma

Purification and Characterization of an Alkaline, Thermotolerant Pectinase Produced by pp. 799-805
a Novel Yeast Strain Pseudozyma sp. SPJ
Sampriya Sharma, Rishi Pal Mandhan and Jitender Sharma

A Comparative Performance Analysis on 7.5 KW Direct Injections Diesel Engine using pp. 806-814
Venturi Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)
Nikhil Soni and Ibhrahim H. Shah

Antimicrobial Activities of Different Extracts of Tinospora Cordifolia on Streptococcus Mutans and pp. 815-817
Staphylococcus Aureus
Divya Dhaka, Anurag, Mukesh, Dinesh Bansal and Anita Punia

Multigate MOSFET Structures for Sub 40nm MOSFET 818-819
Sarah, Sonal and B. Prasad

Isolation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Specific Bacteriophage from Sewage Sample 820-822
Swati Dahiya, Anamika Singh, Deepali Gupta and Neha Sharma

Performance Measurement of Soft Computing Models based on Residual Analysis 823-832
Dharmpal Singh, J. Pal Choudhary and Mallika De

Switched Diversity with Threshold Control 833-837
Nikhil Marriwala and Reena

Performance of 802.16e Using Simulation model 838-842
Nikhil Marriwala and Jyoti Saini

Design of High Gain, Wideband, Air Gap Coupled Micro strip Antenna for Wireless Communication 843-845
Pawan Kumar, Malay Ranjan Tripathy, RadheShyam and H.P. Sinha

Energy Aware Encoding Scheme for Correcting Errors by Use of Orthogonal Codes 846-849
Vrinda Gupta and Rubal Chaudhary

Performance Analysis of the Dynamic Addressing Techniques in Mobile Ad hoc Networks 850-855
Tania Sarkar and Biswajit Saha

Synthesis and Characterization of Bismuth Ferrite Nanoparticles by Chemical Route Method 856-858
Anoopshi Johari and Neena Jaggi

Squeezing and Photon-Statistics in Seventh Harmonic Generation 859-861
Savita, Sunil Rani and Nafa Singh

Bluetooth based e-Tutor System for Effective Knowledge Transfer 862-865
Debabrata Sikdar, G.S.S. Chalapathi and V.K. Chaubey

Impact of Design Patterns for Medical Process Re-engineering 866-870
Kanak Saxena and Umesh Banodha

Speech Based Age Estimation Using LPC Algorithm 871-874
Saloni, R.K. Sharma and Anil K. Gupta

Error Minimization in Load Forecasting using Fuzzy Programming and OFDM Transmission 875-878
Sandeep Sachdeva, Maninder Singh, Bhanisha Verma, Ajat Shatru Arora and U.P. Singh

Single Tube Method for Rapid Detection of BHV-1 in Buffalo Bull Semen 879-883
Minakshi P., Prasad G., Nanda T., Swati Dahiya, Ranjan K., Kumar A. and Hari Mohan

Genetic Diversity of Indian Isolates of Bluetongue Virus 16 884-887
Koushlesh Ranjan, Minakshi P., Shafiq S., Pawan K. and Prasad G.

A Comparative Microstructural and Photoluminescence Study of ZnO and ZnMgO Nanoparticles 888-893
Synthesized by Sol-gel Technique
Amanpal Singh, D. Kumar, P.K. Khanna, Anuj Kumar and Mukesh Kumar

Energy Conservation- A Need of Time 894-897
Vijay Kr. Garg, K.S. Sandhu and Dheeraj Joshi

Virtual Voice Command Recognition System based on MFCC and DTW 898-902
Anjali Bala and Nidhika Birla

Simulation and Design of Surface Acoustic Wave Delay Line for Chemical Sensor Application 903-906
M.U. Sharma, A.T. Nimal, S.K. Koul, Dinesh Kumar and Haresh M. Pandya

Performance Modeling and Maintenance Planning for Butter Oil Unit of a Dairy Plant 907-911
Sanjay Kajal, P.C. Tewari, Shakuntla and Ravinder Kumar

Availability Analysis of Coal Burning System in a Thermal Power Plant 912-918
Ravind0er Kumar, Avadhesh Kumar Sharma, Sanjay Kajal and P.C. Tewari

Routing Protocol Solving Cross Edge Problem in VANET 919-922
Priyanka, Amita Malik and C.C. Tripathi 

Comparative Study of Textural Coarseness Methods for Obstacle Detection 923-926
Sonia and Satinder Pal

Properties of ZnO Thin Film Prepared by Sol-gel Technique 927-930
Kaushal Vishla, Varun P. Joshi and George Jacob 

Role of Tabu-Search Algorithm for Network Reconfiguration in Radial Distribution System 931-935
T. Thakura and Jaswanti

Key Distribution and Its Techniques in a Non Secure Environment: A Review 936-941
Navita Saini, and Pushpa Suri

Prediction of Daily Pan Evaporation In Reservoirs Using M5 Model Tree 942-945
Arun Goel 

EDFA with Optimized Gain using Tri-Counter Directional Pumping 946-951
S. Semmalar, Jyoti Gujral and Vishu Goel

Remote Diagnostic Imaging Procedure in Teleradiology 952-956
Shraddha P. Mankar and S.S. Sikchi 

Encryption Scheme for Securing AODV 957-961
Sima Singh and Ashwani Kush

Design of Habitat Structures Planned to be Built on Moon 962-969
K. Datwani, Mohd. Masahib, A. Sikri, J.S. Chimni and P. Kumar

Parameter Optimization in Gray Level Image Enhancement Using PSO 970-974
Kamal Sehgal, R.S. Chauhan and Manoj Arora

Analysis of Bio-inspired Algorithms– BFO, PSO and FFA 975-981
Vipul Singhal, Bharat Bhushan and Madhusudan Singh

Decision making using Analytical Hierarchy Process 982-986
Harshit Srivastava and Rohit Sharma

Attendance System Based on Radio Frequency identification 987-991
Sumit Kumar

Distributed Generation 992-997
Chopra Rajesh, Joshi Dheeraj and Sandhu K.S. 

Antimicrobial Activities of Different Extracts of Tinospora Cordifolia on Streptococcus Mutans 998-999
and Staphylococcus Aureus 
Divya Dhaka, Anurag, Mukesh, Dinesh Bansal and Anita Punia

Performance Analysis of Space Diversity Techniques to Overcome Fading 1000-1009
Vijay Kumar, Girish Wadhwa and Gautam Gupta 

Reduction of Peak-to-Average Power Ratio (PAPR) in an OFDM System using Selective 1010-1013
Mapping (SLM) with Different Oversampling Factors
Savita Dhiman and Garima Saini

Improvement of Hata Propagation Prediction Model for Suburban Area 1014-1019
Ravneet Singh 

Image Contrast Enhancement Using PSO 1020-1023
Rupinder Singh Saigal, Ajay Kaushik and Nidhika Birla

Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Equal Channel Angular Pressing for Reuse of Al6061 1024-1029
K. Hans Raj, Rajat Setia, Rahul Swarup Sharma and Ankit Sahai 

Nano–Surface Engineering for Tribological Applications 1030-1034
Rajan Garg and R.K. Singh

Analysis of Myoelectric Prosthetic Robotic Arm & Modelling for Elbow, Wrist & Finger Movements 1035-1041
Priyanka Kalra and Rajan Garg

Thermoluminescence Studies of UV Irradiated Bi doped SrS Nanocrystalline Phosphors 1042-1045
Puja Chawla, S.P. Locha and Nafa Singh 

Efficient Design of Sense Amplifiers for SRAMS 1046-1048 
Kamal, N.P. Singh and Parvin Kumar

Blending Energy-economy: Exploring Ethanol Production Potential of Sugarbeet 1049-1051
V.K. Sharma and Meenal Vig

Enhancement of Cellulase Production by Microwave-alkali Pretreatment of Wheat Straw and 1052-1057
Heavy Metal Removal Study 
Anita Singh, Alok Kumar Saran, Suman Rani and Narsi R. Bishnoi 

Performance Evaluation of Web Crawler 1058-1060
Sandhya and M.Q. Rafiq

Design and development of a Scalable Multiprocessor Architecture 1061-1065
Ambreen Ahmad and M.Q. Rafiq 

Application of Spatial Outlier Detection Technique to Detect Ambiguous Sites to Establish an Industry 1066-1068
Arvind Selwal, Babita Pawar and Prarthana Wahi 

An Innovative View of Shape Memory Alloys as Smart Materials & its Use in Robotics 1069-1075
Rajan Garg and R.K. Singh

A 1.65v Self Biased OTA of Gain 41.35dB with Consideration of Power Supply Variation 1076-1080
Vikas Mittal, Manoj Arora, Tarun Gulati and Aman Gill

Packets Transmission over DSR and AODV using UDP Traffic Agents 1081-1084
Amandeep Makkar, Ashwani Kush and Sunil Taneja

Non-Random Pivot Selection in Quick Sort 1085-1087
Niharika Garg, Gaurav Aggarwal and Jagdeep Kaur 

Optimal Filter Design Using Park Mc-Clellan Algorithm in LabVIEW 1088-1091
Tarun Gulati, Karan Aggarwal and Vikas Mittal 

Comparison of Different Duct Geometries for Compact perforated Heat Exchanger using CFD 1092-1094
Analysis: Part I - Plane, Circular, and Square Duct In-Line Configurations 
Gobind, Ashwani Kumar, M.K. Singla and Satbir Sehgal

Improve Image Enhancement by Combining Method 1095-1099
Sanjay Chouhan and Ganesh Mukati 

Health Hazards and Utilization of Safety Measures among Welders in Uttar Pradesh 1100-1102
K.M. Moeed and M.I. Khan 

Power Quality Classification by Fuzzy Inference System Using Wavelet, S and Z –Transform Techniques 1103-1108
G. Devadas A. and M. Sushama 

Microcontroller Based Switching Circuit for Three Phase Thyristorised Dual Converter 1109-1111
Pervinder Kumar, Ritula Thakur, Pooja Rani and S. Chatterji

Optimal Hydrothermal Scheduling Using a Novel Population Based Optimazation Technique 1112-1120
K.K. Mandal and N. Chakraborty 

Development of Stress Management Laboratory in India 1121-1125
Anurag Joshi, Mandeep Singh and Tanushree Sharma

Analysis of a Dynamic Optical CDMA System for 2d Perfect Difference Codes 1126-1129
Bindu Thakral and Shilpa Gupta

Effective Routing Scheme to Perform load balancing in Grid Wireless Sensor Network 1130-1134
Jaya Chugh 

Improvising Procedures of Micropropagtion of Gerbera Jamesonii for Cost Effectiveness 1135- 1141
and their Commercial Production
Taru Prasad., Zain Taha., R.S. Chauhan and Hemant Sood

Detection of Rotavirus from Diarrheic Children of Haryana using Latex Agglutination and RNA-PAGE 1142-1144
Ankita Sharma, Arun Sehgal and Swati Dahiya

Multiband Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications 1145-1148
Pradeep Kumar, Monish Gupta, Nikhil Marriwala and C.C. Tripathi 

Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Low Cost Indigenous Gel Documentation System 1149-1151
Sanjeev Bhardwaj, Joginder Singh, Swati Dahiya and C.C. Tripathi

Optimal Placemnet of TCSC using Sequential Quadretic Programing Technique 1152-1160
Manpreet Singh, Gagan Deep Yadav and Kanwar Deep Singh 

A Dual Band CPW Fed Microstrip Patch Antenna for WLAN Application 1161-1163
Dinesh and Rajesh Khanna 

Effect of pH on Crystallographic Orientation Of Electrodeposited Polycrystalline Cu/CuO Nanowires 1164-1168
Devender Gehlawat, R.G. Sonkawade and R.P. Chauhan 

Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocols in MANETs Varying Node Mobility 1169-1171
Dharmender Kumar and Kunal Uppal 

Development of Low Cost Set Up for the Fabrication of MEMS Devices 1172-1176
C.C. Tripathi, Pawan Joshi, S.C. Sood and Dinesh Kumar

Web Caching Futuristic Approaches 1177-1181
Rajeev Tiwari, Neeraj Raheja, Gulista Khan and Lalit Garg 

Optimal Capacitor Placement in Distribution Systems using a New Improved Particle 1182-1188
Swarm Optimization Technique 
K.K. Mandal and N. Chakraborty 

Distribution System Voltage Compensation with D-STATCOM under Different Cases 1189-1195
R. Dahiya, Ashwani Kumar and Vishal P. Singh 

Piezoelectric MEMS Energy Harvester for Self Powered Devices 1196-1201
Anshu Sharma and Anurekha Sharma

Invited Talk 1202-1213
Evolutionary Biology as the Unifying Principle in Integrative Studies of Protein Function
Dr. Manda Clair Jost, Fulbright-Nehru Visiting Lecturer of Life Science
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Haryana-136 119

Drug Discovery in the 21st Century and Beyond
Rajeev Soni, President and COO, Premas Biotech

Biosensor Technology Improved by Use of Organic and Inorganic Nanoparticles Composite
C.S. Pundir

DNA Signatures of Species and Varieties by Bioinformatic Tools
Dinesh Kumar

Trends in Bluetongue Virus Research: The Indian Perspective
Dr. Minakshi

LTCC Technology for Micro-system Applications
P.K. Khanna

Optical Networks: Modeling and Performance Analysis
V.K. Chaubey

Nanoindentation Characteristics of Zr-based Glasses and their Nanocompositions
R.S. Tiwari

Particle Swarm Optimization in Data Clustering: A Review
Damanjeet Kaur

How A New Nanomedicine Treatment Called Plasmonic Nanobubbles Detects and Destroys Cancer Cells 
Offers New Hope for Cancer Patients
Unnati Goel, Ambuj Mishra and Alok Kumar Singh

A Modern Approach to Design Artificial Intelligent Agents
Prashant Singh Yadav, Upesh Bhatnagar and V.K. Jain

Challenges Faced during Software Component Selection
Arvind Kumar, Pradeep Tomar and Deepak Panwar

Remote Monitoring and Control Using GSM/GPRS Modem with PyS60
Rahul Johari, and Sumit Kumar

Mining over the Web: A Review and Comparison of Information Retrieval Techniques
S. Gulati, Pallvi Garg and Deepa Sharma

Some Performance Issues in Distributed Real - Time Database Systems
Anil Kumar and Vinod Kumar

Isolation and Optimization of Bacterial Decoloration of Azo dyes
Rakesh Kumar and Anju Kumari

Assessment of Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
Jasbir Kaur and Naveen Kumar

An Improved Apriori Based Algorithm with Single Scan of Database
Geetali Banerji and Dr. Kanak Saxena

Dynamic Elimination of Low Energy Nodes to perform Reliable Delivery
Bhateri, Under the Guidance of Ms. Suman

Sub-station Automation for 11 kV Sub-station
Jyoti Ohri and Amandeep Singh

Predictive Modeling of Clinical Data using Soft Computing- Diabetes a Case Study
Madhavi Pradhan and G.R. Bamnote

Survey on the Practical Insights on Automated Tool for Vulnerability Check of a Web Based Application
Vipin Kumar N., Kumar Abhishek and Archana P. Kumar

Digital Watermarking Technique for Still Images Using Wavelet Transform
Rachna and H.M. Rai

Comparison of Conventional & Fuzzy Based Sliding Mode PID-Controller for Robot Manipulators
Jyoti Ohri and Dhaval R. Vyas

Swarm Intelligence: PSO, ACO
Tarun Arora and Anjali Jindia

Inpainting Approach to Repair Cracked Images
Shilpa, Under the Guidance of Dr. Parvinder Singh

Photochemical Changes in Molasses in presence of different Catalysts
Parveen Arora

Raman Spectroscopy of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes: An Overview
Neena Jaggi and Shivani

Tinospora Cordifolia as an Antimicrobial Agent
Varun Choudhary, Raj Deepak, Nitesh Kumar, Pragya Bhasin and Anita Punia

Design of Coaxial Fed Single Layer Microstrip Antenna for WLAN Applications
Ruchi and Rajesh Khanna

Cloud Computing
Neetu Gahlawat Ravish

A Review on Content Based Image Retrieval
Mahesh Maurya, Chitvan Oza, Alok Shah and Sadiya Patel

Get Ready to eat 0’s and 1’s
Kunal Sangwan




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