International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


Volume 5, Number 21-22 (2010)




Experimental Study of Mass Transfer of Carbon Dioxide in Quiescent N-Decane
pp. 3441-3454
Authors: F.O. Chukwuma and K.D. Luks

Application of Fuzzy AHP for Comparison of Engineering Institutions: An Expert Approach
pp. 3455-3467
Authors: A.K. Madan and R.S. Mishra

Field Experimentation for Improvement in Surface Finish by Replacing Cast Iron Gears by Thermoplastic Gears in the Feed Box of Lathe Machine
pp. 3469-3480
Authors: V.G. Arajpure, P.M. Padole and Kshitij Gupta

Comparative Analysis of Heart Rate Variability for ECG Groups Based On Correlation Dimension
pp. 3481-3489
Authors: V. Supraja and G. Umamaheswara Reddy

Applying Six Sigma Quantitative Approaches in the Maintenance Management - A Case Study Carried Out in a Indian Steel Industry.
pp. 3491-3501
Authors: Yadavalli Basavaraj, KV. Sreenivasa Prasad and N.V.R. Naidu

Model Predictive Current Control of a Two-level Five-phase Voltage Source Inverter
pp. 3503-3514
Authors: Atif Iqbal, Haitham Abu-Rub, Sk. Moin Ahmed, Patricio Cortes and Jose Rodriguez

Behaviour of Mining Sand with Different Clay Contents 
pp. 3515-3520
Authors: Thian S.Y. and C.Y. Lee

Simulation of Multi-Pass Gas Metal Arc Welding of Structural Steel Plates 
pp. 3521-3534
Authors: V. Vel Murugan, T. Velumani and R. Sudhakaran

Effect of Fiber Angle on Non-Linear Behaviour of Adhesively Bonded Single Lap Joint In FRP Composites
pp. 3535-3542
Authors: N. Vijeta, V. Bala Krishna Murthy, G. Ranga Janardhana and V.V. Sridhara Raju

Failure Analysis of Single Lap Joint in Specially Orthotropic FRP Composites
pp. 3543-3551
Authors: N. Vijeta, V. Bala Krishna Murthy, G. Ranga Janardhana and V.V. Sridhara Raju

Parametric Study of Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Impingement of Multiple Water Jets
pp. 3553-3564
Authors: Niranjan Murthy, V. Krishnan and A. Chennakesava Reddy

Stand Alone Solar Photovoltaic Power System for 2G GSM BTS Tower 
pp. 3565-3568
Authors: T. Usmani and Nar Singh

A New Family of High Power Factor and Low Harmonic Distortion Single-Phase Buck Type AC to DC Converters in Compliance with IEC 61000-3-2
pp. 3569-3584
Authors: Mahadev S. Patil and Sanjay P. Patil

Fluid Friction in Square Grooved Serrated Disc Inserted Tube 
pp. 3585-3594
Authors: M. Gangadhar, V. Nageswara Rao and S. Teja Latha




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