International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 5, Number 9 (2010)






Solar(PV) - Grid/DG Green Home Power Supply for Rural India
pp. 14331439
Authors:  N. Singh, Snehlata Mishra, Vandana, Rishi Jha and A.K. Singh

The Analysis of 2-D Contact Stresses for Different Spur Gear Design Parameter
pp. 14411460
Authors:  Ali Kamil Jebur, I. A. Khan and Y. Nath

Experimental Study of Screen Covered Axial Groove (SCAG) Heat Pipe
pp. 14611468
Authors:  V.H. Mutchi, Satish Kumar, R.S. Reddy and K.V. Sharma


Investigations on Surface Characteristics Over an Aluminium Alloy in CNC Turning Operation
pp. 1469-1489

Authors: C. Natarajan, S. Muthu and P. Karuppuswamy


Performance of Strengthened Brick Masonry under Pyrotechnic Explosive Loading An Experimental Study
pp. 14911505
Authors:  T. Sekar and S.N. Ramaswamy

Performance Evaluation of Power Distribution Utilities using Scorecard Technique
pp: 1507-1516
Authors: Seema saxena, Tripta Thakur, Pranab and Sanjay Shrivastava

Importance of Computer Aided Process Planning Approach in Reconfigurable Manufacturing System
pp. 15171520
Authors:  V. Malhotra, T. Raj and A. Arora

Comparitive Analysis of Press Selection for Sheet- Metal Drawing Vide Theoretical Equations and Finite Element Technique
pp. 15211530
Authors:  Giridhar Venugopal

Cross-term Reduction in WVD with FrFT Denoising
pp. 15311544 
Authors:  Roshen Jacob, Tessamma Thomas and A. Unnikrishnan

Effect of Acoustic Field and Frequency on Dynamics of Micronic Powder
pp. 15451554
Authors:  Akash Langde and R.L. Sonolikar

Effect of the Flowers of Azadirachta Indica in the Electrochemical Treatment of Dye Waste Water
pp. 15551560
Authors:  Saru Gupta, P.P. Bakre and P.S. Verma


Implementation Aspects Of Low Complexity Detection Techniques For Mimo-Ofdm Based Wireless Lan System
pp. 1561-1579
Authors: P A Haris, E Gopinathan, C K Ali


ANN Based Classification of Lung Cancer and TB Images using Texture Features
pp. 15811591
Authors: S.A. Patil and V.R. Udupi

Human Energized Flywheel Motor for Chaff Cutter
pp. 15931602
Authors: K.S. Zakiuddin and J.P. Modak

Study of Optical and Thermal Performance of a Three Dimensional Compound Parabolic Concentrator (3D CPC) for Absorber
pp. 16031607
Authors: Pradeep Kumar Sharma and Avinash Kumar Sharma

An Experimental Study on Strength Development of Concrete Using Black Cotton Soil
pp. 16091619
Authors: Murari Krishna, Jain Udit, Agarwal Ayush and Rajvanshi Vikra 

Inlet Air Cooling of Combustion Turbines With Climatic Modeling, A Comparative Study
pp. 16211636
Authors: T D John, N. Asok Kumar and Shaiju M R

Improving the Properties of the Tire Tread by Adding SiO2 and Al2O3 to SBR Rubber
pp. 16371652
Authors: Jawad K. Oleiwi, Mohammed S. Hamza and Mayyadah Sh. Abed

Application of Advanced Design and Development Techniques in Orthopaedics
pp. 16531666
Authors: D. Chandramohan, K. Marimuthu, S. Rajesh and M.M. Ravikumar




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