International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 5, Number 4 (2010)



Experimental Investigation of Forced Convection Heat Transfer from a Cylinder with High Conductivity Permeable Fins
pp. 545-555
Authors: Y.W. Wankhede and V. M. Kriplani

Long Term Durability Studies on Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete Using Rapid Chloride Permeability Test
pp. 557-564
Authors: K. Chandramouli, P. Srinivasa Rao, N. Pannirselvam and T. Seshadri Sekhar

A Critical Study on Jaggery Industry in Mandya District of Karnataka State
pp. 565-572
Authors: M. Shankar, M. Chowde Gowda, G. V. Mohithkumar, G. B. Jayamala, 
Veeresh Kumargoud. and S. M. Vidyashree

Comparison of Electrostatic Field Calculation in Rod-plane Electrode Using Analytical and Finite Element Methods
pp. 573-582
Authors: H. Javadi and M. Farzaneh

NOx Reduction by EGR in a DI Diesel Engine Fuelled with Oxygenated 
Biomass Fuels

pp. 583-592
Authors: E. Rajasekar and N. Nedunchezhian

Power Output and Intensity of Light in Nanostructured Quantum Well Lasers
pp. 593-600
Authors: Kirti Vishwakarma, O.P. Vishwakarma and M. Ramrakhiani

Parametric Optimization of Electroless Ni-P Coating Using Weighted Principal Component Analysis (WPCA) and Taguchi Method
pp. 601-618
Authors: Bhaskar Sen Choudhury, Saurav Datta, Rajat Subhra Sen,
Buddhadeb Oraon and Gautam Majumdar

Design and Implementation of An Assistive Platform
pp. 619-632 
Authors: A. Sagahyroon, M. Al-Rousan, M. Ockba and R. Naik

Oxygen Reduction on Oxygen Diffusion Cathode with Pt/Ag Electro-catalyst Layer
pp. 633-639
Authors: M. Habib, E. Joudaki, F. Mohseni and A.R. Heidari

English to Tamil Transliteration using One Class Support Vector Machine 
Authors: MS. Vijaya, G. Shivapratap, VP. Ajith, KP. Soman

Three Dimensional Simulation of Biological Tissue Using (FD) TD Numerical Method
pp. 653-656
Authors: N. Srinivasa Rao, G.R. Babu and L.N. Merugu

Intelligent Prediction of Four-Wheeler Maintenance Problems by Fuzzy Technique: A Comparison between Petrol and Diesel Vehicles
pp. 657-670
Authors: CH. Venkatadri Naidu, S. A. Rajesh, A. V. Sita Rama Raju and P. Madar Valli

A Genetic Algorithm for Structural Comparison of In-parallel Robotic Manipulators
pp. 671-680
Authors: A.B. Srinivasa Rao, A.M.K. Prasad and M. Sreenivasa Reddy

Effect of Orifice Jet Configuration on Heat Transfer in a Channel with Inclined Target Surface Cooled by Single Array of Impinging Jets with Outflow in Both Directions
pp. 681-696
Authors: Ali A. Al-Mubarak, S. M. Shaahid and Luai M. Al-Hadhrami

Applications of Nanoparticle/Nanofluid in Compression Ignition Engines A Case Study
pp. 697-708
Authors: J. Sadhik Basha and R.B. Anand

Success Factors in Automobile Serivce Sector: A Study on Four Wheeler Service Centers in India
pp. 709-720
Authors: Ch Venkatadri Naidu, A V Sita Rama Raju and P M Valli

Modification of Airflow along a Flat Plate Using Positive and NegativeDC Corona Discharge
pp. 721-728
Authors: Lt Cdr Sravan k Khuntia and TM Muruganandam

Experimental Analysis of External Roller-Burnishing On the Surface Roughness, Surface Hardness and Microstructre of Brass and Aluminium
pp. 729-745
Authors: P. Ravindra Babu, T. Siva Prasad, A.V.S. Raju and K. Syam Sundar





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